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The next couple of days at the apartment where uneventful for the most part, Ruby almost seemed normal.

Roman decided he would go out for a bit and returned to find that Ruby had taken over the living room, her beloved scythe in pieces as she cleaned and recolored it.

She was making it solid black.

He glanced in the bag he was carrying and decided he'd made the right choice.

"I got you something." Roman said, setting the bag down.

"Oh?" Ruby asked, looking up from her work. Her hands were covered in paint, bluing and oil so she couldn't open it herself.

He reached into the bag and pulled out a brand new cloak, holding it up for her to see.

It was black satin with red velvet lining.

"Ooo... That is so beautiful." She said happily.

"That's not all." He grinned, reaching in the bag again and producing the cloak pins. They where little silver skulls.

Ruby squealed. "I love it!"

Roman set them aside. "It's no trouble... What exactly are you up to?"

She looked back at the mess of weapon in front of her. "I'm cleaning Crescent Rose... I'm recoloring it, too, less recognizable that way... I think I will rename it."

"Got any names?" Roman asked.

Ruby nodded. "Soul Rose."

"Hmm... I like it." Roman said, sitting on the couch behind her and watching her work.

Later that evening Ruby finished her work and set Soul Rose aside.

She went to clean up and looking in the mirror she realized her hair had grown out a bit. Looking at it she decided it was a nice change and she would let it grow out more.

Once she was done she went to look at her new cloak, it was of the highest quality make available.

Tossing her old one aside she put on the new one, admired it in a mirror and decided it suited her. She found Roman in the kitchen cooking and she walked over to him, tracing the line of his jaw with her finger. "Are you still afraid of me?"

He tensed and she giggled. "Good."

She then grabbed him and pressed him against the wall. "I think I like it like that."

Roman swallowed hard, looking into her eyes he could tell that she had completely let go, she was stark raving mad.

She then leaned closer and kissed him, after a moment he kissed back. As mad as she was, he still loved her.

When she pulled away from the kiss Roman found himself wishing it hadn't stopped.

Ruby then pressed her whole body against him and put her lips to his ear.

"There is something else I need you to get for me." She said, nearly seductive.

"Anything." He said, fully under her spell.

"I want red contacts, infused with dust so that they glow and let me see in the dark." She purred.

"I'll get them first thing tomorrow." He promised.

"Good." She smiled and pulled away, letting him go.

"I also need some makeup that will make my skin paper white and a dark red hair dye, so dark it looks black." She added.

"Of course." He nodded, avoiding her eyes.

"Wonderful!" She said in a bright cheerful way that seemed out of place in the new Ruby.

By the next day Ruby had everything she had requested, her hair dyed and her eyes glowing Red.

It was late that night she decided to go out for a bit. Roman was asleep so she just slipped out, taking a walk in the dark night, the shattered moon not really providing any light. She got the chance to try out her new night vision powers, it was neat, everything was as clear as if it was day except that it was all in shades of red.

She wandered for a while before glimpsing someone else in the shadows. They hadn't noticed her yet so she moved closer. It was Penny. Ruby realized she was standing in the shadows so she stepped out into the faint light.

Penny saw her and turned to face her, looking at her curiously.

"Ruby?" She said after a moment, sounding confused.

Ruby took Soul Rose out, wanting to give its new paint job a spin.

"I wonder, Penny-bot. Do you work in two pieces?" Ruby said with a wicked grin.

"What? Wait... Ruby... Aren't you dead?" Penny asked.

Ruby's evil smile spread wider as she advanced. "Yes... Your friend Ruby is dead. I killed her."

Penny froze, trying to understand what exactly she was talking about, but she knew this woman was dangerous. She looked just like Ruby except the red eyes, pale skin that glowed in the faint light and longer hair.

"I am The Red Reaper!" Evil Ruby said with enthusiasm as she raised her scythe high.

Penny realized her doom too late as the scythe came crashing down. Soul Rose's sharp blade screeched in protest at being forced through metal. It cut her cleanly in half though, Penny shut down.

Ruby looked at Penny, now in two halves split down the middle. "Nope, you don't work in two pieces."

Giggling Ruby started away, only then noticing her blade was now cracked. It annoyed her but she left it that way, thinking it would be more painful for whoever it broke on. After that she would repair it.

