I know it's been like two months since my last post, but here you go! My third chapter of When I Was a Boy (I know, I changed the title). If I Were a Boy is supposed to be inspired by Beyonce but then I realized When I Was a Boy is much better suited for this story. Besides, I love this song by Dar Williams!

Disclaimer: I do not own the novella, The Body (written by Stephen King) or the adaption of the novella, Stand By Me.

Jordan's Point of View

Friday, June 29th, 1962, Castle Rock, 8:29 P.M

I swore under my breath as I heard the idiot boys singing show tunes at the top of their lungs behind me as if they didn't have a care in the world. Did I regret bringing them? Hell yeah.

I stopped in my tracks and turned around to face them. "Shut up!" I yelled when I had enough. The boys instantly stopped their singing and stared at me in shock. I guess I wasn't too cautious about how my voice sounded. I probably did sound a little too girlish for someone that wasn't supposed to be. "Is this what you guys do all the time? Sing? It's almost the freakin' middle of the night. Quiet it down!"

"Relax old man. It ain't even nine yet," Teddy said sarcastically. "We ain't doin' any harm."

"You are to my ears," I shot back.

Vern was taken aback by my comment. "Hey! We sing decent, don't we?" he asked the rest of the guys. They all shook their heads. Vern pouted.

"Listen, I'm sorry to break your hearts. Just take me back to my aunt's and then we'll never have to see each other, deal?" None of them answered, so we just continued walking. We all walked in silence until Chris spoke up.

"So where do you live where they don't sing show tunes?" I looked to my left to see his head down looking at the ground with his thumbs digging in his pockets.

"Derry, I already told you that. It's not that they don't sing show tunes there, it's just that I don't watch a lot of TV."

Again, Vern was caught off guard by what I said. "Why not? Have you seen that new Bugs Bunny show? Ain't it great?" he smiled happily.

Although Mark did buy a television set a long time ago, he kept it in the living room for his "guests" and I was never allowed to watch anything peacefully without Mark grabbing me by the hair and throwing me down to the basement whenever he felt like it. I never understood if Mom really loved Mark. If she loved me, why would she let him do all that to me? Why couldn't she have just stayed with Dad?

I was thinking all of this as Vern ranted on about the Bunny show, or whatever, until I finally said, " I like to read books."

Gordie turned to look at me. "Me too," he stated giving me a warm smile. The kind that makes your stomach do summer salts. Whoa, now where is that coming from? "You have any siblings?"

I debated on whether or not telling them about my mysterious older stepbrother or not. Then I thought, what the hell? It's not like I am ever going to see them again.

"I have an older stepbrother. I've never met him before, but my mom tells me he lives here in Castle Rock."

"So you're here visiting family?" Chris asked.

I sheepishly smiled. "I guess you can say that." The boys stopped in their tracks so I did as well.

Teddy pointed to the small house right in front of us. "Well, here it is. El casa de Rita Lorn. You're welcome, by the way."

I shot Teddy a glare. "Thanks. I think I can take it from here," I said, beginning my walk up the steps. The lights inside the house suddenly turned on inside the house and Aunt Rita stepped outside wearing only a short red robe that barely covered her half her body standing next to a man in his late thirties still buttoning up his shirt.

"Night Jason!" she waved to the man in a girlish voice as he walked down the street. I only stood there, frozen with my mouth open as I witnessed this. Oh my god. What is going on here?! "Oh, Jordan! What a surprise. I didn't think you'd be home this early," Aunt Rita said to me when she noticed me standing in her doorway. She nudged me in the ribs slights. "Who're your little friends?" she whispered in my ear.

I almost forgot the four boys were still standing right outside the house and that they too, had witnessed what I couldn't believe I had seen. Except the reactions on their faces were much different from mine. They stared at my aunt admirably. As if she were a goddess.

"Hello Miss Lorn," Vern waved cheerfully. "We just came to drop off Jordan. He got lost."

I held in my breath.

"Yeah, Ace's gang were beating up on him but we scared 'em off," Teddy said, flexing his muscles a bit.

I balled up my fist and kept my lips in a tight straight line.

"Oh, so I see," Aunt Rita said, looking at my bloody lip and bruised cheek. "Are you okay sweetie?" The boys giggled to themselves as they heard my aunt say this to me. I glared daggers at them.

"I'm fine."

Aunt Rita flashed the boys an unintentional flirtatious smile. At least I hoped it was unintentional. "Why thank you boys. It was kind of you to do that. Jordan, why don't you invite your friends inside?"

I turned to look at all of their eager faces. Perverts, they only wanted to see my aunt naked. How sick. But I wasn't going to give them that satisfaction.

I gave my aunt an innocent look. "I would, except they all have to get home to their mommies. You know, because they're under aged," I tried to emphasize so that my clueless aunt would get the point.

