After a night in Atlas, Ruby and Roman boarded the air ship that was to take them home. Penny was there to see them off, explaining how sad she would be that it would likely be a long time before she got the chance to visit again. The trip was quiet and Ruby spent most of it leaning against Roman as he read.

"How are you going to handle your family?" Roman asked her after a while.

"I don't know... I just hope they won't be too mad." Ruby sighed.

"I hope they have realized how important you are." Roman said, almost cold.

She glanced up at him. "You think they didn't see me as important?"

"No, not with the way your sister treated you." Roman said, looking at her.

"I've already told Yang though." Ruby said, offering a smile. "She's fine with it."

Roman kissed her, then returned to his book. They were welcomed back in Vale as heroes, a huge celebration had been thrown in their honor and everyone in town was there. Even the owner of the From Dust Till Dawn shop was there offering them a warm smile and a business card. Ruby glanced at the name of the place but when she was about to ask him about it he was already replaced by other people with questions and thanks.

Ruby didn't really get to speak to anyone as she was being pulled to and fro, trading pleasantries with everyone. The party looked like it would last well into the night and it was late when Roman finally managed to extract them from it. She dozed lightly in the car as he drove, waking every few minutes when the car turned or hit a bump in the road.

She glanced out the window and realized they were long past the old neighborhood they had been living in and where on the far side of the upper-class district. Ruby sat up, fully awake and a little surprised as Roman turned the car up the hill to the largest, richest houses in Vale.

Her amazement deepened the farther up they went, coming to the top of the cliff, there were only three properties up here and one belonged to the mayor.

Roman pulled up to the one on the left, hit a button somewhere in the car and the gate swung open. Ruby watched as they pulled past the large wall to the wide open garden with winding drive and fountain. The house itself was enormous, its sprawling two stories easily took up the space of a normal city block. On the west side it had a tall tower, three stories high with a balcony roof. The huge front windows of the house glimmered in the moonlight, they ran from either side of the front door up to the roof.

As Roman pulled the car around the side of the house she saw it was just as deep as it was wide. She then turned her attention to in front of them. There was a detached oversized two car garage with an apartment on top.

The property itself spanned out into the darkness, leaving her to wonder at just how large it was. Another button had the door rolling up so Roman could park the car, the garage could easily hold four of his car in just the one side. Once the lights were on she glanced over to the other side, there, her motorcycle was parked, repaired and waiting on her.

Roman killed the engine and went around to open her door for her, taking her hand in his as they headed for the house. Back around to the front Roman opened the heavy wood and glass door. He stepped in first and flicked on the lights. The chandeliers overhead came alive, filling the grand foyer with a warm light that spilled across marble floors and danced off of expensive looking paintings. There were two staircases, one on either side of the room, leading up to the balcony of the second floor that overlooked the entry. In the middle of the room was a grand piano. There were doors to either side before the staircases and one farther in, under the balcony, more doors visible up there.

Roman led her to the room through the door under that balcony first, it was the kitchen, it looked like a larger version of the one back at the apartment, same countertops and cabinets. There was a door to the backyard from there, doors leading to dining room and sun-room which was filled with potted plants, on the right and a doorway leading to the breakfast nook and patio on the left.

He led her back and up the stairs. They went through the door in the middle of the hall, this was another hall, a door in the middle left and one opposite it, both closets, straight though was another door, this one opened into the master bedroom.

The room was massive, the bed off on the left wall was raised on dais. To the right was a large TV and doors on either side. On the far wall was the window overlooking the backyard. In it was a window seat the size of a twin bed, drawers under it, bookshelves on either side of the window.

The window itself stretched up to the ceiling, Ruby looked up and realized it was the ceiling. The domed roof was made of glass.

"One way glass." Roman noted when she looked up at it.

"I can't wait to see a storm through that..." Ruby said, mesmerized.

"So you like it?" Roman asked, smiling.

"Yeah..." Ruby answered, walking over to the window seat and climbing into the pillows to look out the window. Outside she saw the glow of a lit, in-ground swimming pool. She could also see the faint outlines of another building on the other side of the yard from the garage, there wasn't enough moon light to illuminate it though.

