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It took Jack 20 minutes to get back home. Once he was settled on his couch, his mind wandered back to Sam. He was really confused. Why did she came to him? Why was she crying? He took a sip of his beer which didn`t help him get any better. He was thinking about the last mission.

They were cornered by Jaffa and by pure luck, Sam, Daniel and Teal`c were able to get away, while he was pinned down by staff blasts. He ordered them to back out and head towards the gate. They argued, but at the end they left. He was hit in his left shoulder. It really was not that big of a wound. He had far worse injuries before, than that. After he had some luck to move away from those Jaffa, he took hiding in one of the caves that Daniel found previous day. He was there for 3 days, with just a little of water and 2 MRE`s. Those Jaffa gave up in finding him after 2 days, but he decided not to take any unnecessary risk and waited for a day to be sure they were gone. It took him another 2 days to get in near distance of the gate. When he was hiding in the caves, he was sure that the radio signal was not able to come through, but he knew General Hammond would send the UAV to check the area around the gate and to try to get in touch with him for couple of days. He had time to check out the area around the gate and he was pretty sure, there were only 4 Jaffa, as so far he hadn`t see any wandering around. He waited for couple of more hours when the wormhole was established and the UAV flied through it. In seconds he heard his radio and General was talking to him. He instructed them to just throw couple of smoke bombs through the gate and he will dial back home. He was ready when the smoke bombs were through the gate, shielding himself, he ran towards the Jaffa, zatting them and taking them all by surprise. He waited for the wormhole to disengage and dialed back to Earth. He was back at the SGC 20 minutes later.

Doctor Fraiser patched him up and decided that he can go home. He asked the rest of his team to meet him the next day for a barbeque at his house. They all agreed and he couldn`t remember Sam being upset back then. But he knew she was good in hiding her emotions, almost better than he was. That is why it totally took him by surprise when she came to see him.

Jack took a deep breath and decided to just go take a shower and go to bed. He was wondering what tomorrow will bring.

Sam was lying in her bed, wide awake and motionless. She noticed she wasn`t in the leaving room, distinctly remembering that she wanted to sleep on her couch. Oh yeah… and then she started crying and fell asleep wrapped in Jack`s arms. She sighed and went through her hair, feeling frustrated. She had no intention of getting out of her bed any time soon, but then she remembered promising Colonel to come at his house for a barbeque. She slowly sat up, already feeling a slight headache. She went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and take a shower. It was a beautiful day, so she decided to put on a summer dress and just some flip flops, but just in case took her jacket and warmer clothes if it gets colder, remembering that it was still pretty cold at night. She felt good out of her uniform and right then and there she decided to have a good time with her friends. She was already at her front door when she remembered that her car was still at Jack`s, so she called a cab to pick her up. She knew Daniel and Teal`c were probably already there. Teal`c was always early, hated being late. She grinned at the thought of him and waited for a cab. She stood at the bottom of her stairs when her cell phone rang. She didn`t checked the ID and just answered it.


"Hey babe. Where are you"? Sam sighed, hearing Pete at the other end, not really feeling like talking to him.

"Hi Pete! I`m just on my way to Colonel`s house. We`re barbequing today".

"Do you have to"? Sam hated it when he was whining. He acted like a really annoying kid sometimes. "I`m on my way to your house. I`ll be there in 15 minutes". Sam was trying to stay calm, hating it when he would just come visit and not telling her first.

"I`m sorry Pete. I would stay at home if I knew you`d be coming, but I already promised the guys to join them today, 3 days ago".

"But Sam! I`ll be in town only for 24 hours. I really wanted to see you. You guys are always together, what harm would be there if you didn`t go. Come on babe". Sam shivered at his last word. She hated it when he called her babe. She told him this hundreds of times before, but he just kept calling her like that.

