Kaito would have loved to drop into his warm bed and fall right to sleep but he could not manage to drop off. Nakamori-keibu had treated him and Aoko to an early breakfast before dropping him off at home. It seemed like Hakuba-kun was going to sleep through the night and Kaito is fine with that, or would be if he could sleep. After an unknown amount of time tossing and turning he gives up and pulls out Hakuba-kun's phone. After a little amusement, and a few close calls, he cracks the password to unlock it. The contact numbers are huge, all across Europe and Japan, even a few in America, and incoming calls were even higher. The detective really was in demand everywhere. He spins through a few things, none of the 'game' apps were touched but the pictures are interesting. Files and what looks like a chem lab are all in the most recent group but it is not until he passes those that he notices the earlier ones are of the gem he took.

"What the?"

Kaito backs up and follows the time line the pictures show. Five total and a video. He hits play and watches, his eyes widening as he is already heading back to the portrait of his dad and getting his outfit back on. Kid had a mission this morning, same as last night. Saving Hakuba Saguru's life.

Saguru groans and opens one eye, feeling tired and drained but he is much warmer than he had felt the last time he was awake and his breathing is easier as well. The room is quiet except for a regular hiss to his left. He takes a deep breath and glances over but he can not make out anything through his heavy eyelid. He groans and closes it as he drops back into the pillow. The heist and shortly after play through his mind. He knows there is something missing. Something he is forgetting. Something... important. Saguru reaches up to get the restricting mask off his face so he can find out what day it is, how long he has been out and maybe find out what happened but someone comes in the room before he can convince his arm to move.

"You are difficult to kill kid, too bad for you my partner and I have a lot to lose if you survive."

Saguru forces his eyes open and looks at the black, featureless figure as the door closes behind it. He swallows and tries to move away or locate the call button, adrenaline helps him move but the figure moves faster, grabbing his wrist and pinning him to the bed.

"I don't think so. You can stay right here and relax while I make sure nothing is left behind, especially on your phone. I can't have your death interrupt my search."

Saguru feels his right arm being forced against the bed rail and something goes around the wrist. When the figure begins to do the same to his left, Saguru tugs and finds his arm bound to the rail with something when they clank in the darkness. He tugs and struggles only for the figure to chuckle quietly as Saguru tries to speak despite the dry throat and mask.

"I can't understand you," The voice changes to a harsh hiss with no humor left."So stop trying to draw help or the pretty nurse on this floor will die too."

Saguru freezes when the words are accompanied by a glint of light and then a feeling of something metallic against his throat. He takes a breath once the figure moves away and starts shuffling through the drawers and everything else in the room. He tries to quietly twist his arms in an effort to loosen them, flexing a few times to expand and strain them. He feels a warmth in the crook of his left arm and curses as the needle comes out. He needs to get free and the sooner the better.

Kid glides over the city, replaying the images from the phone and the verbal threat as the fight broke out, explaining why Hakuba-kun's coat was in the small room and not on him. Why hadn't he said something? Because Kid had been in there. Kaito was home not feeling well so there was no way he could have given the phone to Nakamori-keibu without a long explanation.

He lands on the roof, knowing he would need to disguise himself as hospital personnel just to locate Hakuba-kun's room. Kid does not take long to slip into the hospital and lift a coat and scrubs from the locker before finding a clip board and walking down the hall. Unfortunately, they had already changed over shifts so he had to be extra careful since he could not blend in with the new and old. It was easy enough once he found Hakuba-kun's name to get to the room. He breathes a sigh of relief and opens the door only to freeze.


The room is in shambles, drawers open with items falling out of them or just laying on the ground, the bag that Kid could tell used to have Hakuba-kun's clothes in them is torn open on the ground with most of the clothes scattered around it and the brown shoes that were obviously also searched. The sheets are hanging off the bed and the IV line is dangling from the hanger. A breathing mask is sitting where the pillow should have been and everything spoke of a hasty exit and, in Tantei-san's condition, an impossible one, at least, unassisted.

"What's going on?"

Kaito turns quickly at the female voice, not recognizing the woman behind him.

"I don't have any idea. I came in to check on the patient and found the room like this. When was he checked on last?"

"I-I don't know. I just got on and I was told he was comatose and not likely to wake up so I was checking him last. I guess it would have been around two hours ago when the night nurse checked on him last."

Kid watches her closely as she yells out to get security. He couldn't be questioned by them without ID but she could be conned.

"Tell them what you see, I'll start asking around to see if anyone came across him. I was told he was blond and light skinned, half British I think." He flashes her a half worried, half teasing smile, in an attempt to convey reassurance and a joking atmosphere when both knew the situation was neither. "He can't get too far and two or more people are easier to find then one."

Kid leaves before she can say anything. It had been too long and he had been stupid. He reaches a phone and dials Nakamori-keibu's number. When the man answers, Kid knows that he is expecting a nurse or doctor with an update.

"Gomen, Keibu, but that building was being used by criminals worse than I am and Tantei-san found out. I have the proof but he has already been kidnapped from his room. I-"

Kid had to hold the phone away from his ear as the man on the other end started shouting a mix of orders and swears.