She was excited for sunrise to see what the whole place looked like.

Ruby turned to face Roman. "This is really ours?"

"Yep, bought and paid for, no more rent." Roman smiled, seeming quite happy with that.

Ruby smiled, that smile slowly faded though. Roman watched her, suddenly worried. "What's wrong?"

"It's just... You're sure? You want to share this with me? You want to marry me?" Ruby asked, looking back out the window.

Roman walked over, kneeling beside her. "More than anything."

She looked over at him and smiled. That smile faltered too. "Even though... we can't have any children?"

"To be quite honest Red, that is fiiiiiine with me." Roman said with a shrug.

Ruby relaxed and hugged him.

"Oh, that reminds me." Roman said, standing. "I have something for you, wait here."

Ruby sat, puzzled, watching him leave.

Roman returned a few minutes later to find Ruby looking over the options on the bookshelves.

"Get'er!" Roman said, making Ruby jump.

She looked up just in time to see a large puppy come bounding over to tackle her. It was a harlequin Great Dane, and while it may have been a puppy, it was still very large. Ruby giggled under the assault of happy puppy kisses. Roman laid on the bed then gave a short whistle. The puppy froze and with the next short whistle jumped up onto the bed next to Roman, laying down obediently.

Ruby was still giggling when she climbed up out of the floor.

"Are furry children good enough?" Roman asked.

"Yes." Ruby smiled. "Does he have a name?"

"Not yet, I decided to leave that up to you, his papers won't be finished until he has one though." Roman answered.

"Drei Xiao Rose." Ruby stated.

"I like it." Roman smiled, petting Drei.

Drei gave a soft whimper bark and whapped his tail on the bed.

The three settled in together, Drei happily keeping their feet warm, if not numb.

Ruby was woken early the next morning by Drei lightly but urgently nudging her foot. The sun was up, just barely, and the young dog gave her a pleading look, wagging his tail gently.

"Do you need to pee?" She asked him quietly, not wanting to disturb Roman.

Drei perked up his ears and wagged his tail a little harder.

"Okay..." Ruby sighed, slipping out of bed.

She adjusted her pj's and put on slippers, following the puppy out of the room and down the stairs. She was glad he was already trained. They got to the kitchen and Ruby heard the back door open, letting Drei out. Ruby glanced up, confused. There, closing the door she saw a Faunus woman. She was dressed like a maid, wearing white with a green apron. She was average height, a little heavier in build and easily twice Ruby's age. The woman looked over at Ruby with her bright green eyes, her blond hair neatly tied back and her blond lion ears wiggling slightly.

"Good morning, Miss Rose." The woman smiled. "I trust your first night in your new home was a restful one."

"Yeah... Not to be rude but... Who are you?" Ruby asked, rubbing her eyes and looking at the woman again, making sure she wasn't just dreaming.

"Ah, my apologies, Miss Rose. I am Taraxacom, or Tara if it pleases you Miss Rose." Tara said with a bow.

"You work for Roman?" Ruby asked.

"You and Mr. Torchwick both, yes." She nodded.

"Oh... What do you do?" Ruby asked, wandering in to sit at the island.

"Cook and clean, and any other household chore needing done. Would you like some coffee Mistress?" Tara asked her.

"Um... Is there milk?" Ruby asked.

"Yes, ma'am." Tara answered, waiting for Ruby to tell her what she wanted exactly.

"Just a little glass of that." Ruby yawned.

By the time Ruby had finished her long drawn out yawn there was a chilled glass of milk sitting in front of her and Tara was letting Drei back in. Drei trotted over and flopped down next to Ruby's bar stool, scooting it an inch or two. Ruby glanced down at him, he looked up at her and wagged his tail. Returning to her glass of milk and trying to wake up fully, Ruby sat quietly as Tara bustled about the kitchen, making muffins and other breakfast food.

The kitchen was smelling divine when the back door opened and a man with gazelle horns stepped through. He was tall enough that with the added inches of his horns he had to duck to clear the doorway but he did this smoothly and with little mind. He was dressed in jeans and work shirt that had grass stains but his light brown hair was neatly swept back out of his face.

