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Feeling full of confidence Octavia bounced towards Bellamy. He was sat leant up against a tree looking towards the middle of the camp where the fire roared away. She knew she could convince her brother to be part of the Secret Santa. He is her sister after all, but first she wanted to stir things up a bit.

"What are you doing sat all the way out here, surly it would be more sensible to sit by the fire?" Asked Octavia as she sat down beside her brother resting her head on his shoulder. Bellamy just shrugged. They just sat like that, watching people dance around the fire or stubble their way into their tents to sleep away the moonshine. Suddenly a shiver passed through her. "Honestly Bellamy it is freezing can we please go closer to the fire?"

"Why? I quite like it here, where it is peaceful and where no drunk, off-pitch singing is being drummed into your ear" stated Bellamy

Octavia laughed and gently pushed him. "My singing is not too bad I think you will find."

Now it was Bellamy's turn to laugh. "You may be right but that is when you are sober, the drunken version of you singing is terrible". A smile played on his lips. All Octavia did was stick her tongue out at Bellamy which made him laugh even more.

The pair went silent again but Bellamy's gaze shifted to Clarke's tent. You could see the tent perfectly from where they were sat. The shadow of Clarke could be seen through the thin material of the tent. Octavia was wondering what was going through Bellamy's mind as he simply watched the tent. Not as in a protective watch but as a dreamy watch. Octavia knew Bellamy better than anyone but this state of calmness as he watched Clarke was new to her, was new to Bellamy even. All the other girls Bellamy had been interested in never got this...this emotion from him. It was strange and Octavia knew that Bellamy had finally found the one he loved. Whether he was going to realise this love he had for Clarke and admit it any time soon she did not know.

Looking up at Bellamy Octavia smiled. "You like her, admit it"

"Like who?"


"Clarke? No I don't! Yes she is an attractive girl but she has eyes for someone else."

"Who? Finn? Trust me, I think she is over him." Her lips started to curl up into a grin.

"Why! What do you know?" Octavia just smirked. "Octavia!" Groaned Bellamy.

"Well, well, well." Said Octavia as she turned to look at the camp fire again. " I thought you didn't like her? Yet here you are demanding me to tell

you what I know. Well isn't this interesting!" Octavia was trying to keep a straight face but when Bellamy blushed and looked away from her she couldn't help but laugh.

"If all your going to do us annoy me then you might as we go away!" Said Bellamy, his voice regaining it's roughness and his face had no emotion. It was all an act whilst his mind raced with images of Clarke. Octavia's outburst had made him think about what he wanted. Yes Clarke was bossy, stubborn and sometimes pigheaded but she was also kind, thoughtful, brave and she was the best artist he had ever seen. She could draw anything, rivers, flowers, people, the stars. Her drawings of the stars were the best. Some nights he would watch from afar as Clarke drew the stars from outside her tent. The light would sparkle in her eyes when she looked up and this made his heart pound. Maybe he did like her but what difference would it make if she didn't like him in the same way. They always bickered and argued, how could a relationship ever work between them. Bellamy was willing to try though.

"Ok fine I will go, by the way we are hosting a Secret Santa event and you are taking part in it whether you like it or not. Just meet us by the camp fire once you have got your food rations for breakfast where we will pull names out of the hat!" With that Octavia walked away.

"Wait, what?" Bellamy called out after Octavia. "I never agreed to that!"

"You never had a choice" Octavia shouted back.

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