What the hell? At first all I could do was sit there and gawk up at that crazy blue box. In the daylight I could tell that it was definitely not a porta-potty. I stood up and stumbled around it, scratching my head as I tried to make my brain start functioning again. I completely forgot about needing to pee and focused on trying to sober up so that I could make sense of what was happening.


A man's voice echoed in the air. I looked around, using my hand to shield my eyes from the bright sunlight and realized that I must be more drunk than I thought because it looked like there were two suns up in the sky.

It dawned on me that I was in some sort of desert area. A wide canyon started a few feet away from where I stood and an old rope bridge spanned the gap. On the other side, huge birds were circling some sort of wooden tower. I squinted hard and realized that there was a man spread-eagled near the top of it.

"Oi! A little help here!" the man called out again. I rubbed my eyes, disbelieving, as one of the birds dived at the man and I heard him cry out in pain.

I made for the bridge and climbed the ramp that lead to the wooden planks spanning the canyon. A breeze caused the bridge to sway and I stopped dead because my stomach started swaying with it.

"Hurry up!" The man shouted. I looked up to see the birds were getting braver so I swallowed hard and started walking across, determined not to look down.

About halfway across the bridge one of the boards snapped. I screamed as I fell and grabbed at the ropes to catch myself. My arms screamed in protest as I pulled myself to safety. Panting in shock, I lay there on the bridge, the man temporarily forgotten. What the hell was I doing?

"Are you hurt?" the man called out. I groaned. My arms felt like they were on fire, but the pain helped me to focus and I felt my head begin to clear. I looked up from where I was laying and saw one of the birds begin to fly a lazy circle above my head.

They would come after me if I didn't get moving, I realized. Gritting my teeth, I climbed back to my feet and carefully worked my way across the rest of the bridge, testing every board before putting my full weight on it.

I made it to the tower without further trouble and looked up at the man hanging from it. My back and arms were throbbing but I tried to ignore the pain as I climbed the ladder up to where he was hanging.

"Bloody hell, you're completely pissed!" he said me as I began to untie him.

"You'd be pissed too if you walked into a bathroom and ended up in a desert!" I snapped.

He frowned at that. "Where are you from?"

I blinked at him. "Cynthiana, Kentucky. You from England? You sound like you're from England."

He snorted. "A bit North of England, and I meant that you're drunk, not angry, but apparently both apply in your case. Sorry, didn't realize you were American. I'm the Doctor, by the way, and who are you?"

"Ana Reese."

"Hello, Ana Reese," the man responded as I finished freeing one of his arms. About that time one of the birds, sensing the loss of their meal, dived at my head. Instinctively, I threw my arm up to knock it away and my foot slipped with the motion.

The Doctor caught me before I could fall and I hugged the ladder, catching my breath. He continued to work on his bonds while I recovered. "You said something about walking into a bathroom and ending up here?" he asked.

I motioned with my head towards the box on the other side of the canyon. "You see that box over there? It was sitting in a row of porta-potties and it was the only one unlocked. Next thing I know, the thing starts shaking and…."

I paused as the Doctor started laughing. "What's so funny?" I demanded.

"Nothing," he grinned, regaining his composure. "Bit surprised, is all. Would have figured it out eventually, usually do, but I'm glad for the help just the same."

I grunted and went back to work untying his foot.