'Huh, I had no idea they were all still together after he dropped me off.'

"Keibu, I think they were searching for his phone, if you reveal you know, they won't have a reason to keep him alive. I know the Task Force is trustworthy but you can't make this public." KID demanded before he let a little bit of a smirk take over as he formulated a plan. "I am the only one allowed to steal on Christmas, so here is your notice, I am stealing him back."

"-hell did you bring him here?"

"I couldn't find the phone anywhere and we couldn't let him talk anyway. Besides, I left the window open and when the cops see that doodle, they'll blame KID."

"You aho. KID was the one that helped get him out of there, they wouldn't believe he kidnapped him from the hospital right after. I was there, remember? I don't want him saying anything either but I-"

"What's the matter? Weak stomach?"

"I was in for the money, not murder."

"We won't kill him, ourselves anyway."

"What do you mean?"

"The kid looks bad enough, in his condition, he won't last long here anyway, not that anyone will find him. Your hands were already stained as it is, even if you never saw it."

"Fine, but you had better keep your part of the deal and leave me out of it."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Here."


Saguru cracks an eye open, making out three blurred shapes: the men talking. He blinks a couple of times, trying to recognize them but while two voices are familiar, even though he can not place one of them, the third was not. The man who had asked if the unknown one had a weak stomach sounded familiar, he was sure of it. He squints his eyes after blinking again, trying to make them out when 'weak stomach' shifts.

"It looks ri-kuso, he's awake."

Saguru attempts to roll on his side and defend himself but the world tilts as one of the shapes comes toward him and crouches down.

"It doesn't matter, he'll never get the chance to talk to anyone but us. So, anyone you wanted to say good-bye to? Not that we will but you can get it off your chest."

Saguru attempts to glare at the man but receives laughter as the man straightens and kicks him in the stomach. Saguru starts coughing but breathing is just as hard, if not harder now, then it had been.

"Pathetic gaijin. I'm leaving before I'm missed. I can not hold them off any longer so you have twenty-four hours to clear out the rest of the evidence from here before they demolish the place and possibly find something."

"Don't worry, your reputation stays intact as long as you don't squeal to your cop buddy."

"At least I make sure to pretend to make friends with cops, it keeps them believing me and off your trail... "

The fading voices trouble Saguru as he understood that the unknown man was close to officers but was dirty. He did not know him and was grateful for that but he also worried that the officers being mislead would be in danger. He forces an arm under him to push himself up when his coat, which the kidnapper had forced on him at the hospital, is grabbed from the collar. He feels it yanked upward while gravity keeps its hold on him and he falls back to the ground, unable to use his hands to catch himself as they were still in the sleeves. A second yank pulls the coat off him completely and he is left in only the hospital gown and his slacks.

"Oi, think this coat'll get me some extra cash?"

The man's laughter fades and he never hears a response but he knows he needs to move even as his body refuses as the cold temperature circles his body. He knew he would be spending Christmas alone but he never imagined it would be like this.

KID soared to the warehouse, intending to find out where Hakuba-kun had been and where the man that had caught him was. If he hadn't been killed in the collapse, he was either still there or they had another way in and out. KID being a criminal too, he was sure it was the latter. He goes straight down the open roof, silent as always, and lands on the sturdy beam from before. He used the video from Hakuba-kun's phone to backtrack the detective's movements and finds the room from the photos.

"How did you get out of there?" Kid whispers to himself when he saw the doorway beyond where he had found the coat.

The area had been ransacked, dust disturbed and debris moved. Someone had been here, recently, and they were taking things, drawer by drawer from the cabinets, the desk was cleared as well. He checks the video once more and watches. There is no indication the man escaped and Kid doubted he had his ability to maneuver though everything and pass the police outside undetected.

'There is always a trick, I just need to find it.'

Kid walks around the room, touching the walls and bringing up the dimensions in his head to see if there was any way there was a passage behind it but that all failed. He looks up next but it was closed of and crushed downward from the debris so there was no way that was an exit, let alone an entrance, he takes a step back to turn in place and make certain he had not missed anything when his footstep sounds different. He grins slowly, not even lowering his gaze as he shifts his weight a little. There was no way it was legal to dig in this area when none of the buildings around here had the permits, he had checked to see if there was a way to get into the one next door from underground.

'Going down.'

Kid finds the seam and easily lifts the door, listening but hearing nothing from below. It was pitch black down there without the ambient light from the hole in the ceiling coming through the room door. He steps onto the barely visible top rung of a ladder, pulling the door closed over him as he descends, very carefully leaving a surprise behind as he does so. His shoes touch down on what has the consistency and sound of hard packed dirt. Kid slowly follows the path, tempted to use his pocket flashlight but not willing to give away his position.

"Hey! How much do you really trust that guy? He could squeal at any minute and then we'll be-"

"Would you relax. If he tries to turncoat on us, it'll backfire. I set it all up that he was behind the operation. The only thing that'll ruin it is that damn brat's missing phone. I know he was taking pictures with it and if he saw what I think he did, it can't ever resurface, and neither can the boy."

