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Harry's Nightmare Revenge

Harry sat in front of the fireplace of his common room, spending the past half hour explaining everything to Sirius, whose head was inside the fire. He told him how he first became Jack, his time in Halloween town, discovering Christmas town and how he tried to make his own Christmas and how the rest of the school discovered his secret and his most famous adventure. Sure, Harry explained some of this in a letter to his godfather but to talk to him about his biggest secret face to face, (even if through a fireplace) made a weight seem to lift from his shoulders. "And that's everything Sirius."

His godfather was quiet for a moment before he chuckled, "part of me was hoping to teach you to be an Animagus but I think you one up your father and I. Becoming something like Jack and at such a young age. I'm sure your parents would be proud of what you manage to do. James would be jealous of course as am I but he'd get over it."

Harry chuckled, "I'm sure they would love Halloween town, and Christmas town as well. I would have them meet Sally and I know they would love her."

"Without a doubt," Sirius agreed with a grin, wondering of how he can embarrass his godson when he did meet this Sally. Since James and Lily weren't around to do it the job landed on him.

Harry then had a thought, "you know Halloween town is a pretty good place to hide. And the Ministry has no way to find you there nor the dementors."

Sirius smiled slightly, "I might take you up on that offer if nothing else but to see you more often. But only after this tournament since you are still in danger."

Harry nodded, "we still have no clue who put my name in but at least I have a way to go through the tasks."

"Speaking of which the first task," Sirius said in a more serious tone. "You said it would be dragons, right?"

Harry nodded, "Hagrid showed them to me. Four nesting mothers with eggs, looks like one for each champion."

Sirius frowned, "still dragons are dangerous, nesting mothers are even worst since they're protective of their eggs. Normal spells won't work as you need at least a dozen wizards at once to get through. We need a plan."

"Sirius," Harry said, getting his godfather's attention, "I can handle it as Jack."

"You sure?" Sirius asked him. He had faith in his godson even before he knew of Jack but this was still a dragon.

Harry nodded, "I never faced a dragon before but I am looking forward to it." Here he grinned, "I will be going all out and will show that dragon true fear."

Sirius gazed upon his godson and saw the look on his face. It had the same determined look Lily would get at time when facing a new position or new form of magic. Yet it also had the confident and excited look James wore when it was about to face a challenge or a new prank. To him it showed how much Harry really was the perfect blend of his parents. This caused Sirius to grinned knowing he didn't have to worry about the dragon. If anything, he would have to worry for the dragon's health.

(Scene change)

"Dragons!?" Cedric Diggory asked, both stunned and horrified. "We have to face dragons?"

The other three champions; Harry, Fleur and Victor Krum, all nodded at this. The four were meeting after breakfast like they usually did where Harry diverted the news to him. Cedric ran a hand through his hair as his face became pale. "How did you guys find out?"

Harry shrugged, "I was walking through the forbidden forest as Jack to clear my head when I saw four of them in a section of it. There was only one reason a bunch of dragon handlers would have fully grown dragons near Hogwarts. While hidden I saw Hagrid on a date with her headmistress," he points to Fleur before pointing to Krum, "and then his sneaking by as I headed off so not to disturb their date. I had a feeling they would tell their students and even if they didn't I still would have told them."

Cedric sighed again, "I'll give them one thing, they don't do any of these tasks by half. Bloody hell, I got to come up with a plan to go up against a dragon."

"At least we are prepared," Fleur said softly, "even if only a few days. Imagine finding out the dragons the day of the task. When Madam Maxime told me of the dragons she was no doubt worried for my safety."

The other three nodded, knowing it would be much worst. Harry then glance at Fleur, "I believe I should warn you now. My friend Hagrid seems to fancy Madam Maxime. If she is using him or breaks his heart in any way…"

The threat was left hanging but it was enough. Even if Harry was younger than them, knowing his true form showed how much he can go through with his threats. Fleur nodded anyways. She had a feeling her headmistress did have feelings for the keeper of keys of Hogwarts but it really wasn't her place to say. Krum however noticed something else, "you are not scared, are you?"

Harry just grinned, showing them his true feelings. "I'm excited actually. I've never scared a dragon before."

"There was that rumor in your first year about you and a baby dragon" Cedric pointed out.

"That was nothing but a rumor," Harry denied since for one he never scared the baby in question and two because it would get Hagrid in trouble. "But this is a fully-grown dragon. I will have to be at my best to scare it."

"I for one 'ope I go before you 'arry," Fleur said, "not only because I don't want to miss the show but I don't want to try and follow up after what you must have planned."

Cedric smirked, "I agree with her. Do us a favor and have us go first. I want a decent score for the task."

Harry looked sheepish, "I'll try but it's not like I wanted to enter the tournament in the first place."

The older teens nodded at this before they went their separate ways, each to plan their own strategy. However only one was thinking of what kind of show he could perform for the task.

(scene change)

"Harry, I know you are confident about the task but I can't help but worry you are not taking this seriously enough."

