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Harry's Nightmare Revenge

Harry wasn't in a good mood much ever since the weighing of the wands. The reason was none other than Rita Skeeter. The reporter, and Harry uses that term loosely with that woman, was determined to get that interview with Jack Skeleton. But her attempts have been unsuccessful in her quest and Harry was ever so glad he didn't make it a habit of transforming inside the castle. But a few weeks later and an article in the Daily Prophet came out about the tournament Harry saw she didn't so much as talked about the tournament as about him. Seeing as she was unable to get an interview with him she went with the next best thing and talked to the ghost. While they never give his biggest secret that still didn't stop them from telling all sorts of stories about him.

He wasn't too upset with them as he knew they were wishing to tell nothing but good things. They told of how he appeared when he heard of their tribute to him last Halloween, of some of his skills and ideas in Halloween town and even of his greatest feat with Christmas. It even mentions Nearly Headless Nick getting a special notice for his five hundredth death-day party and how he was disappointed to be able to miss it. The article went on about him as a figure of fear and how he wanted to enter the tournament to show the world how scary he can be and also give the Ministry his support by playing for Hogwarts. The only other mention of any other champions was in the final sentence of the article with their names misspelled and Cedric wasn't even mentioned at all.

The article went through and Harry noticed the school was split. Some were still upset with him and thought he was trying to take Cedric's glory while the other were excited to see him in the tournament. He saw more badges Malfoy made but like before the insults weren't very creative to him. He joked to the other champions, as they all have hung out together a few times getting to know each other as well as getting excited in a fair competition to show their skill, that sooner or later those badges would have insults worth making a big deal over.

One of the bad things that came with the article was how Ron took it. He took it as a sign Harry was enjoying the attention and the pair barley spoke to each other. Harry dearly missed Ron and part of him wished he was able to scare to stupidity out of him, he knew it was only something Ron had to do himself and he needed to be the one to make the first step. Harry knew he would forgive Ron but Ron needed to actually stop being blind and ask for forgiveness. Harry rubbed his forehead as he glanced at Hermione, who was looking over the article that was giving him a bit of trouble, "Why are you looking over that again?"

"I'm surprised how tame it was," Hermione admitted, "all it really has is quotes from the ghost and her telling of what she can find out about you. Barely any word from students and even then it is only how you showed up as Jack and scared everyone."

Harry beamed "Well she's desperate to find out about me. The ghost all but sing praise when it concerns the Pumpkin King. I think she's more upset that she never got to interview me personally to twist it in her own version."

"But throughout the whole article it never once mentions you and Jack are one and the same" Hermione explained.

Harry shrugged, "Well our house didn't feel the need to blab and even then Nick intervenes with something for the students or for Rita herself. Cedric did state loudly to his common room that he would have been really disappointed if anyone from his house said anything bad about his opponents to the yellow journalist. As for the Ravenclaw's…I got nothing there."

"And the Slytherin's?" Hermione asked with a raised brow, "I would've thought Malfoy would have said something."

"Oh he knows not to," Harry stated vaguely. Seeing the look his friend gave him he explained, "I have good evidence that the Bloody Baron made an announcement to his house. He said that, and I quote, 'if any member of my house so much as whispers to a certain woman about the Pumpkin King then I shall have a lecture with them personally to show my displeasure' end quote. Say what you will about that twitchy ferret but even he's not dumb enough to anger the Bloody Baron. And Crabbe and Goyle won't say anything without Malfoy ordering it."

Hermione blinked, that actually made sense to her. Harry glanced over as Nearly Headless Nick floated by them, giving a small nod to Harry as he passed. Harry smiled, "Nick's really looking out for me. I guess he's even more thankful then I first thought."

Hermione looked at him, "Why would he be thankful?"

"Because of what I did for him after his death-day party." Harry explained, "When Nick told me his five hundredth death-day party on Halloween I was ecstatic. I rarely get to see a death-day and to find one so old and on Halloween it was something special. Since I already gave him my word I was going as Harry I sent him a card and notice giving my condolences for his big day but also because I was unable to attend. Then of course there was the issue with the Headless Hunt."

