"You aren't satisfied in leaving the world are you?"


"I thought so."




In Shibuya Prefecture, in the middle of an always busy Tokyo, located on a sea-isolated island known as Japan, two young men were being guided towards an office room. Vacant, and unoccupied. A good place to have business, it made the younger of the two wonder on why nobody rented it beforehand. But he brushed it off as quickly as it had come. He was here for a job, and he would get that done. The older of the two was negotiating the price for the place, it wasn't like there was a problem with money, but it was a safer route. Supposedly.

It was a while until the older male finished the negotiations with the agent. They both shook hands, transferring money, and the office was finally theirs. He turned to the younger male, unusually dressed all in black. "Noll,"

"Bring in all the equipment, we will start business immediately." Noll commanded. The other nodded, getting ready to leave. "Oh, and Lin,"

The man, Lin, paused and glanced at Noll. "It's best to keep low,"

A nod from the Chinese man and he was off. Noll let out a sigh and continued to inspect the place.




"Have you made contact with him?"

"No, he's been too wrapped up in his business."

"I see."




It was exactly three days after the official opening of their business, Shibuya Psychic Research, SPR for short, when their first client came in. A principal from a Middle School, requesting that they look into a building he wants torn down, but he can't see to get the demolition underway with all the rumors going around. He spent nearly half an hour explaining what was circulating through the student body. Noll let out a breath, snapping a file shut. "Alright, we'll be there tomorrow at ten."

"R-Really?!" The poor man was perspiring quite a bit. A brief thought flitted through the teen's mind, but he pushed it away. The man before him was bowing, and smiling, most likely relieved that he finally had someone to check the wretched old school building. "Thank you, thank you very much! I'll anticipate your arrival!"

This case had nothing to do with the paranormal, he could just feel it. Nonetheless, he reviewed the notes he had taken, it was necessary for the business to prosper. Even though it was not necessary.

Lin came out of his office. "You accepted the case?"

"Yeah, it's nothing special though." Noll shrugged. Lin nodded in understanding, and continued his way to the small kitchen.




"A case at an old building."

"Is there something wrong?"

"No, I just seem to remember the location of it."




The next day, both men were on their way to the school. Noll had paused to stare at a spot for a bit longer, comprehending if he was seeing things. Noticing his charge's behavior, Lin stopped. "Noll?"

Noll shook his head. "It's nothing."

Lin watched as the younger male made his way past him and into the prepared van. Casting a curious glance, at the spot he caught the younger male look at, he shrugged and headed to the van. It was best if they weren't late for the first job given. The client had quite a shock at how young the head of the SPR was, he nearly refused to speak with Noll until he was threatened to be turned down right from the start. It was plausible, but he could have been a bit more considerate with the man.

The ride there wasn't long, Lin and Noll arrived at the school at ten. Currently they were seated in the Principal's office. "I hope you find out what is wrong with the building, I really need the space for the new gym that I want to build."

"That is our job." Noll replied. "We'll get it done, and over with."

"Thank you, thank you," He had to resist the urge to roll his eyes at the display of gratitude. "If you ever need anything, please, make sure to contact me."

"Thank you, but I assure you that I do not need such things."

"Oh, don't be so modest! I am at your disposal if you do need anything." Both men got up and shook hands. Lin could tell that Noll was near the end of his rope with the frivolous display, he found it amusing, but kept it to himself.

"Lin, I want you start setting up the equipment," Noll spoke up, walking in front of his assistant.

"What are you going to do?" Lin questioned.

"I'll be gathering information around here, that's all." They both exited the building, and Noll separated from the older male. The said older male sighed. His charge was always too prideful. He soon left for the old building, it was better to start right away on the equipment.




"He looks just like you."

"I know right? But he's adorable too!"

"… I honestly don't know how you came up with that…"




Noll had made it to the library, and immediately went to the newspaper section. The building on the papers wasn't that hard to find, not with all the incidents that had befallen it when it was in use. He flipped through the articles and began to lose himself in the letters. "Hey, can I use this chair beside you?"

Without looking up, Noll answered. "Go ahead."

It was quiet, especially with the other in his company. Usually the other guy would pester him, but he had none of that. It wasn't like Noll didn't mind, it was a well-deserved peace and quiet. "You know,"

He had to jinx himself didn't he?

The stranger continued. "you're brother is worried about you."

Noll froze, almost immediately, he turned to face the person sitting next to him. To his inner disappointment, he found that the chair was empty. He stared at the chair, his mind state blank, before he shook his and leaned back. "There's no way that I heard something…"

He continued to read on the incidents concerning the old building.




"He's just too amusing to bug around."

"One of the good points of having him as my little brother!"

"Pff, how about if I walk into his dreams, let's see what he would do then."

