Mark of NOL

Chapter 2: I'm a what?

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"Uh... where I'm I?"

Terra opens his eye to be blinded by bright light for a few seconds after his eye readjust itself to the light. He got up from where he was lying, which was at a bed and found himself at a room that seem similar to a doctor room, but had more items that seem to be use for science experiments.

"What is this place?" Terra though as recall what he remembers before finding himself in the strange place that was cross between with a doctor office and scientist room? "Okay, after that talk with the magic mirror, I then left the world and decide to go to another world to find Master Xehanort. I was then hit by a meteor after a deep though of what happen..." Terra then realizes that same deep thinking he doing right now was the cause of his of the accident. "After that, I find myself in a different world and heard a scream-... huh? Why can't I remember... anything else? I mean, I know their more than this, but... why can't I remember at all?" Terra try to think of anything else of what happen, but end up with the same thing; falling into a world and hearing a scream-

"Wait... Was it a women screaming or a man screaming fro help?"

Terra though more and realize the scream was a something of a male scream that was problem younger than him.

"Okay, I went to see where the scream came from, and it a boy who name Ragna- GAAAAHHHHH!"

Terra suddenly grab his head as he felt his whole head started to fall forward to his knees as he try to control the unexpected migraine that appeared. Before Terra can fall completely to the ground, he then heard the door open.

"Sir! You shouldn't been out of bed yet!" A series and mature male voice came from the door as heavy foot step came towards him.

Terra looks up to see something that he could not describe in any way possible. This person was a male... but not human. This person skin was crimson red that stand 8 feet tall of muscles bulging out of each and every corner that was cover with a dark red-colored uniform of some sort that had a sleeveless top. Behind him back were golden rods attach to his back at a darker Red Cross area on his back. On his hand were some sort of black gauntlets that seem to been forge from some sort of complex machinery. But what really got Terra shock was the face of the stranger had fangs coming out of his lower lip. It eyes were cover in orange goggle that didn't show his eyes with spiky black hair with white streak.

"Who are you and where is I?" Terra ask the strange creature as he that stranger reply

"My name is Iron Tager and you're at Sector 7."

Now playing BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma OST - "Sector 7" here

"Okay, so tell me where I'm at. And why do I feel like I know everything about me, yet feel like I'm missing something... like something that makes me important." Terra said as he notice the giant person seem to hide something, yet show he was doing a hard time do so.

"Well... it going to be hard to say, but I want to ask you something, what is your name."

"Terra. My name is Terra, nothing else."

"Really, not even a last name?" Tager ask as he decides to ask a different question. "Where did you come from exactly mister Terra?"

"I come from... I can't say I came from other world, but I can't lie either. What would Ven and Aqua do in this sort of problem?" Terra thought fro a while and realize how to answer Tager question." A place called Land of Departure. It location is secret and I can't tell you where it is how to get their or I'll break an important code."

"I see..." Tager then tilted his head and mumble to himself as if he was talking to someone." And what does you people do fro a living exactly?"

"Um... study the art of swordsmanship and magic-"


Terra was shock from Tager reaction from the words 'magic'. "Please don't be a world was they accuse someone a witch and burn them in a stake. If so, then I just screw myself." Terra then looks at Tager as he starts to mumble to himself and decided to break the strange atmosphere he created. "Is their problem Tager?"

"Huh... oh... yes. It that, their not much people who can do magic and I find it far fetch."

"Oh... then let me show you." Terra then extend his arm and felt a familiar power enter to his hand and release a green aura and felt his energy to restore itself and body felt much better then it original had. "Does that prove it?"

"... That impossible... yet you did it without breaking a sweat... please wait her, I need to go somewhere." Tager then walk outside the small door and left it open, as Terra look at the door a few moment s and walk towards it.

"...I might as well walk around since I fell like I haven't walk in ages." The Keyblade wielder said to him as he then caught a whiff of something, at the same time heard a noise. "... first then to find is a shower...and something to eat too."

With Tager

"Professor Kokonoe, what do you make of this Terra?" The red giant beast like person asks to a person who was sitting behind a computer, unable to see the gender of appearance of him or her.

