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The first time Akako corners Kaito, he's wary. It's not normal the way those boys devote themselves to her every whim. It's his first clue that this world might not be entirely devoid of magic.

The second time, Kaito is sure his classmate is using some type of love potion…or just some type of mild, mass mind control (Mental!Snape wacks his head).

The third time, Kaito is at her house and has to prevent himself from laughing at her…companion and apparent contract with Lucifer.

It's hard to not laugh when he realizes it's just Death cosplaying.

Kaito wonders if Death had lost a bet for this to occur as he mentally saves the moment to review later, wishing he had a camera.


In an alleyway five blocks from the site of the most recent and successful heist, Kaito played with a certain ruby in a gloved hand. Adjacent to him, thrown into shadow by the street light, stood another man dressed as the mirror image of Kaito KID.

"Hey, Death, are you seriously going to drag me across all of the multiverse just so you only have to deal with one so called 'Master?'"

The shadowed man shrugged his shoulders, though the twitching of the shadows beneath his top hat gave an indication that he was smirking, or at least amused.

"Goddamnit – you mean I have to do all this again?"

There was no response.


Kaito was sitting in the Kudo library, relaxing by reading Lupin Sansei by Monkey Punch and mentally detailing the complete improbability of half the tricks used (not that it would prevent him from messing about with some of them on his own time with a judicious used of Old Magic). He sighed as another presence registered in his senses.

"Hey, Death."

The new presence might have given a nod in the magician's direction.

"Can I ask a favor? I know that's a really bad idea, but it's seriously bugging me."

No response.

"Will you please stop stalking my boyfriend? Please? Because it's really hard to go on a date with him when he's paranoid that yet another person is going to drop dead, just because he decided to stop in the shop for ice cream."

Another head poked into the room and stared at the sole occupant with a raised eyebrow.

"Kaito, why are you talking to thin air?"

"Mm, just trying to get Death to lay off stalking you for a bit!"

Kudo Shinichi just raised his other eyebrow at the magician. "Riiiiight."

Kaito just smiled benignly.


It's New Years, three years after everything had sorted itself out and Kaito can't be happier even if he was hit with an overpowered Cheering Charm.

To his right, Shinichi is curled up, dozing, while watching Sonoko harass Ran into performing a duet with her to whatever song is being played on the Kōhaku Uta Gassen (Red and White Singing Contest).

Softly, the bells begin to toll as midnight arrives.

Softly, Kaito drops a kiss on Shinichi's lips, before allowing himself to doze off.

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