Harry glanced at Hermione over his shoulder. They were alone in the common room with the first task the next afternoon and Harry was getting the final details for when it was his turn. "Hermione, I know you're worried but I can handle this."

"I'm sorry," Hermione sighed, "it's just I hate the fact you are going up against a fully-grown dragon."

Harry smiled at her and place a hand on her shoulder, "it may seem that way but truly I am better off than when we went after the stone in our first year or the Chamber of Secrets in our second year. Back then we didn't know what we were up against and really, we managed it by luck. But now I know what I am facing and more importantly I know what to do."

Hermione stared before she nodded, seeing that Harry was right. Back then they didn't know what they were be facing and no chance to prepare. "I know you're right Harry. But that doesn't mean I can't be afraid for your safety."

Harry just chuckled. "I would be more worried if you didn't. and it's perfectly okay for you to be afraid."

Hermione gave a small huff "I figured you would think so."

Harry just shook his head with a grin. "It's not just because I'm Jack. Fear is an important part of life and needed just as much as everything else."

Hermione blinked at this respond. She tried to think of the reason he mentioned but asked, "I don't understand? I don't see how fear is important."

"On the simplest level fear keeps you alive," Harry explained with a slight passion Hermione rarely hears from him. "Fears makes us want fight to stay alive when faced with danger; but its much, much more than that. Fear and doubt are signs of a strong heart. They push your heart, strike out in new directions. Without them, your zest for life might fade…as well as your taste for fear. And believe me, that would really ruin my fun."

Hermione could not help but stare, as if seeing Harry in a new light. She will admit she never thought of that before and with how Harry was truly believing this made her see he was telling the truth. She pulled him into a hug before she said, "just be careful Harry."

"I will," he said returning the hug. Harry then glanced at the staircase to the boy's dormitory, where is last friend was at the moment. He had a longing look on his face before he sighed. Hermione noticed this and held his shoulder, "He'll come around Harry."

Harry nodded slowly, "I hope so Hermione, I hope so."

(scene change)

It was the day of the first task and jack stood in the tent waiting for his turn. When the time had come the transformed wizard entered the tent and greeted his fellow champions. Rita Skeeter tried to sneak in for a quick interview before the task but both Jack's antics of scaring her and the other judges appearing force her to leave. Afterwards the four champions were told what they were assigned to do; retrieve the golden egg. Since they already knew what they were facing they knew it would even be harder to steal an egg from a dragon. Each champion then had to pull out a model of their dragon to find the order they would be taking. To Jack's and the others' delight jack would be going last and against what they considered the worst dragon.

And so, Jack waited as one by one his fellow champions left the tent and preformed their skills against the dragons. He didn't know what they were doing but from the crowd's reactions and Ludo Bagman's comments they were something to behold. Jack did have to laugh once at a comment from Mr. Bagman as he found the man funny. He did find it strange how the man tried to offer help to him but Jack assured him he was fine. But Jack pushed it from his mind as at last it was his turn. He stood up and headed for the tent flap as he heard Ludo Bagman calling out. "And our final champion. all the way from Halloween Town; I give you the great Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington!"

The crowd went wild as Jack entered the arena, the ghost also watching in the crowd and cheering the loudest. Jack saw the dragon standing over her nest with a growl seeing the skeleton walking towards him. Jack ignored the crowd with his eyes focus on his challenge. "Okay big girl; Let's Dance!"

Jack snapped his bony fingers and music started to play. It was an eerie piano playing in a slightly fast tempo. The crowd and judges looked around, trying to figure out where the music was coming from. But Jack slowly walked to the dragon as he sang,

It's been years
Since I've seen a face around here
I was broken and alone
In that hell I called my home

everyone in the crowd stared, not making a sound while the dragon growl, its instinct telling it something was wrong. But the small creature made of bone couldn't be a threat, right?

You always choose to stay
Spend your nights keeping me away
You think you stand a chance to last
Against the ghosts of your past?

The dragon had enough as it bellowed out a stream of flames, engulfing Jack. The crowd screamed in freight, fearing the worst. But then they notice the music was still playing, in fact it was going faster. The dragon didn't let up its flames but the crowd notice the fire seem to swirl before splitting up. To their amazement Jack stood in front of the flames with three large jack-o-lanterns floating before him, the fire being sucked into the pumpkins themselves through the faces on them. The dragon stopped unleashing its fire as the last of it was captured. Jack grinned before he waved both his arms and the jack-o-lanterns dropped to the ground and exploded. However, from the spot thick gray smoke bellowed out and quickly covered the arena, the crowd seeing the shadow of the dragon inside of it. Inside Jack's song started again.

It's been years
Since I've seen a face around here
I was broken and alone
In that hell I called my home

The dragon growled and tried to use its wings to blow the smoke away but the wing they made did nothing. It hissed as he looked for the one who did this, the song still playing.

