Finally the day had come. Christmas was here. It had been decided that unlike on the ARC they would party today instead of last night so they could saviour this day. Everyone was gathering around the camp fire, happily and eagerly chatting and laughing. Bellamy had just returned with Tytus from his morning jog around the camp.

"Good morning Princess" he said was he came to a slow halt beside her, his hand resting on his hips and he calmed his breathing. Even in this state, covered in sweat, he was handsome to Clarke. The way his hair stuck to his forehead causing him to run a hand through it, messing up the already uncontrollable dark brown locks. It made her want to run her fingers through it. His thin t-shirt hugged his torso, displaying all of his muscles in his arms, chest and back. God he was perfect and she wanted to kiss him so badly.

"Sleep well?" he asked afterwards, noticing Clarke was staring.

Clarke snapping out of her trance, looked up at his face where a smirk was plastered. That smirk, that half smile, she would die for that.

"Yer thanks. Ummm…. I'm going to go and get the present. Meet you at the camp fire?" She didn't give him chance to reply before she tore her eyes away from his and walked as fast of she could without running back to her tent.

Once in her tent she allowed herself to breathe. Taking deep breathes until she was calm enough to stand back up. "Seriously Clarke, get a hold of yourself" she muttered to herself.

She had an hour until Monty was going to announce the end of the event and allow everyone to give each other their presents. That gave her one hour to add the finishing pieces to hers and to prepare herself to having to talk to Bellamy again. One hour. Only one hour….

Managing to distract her mind from wandering thoughts about Bellamy she got to work. Threading and bending some wire she managed to persuade Raven to give her through the hole she had managed to make near the top of the stone to make a loop. She then removed her belt, replacing it with some bendy plant strips she had gathered and woven together to make a rope like object. After a little bit more tinkering, she was finally done, and just in time as Jaspers voice rang throughout the camp to get everyone's attention so his best friend could speak.