Ozpin covered his mouth and clutched his cane, glad he'd left his coffee behind. They stood in team JNPR's room, looking at the aftermath of what had happened to the now missing and likely dead Nora. The room was splattered in blood, bits of skin and flesh laying in the floor. There were drag marks of blood leading out of the room and down the hall, down the stairs, outside to the cliffs. There were already people searching the lake for her body.

"The Vytals are tomorrow…" Glynda said uneasily.

Ozpin rubbed his face, wishing he could cancel them.

"I have a very bad feeling about tomorrow…" Ozpin said so quietly Glynda almost didn't hear him.

Ruby grinned as the abandoned city fell behind them in the dark, all the Dust Zombies were loaded on to the train with a few trusted faunus. She, Roman, Neo, Zwei, Mercury and Adam headed into the city, the train would start soon, hiding in the underground. The train had been moved into the tunnels with the way back sealed. Now everyone else had left Mountain Glenn, leaving an empty dead city behind. Ruby's grin widened after everyone had gotten into position and she saw General Ironwood's fleet headed southeast, for the abandoned base.

Cinder was the only one of Ruby's pets to have not been put on the train, she waited obediently at Ruby's side. The clock tower rang out, signalling time for the Vytals to start. Ruby was excited as this was the set time for the train to start moving.

The train would be flying down the underground track, cars detaching and exploding, making openings for Grimm to get into the tunnels, leading them into the city. Ruby practically jumped with excitement when she heard the last explosion, the train smashing through the sealed tunnel and into the city.

The White Fang and Dust zombies laid low for the moment, letting the Grimm do their work. Sirens filled the air along with terrified screaming. Ruby giggled and watched the Grimm rip apart those unfortunate enough to be fall behind other fleeing citizens. A bullhead took to the air from Beacon.

"Now, destroy it." Ruby purred into Cinder's ear.

Cinder lifted her hand in the air and snapped her finger, triggering all the dust she had weaved into the very walls of the school. Beacon exploded, a huge, fireball of devastation. The shockwave was felt even at their distance and Ruby giggled as she watched the single bullhead knocked from the air.

Now the White Fang and her dust pets joined in the fray, Arvan's own dust zombies would also be marching from the hospital's basement.

The bullhead spiraled towards the ground, a multitude of alarms going off. Ozpin had left Professors Port and Peach in charge of the competition and taken Glynda and Oobleck with him to stop the Grimm.

Sirens rang in his ears as he came to after the crash, Glynda stood nearby fending off Grimm while he and Oobleck came back to their senses.

Ozpin looked to the crater on the cliff that had once been his school and his heart sank. He wasn't even sure how it could have happened. He knew no one could have survived that…

He and Oobleck joined Glynda in the fight, though Ozpin felt it was pointless.

Ruby laughed madly, charging through the crowds of frightened people and hacking away at them, scattering them for the Grimm to chase down. She lost track of everyone else and didn't care, loving the chaos she had created. She reveled in it, killing any who got close to her.

Oobleck found himself separated quickly in the chaos, his only thought to get people somewhere safe but he realized there was nowhere safe now that Beacon was gone. He fought his way through a horde of Grimm to find a dog before him, a black and gray corgi.

A battle corgi. For a moment he hoped he had found an ally but as it charged he quickly realized otherwise. He hated to harm the hound, actually quite fond of dogs. He had no choice however as a wound from that beast could cause him problems in later fights.

Oobleck struck the charging dog, sending it bouncing away but it recovered and rushed him again. The professor found himself hoping the dog would lose interest as the fight drew on, hating himself more for each strike he had to lay on the pup.

He hated every yelp and whimper he caused. Still the dog did not back down, though it was clearly hurt badly. The dog charged in again, and this time Oobleck missed, the dog getting past his weapon to bite his leg. Oobleck snarled in pain and struck the dog hard, forcing it to let go the followed with several more, quick shots and this time the dog didn't get up again.

"I'm sorry…" Oobleck huffed at the animal, honestly hating having to kill it.

He knelt down beside the dog to read it's tag, which read. "Zwei." On one side and "Xiao Long." On the other. Oobleck sighed heavily, not sure how Ruby's family pet had ended up in this mess.

He froze when he heard someone behind him and looked up to see Yang. He stumbled away, getting his weapon up to bear. "How is this even possible?"

Yang reached up and grabbed a fist full of her own hair, yanking hard she pitched her head at Oobleck, catching him in the face and knocking him back. He rolled to his feet, blocking her punches and directing their angles away from him, allowing a time gap for him to strike back. She only came back stronger each time he hit her though, and her speed started to win out against his. Her strikes hitting hard, sending him flying and just as he got on his feet she was there again, and again and again.

