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Monty and Jasper sat by the fire drinking moonshine. The air had become considerable colder since they first landed on the ground and the trees had lost all their leaves. This began to stir an idea in Monty's head.

"You know what. I think we should do a secret Santa for our first Christmas on the ground" said Monty.

Jasper looked at Monty and scoffed "Yer right, who here is going to agree to doing secret Santa?! Bellamy? Yer because I can totally see that happening."

Monty held up his hands in surrender. "It was only a suggestion"

"Who was suggesting what?" asked Octavia as she sat down on the log in between the two boys, nearly falling straight off the log onto the floor. Jasper and Monty each grabbed an arm and held her steady until she regained her balance.

"How much have you had to drink?" judged Monty as he took the half empty bottle of moonshine out of her hand.

"Does it really matter?" snapped Octavia as she reached for the bottle in Monty's hand. Monty moved the bottle out of her reach and she pouted.

"So what was it you two were talking about?" looking from Jasper to Monty

Monty was the first to reply as he was eager to persuade people to join in the festive event. "I was suggesting that we gather up the people who are interested and have a secret Santa for Christmas."

"Ok sure, I'm in!"

"What! Really? Just like that you're in? I think you have had far too much moonshine" Exclaimed Jasper. "What are we even meant to give each other. A plant? Ooooo maybe you would like a stick Octavia because I am sure that will be a well appreciated gift."

"No need to be sarcastic Jasper, I think it will be fun"

"Yer, I don't see how it couldn't be fun! Just think of it as an extreme version of Secret Santa as the gifts will be harder to come across" Pointed out Monty. Both Monty and Octavia beamed at Jasper waiting for him to say he would participate. Eventually with a sigh he gave in and became part of the Secret Santa event.

The trio decided that they would each go out and asked the rest of the 100 and make a list of everyone who wished to participate. Then in the morning the names would be pulled out of the hat.

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Coming up in the next chapter: Octavia is on the prowl and is doing great in rounding up people for the Secret Santa but Bellamy and Clarke are a lot harder to persuade...