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He smiled. "No," she deflated slightly. "Not yet anyway." He laughed as her cheeks reddened.

"PONINE!" Courfeyac turned to see Gavroche, Grantaire, Enjolras, Jehan, and Combeferre stood in the doorway, arms laden with food and flowers. "YOU'RE AWAKE!" the youngest cried, dropping his load into Enjolras' arms as he bolted to the bed.

"Yes, and even if she wasn't, that was surely going to do the trick Gav." Grantaire sighed, picking at his ear to accent the joke.

Éponine laughed at not only her housemate's joke, but at her overly excited little brother.

"Hi Gav." She spoke.

"Ponine! I wanted to come help, but they wouldn't let me!" He cried, burying himself in her middle, wrapping his arms around her. Needless to say the room was shocked. Gavroche had refused to show any signs of affection since reaching the sacred decade of the teens, but here he was, buried in his sister arms seeking comfort.

"I know Gav, but I'm ok now." She cooed, rubbing small circles on his back. Blushing when Courfeyac took her hand and squeezed, she smiled again. "It's all gonna be ok."

"You scared us Pon." Jehan whispered, moving away from Combeferre's side and to the bed. "We saw the news, they did air what happened in the police station."

Éponine nodded slowly, tightening her grip on her brother. "I didn't think. I just had to make sure I wasn't losing anything else." The words came out as barely a whisper. The eyes over the age of twelve widened slightly and Jehan actually whimpered.

"Um, Gav, could you go and call your sister? I don't think anyone's talked to her yet." Enjolras spoke, trying to keep his voice level.

"What? But I just got here! Can't I stay? Ponine, can't I?" The young teen didn't understand why exactly they needed him out of the room and he turned his blue eyes widely around the room, finally landing on his sister and best friend.

Éponine understood and with a reassuring squeeze from the man standing by her side, she gently placed her hand on her baby brother's cheek.

"Gav, I'm not going anywhere I promise, but Azelma needs to be called. You know how she gets when she's left out of things."

"But," The boy tried to argue, but Courfeyac stepped in.

"Gav, I'll tell you what. You go call Zel and I'll take you to run out and grab McDonald's for dinner tonight."

The boy eyed his role model, looking for his bluff, but finding none groaned.

"Fine, but only if we can get both McNuggets and big mac and extra fries and a chocolate shake."

Éponine let her head fall into her hands with a groan while the rest of the boys let out a tension releasing laugh.

"Yes Gav, we'll get all those things, now go find Feuilly and the two of you can call Zel."

The boy nodded once more and once he had torn from the room, every eye went back to the girl in the bed.

"Ponine, please, please tell me what you said didn't have truth to it." Enjolras spoke, his voice was quiet and laced with fear, something quite foreign to his words. The boys surrounding him, their faces matched his tone almost perfectly.

She was quiet, turning her attention back to her hands and playing with a loose thread from one of her bandages.

"Ép, please." Jehan whispered.

"He didn't take what you're fearing he took if that's what you're asking."

They wished to release their breath, but there was something in her tone that left the air in their lungs held.

"Ponine, what happened?" Combeferre prodded gently, ignoring the glare Courfeyac was sending though inwardly smiling when he saw his friend tighten his grip on the girl protectively.

"He wanted to take what he didn't last time we ran into each other. He had me arrested under the false sell that I would lure my father into a trap. I tried to take an apple for a starving child and this beefy oaf clubbed me and clapped me in chains. Then I waited for two days while he played fucking mind games with me! When he first came I told him I'd scream and he told me he'd have you all arrested and then tortured slowly in front of me before he finished me off."

Jehan let out a chocked sob and buried his head in Combeferre's jumper. Grantaire growled and closed his hands into tight fists, only releasing the pressure slightly when Enjolras placed a calming hand on his shoulder. Courfeyac remained still for he knew if he moved, he might snap.

Éponine continued as if a damn had broken. Yes, she'd told most of this to Courfeyac, but now she was on a roll and no one was going to stop her.

"I wasn't going to risk your safety for the sake of my own. Even when I thought you'd left me, I wasn't going to risk your lives. But I fought him. When he finally came I fought his as best I could." She reaffirmed, more to herself than the boys.

"Ponine, you have to know we'd never abandon you! If we knew where you were the moment it happened, you have to know we'dve been there before they even had a chance to finger print you right?" Grantaire pleaded, moving closest to the bed and kneeling by his best-friend's side.

Éponine took a moment, hiccupping the on coming tears before nodding slowly.

"I know, I was just so frightened. I kept hearing my father and Montparnasse telling me that I'd ran up my meter with all of you. That this was just a convenient way to be rid of a burden like me."

"Ponine, you know," Jehan tried to interject, but she continued as if nothing had happened.

"And then, to have almost caused Fey's death? To wake up to a wicked man telling you that everything you've gone through, everything you've endured in the last few days, in the last few years, was just a show you put on. To be told you're lying by someone who just wants to keep the dirt off his name. To be told everyone you love is keeping vigil at the bedside of the one that means so much to you, who's dying because of you."

"Ép, please." Combeferre whispered, pulling a now sobbing Jehan into his chest.

"I pulled myself from this bed and I took Mousier Gillenormand's cane and I pulled myself to you all. I needed to see you, needed to know that Fey was ok. I needed to get away from him. And the words, and the names I've been called throughout my life, forcibly shoved down my throat in seconds rather than years. Truths I've know for so long, lies I began to take as truths. Maybe he's right, maybe I'm only here for the money." Once more the damn had broken and her head collapsed into her hands like a cut marionette.

No one spoke as she sobbed into her hands. Grantaire's eyes swam with tears as he fought his sudden stillness to reach her, to shake every wrongdoing against her away. Above him Enjolras hovered by his shoulder, his icy blue eyes swimming with a substance that hardly ever graced the frozen tundra, even when filled with all this anger towards the bastards who reduced this girl, their girl into this, he couldn't help but feel his heart break as well. Combeferre pulled the now heaving Jehan deeper into his chest, burying his face in his lover's strawberry plait.

The first one to take action was Courfeyac. Within moments he had maneuvered her in such a way that she was now curled in his lap, her head against his chest and his arms around her frame.

"Pon, do you remember nothing of what I told you before? My beautiful, strong Ponine."

The others watched as the sobbing girl nodded her head slowly.

"Then you know that everything those bastards told you is wrong. The beeazlebub on your shoulder is left over from years of abuse, but we're here," he looked up to his friends, all of whom had tears sparkling down exhausted cheeks. Turning back to the girl, his precious treasure, he leaned towards her ear. "I'm here to help rid you of it. You will never endure any of that again Éponine Thénardier, as long as we live and breathe."

"As long as we live and breathe." The others chorused, slowly untangled themselves from each other only to tangle themselves onto the two perched on the bed.

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