"I doubt he can do magic...but the scanner didn't pick up any lie about at all." The person, know as Professor Kokonoe told Tager, at the same time getting out the chair. Professor Kokonoe young female adult with a slim body. Her cloths were a white lab coat seem too look more like a jacket that's sleeves over-sized and cut at the sides, make it easier for her arms to slide in and out of them. Her pants were a pair of red capri pants that was hold by a black belt adorned by a large cat bell. Her shoes were a pair of white mules with heels that seem to show her feet. Her eyes were golden-amber that had visible bags under them that were cover by her a pair of small spectacles. Her hair was pink that did ties in specialized style consisting of a long ponytail backing up longer tufts resemble large cat ears that had white at the tip. "Then again, it best if we keep an eye on hi-...Tager."

"Yes Professor Kokonoe?"

"Did you... happen to remember to close the door?"

Tager pause for moment before he could answer the question. "Um... why do you ask?"

"HE NOT IN HIS ROOM!" The professor screams at the red giant as she points at the computer's screen of an empty room that Terra was once at. "NOW BECAUSE OF YOU, HE CAN BE ANYWHERE INSIDE THE FACILITY!"

"Including here?" Both Tager and Professor Kokonoe turn to see Terra behind them. "I wonder if you can answer a few questions for me."

"Um... sure, but how you get in here mister Terra?" Tager said as was look for any sigh of items use to enter the room.

"I open it with a key."

"Impossible!" That door does use a key and it open to me and other workers!" Kokonoe yell at Terra answer, as she then realize something. "Their only one way to find out."

The professor went to her keyboard as she then started to type s command and a few second later, a video tape of what happen a few minutes outside the her room appear, with Terra walking towards it. "Now let see what you-" She never finish as she then saw Terra held out his arm and a bight light surrounding the hand to have a strange looking key that tip start to glow and shoot a beam of light that causing the door to open, and Terra made the strange key disappear and walk into the door.

"Do you want me to prove it?" Terra asks as he saw his work at the screen, with Tager who was shock as Kokonoe of what they saw.

"...What in the name of the seven heroes is that?"

"It...My sword."

"I go with the skeleton key instead." Tager said as he looks at Terra." How did you even get that, it wasn't their during the-... never mind. "The red giant said as Terra look at him for a moment.

"Wait, what did you mean by 'during the' mean?"

"I can answer that." Kokonoe said as she then went back to her keyboard ants started to type something down...

While Terra notice something that caught his attention. From the backside of professor coat was a hole that seem to have a had two pair pink cat-like tails object that upper tip was white. Terra, who didn't know what the reason why the tails were for or the use, decide to do the most logical thing anyone who was acting as a child towards a new pet.

"What this?" Terra grabs both the tail and realizes something he well now remembers for his life. One was that the tails were real and...


Terra felt something dripping from his face as he then look at a lank monitor and found his face scratch by claw marks that cause his face to bleed out. Before Terra can even let out an outburst, he felt someone staring at him, turning to see the woman looking dead at his eye.

"...My tails." The professor said in a voice that was not asking, but demanding. Terra then notice that he was also still holding on the twin tail and did the most logical thing anyone would end up getting killed by any woman, did what she ask for.

"Sorry. Their real?"


"A what?" Kokonoe look at a Terra for a few moments and decided to ignore him and went back to her own agenda.

"Ah, their we go!"

A few seconds, the screen show images of Terra, but with some other sort of data Terra couldn't understand.

"Let me ask you something" The professor pull out a strange bronze piece of metal that Terra though he recognize it from some where, but couldn't place it where though. "Do remember this in any way?"

"No... I don't think so" Terra then look at the image of himself at the screen and notice something from one of them." Huh, why does that look like my-...?" Terra then grabs the piece of bronze metal and look at it more closely and his mind realizes what it was. "This...a piece of my armor! But how it got of-..."That right. That landing when I got here must have broken a piece of armor that I didn't notice till now. (No one say that the Keyblade armor can't be break. Look what happen to Ven's armor when he tries to fight Master Xehanort. One simple freezing and let gravity do the work. Their armor can be break)"What does this have to do with me though?"

"I had been working on a rather 'important' project. One that involves using objects like your small piece of armor you said" She pointed at the piece of broken bronze metal. "To make a complete replica out of then."

"...What... are you saying...that I'm a..."

"Yup, a replica of yourself!" Kokonoe said in a happy tone. "And seem like a success too! Much better than I original attend though too."