"What about them?" Hermione asked, "And how did you even get to attend the party anyways with your responsibility as Jack?"

Harry shrugged "Well you already noticed I vanished for periods of time around Halloween and was able to arrive for the feast first year because I explained to the town I found a hunting place I plan to venture for scares and inspirations for future Halloweens. Second year I told them I was personally invited to a Death-day party on Halloween."

"And the Headless Hunt?" Hermione repeated.

Harry looked annoyed recalling them, "Well even if I couldn't reveal myself I found them to be bloody rude up-showing Nick's big day. I sent them a letter stating how while I was unable to attend I did hear of what they did and how I was very displeased with them and how dare they do something like that to a ghost who died on Halloween. Needless to say Nick got a personal apology for their actions soon afterwards." Harry grinned here, "But then I went and helped Nick with something he has been wishing for years. A place in the Headless hunt."

"How'd you manage that?" Hermione asked confused, "Nick is still the same and I'm sure you can't force the Hunt to accept them as a member."

"Not completely," Harry stated, "Even if his head is not fully removed Sir Nickolas was kill via beheading and became a ghost as such. The only problem was the axe man was terrible at his job and couldn't do it properly. As such Nick should be given a status of honorary member of the Headless Hunt." Harry chuckled, "I manage to get a glimpse of Nick's reaction to the letter before I left for town last year. He was overjoyed. I think it was the reason he had the other ghost do that tribute this Halloween."

"Well good for you Harry," Hermione said with a small smile, "That was a wonderful thing you did you Nick."

The two of them entered the grounds before Hermione asked "How are you planning on getting everyone out of the common room tonight?"

Harry sighed not really sure. One of the big things that happen was the letters from Sirius. He was both surprised to hear not only of him being the famed Pumpkin King but also a champion in the Triwizard Tournament. It was not something that can be explained in a letter but face to face. Sirius asked to meet him by the fire in the common room at one o'clock on this date. Harry was a bit nervous meeting his godfather again not only that but to explain everything about him being Jack. "If worst comes to worst I will just scare whoever's left away saying I am practicing for the tournament. That'll have them leave."

Hermione looked exasperated, "Well that's better than just dropping a bunch of dung bombs."

The pair headed towards the carriages to take them to the village of Hogsmead to relax and take their minds off for a bit. Hermione was the one to suggest going and Harry agreed he needed a break from the castle. However, Harry had a feeling something was up with how Hermione was glancing his way on the ride there. "Something wrong Hermione?"

"Nothing," Hermione said almost too quickly. Harry raised a brow looking at her and she looked uncomfortable. "Alright I thought maybe we can meet Ron and try to-"

"No Hermione," Harry said closing his eyes.

"Harry this is stupid," Hermione stated at once, "You two have been friends for years, and you miss him."

"Of course I miss him," Harry admitted, "But it hurts more to have him believe everyone and not listen to his best friend. It is like second year but worst since I don't have both of you to help me."

"But you two are miserable without each other," Hermione tried sadly. "This is just like last year with me."

"I am," Harry agreed, "and it might be like last year but this is a different matter."

"You forgave me for the Firebolt," Hermione said "How is this different?"

"I was not mad for the Firebolt," Harry explained opening his eyes for the first time since they started the conversation. "I was mad that you felt the need to go behind my back and just told Professor McGonagall. You didn't say anything to me about your worries and concerns, you could have explained to me and I might have gone alone to just make sure or to see if you're right.

"Here is the same but this time it was not for worry about me or something might happen to me but because he was jealous of what attention I was getting. I'd forgive him in a heartbeat but he has to take the first step. I can forgive him for his actions but he has to be sorry for them in the first place."

Hermione was quite after Harry's speech. She knew the two boys were stubborn at times and that both hated being apart but to hear how much this hurts Harry was something she didn't imagine. Right now, she wasn't sure what to think.

(scene change)

Harry sighed as he took a sip of his butterbeer inside the Three Broomsticks. The trip was normal with a bit of shopping but Harry did notice several of the passerby's glancing at him every now and again. He also saw Rita Skeeter walking through the village with her camera man behind her. From the scowl on her face he knew she still didn't get the answers she wanted and was no doubt looking for his other self. He made sure she was far away from him before he would transform into Jack. Hermione looked at him with a raise brow, "You know Harry I noticed something ever since Halloween."