"I could try getting him to talk again if he's awake, no one would hear him here."

Kid feels his blood boil but he remained still, listening for a response but hearing nothing. The same voice that had just spoke calls out again, sounding a little further away.

"Here, hang on to this."

"What? OK, why."

"I don't want blood on it if I'm gonna sell it."

All Kid hears after that, beside the pounding in his ears, is laughter from both of the men down the tunnel. Kid breaths out slowly as the man comes around a bend, holding a flashlight in one hand and a very recognizable coat, even in the dim light, over the man's shoulder. He would deal with him later, the man had to come back this way to leave and he would be brightly colored when he did, but out of respect for Tantei-san, once the man passed by him, he no longer had the coat.

"Thank you for your assistance in my retrieval, ojisan." Kid whispers as he touches the brim of his hat with one hand once the coat is safely tucked away, more to himself than to the man he is addressing. He looks forward to the man explaining himself but for now, Tantei-san needed him.

Saguru wakes up again, shivering but knowing he had to get away. He was freezing and it was clear this was not a simple kidnapping for ransom or anything; those men were going to kill him or leave him for dead. He pushes himself onto his forearms, the dried blood on his left sleeve changing color as the strain of the motion starts the blood flowing again, albeit slowly.

'That... is not good.'

The sluggish pumping, while small, was still blood loss and with how cold he felt, he could not afford to lose any. He takes a breath and tightens the sleeve, twisting it to slow the flow down his arm but his fingers were too numb to do anything properly. He groans and gets on his knees so he can bend the arm fully. He sees two doorways, one has a door and is in the direction he is sure the two men went, the other is an open doorway, offering no resistance that he can see and the exit, based on the chilly air coming from it. Saguru starts crawling, humiliating but his only attempt to stand had failed when his legs shook too much to hold his weight.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Saguru gasps when he realizes he never heard the door open. The man from before, from the hospital room, makes it to him too quickly for him to do more than turn on his side and hold an arm up to defend himself.

"I didn't think you'd have the strength to try anything but," The man grabs his arm and yanks upward. "I guess if you can move, I need to restrain you again.

Saguru's attempts to kick or pull hims arm free were akin to a mouse beating off a hawk. The man shoves him, half sitting, against a stack of pallets that had been shoved against the wall. He pushes the arm to one corner and using something to restrain him to it. He tries to fight back only to be backhanded before a blow to his stomach leaves him breathless and coughing. The man finishes securing his wrist to the other corner, forcing Saguru to either stretch to relieve the pain in his arms or kneel and the man seemed to love his struggles, kicking his legs to put more weight on his arms.

"Now, I asked you a question at the hospital and you never answered me. I want that answer. Where is your cell phone."

Saguru shakes his head and lets out a breath but, before he can say he does not remember, something cold presses against his throat.

"I don't like you shaking your head. I want either a location or a name and if it is a name, they may just join you here. You don't have a lot of time, less than me at least so, for every shake of your head or 'I don't know' that you give me, I'll use this blade. Understand?"

Saguru blinks at the man, refraining from shaking his head again with the blade pressed to his throat. He takes a very shallow breath and tries to figure out what is going on."Why... why are you doing this."

Saguru has no air to cry out when a fist makes contact with his solar plexus.

"I should have mentioned, anything else besides what I want to know will result in you being a punching bag. I do owe you a few of each anyway so the sooner you answer, the sooner I stop."

Saguru gasps when the man adds several body blows and solid punch to his left eye. He is shivering and tries to free himself. A hand goes around his throat and he is sure the man means to kill him when his left shoulder is sliced. He barely feels the pain, too numb from the cold, a small blessing as the man slices a couple more times, getting his left arm, his side and, bringing the blade up and nicking Saguru's chin when he jerks his head to the side.

"I told you what I would do if you shook your head again, now. Where. Is. That. Phone?"

Saguru feels the blade this time as it buries itself into his left thigh and, since the man was no longer half choking him, he had the air for the pain-filled scream it pulled from him.

Kid picks up the pace when he hears a scream, coming face to face, or door, with a door. Solid wood in a western style but, as he crouched to check the lock, a breeze slipped under the door. They were close to the exit if it was that cold here. He opens the door carefully and his heart drops. This part of the tunnel is wider and almost gives the appearance of passing as a narrow room. It is almost barren but it was clear there had been a lot of things stored here until recently. Scuff marks and the occasional stacks of wooden pallets abound but his gaze zeros in on one stack in particular and the figure tied to it. He's sure he will be sick later but right now, he needs to stop the sicko.

Kid sees Hakuba-kun's attempt to stand or strike back fail when the man chuckles and shoves the legs out from under him again. He is already moving as the guy hold's the knife in front of the detective's eyes.

"Should I start slicing toward your other side or are you going to cooperate?"

Kid sees the breath come out of Hakuba-kun's mouth, unable to hear the words but it must not have been what the man wanted to hear. The knife sweeps downward, straight at the teen's chest but Kid has had enough, drawing his own weapon and firing it at the man's hand, knowing, praying it would intercept even as Hakuba-kun closes his eyes.

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