~Rin's POV~

The final battle with Naraku was finally over. Peace was finally here for all of the Warring Era.

Sango had her brother Kohaku back finally, Miroku got the courage and stopped womanizing other women and marry his beloved Sango. They had two twin girls, and a boy.

Kohaku was training other people to become demon slayers, while Shippo went to go do his fox training.

After many years Kagome finally came back, as she decided to be with Inuyasha and leave her modern home for good.

Lord Koga and Lady Ayame got mated once he realized that Kagome loved Inuyasha and wasn't going to leave him and he got happy. I even stopped being afraid of him and the wolves of course.

Oh I'm sorry I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Rin-chan. I am the ward of Lord Sesshomaru and a pain in the ass of Jaken-sama.

I have been seeing Lord Sesshomaru since he left me in the care of Lady Kaede and the rest of the Idiots such has Inuyasha has he put it.

He usually brought me Kimono's when he came to visit. I began my training with Kagome-sama and Lady Kaede, such as Archery and Herbs.

The snow has finally reached the ground, as Kagome giggles and was grinning happily, as she explained what Christmas was to use.

I have finally reached the age of Seventeen years of age, and I haven't seen Lord Sesshomaru hardly since then.

I started gaining the attention of the males in the village, because I had grown rather beautiful looking and turned out to be graceful. But Kohaku, Inuyasha or Shippo would scare them off for some unknown reason.

Kagome would laugh as Sango shook her head at the boys over-protectiveness of me. I just simply shrugged my shoulders and carried on whatever I was doing.

~Sesshomaru's POV~

I had left Rin with the old human woman and my half breed half brother Inuyasha, but every time I visited I would bring my Rin a kimono.

I haven't gotten to see Rin a lot while she grew up because being the Lord of the Western lands always keeps me busy.

But that was all going to change, and it was going to change rather quickly, as the snow landed upon the fields and around his home in the western lands that was once his father's before he died saving Inuyasha's human mother.

I had arrived at Lady Kaede's hut in search of Rin. "Onii-sama" called out a voice in surprise.

"Kagome" he said in annoyance, as he glared at her. "Woman I told you that sounds really wrong" Inuyasha said to her as he leaned against a wall.

"Half breed shut up your annoying me" I said rather coldly to the half breed. "Rin isn't here" Kagome said to distract me before Inuyasha decided to do something stupid like try to attack.

"Thank you" I said and I bowed. Kagome had earned my respect, I hated when she would call me Onii-sama but it wouldn't stop her from saying it to me.

"Where is she?" I question as Inuyasha scoffs as he enters the hut. "She's with Shippo, Miroku, and Kohaku getting a tree" Kagome answers.

"We are celebrating Christmas" she adds, with a smile upon her face. I gave her a look for to explain what it is.

"It's a holiday in my world, and it's something that is really special and magical" She explains to me, while I just look at her thinking about this.

"It's where you give someone that you care about a gift that comes from the heart" she says then I understood it a bit better than before."When is this Christmas" I asked her curiously. "In two weeks" she explains to me with a smile upon her face.

"I'll be there" I say to her then I take off, seeing that I needed to give something for Rin that came from my heart and I believe I knew what that would be.

~Normal POV~

Inuyasha came walking out of the hut as he had a smirk upon his lips. "About damn time" he says shaking his head.

Kagome looked up at him as she tilts her head. "Is he going to court Rin?" she asks him, causing him to nod.

She squeals happily, as Sango walks over with the baby in a sling, and the twins holding her hands. As she raised an eyebrow. "What is going on?" she questions.

"Sesshomaru is going to court Rin and that would explain why your brother, Shippo and Inuyasha have been super protective since she become of age" Kagome said in one breath, as she looks at him.

"He told me in that annoying way of his to watch her closely and keep her way from other males" Inuyasha explained finally agreeing with what Kagome said.

The three saw that Miroku and the others were walking along with the Christmas tree in hand. "Let's get things rolling here" said Kagome as she pushed Inuyasha to go a dig a hole. "Oh okay go dig Inu" she says to him sweetly.

Inuyasha grumbled as he went to go dig a hole for the tree, using his crawls as he started digging a good size hole, as he jumps from the hole. Shippo, Kohaku and Inuyasha put the tree in the hole, then Inuyasha placed the dirt back around the tree to keep it in place.

"So let's decorate shall we" Kagome said, as she brought out clay beads and string. While they slowly started putting the beads on the string, the guys were busy taking blocks that were circle shape, and placing them on the tree.

While the fun really began putting fireflies in jars, placing string around the lids and hanging them has lights. "This is going to be a fun holiday Kagome" Shippo said happily with a grin.