He looked to easily be the same age as Tara and his blue eyes sparkled a bit whenever he looked at the woman while she cooked. He had a neatly kept goatee and when he turned to ask Tara where he could find a vase for the roses he'd brought in Ruby noticed a scar on his left cheek.

Finding the vase, he filled it with water and started trimming the roses. There was quite a variety, some were red, others yellow and some that were a pale shade of pink that turned yellow at the tips of the petals.

"So, we have our own florist?" Ruby asked, confused as she watched him work.

"Not exactly." The man chuckled then took the beautifully arranged flowers to the breakfast table. "The name is Braun and I am your grounds keeper, gardener and butler on occasion."

"Ah, I see. So Roman hired you two?" Ruby asked, a little more awake now.

"Yes, my husband here and I are live-in staff, we occupy the apartment above the garage." Tara explained as Braun left the room.

"I see." Ruby smiled.

Ruby had never had staff like this before, she felt a little weird, this was the sort of thing she guessed was normal for someone like Weiss. Braun returned and placed the newspaper at the table as well then went back outside.

Drei, apparently hearing something, sprung to his feet and ran to the doorway, Roman walking in a moment later, patting the puppy absently.

"Morning." Ruby singsonged cheerfully.

"Good morning, Mr. Torchwick." Tara said with a slight bow.

Roman waved sleepily and wandered over to the table, Ruby hopped up and followed. Breakfast consisted of Muffins, eggs and bacon, all cooked to perfection.

"I'm glad Neo recommended those two." Roman said after a while.

"Neo?" Ruby asked.

"Yes, they are ex White Fang. Neo suggested I hire them and they not only do all this but double as guards." Roman noted.

"Oh, I see. Still, it's strange having servants..." Ruby sighed.

Later that day Ruby took her newly repaired motorcycle and headed to Beacon. Once there she found out that graduation for the fourth years, which had been put on hold do to the foreshadow of war, was to be held the next day and mark the beginning of the short summer break. She learned this from Russel who had met her at the school parking.

Walking in, intending to go see Ozpin and find out how things would work now that everyone knew the truth, she was spotted by her old team.

Weiss stomped over, slapping Ruby across the face. "That is for tricking us."

Before Ruby could react Weiss hugged her. "And this is for being okay."

Weiss stepped back, giving an apologetic smile. "Is there any chance you will ever forgive me?"

"Weiss, I already did." Ruby said, waving the matter aside.

"Then..." Weiss started. "Will you consider... taking me back?"

Ruby glanced to Yang, who made a motion showing she had kept the secret like Ruby had asked.

"Weiss... I've already moved on. I'm with someone else.." Ruby said, trying not to sound rude or insensitive.

"Oh... I see." Weiss said, only now noticing Ruby's engagement ring. Weiss turned and walked away, Ruby let her go without protest.

"Don't worry, she'll be fine." Yang said hoarsely.

Ruby nodded but said nothing.

"I'm glad you're alright." Blake said, offering a smile.

"And a good actress." Came Qrow's voice. Ruby turned to face her uncle who hugged her. "You really had me fooled, I knew there was something off about Red, I just couldn't put my finger on it and believing you to be dead I had no reason to think it was you." Qrow chuckled. "Well played."

Ruby smiled. "I'll take that as a compliment."

"Your father is anxious to see you again." Qrow noted, letting her go.

"I wanna see him too, is he home in Patch?" Ruby asked.

Qrow nodded. "He is for now, if you're done leaving the Kingdom I can let him know where to find you."

"That might be a good idea. Oh, you might all need to know where I live now, huh?" Ruby laughed then gave them her new address.

"Wow, living it up much?" Yang chuckled.

"Yeah... Roman picked the place so I'm not gonna argue." Ruby said with a shrug.

"At least he's taking care of you, I'm still not sure about the guy." Blake admitted.

"Your father and I will both be interested in meeting your intended in person." Qrow said, almost darkly.

"Eh..." Ruby said nervously, scratching her head. "Anyway... I need to go speak with Ozpin if you guys don't mind I'll catch up with you later."

They parted ways and Ruby headed For Ozpin's office. He was there, reviewing things on his scroll.

