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"Speech" :Thought: *Action*


I listen to the yelling...

" If I had known how stupid you were, I would have never agreed to marry you!"

"You should have known how stupid I was the moment I asked YOU to marry me!"

Hear the glasses break...

*Glass is heard shattering*

"How dare you say that about me."

I cover my ears

But I still hear their voices...

"You're nothing but a worthless slut! Just like your whore of a mother was before you!"

"That's NOT true!"

As the tears stream down my face.

Why do they have to fight?

Why can't they get along?

Why must I have to be the one

to hear this all day long?

"It is! You're a slut, just like your mother, and your daughter will be one too!"

"I am not! MY daughter? You mean OUR daughter; she's your child too!"

"Don't lie to me slut! With THAT hair and THOSE eyes, there's no way that she's mine!"

"I have always been faithful!"


For me, everyday is a night...

*Upstairs, something is heard making contact with flesh, followed by a heavy thud.*


With darkness all around...

*A young 10 year old girl gets up and walks over to the stairs, she watches through the banisters as her father drops the fire poker and kneels down beside her mothers still form.*

"Mommy?" She whispers quietly.

For they have destroyed what little hope I had...

*The girl slowly walks back to her room, she is crying silently and in her heart she knows that her mother will not get up. Yet a small part of her was happy, she would never have to hear her parents fight again and her mother would be abused no longer.*

The hope to find a way out...

*The girl picks up a knife that she had taken from the kitchen earlier. The shiny metal blade is stained from all her tears, she looked at it as she thought of all the pain she has suffered through in her few, short years.*

A way other than death...

*Gently, she put the blade down and picked up a bottle of Aspirin, it was almost full.*

"Won't be full for much longer..."

Now there's only one exit,

that remains open to me...

*She slowly opened the bottle and put a few pills into her hand. After looking at them for a few moments, she popped all of them into her mouth and swallowed them before she had the chance to choke and spit them out. Soon, the bottle was empty.*

A bottle, a knife...

*Again she picked up the knife, but for one brief moment, she hesitated.*

"Do I really want to die?"

*Memories of past abuse go through her mind, ending with images of her mothers lifeless body lying in a pool of blood. She shudders at the memory.*


This will end my misery.

*Slowly she pressed the blade into her skin, she watched as her blood came pouring out. Feeling like she was in a trance she watched the blood pour out as she pulled the knife down her arm, stopping when it reached the palm of her hand. Fascinated, she did the same to her other arm and just sat there, watching as her blood flowed freely from her body.*

*Sirens are heard off in the distance.*

:Odd.: She thought to herself as she slowly lost consciousness. :I thought it was supposed to hurt more than this...: She blinked once and her eyes focused on a picture of her mother, not noticing that she had fallen to the floor. :I guess I'll see you soon, wait for me, mother.: With that last thought in mind, she closed her eyes and gave in to the darkness, letting unconsciousness overcome her.

Jake was still kneeling next to his wife's still form when the Ambulance arrived. He did not move when the Medics lifted her onto the stretcher, nor did he tell them the truth when they asked him what had happened. He hadn't even thought of his daughter until his wife's half sister, Monica, came rushing into the room.

"What happened?!"

"She tripped and banged her head when she fell, I tried to catch her, but I was too late."

"Does Clara know? Is she alright?"


"Your daughter!"

"Oh... no, she doesn't know."

"I'll go tell her, she must have heard the sirens and is probably scared, oh Jake, how will she handle the news? Poor child."

Monica quickly walked up the stairs, figuring that Clara would be sitting in her room, waiting for someone to come and tell her what was happening. She opened the door and saw the unconscious girl lying in a spreading pool of blood, an empty bottle of aspirin and a bloody knife lying on her once white bed sheets which were soaked with crimson blood. She screamed and felt sick as she ran down the stairs, holding Clara's body to her chest. The medic who was questioning Jake looked up when she heard the woman scream, when she saw the bloody girl in said woman's arms, she quickly left the mans side. :He's lying like crazy anyway, pity I can't prove it.: and quickly took the girl from the woman, gently laying her on the cold marble floor to see what could be done.

The child was a deathly white, and when Jane checked for a pulse, she found none. She tipped the Childs head back, pinched her nostrils closed and covered the Childs open mouth completely with her own. Slowly she breathed into the child two long slow breaths. :Good, there's nothing in her throat at least: She thought as she saw the Childs chest rise and fall. Her partner, Alex, was trying to calm the woman down, but Jane wasn't listening. All her attention and energy was focused on saving the small child in front of her, she didn't hear Monica when she told Alex about the Aspirin. Jane's body had done CPR so many times that she had no problems with getting into the rhythm; :Landmark, compress, breathe, pulse. Landmark, compress, breathe, pulse. Come on kid, you can do it! Breathe! Live! Landmark, compress, breathe, pulse.: Jane again checked for a pulse. :Was that a beat? No... wait, yes, it was!: Jane breathed a sigh of relief when the child started breathing, deep, sucking breaths. :She's not conscious, but that's to be expected, those wounds look deep.: Clara was loaded onto a stretcher. :Wow, I didn't even hear the other Ambulance coming! I must have been more focused than I thought!: The doors where closed and the child was rushed to the hospital, Alex looked like he was worried, but somehow Jane new that the child would be alright.