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There sounded knocking noises on the backdoor. It became quiet. Young angels soughed protection behind the sofas. It was really sad how traumatized they were. An adult female spread her wings, like a mother duck does to calm her ducklings. Another angel walked to the backdoor and opened it.

'It's safe, it's Alala,' she said. Pit looked to the figure in the doorfront. It was a short-haired, black-winged angel in a white blazer. A few angels ran lightning fast to the new arrived angel. This confused the Pit and Kite.

'Freedom!' they shouted happily.

'What's happening?' Pit asked. A different angel cleared it out.

'She's from The Daily Sky and revisitor of the Skyworld. Groups of Centurions are winning back terrain, including houses. She informs us each day about the situation. Some places are safe enough for us to return. She will escort them back home.' Alala looked around. Her eyes caught attention of Pit and Kite. A strange shiver went down Kite's spine. Her eyes were scarlet red. Black wings and red eyes…could she? No…her attitude was different. She had a friendly aura around her. She gently pushed aside begging angels and made her way to the two. Then she hold out her hand.

'Oh hello there,' she said. 'I'm Alala Rook, nice to finally meet you. If I'm correct, you are Pit Icarus and Kite Whitehawk.' Kite, still unsure about her intuition, slipped out this remark:

'Red eyes?' Alala had her answer ready.

'I'm a Jackdaw…well, according to the new classification,' she made a gesture to Kite. 'You should know which one I'm talking about.' Not very long ago, Kite revealed some events from her past, including the fight with the bat-winged angel Drake. Palutena, who was interested in the existence of various angelic species, sent Kite to sector Sigma (σ stood voor Science). After hours of describing, they determined the classification of the angelic subspecies: true angels, jackdaws, dark angels, devils and Syrens.

'But that still doesn't explain it,' Pit remarked.

'Jackdaws are just like angels. Heavenly creatures, but with a genetic disorder, making us have black wings and red eyes. It's just like an albino. But we are getting off topic. Pit, how have been your days the past years?' Alala pulled out a notebook.

'The past years, quiet. The past week, hectic. I heard you have been in the Skyworld. Do you know anything about the go…'

'Shh!' She snapped. 'I'm the one interviewing. And this question is for you both. How do you feel now there are no disappearances/murders within the free angels?' That question literally came out of nowhere. In fact, the two had almost already forgotten that issue. Their main focus was the liberation of the captured angels.

'They have stopped?' Pit asked. Well, at least that problem could be scratched from their list.

'So it's possible the murders were also captured and possibly still there,' Kite concluded. Alala scribbled down some words.

'Oh, and Kite. I've wanted to do a long interview with Pit's girlfriend for some time now. Can we speak outside privately?'

'Euhhh…' Kite answered unsure, but Alala pulled her away at her arm.

'I have to debunk some gossips…' she teased a bit. I guess I have no choice, Kite thought. Pit merely shrugged. The truth couldn't harm. Although he was interested what kind of weird stuff the angel society had made up about them. He should go ask Kite later. Meanwhile, the two girls left the building. They walked a bit until they found a quiet spot. It was the same place Kite had her weapon practice.

'We wouldn't want someone to bother us, right?' Alala said. 'Please, make yourself comfortable on the ground.' Kite sat down, spreading her wings a bit.

'Well, what gossips do float around?' Kite asked. 'I hope they aren't indecent. Probably made up by some jealous Pit fangirl angels…'

'Oh, but did I say it was about you and Pit?' the Daily Sky reporter asked. 'Oh no no…I wanted to talk about you and you alone. It's for an article: In the mind of a ex-serial killer.' Kite stood up, indignant.

'No, no way. I quit,' she said as she walked away with stern and quick steps. She was NOT going to talk about that. It was a Black Page in the book of her life and she didn't want anyone to remember that. However, Alala didn't give up that easily.

'Come on Kite!' she insisted as she ran after the angel. The latter crossed her hands before her.

'I want to stay anonym!'

'Just tell me: what does angel taste like?' At first, Kite had planned to smack Alala in the face, but then something hit her.

'Wait, how do you know that? Even Pit doesn't know!' Kite said. Then her intuition gave her a warning sign.

'Maybe it shows how much the media knows…' Alala said. She was really close now. Maybe a foot away. Something is very off…Kite thought. But she hadn't time to think, because Alala had caught her arms and forced them behind her back. The only thing she could do was scream.

'What is this?!' Kite shouted as she was pushed to the ground.

'I have her! I have her!' Alala called. A second later, more angels came running to her. Once Kite saw them, she knew she was in biiiigggg trouble. Four angels in black with massive wings sprouting from their backs approached her with a great velocity.

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