"Oh well. Thank you again boys." Aunt Rita blew them a kiss before entering back into the house. I gave all the boys one last disgusted look before I too entered the house. "You've got nice friends, don't you? You know I wasn't quite good at making fast friends as you seem to be," Aunt Rita said nonchalantly, walking into the kitchen and pouring herself a glass of orange juice.

"They're not my friends Aunt Rita. And did what I see just happen? I can't believe you let a stranger into your house!"

Aunt Rita scoffed and crossed her arms over her barely covered chest. "I'll have you know young lady that I've known Jason for a long time. In fact, he's my boyfriend. We've been dating for three years now."

Do I feel like an ass now.

"I'm sorry, it's just-"

"News travels around fast in a small town. I've been thinking of moving out of here, but for some reason, something keeps me from leaving. I think it was the thought of you finally coming to visit me. Now I've got no reason to leave sweetie." She gave me a forgiving smile. "Okay?"

"Okay." I was too tired to fight back anyway.

Aunt Rita gave me the spare bedroom upstairs.

She said as long as I didn't get into any illegal trouble, I was allowed to leave the house whenever I wanted. Did I not have a cool aunt or what?

I had to think of the fact that if I didn't have an Aunt Rita in my life right now, I would stuck sleeping on the cold hard streets of Castle Rock, probably regretting ever running away from home. But since I didn't have to sleep on the cold hard streets of Castle Rock, I had nothing to regret. I was determined to find that dead body and prove that my stepfather was guilty.

I showered and put on the same clothes that I had worn the day before. Aunt Rita insisted that I wear something a little more 'feminine' because in her mind, t-shirts and jeans with worn-out holes in them were not 'lady like'. I politely refused and insisted that I liked the way I dressed because it made me be me. She finally gave in and said she would take me shopping in the afternoon. That, I expected, was going to be a painful experience, since Mom never took me shopping. Even if she ever did, I still wouldn't have liked it.

After washing my dirty baseball cap from last night and putting it on my head, I left the house after eating Aunt Rita's eggs and bacon breakfast and made my way to the first diner I could find. Blue Point Diner was only a few blocks from Aunt Rita's house. I walked inside, sat down at the counter and ordered a coke. As I waited for the waitress to bring me the coke, I thought about how much Blue Point Diner reminded me so much of Sandy's, Rachel's favorite place to meet boys. The booths, the juke box music, the crowds...

Oh shit! What happened to Rachel? Last time I'd seen her was when I walked out of Sandy's because I'd been pissed that a guy thought I was Rachel's boyfriend. What if Mark found her and asked her about where I was? He would probably have noticed by now I wasn't in his basement anymore. The good news was that Rachel had no idea what was going on so she wouldn't be able to tell anything to Mark.

"Here's your coke boy," the old brunette waitress in the blue uniform said, handing me a bottle of coke. I fished out of my pocket fifteen cents and handed it to her. Just as I was about to get up and head for the door, the four boys from last night came in.

"Hey, there's Jordan! Hi Jordan!" Vern waved at me. I smiled weakly and waved back awkwardly. Why did I have to find them here? Of all places?

The four boys probably thought my awkward wave was an invitation for them to come over and sit next to me at the counter because that was exactly what they did.

"So, how are you likin' Castle Rock so far?" Gordie asked as I sipped my coke.

"Better than I expected," I answered honestly. "Have any of you heard about recent murders around here?" I asked as discreetly as possible. Perhaps these boys would be my ticket to the body.

Teddy raised an eyebrow in suspicion. "Who's askin'?"

I shrugged my shoulders. "Just wondering that's all."

Chris furrowed his eyebrows, looking like he was in deep thought before answering, "The last biggest missing body discovery was two years ago. The four of us went tracking down that body ourselves and we managed to find it at Back Harlow Road."

I could hear Mark's cold and rough voice in my head now, "Fine. I'm going to give you fucking dumb asses twenty-four hours to hide the body at Back Harlow Road."

My mind switched back to present time and I asked, "And you guys went by yourselves? Is it far?"

Gordie nodded his head. "Yep, we walked thirty miles and camped out for one night."

Hmm, maybe these boys would serve me good use after all, I thought.

"Best damn trip ever, right guys?" Teddy asked his friends. They all cheered and gave each other high fives. I mentally rolled my eyes at their behavior.

"You wanna check out our tree house Jordan?" Vern asked excitedly.

By then, I had already finished my coke. I hopped off the stool and shook my head. "No thanks. I've got things to do."

Vern pouted. "Aw, come on! You've gotta check it out. He should, right guys?"

Teddy smirked mischievously which I did not like. "Get him!" he shouted at his friends as they all charged toward me and picked me up by my limbs and carried me out the diner. Chris, in particular, had my waist wrapped around his arms as the other three held up my legs. I was shocked by their sudden boldness. I had underestimated their strength abilities because they were strong boys. But I guess it also had to do with the fact that I was only ninety pounds in weight.