"This... too much for me!" Terra... or rather replica Terra felt his whole world truing upside down. "How I know your telling the truth?!"

"Easy to explain. When their are the replica and the original exist at the same time, no matter what, their chance some of their memories are exchange with each other. So do you have a feeling where you feel like you should remember something, yet not?" Kokonoe said as she pull out a blue lollipop that was a shape of a cat and pop it in her mouth.

Terra then realizes what the strange twin tail woman was saying. "That feeling since I woke up... could it be..." Terra then decides to ask one question that well proves his true existed. "Does the replica feel... any sort of pain from the memories being exchange?"

"Yes. The exchange of memories can bring a pain to the replica trying to remember something they shouldn't."

Terra sighs as what the woman said. "So I'm not the person I'm expected. If that the case, then I should go back to The Land of Departure and see if master can figure out what to do with me. It be strange fro the real me and my friend to see other me with the same ability I- I mean he has... but if I can recall from early from the memories, I never saw everything expect the forest. So how should I know that boys name if I never seen him or heard of him... if I count the screaming as hearing him though. Their might be the chance that I could had been create only a little while judging by the technology here. So if I stay here I can find Master Xehanort in the other place of this strange world that is my ...'new' birth place." Terra then looks around and decides to ask a certain question that he was wonder about. "What is this place main goal anyway?"

"Ah, it quite simple really. This place, know as Sector Seven is a huge area that study the seithr and making new weapons that the NOL can never use in their lifetime!" The professor explains as she seems to be happy, but turn series for a moment. "Speaking of which, I had two reasons for making you, R.T."

"Wait, what you call me?" Terra asks as he tries to figure out what 'R.T' means.

"It short for 'Replica Terra'. It seems better than call you 'Replica Terra', it too long to say and make it less obvious of what you are." Kokonoe explain as Terra mouth form a 'O'. "As I was saying, they're two reasons why I created you. The first one I can't explain, since it rather... private, but the first one does involve something to do with my ... dad."

"Are you okay, you don't seem too happy about your dad?" The Keyblade wielder said as he tries to calm the person who created him to not do anything that can cause him to scratch the second time."If you want to talk about this later, you can. It been a long day for me, I mean I just been told that I'm replica of myself and you created me and I'm just... this seem too much for me today and I rather just take a shower, eat something, and talk about a tomorrow."

"Ya... I think that a good idea, my mind still not functioning well after the show of your power. Tager, take him to the room and let him rest for a few hour and report back to usually objective. I'm calling it a day."

"H-Hold on a second professor Kokonoe! What about the meeting-"

"Cancel it! It'll be the same thing as the last freaking meeting I want. Now do what I said!"

"*Sigh* Yes Professor, R.T follow me to your new room and well brief you in for tomorrow assessment."

Terra, who was tried hard not to laugh on the little action his creator, did."Well, since this place is like some sort of military place, I better be formal like I with my master." Terra then raises his arm to salute Both Tager and Kokonoe, causing both to look surprise. "Then I'll wait for my next order Professor Kokonoe and Iron Tager." Terra then walks outside with Tager being in front of him.

Next day

"Okay, so let me get this straight. I suppose to go to a school to watch the active of the place and report back."

"Yes, is their problem with that?" The professor asks as she takes out her lollipop to throw it away and take new one into her mouth.

"Well, I though I had to fight some sort of monster or rescue someone. You just create me to just do some babysitting, which was request by your day... why can't you do it. I know many way you can do it, like disuse as a teacher or hide some surveillance camera?"

"...Just do the freaking jobs."

"She didn't think of that, did she...?" Both Tager and Replica Terra though at the same time.

"Okay, so when I leave to this school?" Terra asks as he takes a sip of orange juice he revives from the cafeteria.

"Oh, the first day starts at about... 1 hour." Kokonoe said as R.T spit back his orange juice.


"It'll take about a... day or two."


"Relax; I came prepare for something like this." The professor said as she pull out a device from her lab coat and start to fiddle with it.

"So what are you doing exactly? Summon a teleport or some-' Before Terra could finish what his question the floor where he stand open and fall directly down."-TTTTTHHHHHIIIINNNGGGG!" Terra then hit the ground hard and felt the area around him going up and moving vertical till it face a window at the ceiling.

'Okay, with these cannon, you get to the place in no time, so you better not do something dumb, got it."



