Hello people, this is my first fanfiction i hope you like it.

"Can you believe it! We are seniors starting today!" Squeaked an excited Momo.

"I know! I've never been happier! I can't believe we're almost out of this shithole". Said rukia with no expression in her face.

"And I do hope that this year you will turn into a human and go to parties with me and go shopping and talk about boys and stop caring about school so much" Momo had a dreamy face."Let me remind you that i want to be successful and known for a good cause. Not for partying, sex and boys" rukia replied with an informative tone.

"Yea but I mean a little won't hurt you you're always studying. Sometimes you need to breathe" Momo said as they both walked the hallways to get to their class. "And not to mention you study so much and you're still not good at math". "I get it Momo. But no one likes math so it's typical" said rukia. "I'm ten times better at math than you and I don't even study" said Momo making fun of her.

"Okay I get"- rukia words were stolen as she ran into something hard; papers scattered everywhere.

"I'm sorry". The man apologized. "It's fine" said rukia as she looked up to see who it was. When she suddenly got her breath taken away. The man was gorgeous.

"I'll help you" said rukia as she and Momo crouched down to get the papers that were scattered everywhere. Rukia couldn't comprehend what just happened it looked like someone had rubbed tomatoes on her face, because damn was she blushing! Said man had her and not to mention Momo mesmerized. Rukia kept sneaking looks at him as they picked up the papers. While in the background Momo just tried to hold back her laugh.

"We'll I think that's all""thank you" said the man. As he began walk away before throwing a killer smile at them.

"Okay ummm! we might be late to class if we dont hurry" said rukia starting to pace quickly to class, but her face... Her face was redder than ever. " I saw that" said Momo catching up to her. "Saw what" replied rukia irritated "Don't you "saw what" me! It was so obvious! Oh my god your face is still red! Jesus who ever that piece of meat was! I really wish I was you because he was looking at you with those eyes" said Momo with a huge smirk on her face.

Rukia eyes widened " what eyes, I don't know what you're talking about"

"Oh look our class is right there!" Shouted Momo trying to change the subject and irritating rukia any further before she snapped. The poor thing her face was so red it was so obvious, thought Momo.


As they both entered the class they saw a few student waiting for the bell to ring and of course...

"MY BEAUTIFUL RUKIA! ITS BEEN SO LONG! HOW DID YOU MAKE IT WITHOUT MEEEE!" Yelled keigo as he tried to hug her then getting punched in the face by rukia!. "Hmmm I wonder" said rukia with an emotionless face. Walking over to a free empty desk.

"So did you guys hear?" Asked mizuiro "we are getting a new teacher today" said mizuiro

"Wait what! What happened to ochi!?" Asked rukia. "We'll she got fired at the end of the year last time, I don't know the real reason but I heard that she was having an affair with the principal or something, of course both of them got fired. We do have a new principal and we will be getting a new math teacher, that is most things in the math curriculum will be teached by her, like calculus,physics, algebra etc..." said mizuiro.

"does he or she what ever the new teacher is, have a deegre in math? or what how can some one teach that much math?" cringed rukia

"i dont know! probably!'' said said mizuiro, wondering

'' well i liked ochi, shes the reason i actually passed my math classes'' exclaimed rukia. "i know right, i just hope we dont get a strict teacher, because then we would be screwed'' laughed momo.

~ring ring~ the bell ranged

They all hurried to sit.

As a man...the same man that rukia ran into, came into the door and walked over organizing his desk and writing his name on the board.

" hello students I am mr. Kurosaki, and I will be your calculus teacher, and if you have physics ill be teaching that as well. followed by some other subjects" while presenting Himself he got his attention caught by the same tiny cute person that he bumped into earlier. She was looking at him intensely!. he looked at her piercing eyes. she was indeed a nice view, she was captivating. and quite beautiful.

Mr. Kurosaki turned around and kept introducing himself and talking about strict class rules and school stuff. And all that the students did... Well, female students that is were gawking at him. While a little rukia was trying to hide a deep blush, that the man infront of the class was causing, while kept sneaking looks to her.

Rukia couldn't take her eyes of him, it was weird, this has never happened to her. But it was obvious the guy was so hot. With his tall lean body, which of course you could of tell that he was built under all that clothing, he had a beautiful masculine face. He had this amazing pair of fierce amber eyes, followed by a perfect nose and perfect lips, to his firm strong jaw and his beautiful bright orange hair! Orange hair?... Who has orange hair, thought rukia.