"What about?" Harry asked.

"You're a lot more relax," Hermione pointed out, "and show a different side you never really showed before."

Harry smiled "because I don't have to hide it anymore. I never really was able to show how I relaxed or some of the other stuff I'm proud of." He chuckled, "When I'm Jack I don't hide how I feel and just enjoy what I do. I am dramatic, passionate and even over the top when it comes to Halloween and scaring people."

"As long as you don't become a complete ham," Hermione suggested with a smile.

Harry held a hand up, "What can I say, when I get into the moment I just go all out."

He glanced around the pub seeing the many students and other travelers at different tables with their drinks. Most of the pub was quite actually with only a few talking. He saw Hagrid and Mad Eye Moody at a few tables over talking about something quietly. Harry felt the cheerful pub was not getting its usual vibe and he felt something needed to be done to get it back. an idea formed in his head and a grin slowly appeared on his face. He glanced at Hermione and saw she was looking over a notebook from her bag. Seeing his chance Harry slipped under the table and transformed.

The pub was surprised when slow music was being played, getting everyone to look up and again to try and find the source. Hermione notice that Harry was not in his seat and her suspicions were confirmed when Jack stood behind an empty table near the side of the and sang out;

Gather weary traveler.
I have a tale to tell
It may just save your life but only if you listen well
There before the breakers and just around the way
There's a sign. It says "BEWARE: The Beast of Pirate's Bay!"

The students and other members of the pub looked at one another confused wonder what Jack was talking about as there was no real bay here nor was there any bay called Pirate's Bay. The music went on and Jack lifts his hands to the wall and the shadows stretched and showed a boy dumping a fish bowl off a dock.

Some say he's a guppy a kid threw in the sea
He ate so many sailors now he's bigger than a tree

The shadow changed and everyone watched as the fish grew into a large beast with large claws and teeth.

His teeth are as sharp as scissors his claws they are like knives!

Jack slowly swiped his hands at the crowded to get their attention before to jumped forward and pointed a finger into a random student's face.

And if you think he's ugly just wait till you see his insides!

The student gulped as Jack backed way but everyone's attention was on Jack.

Oh don't you sail and don't you row
And certainly don't you swim!
Cause if you aren't careful you'll end up inside of him!
(slowly slides a finger across his boney throat)
He'll chew you up he'll spit you out
So you better stay away!
Heed the sign that says "BEWARE: The Beast of Pirate's Bay!"

Jack was back to his table as he raised his hand and the shadows behind him rose to form a new picture,

Some say he's a serpent that came straight from hell
To eat the souls of pirates and other ne'er-do-wells.
Some they don't believe it as for me? Iv'e got a hunch

They saw the giant shadow of a sea snake attacking a boat before it vanished and they didn't find Jack in his spot but they did hear him sing,

Cause there used to be some pirates here... But he ate them all for lunch!

Several men jumped when Jack spoke loudly the last part behind them but when they turned he was back in his spot.

Oh don't you sail and don't you row
And certainly don't you swim!
Cause if you aren't careful you'll end up inside of him!
(slowly slides a finger across his boney throat)
He'll chew you up he'll spit you out
So you better stay away!
Heed the sign that says "BEWARE: The Beast of Pirate's Bay!"

The people of the pub stared but Hermione could tell they were more relax even if interesting in Jack's story/song. She smiled and shook her head at his antics before his next verse got her attention.

Captain Hook, ya heard of him?
He went to pirate's Bay
It seems his little nemesis barely got away
He reached into the water to grab at Peter Pan!

The muggleborns grinned hearing this as Jack slowly lowered a hand under the table as if copying Captain Hook.

There was a crunch and a scream!

He let out a loud scream here and people jumped before he grinned and held up his hands.

Now that scurvy captain's got hooks on both his hands!

The muggleborns laughed here while those left in the dark was wide eyed at the idea of having two hook hands.