Terra then felt the whole ground below him shake and he was propel up to the air, breaking through the glass and case his face to sting a bit and fly up towards the air


"... Crap, he was right about the teleplotor... I think it best not mention about it and hope he good at landing." The professor then walk out of the room and went to work on the newest project.

With Terra

End of BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma OST - "Sector 7"

Terra felt his whole body be push by the pressure of the g-force he was experience from the fire of the cannon he was stuffed. After what seem like hour of being launch height into the air, he felt that the speed was decreasing and his body was going down... to the...

"OH SHIT!" Terra curse himself as he saw that he was a good height were falling down with anything to soften his fall can kill him."This is bad! If I don't do something, then I going to become bloody pancakes-

Gear: What type?

Everyone: GEAR!

Gear: Sorry, continued the story.

"- for some wild animal to eat out of my remains! when did I start to think like that? Does the real me think like that in any way. Now that I think about it, make sense if my mind different from him. I recall from the memory of the real me, he study about how no two things are the same and everything different- WHAT I'M I SAYING! I'M GOING TO DIE! HOW I'M SUPPOSE TO- ... I'm idiot"

Replica Terra then summon his earth theme Keyblade and launch it towards the air and in flash of light, it revert to the Keyblade Glider and got on the motorcycle of Earthshaker and release the thrust and fly to toward the direct of where he was launch.

"Okay... note to self, start accessing the real me memory so I can not end up getting killed in any way possible... and not to speak to myself or people well think I'm crazy. Now if I remember correctly, the place I'm going is calling the...Military Academy. Hope it a school that has at least some sort of study on it history so I can learn more about this- I mean MY world, rather not let people figure more about me then they should be... hold on seconded..." Terra then stops his Keyblade Glider." If it a school... then shouldn't I have a uniform to wear their or they think I'm a spy..."

10 minutes later

Terra was grateful that his creator had his creator had his new cloths for his new life, but was sort of mad for forgetting the must important things in school...along with a backpack, ID, phone, notebook, pens, etc. It was like she never been to school and had not a single clue on something like that in any way "I need to make sure I find someone who know more about this place than the cat. She barely told me anything on this world layout or rules. Only thing she told me was no magic or my Keyblade unless it a emergency of some sort, and I'm going to school... * Sigh* this is going to be a long year ahead of me... how long I'm suppose to stay their even?"

After a few minutes of flying, he saw what appear to be mixed version of a castle and school, similar to the castle at home, without the chain that hold it and more of a people entering and going.

Cut-scene to the world main music and world logo.

World main theme: BlazBlue OST - "Lakeside" here

A world Logo appears with 23 different city like build appear with banner that all said 'NOL' and 'Sector Seven'.

Hierarchical City

Terra lands his glider near a few trees and returns the glider to original stat before disappearing.

"No idea of this world transportation, best to play it safe and walk the rest of the tip by foot and hope I don't get late fro the first day of school." Terra said as he started to walk."Better than getting random people asking me about my Keyblade."

After walking a short distance, he decide to run after notice more student entering into a specific building till he mange to find where all the student were entering at specific room, where some of the student stare at the arrival of other or seem to relax a bit, which Terra decided to close his eye and relax at bit after his little flying experience, which cause him to lose his lunch, even though he had eaten in any point when he was created. After a few minutes of listening to the different voice, heard a door open and all the student voice went silence. Decide to open his eye, he saw a male adult that enter the area.

"Well, it seem like all of you are here." The male adult said as he looks around the classroom." Before we began, I well remind you all that if one rule is broken, your well faces series action of it." The man said as every start to shrive a bit." Now I welcome all you to your new homes many of you might have known but this academy is design to make you prepare to become part of the Novus Orbis Librarium. This Academy well tests you many things. So be preparing for that if you don't take things seriously enough here, it can cause you your life in a real danger."

After what seem hour of literature of how the academy work, more surprisingly that the student do most of the teaching, what to do in the Military Academy and many more, the bell finally rang.

"Well, it seem that I had told you all you need to know so far, since your all still new here, all class are cancel, so go a head and look around the area. Your all dismiss." The adult said as he starts to leave.