"Sorry Pete. But I`m going. We had really hard week and we need to spend some time together, just enjoying the time when we`re not on some mission. I`ll see you next time you`re in town. Bye". She put her cell phone in her purse just as her cab arrived.

The drive to the Colonel`s house took about 20 minutes and when she arrived there she noticed that Teal`c and Daniel were already there. She was a little nervous meeting Colonel, and embarrassed about her outburst the other night. She took a deep breath and started walking to the backyard.

"Hi guys". All three men turned around and smiled at her. She thought she is the luckiest woman in the whole wide universe, having those three in her life.

"Hey Carter. We thought you`re not coming. You`re late". Jack looked at her and winked. Sam just smiled at him and blushed a little. She hated the effect he had on her. She never blushed until she met him.

"I was waiting for a cab, sir". Jack was thinking if he should ask her if she was ok, but remembered he promised her that he won`t mention the other night.

"Well, join us. We have coffee, doughnuts and cake. Lots and lots of cake, Carter". Sam laughed and joined them behind the table. They had fun time, enjoying their time together, not being in any danger.

After a while, the table was cleaned up of all the food and coffee and the group was satisfied and fed. Daniel leaned back in his chair, legs stretched in front of him, arms behind his head, Teal`c was seating on the lawn, meditating, while Sam was lying on a bench, enjoying the warm sun. Jack was on his deck looking at his friends, when he caught sight of Sam. He took a deep breath. She was lying on a bench, barefoot, her summer dress barely cowering her upper thighs, one leg bent at her knees and one lying flat on the bench and her arms resting on her stomach. He could tell that her eyes were closed. He allowed himself to just look at her. He rarely had opportunity, always scared someone might see him. He was looking at her for couple of more minutes when his cell phone rang. He was listening for a while and then hung up.

"Hey, Danny boy! Wake up"! Daniel finally opened his eyes and looked at Jack.


"Walter just called. SG-12 brought something back from their digging and they need you translating. Do you want to go? We do have a day off". Daniel was already standing and listening to Jack.

"No. I do want to go. Can I go"? Jack grinned and just nodded.

"Go. Go. Knock yourself out". Daniel turned around and then remembered.

"Hey Teal`c can you drive me back to the base? Maybe you could help me with the translation too". Teal`c slowly stood up and joined them.

"I will join you, Daniel Jackson". They quickly gathered their stuff and hurried towards the car. Jack noticed that Sam hadn`t moved an inch while they were talking. He was not sure what he should do now. She probably fell asleep, he thought. He decided to leave her for 10 more minutes and left to the house.

Sam was lying on the bench and listening to them talking. In a way, she was happy that Daniel and Teal`c had left. She had no idea what would it matter, but she was happy any way. She was lying there for couple of more minutes when she decided to join the Colonel in the house. It was getting really hot on the sun.

Jack heard opening the door and turned around to see Sam walking in.

"Hey Carter. What`ya doing"?

"It got too hot out there, sir". She smiled at him and walked to the fridge, taking a beer for both of them.

"Danny and Teal`c returned to the base". Sam took a sip of her beer and nodded.

"Yeah. I heard you talking". Sam walked towards the sliding doors that lead to the backyard and stood there just looking out.

"You not interested? Maybe they brought in some doohickey for you to play with". Jack took another sip and put down the bottle. He could tell she was smiling just by her posture. He noticed his heart beating faster. He felt his legs started moving on their own.

"Actually, no sir. It feels great being outside of the mountain on a day like this". She could tell he was walking towards her. She felt her skin tingling all over her body. He was right behind her. His hand was suddenly traveling from her shoulder, down to her wrist and then grasping her hand and taking the beer bottle from her. Sam thought she would turn into a puddle right there. She leaned into him, her back on his chest, his arms around her waist.

"I want you, Sam", Jack whispered in her ear. Sam took a deep breath, pressing herself harder into him. "Jack. We… I…" She didn`t finish what she was about to say. They both knew it`s too late. Neither of them could stop now.


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