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Chapter 1: No Reason

A cool, harsh breeze split through the damp cell, causing the one occupant to pull their knees closer to their chest, bury their head within the created crevice, and sob. She didn't know why she was here, what she did to deserve being slapped in public, dragged forcibly from the market place and unceremoniously thrown into a lonely cell in the very back of a dank jail block. All she could put together was seeing the starving boy, no more than what looked like six or seven, younger than Gav for God's sake, reaching up for an apple. She knew the stall owner well; the woman wasn't one to begrudge a starving child food, no matter their lack of funds. She smiled faintly at the memory of not too long ago when this very woman supplied much needed food for her and her siblings. So when she plucked the largest apple from the top of the cart and knelt down to give it to the child, she certainly did not expect a fierce claw to clamp down on her forearm and yank her to a standing position.

"What do you think you're doing thief?" The man, a towering brute of a fellow, sneered, bearing his less than full mouth.

"Feeding the starving officer." She replied back calmly, attempting to wrench her arm from his grip. To her dismay, the grip only tightened.

"But how are you going to pay the stall keep, eh? I don't see you with cash to spare."

She scowled at him, but was saved from her scathing response by the stall keep.

"The girl knows me, the apple is neither here nor there officer. I can live without for the sake of a child."

"That's kind madam," He replied, voice dripping with false politeness. "But the act was still stealing, no matter how you word it. I'm afraid, you'll be coming with me missy."

Her eyes widened and she began to pull away, but his grip would not slacken.

"You have no right! The stall keep gave me permission in front of you! I didn't steal anything! I'm an honest women!" She screamed, nearly letting slip the now part of her confession. Around them a crowd was forming and she prayed beyond anything that close friends were near by.

But panic increased ten fold when she didn't recognize a single face in the crowd. For the first time in her life, she cursed her stubbornness to the times she lived in and the fact that her phone was in her purse…at her apartment.

"Honest?" The man scoffed. "HA! You're nothing but a gamine, a whore dressed in your lover's money, you can't pull wool over my eyes girl, I see straight through your act."

After that, Éponine saw red. Rearing back, she launched her petite form forward to spit in the officer's face, sending her combat clad foot powerfully into his shin as well. The officer howled with rage and brought his beefy hand down powerfully in a backwards swing, knocking the very breath out of her.

She collapsed to the ground, disoriented and dizzy, barely registering the cries of distress and protest from the crowd around them. The man ignored them all.

Yanking her back to a standing stance, he practically ripped her arms out of their sockets, pulling them behind her as her head still spun, her stomach turning dangerously. With her hands trapped behind her back, she couldn't fight the cool metal cuffs that were clapped on her hands. But once his fierce hand pushed her forward to move, her stomach had had enough, and her breakfast was spilled on the square before them.

"Bitch!" The man cried, pushing her forward so violently she was thrown onto the street. Covered in her own sick and feeling the sticky warm substance she knew was blood on her arms, she nearly passed out then and there, but the brutish man would not take her weight.

"Up you whore, you can carry your own weight."

She tried, she'd made it nearly half the journey before the black around her vision consumed the world entirely and she welcomed the ground like an old friend.

Though before everything was lost, feeling her body being lifted over the brute's shoulder, she could've sworn she'd heard him say,

"Your father better be worth this."

Then she remembered nothing.

Why? She hadn't truly done anything wrong. Since she ran from her father and found haven within the band of misfit students who spoke of social change, she herself had become a more respectable woman! She could pay for any apple she wanted off that cart, but that child was starving! And who's to say she wasn't going to pay the cart keep anyway?

She felt the frigid drip of water from the bars that concealed her window, but she could not make out light from beyond, telling her that the entire day had passed. When she finally came to after fighting the darkness, it was already dark, but she was unaware if it was the darkness of the day she left or the darkness of another.

But no matter the darkness, she had missed the meeting, yet no one stood at her cell demanding her release. No one was there ready to protect her and free her from this confined hell. It was with these thoughts that Montparnasse's words from long ago poisoned her mind.

"They don't care Ninny. You're just scum in a nice dress. They wouldn't care if you disappeared one day. Hell, I doubt they'd even notice."

And as darkness once again drowned her, she feared the thief's words were right.

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