Terra decided to head straight into the nearest library to students till he notice a group of students pick at a smaller boy who worn wears jam jar glasses over his blues eyes and had light blond hair. Terra, who hate people who pick on other who were weaker then them was going to stop then till he notice a another student that had short orange hair with orange black eye who seem slightly younger than Terra and hold a ... cup of hot Ramen? Before anyone of the older boys see someone come towards them, the leader of the pack was had a cup full of Ramen slash directly towards his face.

"IT BURNS!" The leader friend try to attack the orange hair boy, but end up getting the same fate as their leader and ran off to find the nearest water fountain to cool off.

"You okay Carl?" The Orange hair asks the blonde boy know as Carl.

"Y-ya, but those students well probably come after you Gear... all thanks to me for getting you to help me..."

"Hey, don't worry about, you're still my friend. Doesn't matter what sort of danger you get in, I'll stick with you." The orange hair boy knows as Gear said, as both boy did not see one of the older boys sneaking behind them and was almost about the attack them.

Keyword: almost, when Terra decided to punch the older boy fro the side, result the older student to get slam towards a locker and knock out cold.

Both Carl and Gear turn to see Terra standing behind him, with the knock out student a few feet away from their." That student was going to attack you." Terra said as both boy put the pieces together.

"Oh, well thanks, my name is Gear Gluttony and my friend here name Carl Clover, your?"

"My name is Terra. Are you two new students?" Terra asked.

"I am, but Carl in his second year, despise his age." Gear said as Terra was surprise." That the reason why the older student pick on him though. Hey, since were both new and I known some other people who are new, let all have lunch together."

"Sound good, so where should we head out?" Terra asks as he tries to remember where the cafeteria was at.

"Actually, were meeting up with my friends." Carl said." I can tell you the room and Gear and I look for the other new student he mentions."

"That sound okay to me." Terra answered. "So far so good. Already made some friends and blinding in well."

After a short walk in the hallway, Terra arrives at the room and open to reveal a few other students in their, two females and one male. The first girl had had long red hair that had a blue head on top of her head and blue eyes, while the other girl had short brown and hazel eyes... with squirrel ear that the same color as her hair and a big curly brown tail. The other student, who was about the same height him, that had blonde hair and over his green eyes were glass.

"Who are you?" The blonde teen asks R.T., as he decides to answer back.

"My name is Terra, and I'm new here. I bump into your friend Carl a little while he was being bullied by some older kids, so I help him and..." Terra then explains what happen during his time after exiting the room he was in.

"Why I ought of...!" The squirrel girl said to herself than turn her head to the Keyblade wielder."Thank for help our friend, any friend of Carl a friend of my!"

"At least their wasn't any serous problems though." The blonde boy said as he was out to say something else, but was cut off by the door behind them being open.

Terra looks at the door to see both Carl and Gear back with four other people. The first one was a girl that was a little younger than him that blue eyes and short black hair that made her bangs part on a different side.

The first guy had with green eyes, spike red hair and purple reverse-teardrop shaped marking under each eye. The second teen however seem to hid himself with have his skin with darkly black and had one of his right eye cover with the bandages, while the other show a deep black eye. His left arm missing make it the sleeve dangle itself and black hair tied in a ponytail. While the fourth member-...!

"Hey, guys this are the new student that I want you introduce their name are-" Before Carl can finish, both bandage student and R.T point their hand at someone.


While bandage student pointed at Terra and the Jin for some reason, Terra seems towards pointed at someone else that wasn't either of them. Someone he did not expect and yet happy to see, his friend Ventus.

Before anyone can say something else, the door open to reveal to other girl. The one who seem to be in front was a girl who also seem the same age as the bandage e student that had blond blonde hair and green eyes.

"Oh. Their you guys are, I want to introduce some new friend I made that are-" Before the blonde female can finish, she was interrupted by the bandage student.

Play Kingdom Hearts - "A Walk in Andante" here

"YOU!" The bandage student scream as he then pointed at blonde girl, causing her to jump in surprise.


"Ven?" Replica Terra said as he looks at his lost friend and ignoring the other student comment.

"HUH?" R.T friends said in confusion.

"And you!" The bandage student said as he pointed towards Jin." I KNOW YOU!"

"Oh, another person who heard-" Before Jin can speak anything else, the bandage student next response caught everyone attention.

"YOU'RE THAT FREAKING KID WITH BLOODY SWORD AT THAT BURNING CHURCH-" Xaragn yell was cut off by the blonde boy voice filled with shock and surprise.