Bored now, Ruby returned to the apartment for some sleep.

It was early the next day when a pair of police officers on patrol found Penny. They wasted no time in contacting Ironwood and letting him know. Penny was transported back to the police station, Ironwood and Penny's father arrived soon after.

"Penny..." Her father said, frowning at the scene.

"What could have done this?" Ironwood asked.

"I have no idea, her body is made of the strongest alloy we could afford..." Her father replied, inspecting her head.

"Can she be repaired?" Ironwood asked.

"I think so... It will be difficult but I'm sure I can. Her memory banks and processing unit have not been damaged." The other man replied, he looked up at Ironwood. "Give me a week."

Ironwood nodded and left.

The week passed and more scythe related murders were turning up each day, all they could do was hope that Penny could remember her attacker.

Ironwood was there when power was restored to the girl, she booted up normally. She then paused, remembered what happened and suddenly started screaming and threw up her hands in defense.

"Talk about a delayed reaction..." Ironwood mumbled.

"It's alright Penny, you are safe." Her father said.

Penny looked around and relaxed. "Oh... Was that some sort of dream?... No..."

"Penny, can you tell us about what happened?" Her father asked.

Penny frowned, looking at herself and feeling her head, she could trace the fine solder line under her synthetic skin. She looked up at her father then, wanting to cry. "She looked like Ruby but not."

"What do you mean?" Ironwood asked.

"She... She looked like Ruby, her weapon looked like Crescent Rose but it was black... She had longer hair and it was all a reddish-black... She was abnormally pale and had glowing red eyes." Penny explained. "She called herself The Red Reaper and claimed to have killed Ruby."

The men looked at each other and nodded. Ironwood left and Penny's father hugged her.

"Please, you have to stay where we can keep up with you. You see what happens when you go out on your own?" Her father asked.

"Yes... I understand now... I'm not indestructible." She admitted.

The passing week had only held fear for Roman. Ruby disappeared at night, always coming back covered in blood and giggling madly.

Sometimes though she would get angry for no apparent reason and start breaking things or threatening Roman himself. This night was no exception but he decided he was sick of the threats.

Ruby was angry, marching in and screaming. "I WILL KILL YOU!"

"WHY?!" He yelled back at her.

She tilted her head then grabbed a fist of his hair and threw him to the ground. He rolled and kicked, knocking her down.

She jumped and dove into him, knocked him down again, pinned him and started punching at him. He caught her hands and rolled, pinning her. They locked eyes for a moment and Ruby started giggling.

Roman kissed her and she bit him, he growled and lifted her by her shirt and slammed her into the floor.

She gasped and flinched then laughed harder, catching Roman's arm and flinging him off of her.

He got to his feet and backed into the wall.

Ruby was on her feet and in his face almost instantly, she grabbed a fistful of his hair and pulled his head to the side then licked his neck.

He pulled her closer, wiggling his head free of her grip and grabbing her hair, biting her neck just hard enough to hurt. She groaned and then pulled him into the bedroom.

The next morning Ruby woke early, she smiled at the naked man sleeping beside her then got up. She noticed it was still dark out and a heavy fog was rolling in. She giggled, donned only her cloak, grabbed her scythe and headed out.

While wandering the streets she saw a familiar figure walking down the street. Cardin Winchester.

Ruby was behind him in an instant, letting her cloak fall back to reveal her naked form.

"Remember when you wanted me?" She asked.

He nearly jumped out of his skin which made her laugh more.

He turned, staring at her in disbelief.

"The answer is still no." She said, suddenly serious.

He didn't have time to react as her scythe appeared in her hands. He didn't even manage a scream before she started slicing him up.

She walked away giggling, wearing only a cloak and warm blood.

She wandered around in the dense fog and found her bright-red self standing on the bridge leading to Beacon. She grinned and charged suddenly. It was early enough a few students would be out. They didn't live long.

She was covered in more blood and ran about, screaming at the top of her lungs and chopping down light poles. She killed anyone who stood in her path and showed no signs of slowing down.

Suddenly Nora stood in front of her. They were next to the fountain.

"R-Ruby...?" Nora asked, not even sure what was standing in front of her, just that it was dangerous.

Nora had her hammer in hand and that was likely the only thing that saved her.