Oh don't you sail and don't you row
And certainly don't you swim!
Cause if you aren't careful you'll end up inside of him!
(slowly slides a finger across his boney throat)
He'll chew you up he'll spit you out
So you better stay away!
Heed the sign that says "BEWARE: The Beast of Pirate's Bay!"

Jack now stood before the crowd rubbing and stroking his chin and below it as if he had a beard.

Blackbeard the pirate. Ya know for what he's feared?
It's mostly for the dark imposing color of his beard.
He saw the best and now nobody is scared of him because...

Jack now had his back to the crowd before he suddenly turned showing the fake white beard from when he 'played' as Santa.

His beard turned white and all agree, he looks like Sandy Claws!

This got many of the crowd to laugh at the display before Jack threw the beard away and did his next verse.

Oh don't you sail and don't you row
And certainly don't you swim!
Cause if you aren't careful you'll end up inside of him!
(slowly slides a finger across his boney throat)
He'll chew you up he'll spit you out
So you better stay away!
Heed the sign that says "BEWARE: The Beast of Pirate's Bay!"

The crowd was clapping along and smiling before the music slowed down and Jack sat down at the table he started at. He stared at them all as he sang slowly.

Well now this tavern's empty...
And there's only you and me.
Now if you care, I'd like to share how this song came to be

He waved a finger at them as if asking to come closer and a few leaned forward more.

So come a little closer if ya really want to know
This very sad and woeful tale that happened so long ago...

Jack waved his hand towards the wall and they all looked expecting to see shadows but nothing appeared. They turned back to see Jack had vanish but jumped when they found him in their group as he sang out.

Well I was just a little boy... when I went to Pirate's Bay
While there I saw a creature who was very much dismayed

He held his hands up as if showing the creature to them and they were surprised at the saddening tone. Even more with the next lines.

With a harpoon in his dorsal fin... and a hook stuck in his side
This mighty whale was in such pain we both began to cry

The crowd was quite hearing this and could not help but picture a giant whale like creature with said injuries. A few girls covered their mouths but none were as sad as Hagrid, who sniffed and wiped a tear away from his eyes. Jack suddenly popped up next to Hagrid and tried to push and shove him but the bigger man didn't even notice.

I pushed, and I shoved. But he wouldn't give way
Into the deeper waters of our shallow pirate's bay
All I could do to help him was to keep people away

Hermione gasped being among the first to connect the dots. A few other smarter members in the pub also understood and gasped softly as well. Jack grinned at everyone watching him before he waved his hands and made something appear before them; a wooden sign.

So I wrote the sign. it said "BEWARE: The Beast of Pirate's Bay!"!

Jack turned the sign around for everyone to see and the words on the front. 'Beware the Beast of Pirate's Bay'. Jack beamed to them all and called out,

What did it say?

And at once the whole pub was singing, some raising their mugs or glasses swaying to the beat, some clapping along as they sang while the Weasley Twins did a silly dance with their arms around the other's shoulders and kicking their legs. But as one the whole pub sang out with Jack

Oh don't you sail and don't you row
And certainly don't you swim!
Cause if you aren't careful you'll end up inside of him!
He'll chew you up he'll spit you out
So you better stay away!
Heed the sign that says "BEWARE:"

Jack grin and he called out above everyone.

HELL I should know I put it there!

The pubs sang the final lines with Jack, putting more passion with the final few words.

Heed the sign that says "BEWARE: The Beast…of…Pirate's…Bay!

The crowd laughed together and clapped for Jack as he took a bow to them all. Hermione herself just shook her head and clapped lightly. While she felt Harry was not helping his case with Ron, (who in the corner of her eye was trying to make himself less noticeable but the ghost of a smile was on his face), she never remembered the Three Broomsticks being so lively before. Hermione noticed that Jack was gone and Harry was now sitting by her side again. She smiled at him, "What did I say about being a ham?"

Harry chuckled and gestured to the pub with his hand, "Look at them Hermione. Tell me that they didn't have fun. That they will not tell everyone they know of what they did today. That they will not give song's legend a spin to it and give it more life." Hermione saw the smile on Harry's face, "I love scaring people, love how people can act and believe on Halloween. But most of all I love how everyone just love Halloween as well as the other holidays. To see they love our hard work and just enjoy themselves and forget. It might not be exactly the same here but I still get that feeling."