Soon Yang stood over Oobleck waiting for him to stand but he did not.

Ruby charged through the war torn city, loving all the sounds and smells, slicing through people as she passed them. She came to the inner docks to find Roman fighting against Glynda and Ozpin.

"Finally! A challenge!" She roared before rushing at Ozpin.

Her scythe was raised high as she closed in on him, Glynda too busy with Roman to even see her coming. Ozpin raised his weapon to block but at the last moment Ruby changed the angle of her scythe. To both their surprise, it didn't touch Ozpin, Penny's hand held the blade away from the headmaster.

"Oh, they put you back together again." Ruby remarked snarkily.

"You are not the real Ruby!" Penny snapped.

"Oh, you have no idea who I am!" Ruby roared, wrenching her scythe free and spinning away.

Roman cried out in pain and his limp form flew through the air to crash into Ruby. She stumbled to her feet to find him motionless. Snarling Ruby screamed charging in, her scythe swinging for Glynda's head but a wave of Glynda's riding crop had a wall of rubble in the way, catching the scythe, it's poor blade screeching. Ruby noticed Yang and Nora running over to her and she pointed at a car, both of them understanding. Ruby moved around the rubble to keep Glynda busy, though it was hard to keep all three of her enemies off of her at once.

Glynda was no longer a problem a few moments later though, Ozpin's cry of her name was not enough warning as a car flew through the air to land on her upside down. Had she seen it coming she could have defended herself but Ruby had kept her distracted.

"One down, two to go!" Ruby said cheerfully.

"No!" Ozpin snarled, drawing the blade from his cane and charging in on the scythe wielding maniac.

Ruby laughed and dodged, but she quickly realized he'd gotten inside her range and the street was too crowded with rubble to be able to use her semblance to get away. Ozpin drew back and swung hard, stabbing the blade through her torso, it was a deadly wound if not treated quickly.

Ruby shifted her scythe and fired, the recoil sent her flying away from Ozpin and his traitorous hidden sword. She grinned as the bullet she had fired struck Penny and sent her rolling away. Ruby staggered to her feet, glancing back to call on her pets but realized they were tangled in a new fight. She charged in at Ozpin again, blade swinging hard for his head, he ducked under the strike and landed a shallow but long cut down her back.

Ruby howled in anger and charged but once again Penny was in her way, not caring she fired Soul Rose. The weapon protested as it cut into Penny's metal body. Penny reached up and grabbed the blade, the same blade that was still cracked from the first time Ruby had attacked her, this time though, Penny was the wiser and she twisted the blade against it's own momentum and angle.

Ruby's eyes widened in shock as the blade of her beloved weapon shattered before her eyes. Penny then punched Ruby, sending her flying back. Ruby rolled to her feet, turning the barrel of her gun on Penny and firing again. Penny sidestepped at the last second and charged, Ruby continued firing, in a panic now as she realized she was losing.

Penny's own swords came into play and pinned Ruby down.

"You really going through with this, huh?" Ruby asked, her tone and expression returning to something recognizably Ruby.

Penny hesitated.

"I thought we were friends." Ruby sighed.

"Ruby and I were friends. Ruby is dead." Penny stated.

"I never died Penny, that was a lie."

"Why would you do these terrible things than? Why?"

"Because it's who I really am."

"Ruby would never have done what you have done!"

"Are you sure? How well did you really know me? How well did I really know me? Not well apparently…"

"I think I understand." Ozpin said as he approached. "But so drastic a change, all of this was revenge?"

Ruby laughed, laughed hard. "Hardly! I did all this because it was fun! Don't you see? My sister and team threw me away, they didn't want me around and that led me to learn my own true nature!"

"I'm sorry that this is the path they forced you down." Ozpin said sadly, putting the blade of his weapon through her heart.

Ruby giggled, giggled as blood bubbled through her lips. Giggled her last breath.

Roman managed to regain his senses just in time to see Ozpin put a sword through Ruby's heart, killing her. Snarling Roman raised his weapon, aiming with the last of his strength and firing. Striking Ozpin down. Roman grinned.

"We win." He laughed darkly before all went permanently black for him.

Penny caught Ozpin as he fell, holding him while he died. His death near instant.

Ironwood's fleet returned to Vale to find the city in chaos, Beacon gone and Ozpin dead. He quickly sent his men in to start clearing out Grimm and the undead.

Adam called his forces out, deciding the endeavor was not worth the trouble at this point. Neo and Mercury joined him.

On that day, the wrath of the Red Reaper ended. She took down hundreds of people with her, including many, many of Remnant's future defenders.

Vale fell soon after that, the few remaining alive fled to other kingdoms, claiming the land cursed by the ghosts of the Red Reaper and her lover.

And thus be the end of the path of evil

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