"Good morning" kurosaki, said as he came in, the bell had ranged five minutes after he came in. Time passed and kurosaki was giving a lecture on physics.

" you're late!" exclaimed ichigo as he saw rukia interrupt the class. Oh how he hated late people who were never on time. He hated interuptions.

"Yes I'm sorr-..."

"Where is your pass?" Interrupted ichigo. "Uh I don't have one" answered rukia quietly, embarrassed with all the attention she was getting from the class.

"Take a seat" ichigo told rukia

As Rukia went to take her seat, she noticed that the seat she had yesterday had been taken. Rukia looked around blushing with embarrassment she hated all the students that were staring at her, the quiet silence was making her uncomftrable, she hated bad attention, she felt hot inside all eyes were on her. As she walked to an empty seat in the back. then ichigo called her.

"Well ms. Kuchiki! it seems you have missed the seating chart arrangement, why don't you sit, right over there" ponted ichigo to a front seat which was right next to keigo.

No I don't want a seat at the front, I'll be considered a trouble maker! Especially if I sit next to keigo! Oh god why!

Rukia rolled her eyes and sat down quietly next to keigo, ewww she not only had to sit next to keigo, but sit in the front closer to that asshole!. Ichigo read her well, she looked bothered to have to sit next to that freak, but all he did was smirk, it was quite fun to make fun of her.

"Rukia darling! It's destiny that has brought us togepftssh-" rukia punched keigo before he got to finish

"And let me all remind you if you're late to my class that means lunch detention. I can't be having people come in late interrupting my class" he looked at rukia strictly, his eyes piercing into her soul.


" I can't have people interrupting my class" mimicked rukia annoyed as she got ready for lunch, rukia had many supplies in her heavy backpack and it always took her a while to pack up, she's usually the last one to exit the class.

"Rukia are you okay" Momo asked rukia, causing her to startle a little bit. "Yea lets just go" rukia said waiting no longer to get out of the classroom, putting her on her backpack and sneakily walking out of the class trying to avoid kurosaki.


Rukia stopped half way in the classroom.

"Bye!" Said Momo as she quickly scurried out of the class

"Momo, don't- " "did I not make myself clear. Do you need for me to tell you in French for you to understand, coming in late means lunch detention and if it's more than three times; I expect you after school"

Interrupted ichigo behind his desk spinning a pen in his hand. "Look mister please I live really far and I will most likely be late many time-" "not my problem" interrupted ichigo again. Ugh she was really starting not like this guy. And it sucked that she had physics first class and calculus before lunch, then she had pre-calculus for her last class so she was pretty much stuck with him all day except for history, English, and her extra class photography.

" ! WHY DON'T YOU ATLEAST LET ME FINISH A SENTENCE, that will at least explain to you why I'm late!''

" don't yell at your teacher rukia you should know better" said ichigo. "Well at least let me explain to you that I will be late many times" said rukia

"Look rukia, i don't care! It's your responsibility to be here on time! If I was late every day I'd be fired"

''yea but you're a teacher, it is your responsibility'' rukia cleared her voice as if trying to correct him

"and rukia, you are a student, you have to learn and be responsible no matter what" said ichigo.

What an as he was she was very responsible, she was just late one time and now she's getting lectured on being responsible, who did he think he was?. Rukia thought to herself

" look I live really far away-" "AND KUCHIKI! That's none of my bussines I expect you to be here early no exceptions!" Said kurosaki standing up from his desk making his way towards her with a paper in hand. He stood In front of her giving her the work sheet from last time back with a huge red F market on the corner.

Rukia wasn't surprised, she was used to this type of grade.

"Rukia it's been only two days and you have an F in calculus and physics" ichigo sighed

"sir, ill try my best, but if you could please let me redo it for a better grade, ill swear ill try this time!"she said worriedly

"I would love to kuchiki but, I already put this in the grade book" said ichigo trying to hide an upcoming smirk. Rukia was trying to be calm but this asshole was keeping her from doing do, she was not much away from tearing his head off.

There was something really amusing in getting this little lady angry, he loved seeing her face go red while she tried to keep herself cool, he loved to see those beautiful eyes widen and burn in anger, it was all so... So attractive!

Rukia couldn't believe it she was failing a class for the first time. She was always able to convince ochi sensei into a second chance in math, but this guy!

"Not to mention your second day in school and your already in detention" ichigo smirked looking straight into her eyes. Rukias eye twitched.

"My deepest apologies. I'll make sure to keep myself out of trouble'' She said sarcasticaly taking her seat leaving ichigo standing where he was standing.

"Now mister! What do I need to do in detention" she asked painfully faking her smile.

Rukia had never been in detention before. With her past teachers they always understood her, they had a heart and knew the struggle of a lonely girl walking froma far distance to school.

"Well kuchiki why don't you grade this papers" said ichigo smirking dumping a stack of paper on her desk.

"Are you kidding me it's just the second day of school and you're already giving your student so much work" said rukia in awe with the stack of papers.

Ichigo just laughed walking back to his desk. oh he loved this, he just hoped rukia could keep coming in late. And it's not about grading papers but having her in the room was such an entertainment.

"How do you expect me to grade this if I'm really bad at this I don't know the answers" said rukia from across the room. "Well rukia don't be late and you won't have to do this" said ichigo smirking

Curse him and his sexy smirk

"I'll show that asshole I won't be late ill pass his classes and I'll do better in math! I'll show him that a kuchiki does not give up!

Just like her brother had thought her" rukia thought entering her small apartment

Yes indeed rukia lived in a small apartment she was indeed very rich because of her brother! But he send her of on a living test, as ridiculous as it sounds, yea Byakuya wants to know if she's responsible enough for her future. Which he is not disappointed at all due to her independence and responsible self, he sends her money so she could focus on her studies more than getting a job. But he told her that after she graduates he expected her to actually live on her own.

"I hate him and his orange hair, and his sexy douchebag smirk" yelled rukia as she flopped herself on the couch. Rukia stood up and walked to her kitchen, she wasn't a cook, but she managed herself with things that needed no ingredients mostly stuff that you put in the microwave etc.…

As she opened the door to her fridge she saw an empty fridge full of sadness and sorrow, and what for most people; depression. There was nothing inn there, and her stomach was growling furiously. She slammed the fridge door grabbed her cellphone and called momo, and asked her if she wanted to eat out.

"I can't believe that ass he made me grade all the papers" said rukia angrily, cringing and remembering that smirk he had all lunch as he made fun of her while she graded the papers furiously in pain. "But how did you do that I mean you suck at math like how did you know the answers" asked Momo worriedly making fun of her.

"I just gave everyone a 100% on the paper. I guess that will get him back" said rukia with revenge

"Haha that's smart"

"Yea I guess''

Well guys I hope you actually like this story so far. I didn't know it was that hard to write a fan fiction. And please don't be confused because I'm not trying to make this story have Japanese traditions, that's why the school system sounds different. But thank you if you read this, and I'll be updating soon.