"Hello sir." Ruby said, walking in.

"Ah, Ruby, How are you?" Ozpin asked, looking up and smiling.

"Good. I just, um, wanted to talk to you about next year." Ruby said, not sure how to put it.

"Ah, I see, yes that is a bit of a situation isn't it?" Ozpin said, leaning back in his chair.

Ruby took a seat in the chair on the other side.

"Well, you can continue leading team CRDL or you could be moved back two years and return to team RWBY. Though I'm not sure you would want to do those two years worth over again." Ozpin pondered.

"Not to mention the paperwork... Technically Red was claimed dead and so was I and... Wow." Ruby sighed.

"Even though the name changed you are still yourself and always have been. Let me worry about the paperwork." Ozpin assured.

"Okay, but... We are short a member now..." Ruby reminded sadly.

"I am aware and as it stands, Penny has asked if she could stand in. I don't have a problem with this, it will be easy for her to skip up to the fourth year, we don't usually have transfer student's that late anyway." Ozpin offered gently.

Ruby nodded. "I think that would work."

"Good, I'll see you tomorrow then." Ozpin smiled.

"Yep." Ruby smiled back.

Ruby returned home later on to find Roman in the foyer talking to Doctor Baltas and two redheaded women in lab coats.

"Your sure it will work?" Roman was asking.

"Most certain. Testing is positive with ill effects at a zero." Doctor Baltas stated.

"Alright then, I guess I will see you in the morning then." Roman smiled.

"Until then." Baltas said, leaving with the twins in lab coats. All three nodded to Ruby as they passed her on their way to the door.

"What was that about?" Ruby asked once they had gone.

"Well, between some of the research we stole from Cinder and the journal we recovered from Arvan's lab, my team of scientists have been working with Doc Baltas and found a way to reverse permanent scar damage." Roman explained then pointed to his face. "They can fix this now."

"Really? Do you think they could fix Nora's memory as well? Yang's voice?" Ruby asked, hopeful.

"It's possible." Roman nodded.

The next day Ruby attended the graduation, cheering on the class ahead of her. She was happy for Velvet and team CFVY. After the ceremony was through, the class being named full Hunters and Huntresses there were a few other things for Ruby to attend. Including a dance.

She returned home tired that night, she found Roman carrying on a conversation with Braun, who was a bit sheepish around Roman.

"Ah! You're back!" Roman stated when he saw Ruby.

"Did it work?" Ruby asked, guessing so.

Roman lifted his bangs for her to see, even his eye was back the way it should be, he looked as if he had never been hurt.

"I still can't see through that eye though." Roman noted.

"You look a lot more comfortable now though." Ruby smiled and Roman nodded.

"I went ahead and told the good Doc about your sister and that Nora girl, he's expecting them anytime starting tomorrow."

"Oh, that's great." Ruby grinned, hoping for the best for Nora.

The following day Ruby messaged Yang and Nora, suggesting they spend the day together and claimed to have a surprise for them. Without question both agreed. Ruby took her simple black car and picked the girls up.

"So what do you have in mind for us?" Yang asked Hoarsely.

"Oh, just something that will help you both out immensely, but you have to swear to me that you will never tell the location we are going to to anyone else. Ever." Ruby said, serious.

"Promise." Yang smiled.

"That won't be a problem..." Nora sighed.

"No. Promise me, Nora." Ruby insisted.

"I promise I won't tell a soul." Nora said, knowing she wouldn't remember it tomorrow anyway.

"Good." Ruby nodded, putting the car into gear and setting off. The hospital waited on them, cold and imposing as ever.

"This place is creepy, sis. Why are we here?" Yang asked.

"Just trust me, I owe this to both of you." Ruby explained as she got out and led them in. There was the same woman as always at the desk. This time though she held up a hand before Ruby could say anything. "You are expected. I will let the doctor know you are here, go ahead and go to the examining room."

Ruby nodded and led the girls to the elevator.

"So why are you taking us to a doctor?" Nora asked.

"This is the same hospital I took you to when you got shot. The doctor who saw you then is gone now but his nephew is even better, he found a way to help you both." Ruby explained. The doors opened and Ruby lead the girls to the right room.

