It didn't take long for everyone to get settled and soon everyone was handing out there presents to each other. She received one from a very excited Octavia who made her stand there and open it in front of her. They didn't have wrapping so Octavia had just wrapped it up in her blanket and presented it to Clarke like that.

It was a quite large and Clarke was certainly curious as to what it was. So she sat on the ground and slowly opened it. It was a very simplified painting easel, but made beautifully. Octavia had clearly put a lot of time into smoothing out the sticks. She opened up the legs and stood it up on its three legs – perfectly balanced. She didn't even notice that she had begun crying as she moved on to look at the pots of paint also in the blanket.

"I made them myself too, I'm not sure how well they will work, or if they even will at all" Octavia explained.

Clarke looked up at Octavia planning to thank her.

"Oh my god? Are you crying? I'm sorry. If you don't like it I can get you something else." Exclaimed Octavia, dropping to her knees and pulling Clarke into a hug.

"No! No, I love it Octavia, I really do. Thank you so much"

"You like it?" she asked again carefully. Clarke nodded in response, wiping her tears with the back of her hand.

"Oh good" Octavia said with a sigh and pulled Clarke back into the hug. "For a minute there I thought you hated it."

Clarke let out a small chuckle and Octavia was grinning again. "I love it"

All of a sudden something white blurred her vision as it landed on her nose, the cold causing her to wipe it off quickly. Then more and more of it floated down, landing silently on the frozen ground. The camp had become quiet as everyone looked in awe at the frozen water falling in large clumps, settling on the ground, leaving a thin blanket of white.

"It's snowing" she heard someone mutter. More and more people snapped out of their trance and began to repeat those words. The whole camp came alive once again as people hugged each other and others ran around, enjoying the new experience.

Clarke wrapped the Easel back up in the blanket and thanked Octavia once more and promised to return her blanket later before standing up and going quickly to her tent to put the present somewhere dry.

She didn't allow herself to think about what she had to do next. She just told herself to go for it, and be normal, be herself. So she jogged out of the tent and looked quickly around until she spotted Bellamy playing with Tytus in the snow, laughing as the bright orange fur soon turned white.

With determination set she continued to jog over to Bellamy, her hand supporting the present within her jacket pocket. He saw her coming and stood up from his kneeling position.

"Snow huh"

"Yer it's gre…. Ahh!" She replied as she skidded in the snow and Bellamy reached out to stop her and she found herself clinging to his arms, those arms… the arms that tensed under her grip as he held her weight. "great…. And slippery" she finished with a forced laugh, pulling away from him and standing by herself.

She prepared herself with a little cough and then pulled her hand out of her pocket holding the little present wrapped in a sheet of paper.

"Umm, Merry Christmas Bellamy"

"Aww you shouldn't have" Bellamy joked and Clarke hit him on the shoulder.

"Shut up and open it"

"Okay okay. Your wish is my command princess" he said, laughter and joy clear in his voice.

Clarke stood tense, her teeth cutting into her bottom lip as she watched him painfully slowly open up the paper.

Bellamy didn't know what to say. It was beautiful. A collar for Tytus. On one side of the stone it said the cubs name in bold, capitalized engraved letters and beneath it said 'The Protector". On the other side it said had Bellamy initials 'B.B'

When Bellamy didn't say anything for a while she felt as though she had to explain.

"I thought that it would symbolize the meaning behind his name that is special to you and bond him to you as partners. I mean if you think that it is too bold, that it is telling too much of your story then its fine, it is up to you what you do with it."

Clarke began to waver as she finished saying it. Doubt and disappointment growing when even after that he never replied. She brushed the snowflakes out of her hair and looked at the ground.

"Clarke?" Bellamy moved towards her and lifted her chin up so she had no choice but to look into his eyes which held so much pain but also love. She felt herself falling as she stared into them. She could feel the heat radiating off his body in the cold air, bringing her back from the trance she got lost in once again as she realised just how close he was standing. Their bodies were almost touching, teasing her.

He moved his head forward, his lips gentle skimming over hers before whispering "Thank you Clarke". Then he took her lips with his, gently kissing her. Her hand moved to rest on his shoulder and his to her hip as Clarke kissed him back equally. He pulled away much to Clarkes disappointment and she tried hard not to show it. He looked deeply into her eyes and she avoided his as her cheeks heated up.

Bellamy stepped back further, his hand slowly leaving her waist.

"No" Clarke whispered as she moved her hand to cover his, holding it in place.

"No?" Bellamy repeated in a questioning tone, a smirk on his face once again.

That god damn smirk! Clarke couldn't help but grin herself as she took his face with both hand and pulled him down for another kiss. Whilst this one was still gentle, it was much more passionate. Both of Bellamy's hands had moved to her waist, gripping her tightly whilst hers had wound themselves into the hair at the bottom of his neck.

It felt like hours had gone by when the two broke apart at the sudden impact of frozen water as the back of Bellamy's head.

"Oh shit" was heard in the distance, the face blurred from the fast falling snow, but the voice easily recognisable as Octavia's. "Sorry!"

Bellamy looked back at Clarke who had unwound herself from him but still stood close, savouring the heat their two bodies created.

"I think now would be a good time to start that revenge plan? Not that I mind what they did as much now but…" started Bellamy

"But, it wasn't fair of them to meddle…" Clarke joined in.

"So we should totally get them back for it"


"Yeah… Princess?"

Clarke didn't have time to react when a hand full of snow was thrown in her face followed by soft lips pecking hers. The culprit then ran away as Clarke lobbed a snowball after him, hitting square in the back causing him to slide and fall on his stomach.

Bellamy rolled over on to his back, Tytus leaping on him, liking the snow off his face as Bellamy laughed and struggled beneath the growing cubs weight

Clarke held down a hand and Bellamy looked at it, not knowing whether or not to trust it.

"We are equal now" She said, moving her hand closer to Bellamy who took it this time.


"Always princess"

"Let's get them shall we?"

Bellamy cracked his knuckles and rolled his neck, gathering a large handful of snow and compacting it into a ball. "I got right, you get left, hit them from both sides"

"May we meet again" she said as she grabbed her own handful of snow and made to turn left

Bellamy winked and grinned.

"May we meet again"


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