Happy Holidays everybody! Here's my Christmas gift for all you readers: the sequel to Lackluster feathers of soft wings. Yep, the adventure is continuing. For everybody who's new to the series: look at my profile. The most important story is still Trainee in Trouble. Escape the Darkness is also a good story to get more information. Speaking of Escape the darkness, I see that many of you liked it. I think it's the dark atmosphere...Maybe such an atmosphere returns...who knows.

But you can also read this summary: [SPOILER]

Pit gets the task to take Kite as his trainee. They go to earth, but Kite gets kidnapped. Pit tries to save her, but gets stuck too. The kidnapper is Jack Harrison, a scientist who wants to do reasears to the angels and eventually take over the world. Jack loves to make his own stories about the angels. He blames Palutena for abusing Kite and makes Pit and Kite a couple against their will. This ends up with a fake kiss, leaving the two angels confused about their feelings. Eventually they fall really in love with each other (DEAL WITH IT!). At a moment, Pit finds out Kite's dark history: she is created by Hades to kill hundreds of angels. Hades was obsessed with wings and forced her to rip them off their backs. Kite had escaped the underworld and was taken care of by Palutena. Yet, she has deep within a dark side, but doctors have managed to lock that up. In the end, the pantheon comes to the rescue and saves the two angels and Palutena.

I hope again that you'll enjoy it!

Disclaimer: I don't own Kid Icarus or its characters. I own Kite (if you want to use her, feel free to PM me) and the other OCs.

And I'm Dutch, so my grammar isn't good at all.

It was midnight. A dark midnight. It was new moon and the sky was cloudless. Millions of stars gave a little bit of light, but that was the only source of light that was outside. Inside, however, a fluorescent lamp was spreading a bright, dull light. And although it was night, the persons inside were busy. They were sitting behind their computers, talking through their headsets or studying old books or concept posters. Some were walking around with papers full of new information. The popping images on the screen made the people stop in their tracks.

'One incoming call,' the computerized voice said. A man looked up. He knew that could mean two things. One could be good news, the other bad news. The good news would simplify his plan, the bad news would keep it the way as it was now.

'Accept it,' he said with a calm, deep voice. The screen flashed once and a projection of another man appeared. The man on screen looked tired, but relieved.

'We have succeed boss. The judge has spoken: we have won.' The connection disconnected. People yelled in joy: the victory was theirs. A smirk appeared on the man's face. Their path was free. Their biggest obstacle was conquered. He stood up to his fellow colleagues.

'You heard it. We won the lawsuit. After all those years. Generations passed, but we still managed to exist. It is dangerous, we know. But now…now that the rules are changed, luck has repaid us. Our goal, the reason why this organization exist, is within reach now. Start making preparations. We must interfere, this month.' He threw his fist in the air.

'FOR TIED WINGS!' he shouted.

'FOR TIED WINGS!' the rest followed.

A bit short, but hey, this is just a prologue and a teaser of what to be expected.

Merry Christmas everybody!