"So... He can fix my memory?" Nora asked.

Ruby nodded. "We are hoping so."

"So why am I here then?" Yang asked, flinching at the pain in her throat from using her voice.

"That right there. It hurts for you to talk, we are fixing that today." Ruby explained.

"That is the intended plan, yes." Doctor Baltas stated as he entered the room and approached them. "Yang, correct? Place yourself on the table and we may begin, simple matters before complicated ones."

Yang nodded, sitting on the table and laying down. Baltas took a jar of dust from the counter and opened it, drawing the dust out, he only took a small portion and guided it precisely. The dust touched Yang's skin, making it glow, it focused closer on her throat than anywhere else. The procedure lasted only a few minutes and then the dust glow faded and Baltas stepped back.

Yang sat up, looking at her now scar-less body.

"Wow.." she noted then reached up to her throat. "It, doesn't hurt anymore."

"And you sound normal again!" Ruby said happily as she hugged Yang.

"My turn." Nora stated, seeming determined.

"Indeed it is. Please, take your place. Yours will take much longer." Baltas explained as Yang and Nora traded places. Again Baltas took from the jar, taking all of the dust this time. It took several hours as the work was far more delicate here. When he was finished he stepped back, wiping the sweat from his brow.

"I don't really feel any different." Nora said, standing.

She glanced around then suddenly flinched, grabbing her head and sinking to the floor.

"Nora!" Yang snapped as she rushed over and snarled at the doctor. "What did you do wrong?"

"Nothing, this is normal." He said with a dismissive shrug.

After a moment Nora relaxed. "I remember bits and pieces of things... Nothing is clear, though."

"It won't be, those memories are lost. Shreds of things might still be available to you but no more than that. What is important now is future life for you, remembering what is to come." Baltas explained.

"Oh." Nora said, nodding.

"Thank you, Doctor Baltas." Ruby smiled.

He nodded and took his leave, looking like he was about to drop any minute.

"Lets go get some pizza in celebration!" Yang cheered.

"Yeah!" Both the other girls said together.

After Ruby left that morning Roman had headed out on the town himself and decided to walk, not completely unusual. He feared little with Neo ruling the underground and the cops all on his side, so he decided to stretch his legs and enjoy the day.

It wasn't long before he got a message on his scroll from Neo, inviting him for ice cream at her favorite shop and he promised to meet her there soon.

On his way he bumped into a particularly grumpy Weiss.

"Oh. It's you." She growled.

"Hello." Roman smiled, being irritatingly cheerful.

Weiss narrowed her eyes. "It's you that Ruby is marrying. You had better take damn good care of her or I'll-"

"You'll what?" Roman cut her off, narrowing his eyes. "You are the one who broke her heart and sent her running away. I'm the one who loved her when you refused to."

Weiss shrank back after that comment, the part that hurt the most was that it was true. Roman's ire dissipated when he saw the pain and troubled look that filled Weiss's eyes. He remembered Ruby talking about how Weiss had lost Sky, in that moment she looked very lonely and lost. Roman grabbed her by the arm and pulled her along with him. "Come along, we are going to be late."

"Late? Let me go, where are you taking me?" Weiss growled.

"You look like you are in need of a long steamy night to melt all that ice." Roman stated.

"Not with you, you creep you are-" Weiss was saying, starting to struggle but Roman cut her off.

"Eww, no, I would rather put a pencil through my eye then do that with you. You like girls though right? Come on, you need to meet someone." Roman explained.

Weiss sighed, giving up on getting away and letting Roman guide her to the little ice cream and sweets shop. It was set up like a little cafe with small tables scattered here and there and a counter at the back that was filled with all types of goodies. Roman paused to glance around, it was easy to miss Neo in here as the color scheme was similar to hers.

He finally spotted her off on the far side, looking over one of the small laminated menus.

Roman dragged Weiss over there and had her sit with them. Neo looked up from her menu and saw Weiss. "Well, I think I know what I want, and she's sweeter than anything in this shop."

Weiss glanced up at Neo, a bit surprised.