"… As much as I love the idea of pulling his leg, do you think that's wise?"

"Relax, I've been a spirit way longer than you have!"




The school bell finally rang, relieving the students of the day. "Mai let's go! Before somebody catches us in the audiovisual room!"

"I'm coming, geez, you guys are seriously way too energetic." A brunette huffed, shoving her school bag. Clipping it haphazardly, Mai took off after her group of friends. "Wait up you guys!"

"No way! Keiko is already nearing the room!" One of the girls called out behind them.

"But, Michiru~" Mai whined.

"Your lack of physical activity is a hindrance, Mai!" Another girl giggled as she, too, began to run to the audiovisual room.

"You guys are seriously rude!" Mai muttered, a grin then took over her features. "Just you wait, Yuuri, I'll scare you for good."

She then ran off to meet up with her friends.


Noll had entered the school again, after he had checked on Lin and equipment. He had deposited the file folder with the case essentials back at the van, and decided to play 'Middle School'. He could get more information out of the student body than with the adults. He felt a smirk on his face, they just couldn't keep quiet with information buzzing in their heads. His brother had always been like that as well, always spilling information unless otherwise stated. He sighed. For now he had to concentrate on the task before him.

A sound in the room ahead of him caught his attention, he looked up and caught a girl running in the room. "Hey! Don't turn off the lights just yet!"

"But the switch is way too far! It has to be done in the beginning!"

"Oh you guys, let's just start!"

"Aha~ I can totally imagine you saying 'the night is young'."

"Don't bring in Literature class in this~"


"Hush! Let's start with the ghost stories!"

"Keiko you go first!"

"Okay," To Noll's minor surprise, the room that was filled with the noisy chatter of the girls, turned to dead silence. Four mute clicks sounded, and the stories began.




"This has gotten quite interesting."

"How is this interesting?"

"I don't know, it just is… and amusing, and twisted."


"I don't know."




The final light clicked off, and the count began. Keiko started it. "One."

"Two." Yuuri followed up with a pause.

"Three," Mai breathed out.

Michiru answered slowly, her gaze shifted, glancing around her dark surroundings. Her friends did the same. "Four."

A silence followed, then abruptly broke. "Five."

Screams followed, along with the crashes of the furniture in the room. "It's here! It's actually here!"

"A ghost?!"

"What else could it be!?"

The lights turned on stunning the group of girls momentarily. Keiko was the first to break away from her trance, as she blinked and looked in the direction of the entrance. "W-was that you?"

The rest of the girls immediately turned to look at who Keiko was talking about, Michiru even let go of Mai from the suffocating grip. For that, Mai was glad. She didn't want to pass on anytime soon. A peaceful tone made her look up in curiosity. "Yes, did I do something wrong?"

A wave of relief washed over the school girls. Michiru sighed, slumping down in her seat. "That surprised me, I thought I was going to die."

Noll kept a passive exterior, masked with a slight apologetic look. "Ah sorry, the lights were off so I thought that nobody was in here, but suddenly I heard voices… so I just…"

"Ah!" Keiko frantically waved it off. "It's alright, are you an exchange student?"

"Something like it." For a second, Mai swore she heard a pause. She frowned, listening on the conversation.

Yuuri seemed too dazed to have said anything, while Michiru was in a similar postion. Keiko took the advantage to question the handsome teen. "What year are you in?"

"I am seventeen this year." Noll slipped on a smile as he answered. In his experience, girls were always annoying. It wouldn't change even if a million years have passed by. They were still annoying.

Yuuri finally broke out of her dazed state. "That means you're our senpai!"

Michiru spoke up as well, smiling. "We're sorry that we scared you too, we were telling ghost stories!"

Noll thought about the possibilities given to him. "Is it alright if I join?"

Keiko, Michiru, and Yuuri squealed. Michiru answered happily. "Why not? What's your name?"

"Shibuya," Noll replied. Mai's frown deepened. Anyone could blame her for being paranoid, but the hesitance she had heard was there again.

"Shibuya-senpai, do you also like ghost stories too?" Yuuri questioned.

"Sort of." The girls couldn't seem to get over the smile when it was directed towards them. Mai couldn't help but roll her eyes in exasperation.

She couldn't place a finger on it, but her gut was nagging at her. She stood up and began packing up, honestly what would they do without her. "Shibuya-san,"

"Yes?" Noll looked at the girl still at the table in the middle of the room. She was a strange one.

Mai frowned at what she saw. Slinging on her schoolbag, she continued. "you'll have to join us another time, we were just leaving."

From the obvious exclaims from Mai's friends, it was clear that they weren't leaving anytime soon. Noll resisted to raise a brow. "It's fine, I can join another time."

