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Warning: Verbal Self Abuse and language

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"You'll find allowing pain and hurt to come to our family is against Amis policy, so we'll be taking over from here." Feuilly said simply. With that the group turned their back on the nurse and Enjolras and continued back to Éponine's room.

They'd all managed to be out for a dinner run when Éponine encountered her first nightmare. Well, everyone but Courfeyac that is. After one horrid person had managed to worm their way into her hospital room, he wasn't taking any more chances. He vowed to spend the next month there if necessary!

It also wasn't as if the others had left, or at least gone far. They were all down in the cafeteria and somehow Joly had managed to snag several of the resident rooms for them to crash in, just in case they'd be there for a while.

It was nearly four hours after Mousier Gillenormand had left the hospital and Courfeyac's head was wilting forward every so often that it came. His head had just cushioned itself on the lip of his sweatshirt when he heard something. It wasn't anything significant, it could've been his chair groaning or squeaking, but then he heard it again, louder. It was a whimper.

His eyes snapped open and he practically dove for the bed, taking one of her hands in his.

"Pon? You in there? It's alright, you're safe. I'm here." He assured her, reaching up to brush stray hairs away from her forehead.

Her whimpering continued as if he hadn't spoken. He watched dumbly, only tightening his grip on her hand and continuing the motion of his other hand on her forehead.

He almost froze when the whimpering morphed into words. "I'm sorry. Please, I didn't mean it." It was barely audible and drunk with exhaustion. "Please, no, stop."

She began to thrash weakly, tears soon appearing at the crevices of her sealed eyes.

"I didn mean it. He didn have to come." She mumbled still and his heart continued to break. "'m not worth it."

"No Pon, please wake up," he pleaded, his voice becoming thick with tears. "You're more than worth it, you must know that.

"Fey, forgive me." She cried, still thrashing, still trapped in her nightmare.

"You've done nothing wrong Pon, you're here and alive, I'm here as well. It's all ok Ép, it's all ok, just wake up." He begged, dropping to his knees as to better view her face, better to hold her.

He nearly cried when he finally saw her eyelids flutter open and her beautiful, enchanting, coffee orbs shift into focus and find him.

"Fey?" She croaked, voice raspy from underuse.

Courfeyac couldn't contain his happiness as he nodded frantically, pulling a hand up to his lips to kiss it.

"Yes, Ponine it's me." He couldn't help the laughter that bubbled to his lips as he watched her large doe eyes blink sleepily open.

"But Mousier Gillenormand, everything he said." She slurred, still fighting the drowsienss.

"He's a rotten liar Ponine, I was never near death's door, nothing he said was true." He clarified, lowering his head under her chin simply to bring himself closer, but her next words evaporated all the giddiness from the room.

"No, Courf, not everything was wrong."

"What do you mean?" He prodded, raising his head enough to dust the curls away from his eyes to meet hers.

"Everything he called me, whore, tramp, viper, it's what I am, there's no denying it." She whispered, closing her eyes to relieve herself of the horrible pressure of tears building behind them.

Courfeyac could only stare for a few minutes, holding in the anger that surged through him, the disgust at the man who spewed every fowl word he knew just to further damage the angel before him.

"Courf," She started, interrupting his thoughts. "Don't deny it, don't try to defend it. It's what I am and it's what I was doing that night you stopped that bastard for the first time."

"Ép, you were doing it for you sister, you are nothing he said!" Courfeyac insisted, his voice rising slightly.

"I did it before Azelma was sick, and I trailed Marius like a lost puppy! I'm pathetic Courf!" She cried, baffled he hadn't agreed with her yet.

"You are not Éponine! For God Sakes, we both know you were forced by your father and as for Marius, you've told me it was because he was the first guy to show you any kindness. You are as far from pathetic as humanly possible! Why can't you see that?" He shouted, taking her shoulders in his hands and forcing her to look at him, but she wouldn't have it.

"You almost died! I almost got you killed! It would've been better if I you abandoned me like I thought you did, then you wouldn't be in a sling, wouldn'tve needed blood transfusions and wouldn'tve been holding a vigil in your hospital room while I lay here hearing that awful man spew insult after insult. I am nothing, I'm meant to be nothing and die nothing and mmph!" Tears now openly flowed as she ranted, but soon Courfeyac had had enough. Without hesitation, he brought her face close to his own and pressed his lips fiercely to hers.

She tensed for a second, but it was only a matter of moments before she melted into his embrace.

When they finally parted for breath, Courfeyac brought his hand to the back of her head to keep their foreheads connected.

"Ép, the only thing that's killing me right now is hearing you say those things about yourself."

"But." She tried, but he brought his other hand to her face, silencing the interruption with one finger to her lips.

"Please Ép, just let me talk." He waited a moment for her to nod and upon seeing her agreement, he continued.

"Éponine, I know years and years of countless abusers and assholes in your life have led you to believe these things about yourself, but I will fight with every fiber of my being until you know that they're wrong. You are the most wonderful and selfless woman I have ever had the beyond wonderful fortune to know. Pon, I still have nightmares of that horrid night at Sacre Coeur, nightmares that I didn't get there fast enough, that I was late by a fraction of a second and it leaves me in a cold sweat, Ép, you have no idea."