"What is an elegant princess like you doing in a quaint little place like this?" Neo asked. Weiss irritatedly pointed at Roman. Neo only then seemed to even notice Roman. "Oh, hi Roro. Is she a friend of yours?"

"Kind of, she's had a rough couple of years and is in need of some love." Roman explained.

"Well, I think I can handle that... If someone is willing to accept my healing hands." Neo purred, returning her attention to Weiss.

"Um, no, it's not like that I mean, uh..." Weiss stammered, blushing.

"Too strong?" Neo asked, leaning back into her chair. "I can turn it down a bit."

"Ah..." Weiss mumbled, a bit uncomfortable, she wasn't sure why she was having so much trouble just coldly blowing these two off and marching away. Something about this girl had her attention.

"My name is Neo, what do I call you?" Neo asked her as Roman slipped away.

"W-Weiss, Weiss Schnee." Weiss stammered.

"Ah, tell me about yourself Weiss." Neo encouraged warmly.

"Haven't you heard of me?" Weiss asked.

"Of course, but I wanna hear it all from you. Who you are, not just your reputation." Neo smiled.

"Well..." Weiss started.

Roman left the shop, wandering off to see what else there was to do today.

Later that evening Ruby returned home, she had dropped Nora off with Ren who had been overjoyed to hear her memory had been fixed. Yang, however had informed Ruby that their dad was in town and Qrow was taking him to the mansion.

"Seriously?" Ruby asked as she drove.

"Yep, Uncle Qrow just messaged me saying they were on their way." Yang answered.

"Well, no time like the present I guess." Ruby sighed, stopping to pick up Blake before heading home. They got there to find Zwei and Drei playing in the yard.

"Wow, sis... Just wow..." Yang said as she saw the house. Ruby parked the car next to her motorcycle and led Yang around to the house.

"Who lives in the apartment?" Yang asked.

"Tara and Braun, they work for us." Ruby explained.

"Oh, that's cool." Yang smiled.

Ruby stopped suddenly and looked Blake in the eyes. "They are well paid and really well treated I promise."

"Wha?" Blake said, confused but then, she realized what Ruby meant.

"With you as their boss I don't doubt it." Blake smiled.

They continued into the house to see Ruby and Yang's father Taiyang with Qrow talking to to Braun who was dressed in butler attire.

"Ruby!" Taiyang said when he saw his daughter.

He wasted no time in wrapping her in a tight hug. She hugged him back, just as tight.

"I'm sorry, dad." Ruby apologized.

Both dogs came tearing through the room suddenly, startling Blake and causing her to climb on top of the piano. Roman, apparently the one to have let them in came through the door himself.

"Who does that corgi belong to?" Roman asked, only then noticing Blake, Yang and the stranger hugging Ruby and... Qrow.

"Oh, that's just Zwei." Yang answered.

Braun approached Yang. "The canine's seem to bother miss Belladonna, should I take them both out to the back yard to play?"

"Sure." Yang smiled. Braun whistled, both dogs following him out to the back. Roman glared daggers at Qrow who was staring Roman down, he knew he knew the man but couldn't place him.

"What the hell do you think you are doing in my house?" Roman snarled.

"Uh oh..." Ruby said, pulling away from her dad as all eyes turned to the situation.

"I came to visit Ruby..." Qrow explained, realizing from Roman's tone that this was not the best of situations.

"Do you even remember who I am? Hm? Do you remember my sister?" Roman demanded.

"Uh, actually no..." Qrow admitted.

"She always wore a white scarf, had long hair the same color as mine. You should remember her, you cut her in two! Or do you just kill that many teenaged girls?" Roman spat, raising his weapon.

Recognition flicked in Qrow's eyes followed by a deep regret. Ruby noticed that, having been watching her uncle closely. Roman fired, the whistle of his shot filled the large room. As with the time when Cinder had tried to kill Roman everything around Ruby went almost still. She could see the shot, crawling from the barrel of Roman's cane. Ruby moved with lightning speed, standing between her uncle and the shot.

Time resumed and her awareness filled with white pain. The next thing she knew was the cold marble floor. Roman's rage drained in sudden cold fear as he realized Ruby had gotten in the way, he watched in horror as her eyes rolled back and she sank to the floor.