"Aw, alright," Keiko sighed, the others similarly depressed. "then how about tomorrow afterschool?"

"Sounds good." Noll nodded, seeing another opening for information.

"Awesome! Then meet us in class 1-F!" Michiru cheered. They then proceeded to take their bags and left bidding goodbye to the male teen. Mai glanced back, before shaking her head.


Noll had stayed behind, pondering on what he had recently heard. He didn't need to hear stories, ghost stories, but he couldn't miss the chance to question the students directly. Lost in thought, he didn't notice the decrease in temperature. "Man, you really are uptight, no fun at all."

Looking up, taken off guard, Noll's passive mask slipped. He was met with an overly smiling brunette male, from head to toe he was dressed in casual clothes. His hair was messy, as if it was eternally ruffled by some unknown hand. The eyes of the male was a deep chocolate brown. Regaining his composure, Noll slipped his passive mask back in place. Much to the amusement of the male in front of him. "Who are you?"

"Call me Mai," The male snickered.

Noll frowned, if he had remembered correctly, that would be a girl's name. Furthermore, one of the girls before had that name as well. "You're lying."

"Oh?" The male tilted his head slightly, his eyes didn't lose the laugh in them. "You don't believe me?"

"Of course I don't, that's a female's name." Noll stated bluntly.

"Like a certain girl?" His smile grew wider in mirth.

Before Noll could answer, a voice called out. "Who's there!"

He glanced at the doorway and was met by the janitor. The said man sighed. "You young'uns are always wanting to stay after hours, I don't know what I'd do if I do die of such a surprise."

Noll glanced back to where the other male was, but found nothing. He recomposed himself, slipping on a smile. "Sorry, I came here to look around, but I'll leave right away."

"You better, I don't want to hear what your parent's are going say." The man scolded, and Noll left bidding the man farewell. Lin would start to worry, and he didn't want to sit through another lecture that the Chinese man had a knack for.




"He's just too amusing for his own good."

"… You aren't gay are you?"


"I'm starting to doubt you…"

"Aw, my first friend is already shunning me?"

"Just don't lay a finger on Noll."

"Why, on the whole of the Spirit Realm, would I do that?"

"I'm warning you…"

"You can put that stick down now."




That night, Noll and Lin returned to the hotel that they were staying at. A five star, with all the luxury that anyone could dream of. But for him, Noll, this was the usual. Of course he was used to all the luxury and could live through it as if he were swimming in water. He parted ways with Lin after dinner, talking about the case they had accepted yesterday. He finished taking a shower, and changed into his pajamas, his thoughts still swirling around the male figure that had appeared before him. He muttered under his breath as he got in his bed. "He might have been the one from the library too."


Noll was standing in a dark realm. He frowned, he wasn't able to dream of anything unless he was holding onto something that another had possessed. "Why am I here?"

"Of course I called you here!" To his surprise the male from before stepped out of the dark. His everlasting smile in place. "Though I had to run from a madman to get here, aha~"

"Madman?" Noll frowned.

The smile on the other grew cheeky. "Why, your brother of course!"

"Gene?" This time the shock was evident on his face.

"I don't know anyone else as a madman…" The male pouted, arms crossed as a slight crease appeared on his forehead. "Unless it runs in the family, and you have it too."

Noll immediately composed himself, forcefully ignoring the amusement on the other's face. He cleared his throat. "Of course I don't have that, whatever it is."

"Now that's what I like about you!" He cheered, jumping slightly.

"Like?" Noll questioned, raising a brow. This guy was way more eccentric than Madoka.

"Yeah," The brunette nodded excitedly. "you're just way too amusing for your own good!"

Noll stared, it was official, this guy was way too eccentric to be like Madoka. He was past being Madoka-eccentric. He let out a breath, pinching the bridge of his nose. "Look, I don't have time to chat with you, if you know Gene then you should at least be able to tell me where his body is."

"Such a loyal little brother, unfortunately, I am not able to remember such long names." He shrugged, his smile put off for a few minutes before it was back on. "But since you won't call me Mai, then stick to the letter K."

"K?" This was just getting way too confusing.

K gave another chesire grin. "Now wake up Noll, you're bodyguard is worrying over you."


Noll woke up with a start, and immediately saw Lin by his side. He groaned, rubbing his face as he propped himself on his elbow. "Noll?"

"I'm fine, just a weird dream." He got out of bed and went to the bathroom. "Let's get going, we still have a case to solve."

Lin gave a sigh. "Whatever you say, Noll."




"If I find out that you did anything, I am not letting you off easy!"

"Yeah, yeah, I heard you the first time."

"I'm serious!"

"Geez, get it together man, I can't do anything in this kind of body."

"If I find anything…"

"Calm down will you?"


"Where did you get the stick from anyway?"