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General Hammond could hear the quick steps approaching his office door. In a minute there was a knock and his CMO entered and joined him at his table.

"You wanted to see me, dr. Frasier"?

"Yes sir. Regarding Major Carter. I really don`t think it is good idea to just let her out of the infirmary. Her body was just exposed to a lot of stress, not to mention her mind. She really needs to stay here".

General Hammond leaned back in his seat and let out a frustrated sigh. He wished there was something that he could do for Jack and Sam, but he knew there wasn`t much.

"I understand that, dr. Frasier and I will try to do my best to persuade my bosses for the hearing to be held here, other than this, there is not much that I can do at the moment".

Janet could see the frustration on General`s face. She knew he had to stay impersonal on this matter, but she also knew that the SG-1 was his favorite team, and Sam was like a niece.

"I see sir. Well, this is better than having her out of the base. Do you know when the hearing starts"?

"If everything goes as planned, it should start in 2 days. I really hope to get Jacob and at least one of the council members from the Tok`ra here. But the last news that I got from Jacob was, that Selmac was needed on a mission, so there`s not a lot of chance for them to be here. I am happy that Thor and Lya are coming".

Janet just nodded and grabbed her papers. "If you don`t need me sir, I better go check up on Sam and let her know what is going on".

General stood up and Janet followed him out of his office.

Sam was lying motionless in her bed when Janet came to see her.

"Hey sweetie. How are you doing"?

"Ok, I guess".

Janet moved closer to her and sat on a chair that was residing next to Sam`s bed.

"I was just talking with the General. He will try to persuade his bosses so that the hearing could be held here at the base".

"Yeah, I know. He told me".

Janet looked at her dear friend and tried to keep her emotions at bay. It wouldn't do any good to Sam if she started to cry in front of her. It hurt her to see Sam so broken. She was usually so strong when faced with problems and losses that life threw at her. But this one was different. She loved a man she was not supposed to and he was taken away from her when she needed him the most. And she lost a baby she didn`t even know she had. Janet couldn`t imagine the pain she was going through. She forced herself to stop thinking about it and stood up.

"Sam honey, I will just check your vitals and then let you go to sleep, ok".

Sam again just nodded and let Janet do her job.

"Do you have any more pain"? Janet looked at Sam, noticing her, just move her head and sighed. She wrote couple of information on the papers in her hand and left Sam alone.

Of course she was in pain. But not physical. She hurt so much, she thought her heart will just break into million pieces. Sam was trying hard not to cry. They all considered her a soldier. A though soldier, who can take anything that is thrown at her. But this time, she just wanted to crawl somewhere, where no one could find her, and cry herself to exhaustion. She pulled the pillow against her stomach and held it tight against it. Her jaw was tightening, trying hard not to let a voice out of her, while she started to cry again. She needed Jack.

General Hammond was on the phone during most of the day. But at the end he was finally able to arrange that Sam won`t have to leave the base. The next phone call he made was to Major Paul Davis, to send him with the information to Jack. Now all he had to do is plan everything for the hearing and hope that all the allies would be here too. General looked at his watch, to notice it was almost 21.00 hour. He called Walter to his office to give him instructions on the hearing and then after about an hour decided that there really is nothing else that he could do, and left home.

Jack was going insane. He was pacing up and down in his little cell, thinking about Sam. Davis had no information regarding her, other that she was recuperating. Jack knew that she must be going through hell right now. She needed him. And to be honest, he needed her too. He lost another child. A child that he didn`t even get a chance to get to know. His hands went through his hair, frustration clearly visible in that gesture. He sat down on his bed, his hands leaning on his knees and face buried in his palms. Only one more day, and he will get to see her again.

Daniel was in the briefing room, talking with the General. Everything was ready for the hearing. They were just waiting for Lya and Thor. Just as they were about to go meet Jack, the sound system warned them of the incoming traveler. General and Daniel ran to see what was happening, when Walter informed them that they were receiving Tok`ra IDC. General quickly ordered to open the iris, and soon there were two figures standing on the ramp, one of them being Jacob Carter and the other one they have never seen before. Daniel ran down to meet them, when another warning sounded, but this time there was no IDC. Daniel and Jacob turned around to notice there was something happening to the iris. It didn`t took more than couple of seconds when Thor and Lya appeared. Daniel went to greet them, happy to see, that they were finally here. He thought that Jack and Sam had a lot more chance with them around.

As soon as Jack had arrived at the base, he ran to see Sam. General made it clear to every SF, that they are to leave him alone.

Sam was finally able to leave the infirmary, but she still felt a little sore and tired. Just as she was about to lay down on her bed, there was a knock and the door opened and closed in a second. Jack was standing there and looking at her, afraid to even move. She just stood up, tears already running down her cheeks, and stepped into his embrace. This time, Jack didn`t even try to hide his tears. They were both mourning the loss of their child, and when all they needed was each other, they took this from them. Neither sad a word for a long time. Both finally finding comfort in the other.

Finally Jack was able to move a little so he could look at her. Her eyes were swollen from all the crying, and there were dark circles surrounding them. She looked so pale and fragile. He took her hand and sat on her bed, pulling Sam to sit on his lap. Sam leaned her head on his shoulder, happy to have him here.

"Hey", Jack whispered and looked at her again. Sam was able to smile a little and hugged him tighter.


"Are you sure you can do this Sam? We can postpone the hearing".

"No. I just want to get it over with. I`ll be fine". Jack leaned his chin on her head and pressed a light kiss. He knew what she would say. And he agreed with her. The sooner this is done with, the sooner they can go on with their lives.