"Then what happened?" She questioned, still hurting from the idea of being abandoned. "I was alone for two days Courf!"

"You don't think if I knew where you were I would've come as soon as possible?" He croaked, eyes brimming with tears. "Ép, ask anyone, I was a wreck from the moment Grantaire said you hadn't come home that evening. We didn't know what had happened until Madame Poutil came to us. And before you go off on the old woman,"

"I could never." Éponine whispered, the woman had done so much for her and her siblings over the years she would never be mad at the woman.

Courfeyac understood this and simply continued. "Ép, I would, we would never abandon you! I shudder to think of what we've done to make you think we'd ever dream of leaving you."

She mumbled something in reply and he strained his head to hear. "What was that?"

"I thought I'd run up my meter, that you'd finally realized the leach I am and left me for dead." She burst. "I thought everything Montparnasse and my father had said was true and I was done for so I," she took in a shaky breath and Courfeyac, despite his horror, squeezed her hand. "I hoped Theodule would simply kill me. It was a much better option than having to live with being abandoned. Live with the fact my father was right."

"Pon, please don't say that! Don't ever say that! If you died, I'd die!" Courfeyac pleaded, tears now flowing freely from his horrified eyes. "Pon, you can't honestly believe any of the bile they spoke! Ponine, if I had known I would've been there faster than you could ever imagine! Ponine, knowing that you were anywhere near that monster drove me to insanity and I tried my hardest to get to you as fast I could."

She blinked at him through teary eyes. "Why?"

He paused for a second, as if the train of thought he had had collided with the front of his skull in a freak crash landing.

"Why?" He repeated.

"Fey, why? Why would you care that I was being used for all that I'm good for. You just interrupted the inevitable. Once you all turn me out I'll be back to where I was, the only difference will be that Theodule won't have to have me arrested to get it." She whimpered, sealing her eyes and willing away the phantom grasp around her body.

"Turn you out? Ponine, are you mental?" Courfeyac questioned, bringing his pointer finger to below her chin to tilt it up to him. "You think after everything we've all been through, all you mean to us, to me, that we'd ever let this happen again?"

"Well they all know now," She persisted. "They know how disgusting I am."

He let out a groan of frustration. "Éponine Louisa-Marie Thénardier, I will say this too you everyday of your life until you realize it's truth. You are not disgusting in any way. Nothing the demons in your life said of you is true. You are the most caring, loving, and beautiful woman any of us have ever met and you are too far in to be turned out any time soon." He growled, gripping her shoulder and squeezing, willing her to believe his words.

"Beautiful?" She whispered, finally meeting his eyes on her own accord.

He nodded and brought his face closer to hers. "You really want to know why I needed to get to you as fast as I could?" She nodded slowly. "Because I've realized that you are my everything. The idea of you in danger terrified me to the very core and I needed to get you to safety, to my arms, as fast as I could. Ponine, if there's anything I realized in what could be considered the most terrifying four days of my life is that I love you Éponine."

She choked back a sob.

"Love me?"

"More than you could fathom." He whispered, finally bringing his lips back to hers and closing the distance between them.

Once more air made itself a nuisance when it demanded itself of both of them and they were force to break apart, but this time she didn't pull away. She let her forehead rest against his and the tears that now fell sprinkled onto his cheeks.

"Fey," She finally croaked, licking her swollen lips. "You don't have to, just because."

He shook his head chuckling slightly despite the words. "Ponine, this isn't just because anything. I know it looks like rash circumstances that brought it about, but I'd be lying to you if I wasn't lost to you from that day in the rain."

Her eyes bugged slightly. "That was nearly a year ago."

He laughed once more. "Ponine, I may be the notorious womanizer, but since that moment, with you, I'm a pathetic mess."

She was silent a moment, thinking back through the year and the women at Courfeyac's side, realizing the number had dwindled since then, plummeting to none after Sacre Coeur.

She hesitantly brought her hands to his face, smiling as he leaned into her touch.

"Fey," she swallowed. "The scariest thought, the worst among them, when I was waiting for Theodule to finally come, was that you had abandoned me." He tried to interrupt, but she moved one hand to cover his mouth. "Let me finish." She commanded and he nodded reluctantly. "I nearly died when you collapsed at the police station, I nearly lost so many things, I couldn't lose you too. So when Mousier Gillenormand came and told me that no one was with me because they were all holding vigil at your bedside, I needed to get to you. I needed to know you were breathing, that you were ok. I can't lose you Fey. I can't." She sobbed, the tears returning tenfold. "You mean so much to me, the others do to, but it's different Fey, it's, I," she hiccupped, unable to form words. "I think I'm a little in love you mousier."

Courfeyac smiled under her hand, bringing his hand up to remove hers. "Only a little?" He teased.

She shoved him gently, but he caught her hand and brought it to his lips. "Éponine Louisa-Marie Thénardier, you're not getting rid of me anytime soon. I, Francois Miles de Courfeyac, will protect you from bastards, assholes, and villains as long as I breathe."

Her eyes widened. "Fey, are you asking,"

He smiled. "No," she deflated slightly. "Not yet anyway." He laughed as her cheeks reddened.

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