"WHAT!? HOW DID- HOW MUCH DID YOU SEE!" Jin said as he started to become pale, but Terra mind seem to wonder a bit from the comment.

"Strange... why do I feel like I know something from this-" Terra suddenly felt information that he expect came from his real self, since he never did any of the following of what he seen."Wait a minute..." Terra said as his eyes suddenly open wide." Your Ranga's Brother Jin right?!"

Jin suddenly almost fell backward if the chair behind him didn't stop him and end up seating and shaking.

"HOW YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS!?" Jin said as he points both replica of a Keyblade wielder and a bandage student.

"This is interesting..." Red hair said as his eye widen a bit." HEY WAIT A MINUTE, DID YOU SAY VEN AS IN VENTUS RIGHT!?" As soon as those words spoken, the replica grabs the red hair teen.


"Um... ya, but I haven't seen him for... a very long time..." Red hair said as R.T look confuse

"BUT HE STANDING RIGHT THEIR!" Terra said as he pointed Roxas who was confuse along with everyone else

"That not him, that my friend Roxas."As the red hair boy said as the replica decide to look closer to 'Roxas', to see some difference with him.

"Oh... never mind..." Terra said as he look down sadly, but then realize something. "HOLD ON SECOND! BURNING CHURCH!?" Terra suddenly grabs Jinn and picks him up." WHAT THAT ABOUT AND YOU WITH A SWORD!?"

Before anyone can do anything else, a loud noise that cause everyone to clap their hands against their ears. After a few second later, the screeching noise was stop.

"Finally peace and quite." Everyone went and turn to see one of the female students that the blonde girl brought holding a megaphone. She seem a around their age and was some sort of Beastkin of a lion. Her hair color was violet that was long that seem similar to a lion mane that almost cover white purple lion eye with bangs that reach to her waist, while her purple lion tail seem to tied itself like a belt around her skirt of the Academy uniform. "I don't really understand what going on, but at least let us all introduce each other first. My name is Peko Katlion; the girl next to me is Wave Genocide." Lion beastkin Peko said as she pointed at the other girl. She also seem to be the same age who had bright red pink hair that was tied into two long braids and worn large glasses like Carl did over here blood red eyes.

"Um... Hello..." Wave said in a quite voice as she looks below the grounded. "Is it alright for us being here?"

"Um... it is and nice to meet you two." Tsubaki greeted, along with Jin and Terra." My name is Tsubaki Yayoi, nice to meet you all.

"And I'm Makoto Nanaya, nice to meet ya!"Makoto greeted behind her friend" And who are you guys?"

"Axel Pyro, got it memorize?" The red hair boy said.

"Roxas Key" The Ven look alike said.

"Xion Key" The female greeted.

"Xaragn Nobody." The bandage student said

"Gear Gluttony." Gear greeted.

"Well, it all nice to meet you. Oh, I almost forgot about you." Tsubaki said as she looks at blonde girl from before.

"Um….. My name is Noel Vermillion." The blonde name Noel greeted, but was caught off by Xaragn.

"No it not, It Saya-" Xaragn then pause. Without warming, fell to the ground.

"AHHH!" The entire girl shirks as Carl went and checks on Xaragn.

"He seems to have a fever! He needs to go the doctor now!" As Carl said that, everyone expect R.T fail to notice Roxas, Axel, and Xion look a little nervous, but decide to shrug it off and think it was them being worried about their friend, since they seem to know each other much long.

"I mean what the worse that can happen"

15 Minutes later

"GAHHHHHH! HHHHEEELLLPPP!" Jin screams as she starts to run out the doctor door with one of his leg on fire.

"I stand corrected..." R.T said to himself as he deiced to join everyone else to chase the burning friend before he end up burring the school down... or getting another student on-


"Never mind"

End of Kingdom Hearts - "A Walk in Andante" here

PersonaQeminod1: and finish, that took longer than I though!

Axel: But I wonder who the other student that was on fire was.

R.T: Kagura.


Rachel: Wait... did us even put him out?

Everyone: ... FUCK!

Gear: PLEASE LEAVE A REVIEW AND TELL US YOU'RE THOUGH AND HAPPY APRIL FOOLS! I THINK I SMELL THE FIRE OVER THEIR! * Everyone started to run towards the direction of the smoke* SEE-YA!