"Okay students I know it's the first day of school! But I do require some work done from you, that is why I brought this math worksheet" ichigo said "This worksheet is to test your math skills. Also for me to know who is going to need some extra tutoring''. He said while passing out the work sheet to every student.

"No cheating by the way"...

"Okay I will be collecting the worksheets in a few minutes! Please remember that if youre below you will be appointed to talk to me tomorrow! Also we will be doing seating chart tomorrow and bring your calculus book" mr. Kurosaki said.

After moments later he picked up the work sheet and as he was picking rukias worksheet she turned her head upwards to look at him, not wanting to miss out his beautiful face from close up, which had made insides burn with the look of her huge piercing eyes. Making them both for a couple of seconds stare at each other intensely. "Thank you" said sensei while taking the paper worksheet from her then walking to his desk, looking at rukias paper.

"Alright, well the bell will be ringing any minute, please take your seats and wait calmly" ichigo as he put the worksheets on his desk.

-Ring! Ring!-

The bell ranged!

Every student gathered and scattered their way out. Except rukia! She waited for everyone to go outside, she motioned to Momo that she will be staying. She then stood up packing up her things, she then went to were mr. Kurosaki was sitting in his desk.

"Hello, mr. Kurosaki"

"Hi rukia"

Surprised that he learned her name so fast.

"Ummm I was wondering if you could let me-"

"If I could let you redo your worksheet" he interrupted

"Ah, yea how did you-"

"Yours was the last paper I picked up, and the first one from the stack, any one from here could tell what a huge F you got on this" he interrupted once again.

What a dick

"Yea I'm not that good at math" said rukia

"Well little lady, I won't make any exceptions I'm my class, understand that I teach calculus and physics, and I won't waste my time giving extra lessons if I don't see any improvement" said kurosaki strictly.

"Kurosaki sir I appreciate that you're taking your students into consideration but, I'll make sure to get a different tutor, I don't want to be a bother" said rukia smiling politely.

What was she thinking this guy was an ass!

Kurosaki was smirking he found it funny how the girl before him tried to keep herself calm, and not explode. she looked like fierce one.

Ugh what he is smirking for

No matter what an asshole he was rukia couldn't stop her blush no matter what a dick he was she will never admit how sexy he was.

"Okay we'll, don't come up to me if you're going to tell me you don't want me as a tutor" said ichigo smirking still. "Let me remind you that I came here and asked if I could redo my worksheet not if you could tutor me" rukia was starting to get worked up.

"Calm kuchiki, lets us not fight"

That ashole even memorized her last name

"We'll as a teacher and a first day of school I would of expected more respect out of you" said rukia not meaning to say that

"I'm sorry I have meeting, and I can't waste any time" said ichigo packing up his things.

"It's not like any one wants an ashole for a tutor" rukia muttered as she quickly stepped out of his classroom

Kurosaki laughed at that comment.

As Momo was waiting for rukia to come out, the door to the class opened

"It's not like any one wants an ashole for a tutor"

Momo saw rukia coming out irritated.

"Momo what are you doing here" asked rukia surprised

"I stayed here and waited for you. Anyways why did you stay?""couldn't get enough of hot kurosaki so you waited till everyone left to rip his clothes of and- " "MOMO!" Rukia shouted stopping her from going any further.


Rukia and Momo excited out of the school on their way home

"So why did you stay?" Asked Momo anxious to know why.

"We'll I wanted to redo my worksheet, because i saw a disgusted look on face when he saw my paper" said rukia. "And you did it that fast"

"No I didn't do it' I didn't even get to explain him anything"

"Why not" asked Momo with a perverse tone

"Well let me tell you something... The guy is an asshole" said rukia remembering the douchebag behind the desk.

"An ashole? but he looked nice. When we encountered him first, then again he was being a little strict, but an asshole? I don't see it" said Momo unconvinced.

"Yea he is Momo, he said he had no time for me if I was not going to improve"

Now Momo understood why rukia had said those words when she came out of the class. "Oh well I don't know I'll see for myself" said Momo "Yea well bye" said rukia as they both splitted apart to their own destination.