A/N: Written for NC Under The Tree (2015!) for the lovely Stormy. Enjoy!

"Stooooooooooormy! STOOOOOOOOORMY!"

The author in question sighed as her ever-passionate editor came dashing into her studio, waving a manuscript frantically, and closed her laptop.

After the successful publishing of her first book, Ohoho, You Wanted A Romance?, Stormy had taken a very long, very relaxing break to recover from her adventure into Fiore and the fear that a tall, redheaded woman would be coming after her. However, she began to feel the writing itch again shortly after returning from her vacation.

Unfortunately, she accidentally let that slip to her editor.

"Well, first, can I just say again how glad I am you're writing again!" Stormy's editor said enthusiastically, sitting down on the dark purple sofa across from Stormy. "I just knew that Jerza would spark a light when I sent you there, and look at where we are now! That's why I came up with another plan to give this new book of yours an extra kick."

"An extra kick?" Stormy asked, one eyebrow raised curiously. "You don't like it?"

Her editor gave a shocked gasp.

"Don't like it!? I love it! But there are just a few elements I think could a little more... what's the word? Spice! Here, I've highlighted all the parts I think you should take a look at."

Stormy picked up the manuscript curiously. She turned bright yellow highlighted page after bright yellow highlighted page, her eyebrows rising farther and farther up her forehead.

"The whole book is highlighted."

"Well, yes! But don't worry, I have a brilliant plan to add a whole new element of flair and glam to it! It just requires one simple thing from you."

Stormy eyed her beaming editor warily. One simple thing was never what it appeared to be with her editor.

Taking Stormy's silence as an acceptance of her fate, Stormy's editor plowed forward.

"Now, you liked Fiore, didn't you?"

"Well, I-"

"Excellent, I knew you did! How would you feel about taking another trip there?"

"I'd rather n-"

"LOVELY! I've already made all the arrangements, you've got a round-trip ticket for this weekend, you leave tonight, isn't that just perfect?! Any questions?"

Stormy forced her mouth, which had been hanging wide open, to make coherent noises.

"Um, yes, I have quite a few questions, I'm not really sure if Fiore is where I want to go, I'm not sure I want to go anywhere, but you have apparently steamrolled over that plan, so anyway, I don't really want to go back to Fiore," Stormy said with a grimace as memories of her time there surfaced. "How about somewhere else, like, oh I don't know, that cool place called Aobaj┼Źsai High that opened just recently?" she asked innocently.

"Storrrrmy, are you just trying to see that what's his face you call your "cinnamon roll" again? Kuroo, or something? Frankly, I don't understand why you would call anyone an edible delight, but I'm sure you have a good reason!" Her editor exclaimed, shaking her head.

"No!" Stormy said, mentally correcting cinnamon roll to "sinnamon roll". "He goes to Nekoma High."

"Ahh, so it's those other boys, then? Oikawa and Iwaizumi?" Her editor said, flashing Stormy a knowing look.

"Noooo!" Stormy said unconvincingly.

"Stormy, my little writer, let me tell you this: Those boys and their relationship might give you some heat, but what you need to really make this book a bestseller is fire. And you know, there is plenty of fiery relationships in Fiore."

"But come on, Fiore, again? Who would I talk to?" Stormy sighed disappointedly.

Her editor grinned and in that very moment, Stormy regretted asking.

"Oh, I know a few people. There's this one guy particularly who just recently started dating this fabulous girl. I, of course, practically set them up together, I've been their biggest fan and all that, so I'm sure he wouldn't mind if you asked him a few in-depth questions about his relationship."

"What's his name?" Stormy asked, twisting her hair boredly around her finger.



"Yes, do you know him?" Stormy's editor asked curiously.

Stormy mumbled something inarticulate, causing her editor to raise her finely plucked eyebrows.

"Well aaaanyway, doesn't matter, you'll meet him again! Hurry, hurry, the train leaves in ten minutes, we need to get you packed, don't forget a pen, blue ink, I think will do the best..."

"Whatcha looking at?"