Ruby charged and a fight ensued, their weapons locked and the girls looked each other in the eyes. Ruby saw fear and Nora saw madness.

They separated and charged again, Nora ducked under the scythe and swung up. Ruby twisted and let the hammer fling her into the air and out of sight.

The rest of Nora's team came running over, weapons in hand.

They heard a chilling scream that seemed to come from everywhere.

Ruby came from the side Nora was facing, she spun her scythe to aim the barrel behind her and fired, letting its end go flying into Nora's leg.

Nora cried out and fell back. Ruby dashed past, dodged the bullets from Ren and Pyrrha, retrieved her scythe and vanished again.

Professors Ozpin and Goodwitch joined them.

They formed a protective circle around Nora.

The scream came again and Ruby fired from the fog, destroying the top of the fountain and showering them in debris. Professor Goodwitch caught it and used it to add a ring of missiles around them.

Ruby came rushing in, too fast for the eye to follow, swinging at Jaune. He blocked but the force of the blow sent him flying to crash into Professor Goodwitch, breaking her concentration.

Ruby was gone again.

Her chilling shriek heralded another student's scream in the fog as they fell dead.

Ruby appeared again, coated in fresh blood. She landed in the fountain, setting her scythe under her and shooting to send herself into the air, several shots more and she was out of sight.

The five stood nervous, waiting for more screams but none came. Cautiously they took Nora inside and searched for other students.

Ruby returned to the apartment, she had been careful not to track blood and leave a path.

She came in to find Roman still sleeping so she took a bath.

He was up when she got out.

They had a nearly normal conversation and for the day she seemed almost normal herself.

Ozpin paced in his office, Glynda, Ironwood and Penny standing in the room.

"Ruby Rose is dead... This... Thing looks like her though." Ozpin was saying.

"It's not her." Penny said.

"What is it then?" Ironwood asked.

"Danger." Glynda said flatly. "It fights like Ruby if she had no concern for her own life.."

"It's not her... She's dead." Ozpin said, somewhere between denial and finding an answer.

"Maybe some sort of... experiment?" Ironwood asked.

"Like what?" Ozpin asked, stopping to look the man in the eye.

"I don't know but the reports say there was no body, just a lot of blood and some Grimm. What if our enemies have found a way to use dust to raise the dead?" Ironwood asked.

"That is insane." Ozpin said, resuming his pacing.

"I know it sounds that way but so is the thing we are facing. Has it ever been tried before? I don't think so and with all the dust that has been stolen... " Ironwood mused.

"What if it's some new breed of Grimm?" Penny asked.

"New breed... Or evolved maybe?" Glynda added.

"Something that can posses a dead body or make itself look like a human?" Penny offered. "It's eyes did glow red."

"Good point..." Ozpin admitted.

"Dust can make a human's eyes glow as well." Ironwood pointed out.

"Whatever the hell it is we need to put out a warning." Ozpin said, concerned for the population.

"Whatever it is it needs to be killed." Ironwood said firmly.

"Obviously." Glynda said dryly.

Back in Ruby and Yang's home town, where the remaining members of the team had stayed, they received notice from Beacon to be on the look out for Grimm that could pose as humans and even looked like ones they knew. They also warned that these Grimm were extremely dangerous and that they fight like an insane version of the person they have taken the appearance of.

Yang looked at the notice and set it aside, returning to the wilderness to kill more Grimm. That was all she had done since the funeral.

A few more days passed, Ruby killing more. She killed fewer than she had before, though.

She sat in the kitchen as Roman sat on the counter, drinking a scotch and enjoying a cigar.

"Bored now..." Ruby singsonged quietly.

"Should we do something about it?" Roman asked, blowing a smoke ring and grinning seductively.

"Not like that." She said, getting on the counter of the island and laying across it to look at Roman upside down.

"I mean, killing, I'm bored with killing... Even the student's at Beacon didn't put up a good fight." Ruby complained.

"Perhaps you should try getting closer to Cinder, she has big plans brewing, I just don't know what yet." Roman offered.

"Hmm... I'll think about it." Ruby decided.

In the end Ruby decided to start working and the string of killings in Vale slowed down.

Cinder annoyed Ruby but she kept that fact under wraps, doing as she asked and working her way closer to figuring out Cinder's plans.

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