Sesshomaru lifts Rin up from the snow, as he cradled her body against his body with both of his arms.

The group walked away from the couples, and continued the Christmas party. While they were still kissing and rather deeply, as Sesshomaru took them away from the others especially those with noses.

~Lemon Scene~

Sesshomaru arrived to a cave, it was lit by candles. While pillows and furs were laid out upon the cave floor, he placed her feet upon the furs, as he smiles at her.

"Lord Sesshomaru this place is amazing" she whispers as she looks up at him. "Please call me Sesshomaru" he said to her, as he smiles at her and he kisses her once again.

Rin kissed him back, as she wraps her arms around her neck. Then he places her upon the furs and the pillows gently as he kisses her deeply.

They pulled out of the kiss and stared into each other's eyes. Then he smiles at her warmly. "I promise to take it slowly Rin" he says to her.

Rin nods her head, as she blushes darkly. Sesshomaru slowly tugged her obi, and opened her kimono as he kissed her neck softly and gently.

Sesshomaru enjoyed hearing her soft moans, as he nipped her neck gently and kissed down to her breasts while her massaged and played with her nipples as they hardened.

He bent his head to her left nipple and licked and suckled upon breast while he massaged the other one. He switched to the right breast, as he heard her moans were growing louder.

Rin blushes darker as she moaned louder enjoying the feeling he was causing her. Then she gasped feeling his hand pulling down her under garments.

"This is not fair for me to be the only one naked" she said blushing darkly. Sesshomaru sat up on his knees, as he took her hands and placed them upon his armor.

She helped him take them off, as she slowly undid his obi upon his outer haori, then his inner haori causing her to blush deeply and more red upon her cheeks.

She saw his stripes on his hips then she blushes darker as she bites her lower lips. Then she helps take off his boots and takes off his hakama's just leaving him in his fudoshi.

Sesshomaru smiles at her as he touches her cheek and pecked her lips. "You don't have to do this" he said to her, as she shook her head. "I want to" she whispers softly to him.

Rin helps him take it off as she saw his male part, then she bits her lower lip again. Sesshomaru chuckles, as he watched her then he laid her back upon the furs "I'm going to enter oh okay" he looks at her for permission.

Rin nods her head as she looks at him. "I trust you" she says, while he line's his tip at her entrance. Sesshomaru slowly pushes his tip into her, trying to fit his ungodly cock size inside her tight virgin body.

She whimpers. "It hurts" she cries, as he kisses her lips gently, as he licks her tears. "Relax Rin" he says to her gently, as he pushed more into her then he pulled back before he pushed back in and broke her barrier.

She screamed loudly as her tears rolled down her cheeks as he licked them away. While he stayed very still inside of her so that she could get use to his size.

Rin took a deep breath as she relaxed her body and her lower half. "You can move Sesshomaru" she blushes saying this to him.

Sesshomaru nods his head then he slowly starts moving inside of her. As she moans loudly, and she arches her back "Please thrust deeper and faster" she says to him.

He looks at her as he lets out a growl and he moves faster and deeper inside of her. This causes her to start mewling loudly at the friction that was being caused since she started moving her hips against him.

"Oh Sesshomaru" she calls his name in full blown pleasure, as Sesshomaru used his demon speed and moved faster. He enjoyed her calling his name, and moaning like she was.

His amber golden hue were starting to change to a deep dark red, as her walls tighten around his cock. "Oh Sesshomaru do not stop" she calls out loudly.

Sesshomaru rested his hands upon her hips as he kisses her lips fiercely. Rin started arching her back, as she pulls out of the kiss. "Sesshomaru I'm Cumming" she cries out as she came upon his cock.

Sesshomaru roared out loudly, as he pounds faster inside of her and he came within her womb. Then he bites down her neck and claimed her as his mate, pulling back and cleaning the blood from her neck.

~End Scene~

He was panting heavily and she was too. He rolled onto his back and bringing her on top of him, while she laid her head upon his chest panting heavily.

Sesshomaru kissed the top of her head, while Rin smiles at him and she closes her eyes rather tired then she suddenly fell asleep.

He smiled as he grabs a fur and places it on top of them then he fell asleep as well enjoying the presence of his mate with him.

(A year later)

Rin was smiling up at Sesshomaru, as he was trying to teach their son Maru how to walk. "Sesshomaru he will get it just have patience" she calls out to him, as she holds her stomach. "Are you oh okay Rin?" he asks her then she smiles and nods. "Yes" she smiles as she held her pregnant stomach.

Indeed she was really happy.