The True Meaning of Christmas

Disclaimer: I never wrote the Bible

Houses light up with little lights twinkling like stars so merry and bright.

Christmas Trees draped with garland while ornaments hang on every branch.

Bells on every corner jingling while carolers sing merry Christmas songs,

and people hustle and bustle everywhere to find that special gift.

Christmas parties are being celebrated in cheery homes with festive food and good cheer,

and presents found under the tree from Santa to delight every good girl and boy.

All these things are wonderful;

all these things are merry; all these things bring cheer,

but we must not forget the heart of this Holy Day.

Over 2000 years ago, an infant laid on top of a hay filled manger in a cold cave; the shelter for oxen and ass tended carefully by the loving hands of Blessed Virgin Mary and her chaste spouse St Joseph.

Angels filled the air with their heavenly melodies, while shepards with bleating sheep adored the Lord on bended knees and wise men guided by a star offered the their treasures to Christ the New Born King.

Christ the Lord came to save us all from sin and death.

So when we decorate the houses, and sing merry songs;

when we celebrate and open our gifts, let us not forget Jesus Christ Our Lord.