Roman's voice was not alone in the cries of her name, he was however the first to her side, tears rolling down his face. "No... Why?"

She stirred, trying to get her eyes to focus.

"I'd do it again." Her words echoed in his head, what she had said when Cinder had nearly killed her. He realized he wasn't the only one she would die to protect.

"At leas... listen... to... him." Ruby wheezed, finally regaining control of her voice. Taiyang pulled his daughter away from Roman who glared up at Qrow.

"You had better have a damn good explanation." Roman growled.

"Ruby... I just got you back..." Taiyang sobbed.

"I'm... fine, really." Ruby said, her breathing came easier with each breath.

"How? You've been..." It was then that her father realized she was healing right before his eyes.

"I'm fine." Ruby insisted.

"That explains a lot." Blake mumbled, watching Ruby heal.

"It was a huge mistake, your sister didn't deserve to die." Qrow stated quietly, sadly.

"Tell me something I don't already know." Roman growled.

"Your sister was wanted for the murder of your uncle and aunt, along with a string of thefts and, the alleged murder of you. I happened to be the person to take the job of finding her. She was considered highly dangerous and to be stopped at any cost. I met your sister shortly before taking the job, she actually went on the hunt with me... That is when I found out who she really was, I confronted her about it and... you know the rest. It wasn't until later that it was discovered that your uncle had killed his wife and your sister had been defending you." Qrow explained.

"How did you find that out?" Roman asked.

"Your cousin. She finally found her voice, poor kid was so little. She remembered what had happened though." Qrow said, regret and sadness tinging his voice. "I'm sorry, Roman. There isn't a day that goes by I don't regret what happened, that I wish I had tried a little harder to get her to explain. I won't fault you for hating me."

Roman glanced to Ruby then back to Qrow. "Fine. But only because of my love for Ruby. If not for her I would kill you right now."

Qrow nodded. Roman stood and pulled the now healed Ruby to her feet, hugging her tightly. When he finally let her go she noticed her shirt was a little worse for wear and she went up stairs for a new one. Everyone stood in silence while they waited. Suddenly the room filled with the smell of fresh cookies.

Tara set the platter of cookies down on the edge of the piano and slipped back into the kitchen. Blake picked one up, handed it to Yang and got one for herself. Taiyang looked up and over at Roman who was leaning on the banister, lost in thought. He turned to Qrow who looked a bit haunted.

Taiyang crossed the room, placing a hand on Roman's shoulder to get his attention.

"Swear to me that you will take good care of my daughter." He said, looking Roman in the eyes.

"I swear, till the day I die." Roman replied, looking back into Taiyang's eyes with determination meaning every word.

"Good, cause if you don't I will kill you." Taiyang promised.

Blake and Yang nodded though if it was in agreement or due to the delicious cookies was unknown. To alleviate the awkwardness Qrow left, unable to not see the past every time he saw Roman anyway. After Ruby rejoined them Braun lead them to the dining room for dinner, Tara having outdone herself.

Later that night, after everyone had parted ways, Roman led Ruby to a room she had not seen yet. Inside was two computers with huge screens, she realized that it wasn't single screens but many, nine by nine to be exact, placed together to create a massive display for each computer.

"Already completely set up and ready to go for Minecraft." Roman explained, smiling.

So their lives went on.

The following semester Ruby had Penny join her team, more in an attempt to learn how to properly work with humans and hunters than to become a huntress herself. Weiss came to understand why Ruby loved Roman, she and Neo had become inseparable which in many ways was difficult for her, nobility demanding action against Neo but her heart demanding otherwise.

Roman decided it was best for Ruby and himself to wait to marry until after she graduated.

Two years later Weiss, Blake and Yang graduated. Weiss returned to Atlas but Blake and Yang remained partners. A couple years later deciding to marry.

Neo became a far more powerful crime lord then Cinder had ever dreamed of, she was far more patient and accumulated stronger allies.

Ruby became one of the most famous huntresses alive, only rivaled by Team Bumblebee.

For that time, Remnant knew peace.

Thus ends of the path of righteousness and fortitude.

But our story is far from over...

Continued in The Bumblekits


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