It all started on my 30th birthday. Being such a big occasion I had walked to the local bar to get drunk and dance until they closed at midnight. Some guys had offered to drive me home but since I knew what they wanted (and I definitely wasn't interested), I refused and set out for home, walking as straight as my legs could manage.

The streets in my small Kentucky town were deserted. Not a single cop drove by on patrol as I kept to the alleyways to avoid a PI (public intoxication) charge. I should have used the bathroom before I left the bar but I remembered that the library had a porta-potty stationed outside due to their renovations. Hoping that it was unlocked, I made a detour to check. To my delight, they had two nice blue porta-potties stationed right outside. The second one said "Police Box" on the top but at this point I really had to pee so when the first one had a padlock on it I tried the door regardless.

It opened, so I darted inside and closed the door. The box immediately started shaking, making this god-awful sound. I fell to the floor in the blackness, grabbing round for something to hold on to when the shaking suddenly stopped and all was silent again.

That was when the lights popped on.

I discovered that I was sitting on the floor of this gigantic room. Near me were some metal steps that led up to this pulsing…thing that had switches and dials and tons of steam punky stuff surrounding it. All around the room were these curved supports that looked oddly like coral, stretching up to the ceiling.

It took a moment for everything to register but when it did I jumped up, grabbed the door, and threw myself outside so hard I landed on the ground blinking in the sunshine.