"Let me down assholes!" I screamed at them as they laughed, sang, and cheered, ignoring my protests. Ugh, why did they have to sing their stupid show tunes? They were probably taking me to their stupid tree house. I'd never been carried before, especially not like the way they had me, but now that I had, I did not like it one bit.

The fact that nobody in the streets who were watching us did not stop the boys from kidnapping me said a whole lot about the town. I change my mind, this town is a lot worse than I thought it would be.

"Whoo hoo! Yek, yek, yek!" Teddy laughed a weird way, though I could not see him since I could only see Chris' back and the moving pavement as the boys walked, I could tell by the sound of Teddy's voice that it was him.

I beat down on Chris' back. "I don't wanna see your fucking tree house assholes! Let me down! AH!" I shrieked when I felt myself being dropped. I landed on the soft grass but hit my butt pretty hard. I looked up, covering my face from the bright sun with my hand, realizing that I no longer had my hat on. I sprung up from the grass. "Where's my hat bastards? I want my hat back now!"

The four boys weren't even listening to me. They were still laughing from watching me fall down.

I grabbed the first person I could get, which happened to be Chris, and slammed him against a tree.

"Relax kid-"

"I am not a kid. I'm thirteen years old-"

"Yeah, you're some man, huh?"

I glared at the boy. "Oh, and how old are you?"


"Oh yeah, you're so mature," I snarled sarcastically. "Now give me my hat back."

Teddy scoffed behind me. I turned around as he pointed to the tree I had slammed Chris into. "Ya won't get your hat back until you climb up our tree house, alright whiny boy?"

Well, they got one thing wrong, I wasn't a boy.

I finally gave in, realizing it was impossible for me to win this battle. "Alright fine."

Vern climbed up the ladder first. Then I was forced to follow behind him as the other three boys climbed the ladder behind me so that I wouldn't try to escape. Not that I could without my hat.

I finally entered inside their 'man cave', which for some strange reason they had wanted desperately for me to see. I'd never seen inside a tree house before, much less been in one. I guess it was the fact that I didn't have many friends for me to share one with. And I knew Mark would never give me the satisfaction of having my own little private get-away area that wasn't the basement for me to spend my time reading in.

Their tree house consisted of posters of Marilyn Monroe and Raquel Welch scandalously clad, board games, comic books, and cards scattered all over their floor making it a very big mess. They also had an unorganized bed on the side. Yep, this was their tree house.

"So this is why you dragged me out here against my will for me to see?" I asked sarcastically.

Vern gave me a cheeky grin. "Yep, don't you love it? Doesn't it make you feel at home?" he asked, lying himself on top of the mattress.

"I'm guess you guys don't get a lot of visitors," I assumed.

"Yeah, not really," Gordie answered. "It's usually just the four of us. Chris is our leader and we've had this tree house since forever."

"I'm not the leader," Chris retorted.

"Well, you're the unofficial leader Christopher," Teddy smirked, using Chris' full name to mock him.

Gordie nudged me, tossing a book at my way. Thankfully, I caught it, or that would have been embarrassing. A boy who can't catch.

"What's this?" I asked.

"Shadow Nights, if you wanna borrow it," Gordie answered. I smiled gratefully at him, looking down at the book in my hands. Mark once snatched all my books from the basement when I was in school and burned them in the fire place. He claimed it wasn't because I did anything wrong, he just didn't have enough wood to build a fire that time. I never believed that. So there went my copy of Shadow Nights in that fire, but my hatred for Mark only kept growing.

I wondered how Gordie knew I wanted to read Shadow Nights again. It was as he had read my mind. That wonder dismissed my mind as I remembered the reason why I came up to the tree house for.

"So can I have my hat now? Please bastards?" I pleaded, smirking at my way of asking.

Teddy rolled his eyes. "Yeah, sure," he said, pulling out my hand from his back pocket. "Only because you asked soo nicely."

I was about to go back down when I was stopped by someone putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Wait Jordan," Chris said, as the other three boys started playing cards. "You're welcomed here anytime you want. That was why we brought you here."

It was then that I had realized nobody in the entire world ever cared enough to force me into their special place under my will the way these guys just did. At school, I was known as an outcast. The weirdo dude with short hair who hung out with one of the prettiest girls in the grade, Rachel. In the 60s, you would seldom find a girl with a boy-cut the way I had mine. These boys didn't know me entirely and not even twelve hours has past before inviting me into their tree house. Their bonding area. They liked me for me, and I prayed it didn't have anything to do with my aunt's occupation.

But the point of the matter was, they were including me in their gang having barely knowing me or knowing what my intentions were. Wow.

"Yeah." I smiled nervously. "I'll see you around."

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