Hermione stared before she smiled, "It great you feel that way. If you don't enjoy doing what love, then what is the point of it."

Harry nodded, "too true Hermione. Reminds me of this one town across the pond. I've been hearing that they love Halloween so much they want to celebrate it twice a year. Summer-ween they were planning on calling it."

Hermione gave him a deadpan look, clearly wondering what is they people there were thinking and from the grin Harry has, he was all for it. A shadow covered them and they looked up at Hagrid. "Hello Hagrid" Hermione greeted.

"'Ello Hermione," Hagrid said before he smiled at Harry, "Great show you put on Harry."

Harry chuckled, "Thanks Hagrid."

Hagrid nodded before he glanced around before he whispered, "Say now…you wouldn't happen to know if that creature was real would you?"

Hermione quickly turned to Harry but the all the boy was giving was an amused smile. That did nothing to ease Hermione's worry though. Hagrid then shake his head and then lead down and whispered, "Harry, can you meet me at me hut around midnight?"

Harry blinked at this odd request before he nodded. Hagrid smiled and added, "Make sure you wear that cloak." He then straightens up and says loudly, "Have a good day Harry, Hermione."

They watched their friend leave before glancing at each other. "Wonder what he wants me to meet him for" Harry ponders.

Hermione however looked worried, "But what if it makes you late for Sirius?"

Harry shrugged, "I'll sneak away if I have too. Must be serious to want me to meet him after dark."

(Scene change)

Harry stood underneath his invisibility cloak when he knocked on Hagrid's door. The large man opened the door and peered outside, "Tha' you Harry?"

Harry chuckled, "just like you asked Hagrid."

Hagrid nodded and stepped outside, showing Harry that he was wearing his fur suit. Clearing he was trying to impress someone. Hagrid started off with Harry following him, making sure not to make too much noise. Soon Hagrid walked to the Beauxbatons carriage before he knocked on the door. It opens to reveal Madam Maxime. "Is it time?" She asked in her thick accent.

Hagrid stepped aside and offered his arm, "My lady."

Harry stared as Madam Maxime smiled and took the arm. With lady in hand Hagrid started off, leading Madam Maxime towards the Forbidden Forest. It was here that Harry got conflicted. He knew Hagrid wanted to show him something but so far it was a date with Madam Maxime. He was happy Hagrid fancied someone and wished him well but he felt like intruding on their stroll hidden from there. He was never anyone's wingman or anything but he felt Hagrid really had a reason for him to be here. Once they entered the forest Harry stopped and removed the cloak. Once done he transformed into Jack and slowly walked after them.

Harry smiled loving the forest and knew the few times he was in here he never could do it as Jack so he decided to take that chance. He knew he was easily hide in such a dark place as Jack so he did not disturb the lovely couple. As they walked and glanced at the pair every now and again so not to lose them, Jack wondered if he should take Sally here some time for a date and stroll. He was sure she would enjoy such a place. He could hear up ahead that Madam Maxime was also in for the surprise as she didn't know where Hagrid was taking them. The giant did assure her that she was in for a treat but didn't give any other hints.

Then Jack pause when he sensed something. It was great amount of fear but it was coming from up ahead. He couldn't keep the smile off his face as he kept going as heard the sounds of roars and light coming from the darkness. Hagrid, Madam Maxime and Jack stopped at the edge of the clearing where many wizards were working but it was what they were working with that caught their surprise. Jack grinned widely as he stepped closer to the clearing to get a better look, but still out of sight. For the first time since Halloween he, Jack Skellington, was excited. For what he was seeing could only be for one thing and he was excited for the tournament. "Dragons" he whispered.

And cut! So we have a wonderful chapter before the first task. We show how the school was reacting to Harry and some of the troubles he was receiving. Still even when things are done you can expect the Pumpkin King to put on a show. The moment in the Three Broomsticks was something I always wanted to do and I felt like it fits Jack. Hope you all agree and enjoyed. For next time it will be Jack Skeleton vs. a Dragon. I (as well as Jack) am going to have some much fun with that.