Should have left me to decay
Finding me was your worst mistake
And I've found my new obsession
Now it's just you and me

Before the dragon a large shadow of Jack appeared, a wide scary looking, toothy grin on its face. The dragon unleashed another bellow of flames but the shadow vanished as if it wasn't there.

You turn away
I'll be right beside you
You cut me off
But I'll always have another way to find you
My body's still mending
You're in for a sight

As the song got faster several more shadows of jack appeared and disappeared all around the dragon, causing it to jerk its head to try and track them while sometimes lashing out with its tail, wings or fire breath.

Another night but it doesn't get easy
Because you're stuck picking up all the pieces
That they salvaged
No matter what the ending
You won't last the night

The dragon pants slightly, trying to find the creature, making sure not to get too far from its nest. But jumped when it hears the song coming from behind it.

I hear you breathing in your room
Now don't you panic
It'll all be over soon

The dragon lashes out but hit nothing but smoke.

And you can play your little games all day
You'll never be free

You block me out all you want
But I hear the sound
The echo of a "hello"
I'll come back around

The dragon roared and spun around, breathing fire as it did so. All it did was make the smoke get darker as the shadows danced and taunted the dragon around it.

You turn away
I'll be right beside you
You cut me off
But I'll always have another way to find you
My body's still mending
You're in for a sight

Another night but it doesn't get easy
Because you're stuck picking up all the pieces
That they salvaged
No matter what the ending
You won't last the night

The dragon was not started to act up. Its head was jerking from side to side as it spotted a new shadow. Its wings flex slightly, not a full spread flap but to show it was ready to move at the slightly notion of danger. For a moment, the shadows seem to have stopped before a large number shadows shaped like ghost, bats and other monsters, started to rise and vanish before repeating all over again, all of them singing.

No happy endings
Will ever find you
All of these ghosts they're
From deep inside you

All of the sudden Jack's shadow towered the dragon with the other shadows behind him,

No happy endings (No happy endings)
Will ever find you (Will find you)

Jack's shadow vanished as quick as it came before reappearing looking even more frightening then before.

All of these ghosts they're (And all of these ghosts are)
From deep inside you (From deep inside you)

The dragon breaths fire at the shadow but it vanished. The music started to pick up as the shadows danced around the dragon, which was jerking and twitch, trying to find a way to escape.

You turn away
I'll be right beside you
You cut me off
But I'll always have another way to find you
My body's still mending
You're in for a sight

Another night but it doesn't get easy
Because you're stuck picking up all the pieces
That they salvaged
No matter what the ending
You won't last the night
(You won't last the night)

The Dragon was shivering before it felt something behind it. the dragon turned it head as a loud inhuman screech broke the night.

The music stopped and the smoke started to recede. The crowd was waiting on the edge of their seats, as they only could to see the shadows of the dragon and the other shadow in the smoke. When it was gone completely loud gasps were heard all around. The dragon was cowering over its nest; the head bow lowed, tail wrapped around it and the wings covering it to try and hide the nest. It was shaking and everyone could have sworn the dragon was whimpering.

Standing before the dragon was Jack, looking the same as always but in one of his hands was a large golden egg. Jack was beaming at the sight of the frighten dragon before he went and took a great bow, the egg still held in the air.

That broke the dam, causing the crowd to roar in cheers and applause. Jack then turned and headed back to the tent before he vanished from view. Inside he found the school nurse giving him a quick scan before seeing he was uninjured and went back to the fellow champions. The champions were there as well, all staring at him. Jack grinned and asked, "So how was that?"

"A wonderful performance Jack," Fleur said egger, looking unharmed with her skirt slightly burnt.

"Again, glad we don't have to try and follow up that," Cedric said, his face had bandages over half of it to heal the burns.

Krum nodded, "You did very vell."

Fleur huffed at him, "Well? 'e scared zat dragon. Can you say the same?"

Jack chuckled, "Thank you."


Jack turned to see Ron and Hermione entering the tent. He transformed back and went to the side to talk to his friends again. Ron was the first to try and talk, "Harry…mate…I'm"

He didn't get any farther as Harry pulled his friend into a hug. This surprised Ron before he returned the hug. They broke it off and Harry smiled at him, "It's good to have you back Ron."

Ron couldn't help but smile as well. "Thanks Harry. I mean it."

Hermione whipped a tear from her eyes, happy that her friends manage to make up. Harry chuckled patting Ron's shoulder. "I was worried for a minute though. If you didn't try and talk to me after the task I was afraid I would be force to scare some sense back in you."

He chuckled at this while Hermione giggled. Ron paled however, remembering how Jack/Harry managed to scare a dragon. Ron however reminded Harry that he still needs to see his score for his part of the task. Harry transformed to follow him out but Jack didn't really care if he somehow gotten a zero from all the judges. He not only managed to patch things up with Ron but he also did something he never have been able to do before, something no wizard has ever done before. He scared a fully-grown dragon and to Jack that was the best win for him.

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