Stormy gritted her teeth. She had discovered in her first ten minutes on the train two things: first, never trust a little girl if she sits next to you on the train and second, never engage a little girl you met on the train in conversation. She had run through every possible trick in her book to politely get the little girl to stop talking and give her some peace for a half-second, but nothing had worked. The little girl had kept talking like there was no tomorrow.

So, Stormy had restored to the oldest method of dealing with talkative children: ignore them.

However, so far that method was not going to plan.

"Nothing," Stormy said, carefully dimming the brightness on her screen. "Nothing at all."

"You can't hold nothing!" The little girl protested gesturing, at Stormy's phone. "You have to be looking at something."

"Not necessarily," Stormy countered. "Maybe I'm just looking at my blank screen and contemplating the universe."

"That's stupid."

"Well, you're rude," Stormy said, glaring at the little girl.

"You're weird."

"You're weirder."

"What's bubble tea?"

"What?" Stormy asked confusedly.

"It says right there, on your phone, b-u-b-b-l-e t-e-a. It says 'the bubble tea cried out, oh tobio-'"

"DON'T READ THAT!" Hastily, Stormy stowed her phone away in her purse. The train dinged pleasantly and Stormy stood quickly in relief.

"I have to go. You should find your parents," she told the little girl.

"Okay, bye bubbles!" The little girl ran off enthusiastically.

"I hate children," Stormy muttered to herself as she stepped off the train and into Fiore.

Three hours later, Stormy was sitting on a park bench having made very brief contact with Gray at the guildhall before he threw off his shirt, gave her his phone number and told her he'd meet her at the park. He was there reasonably promptly and sat down next to Stormy, having apparently discarded his shirt permanently.

"So, um, what did you want to know?" Gray asked awkwardly, running his hands through his hair. "Hey, haven't we met before?"

"Oh, uh, that was a long time ago," Stormy answered evasively. She'd rather not bring up memories of being chased by Erza Scarlet. "Anyway, I'm uh, writing another book."

"Another? Well, I don't think I'm much help there, I'm not a writer at all, maybe you can talk to Lucy. In fact, I should probably go, I'm sure Natsu has burned down the guildhall by now, or something." Gray said, standing uncomfortably.

"Wait, no, hang on! It's not writing related, I'm just trying to get a better picture of your relationship with Juvia."

Holy shit, that came out bad, Stormy thought to herself, cringing.

"My relationship with-"


Oh shit, is that Juvia? THAT'S JUVIA, SHIT SHIT

"Who is that? A love rival!?" Juvia said angrily.

"No, no, no, she's not a love rival! I don't even know her! Come on, Juvia, let's head back," Gray said, shaking his head and grabbing his girlfriend's hand, pulling her back to the guildhall.

"Bye, uh, Stormy?" He shouted over his shoulder.

"Bye!" Stormy shouted back, massaging her forehead with one hand. Love rival? What?

Ah well, she had an inkling of a romantic idea just from watching those two... Passion certainly. A little bit of craziness? Weird, definitely. Overprotective, kind of. Yes, she could work with this...

"Stormy, you have just BLOWN my mind! Where did you get this GROUNDBREAKING material!?"

Stormy blushed and quickly buried her detailed charts on Gruvia in the bottom of her bag.

"This is miraculous, truly amazing, such a dramatic change from what you've done before! Have you thought of a title yet, you know titles are the most important thing!" Her editor asked eagerly.

"Yeah, I've got one," Stormy replied, lips curving into a smile.

"What is it?"

"My Goat, Your Goat."


Stormy just grinned.

The book became an instant classic and has been thoroughly discussed all over the world for its ambiguous moral points and it's frequent use of the word, "sin" (465 times precisely).

The title, while assumed to be a metaphor of some kind, was never explained and ends up having no meaning to the story, much to Stormy's editor's grief.

When asked about the title, Stormy just shrugged and said, "I guess you'll have to read it for yourself."

And she never talked about it again.

A/N: This goat- I mean got- a little away from me, oops. ;) But I thought it was only right I add the second chapter after a full year together since Looking For Jerza! Happy holidays, Stormy lovely, and I hope you enjoyed! :)