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(BSC 1) C1 Voldemort's assignment part 1.

Voldemort was cursing and swearing at anything and everyone at the same time while he was walking into Malfoy Manor. He was in a simple way pissed off and anyone who knew him knew to stay out of his way.

Bellatrix who was walking behind him was holding her head down; she had her eyes fixed on the ground and was shivering from the pain she was feeling throughout her body. She had just been placed under the Cruciatus curse from one Harry Potter and was still feeling her muscles twist and bend on their own accord.

Voldemort turned around quickly and looked at her with a fiery gaze in his eyes. "Crucio" he screamed while the corner of his mouth started to twist in an upright position.

Bellatrix dropped to her knees and cried out.

It was twenty seconds later when the curse was lifted from her body. "How could you let him go?" Voldemort shouted to her in an aggressive way as spit was dripping from the corner of his mouth. "That worthless piece of shit named Harry Potter. You could have killed him right there. He was within your reach, you could have killed him and it would have been no trouble at all for you. But No, Miss Bellatrix had to lead him out, Miss Bellatrix had to show him where I was, You worthless piece of shit. You did nothing to him while you were helping him. Crucio" Sounded the voice of Voldemort again.

Again Bellatrix screamed out in pain. The pain was unbearable but in a way, it was also manageable for her and it was something that confused the hell out of her. What remained playing through her mind was that the Cruciatus curse from Harry Potter was much more painful than the one from her Lord. Her thoughts went from Lord Voldemort to Harry Potter and back to Voldemort. There was one other thing she no longer understood. She was so strong; she was the right hand of her Lord She was feared by all but not by him, not by Harry Potter. But why or how she did not know, she did not know what had happened and she had to be submissive. Tears ran down her cheeks as the pain from the Cruciatus curse ripped through her body for the second time. The curse burnt in her body and was pulling at all her nerves, that made her arms and legs twist and turn into odd angles.

When the curse was lifted she lost herself again in her own thoughts. She had not slain the boy who lived. She had brought him to her lord, but she had not weakened him first. She knew that by doing that she had severely disappointed her Lord the great Lord Voldemort. This was the punishment that she deserved; at least that was what she was telling herself. She had not been a good servant yes, she had been and was but not today. But now she had failed him enormously. Her thoughts then went to earlier that day. Lucius had dropped the Prophecy. So he also should be punished. They should all be punished she had thought, at least those who had escaped from the ministry. Lucius for instants was only free because he had obtained the support of Fudge and Fudge had a bag of gold in his pocket because of it. But now it was her who had to be punished.

"Crucio" sounded the voice of Voldemort again.

Bellatrix screamed, her nose began to bleed and her eyes were red from crying silently.

There she was laying Breathless on the ground with her cheek on the cold stone floor. Her chest was going up and down as the cold from the floor numbed the pain she was feeling.

"You Bitch get out of my sight", she heard her Lord Voldemort hissing aggressively from above her.

With much pain, she crawled out of the room on her hands and knees. Her lord had punished her. This was the punishment she deserved. She had disappointed her lord and she knew it. She went down the hall crawling to a room.

There in the corner of that room was a single mattress. Blood dripped from her nose as she lay down on the mattress. All her muscles ached everywhere in her body while she felt the pain of the Cruciatus Curse that was still making her twits every now and then. She trembled and shook even after the curse was broken. She coughed up a little blood and felt it leak down her chin from the corner of her mouth as she eyes looked into the darkness that surrounded her. Slowly, her eyes closed and she dreamed away. She did not know why but the only thing she saw were two emerald green eyes looking at her with love and pity.


How long she had been lying there, she did not know. But her mouth was dry and her body stiff. With a lot of pain, she pulled her legs up against her chest while she sat herself down in the corner against the wall, while the tears were flowing freely down her cheeks. If she would have her way she would make a run for it, but she also knew that she could not do that. Her lord would never allow it. He would have death Eaters search for her and have her murdered without mercy. And that was if she was lucky. For all, she knew she would be a plaything for a while to be raped and tortured before she was allowed to die. It did not matter how you looked at it, she was trapped here as a slave to her lord.

Bellatrix wondered why she had these kinds of thoughts. She did not know why, but she did everything her Lord wanted from her and still, it didn't feel good. She hated it with every fiber of her soul. These thoughts and feelings had begun in her cell at Azkaban. Just a year before her cousin Sirius had escaped from that place. Something had happened there but she couldn't remember what it was. It was something vague like it was there but untouchable.

A slightly older woman with blond hair walked into the room. "How are you feeling Bella?" She asked in a friendly tone.

Bellatrix looked up with tears still in her eyes. "Cissy Yes, everything is going well" was her fast response.

Cissy was her sister, Narcissa Malfoy. Like her sister, she was married to one of the death eaters that formed the inner circle of Lord Voldemort. She spat on the name of her husband. And like her sister she had never really chosen for such an arranged marriage. But she followed Lord Voldemort with everything he did. Their husbands were Death Eaters from the first hour. They had followed their husbands as it was written down in the old ways and in their arranged marriage contracts. With a contract like that, a married woman could never contradict her husband. Actually, you were more a mostly a mindless slave in such a contract, no more and no less. There were all sorts of spells on those contracts to make you submit to your husband. That was how it was, you just had to do as you were told whether you liked it or not.

Bella was still pressed against the wall. She felt a hand from her sister fall over her shoulder. The hug she got was something she was not used to. Still, it felt good to feel such an arm around you. It was one of love and not one of lust.

"Bella dry your tears and come to the kitchen. Lord Voldemort has some announcements he wants to share with all of us" Narcissa told her softly as she hugged her little sister a little closer.

Bella wiped her eyes in an unladylike way with her sleeves as she walked slowly after Narcissa and down to the kitchen. There was a large table there with all the Death Eaters around it. She saw her nephew Draco at one end of the table; he was sitting next to his father. He was sixteen years old and wanted to have the Dark Mark more than anything.

She knew that Lucius had failed his duty. So, therefore, Draco would have a great responsibility, this in order to save the honor of his father and his family name.

Slowly she slipped herself into the seat next to her sister. Without even looking at another person around the table, she sat in silence. She did not dare to look up. Her fear was big and the pain of the Cruciatus curse was not completely gone as she twisted a little.

Voldemort stood at the head of the table and spoke. "I'm very disappointed in all of you". He leaned forward and looked at everyone. "Now, not only does Harry Potter knows that I'm back" and he spat at the name of Harry Potter, "But now the ministry knows it too and to think that Fudge was eating out of my hand. At least he did it until yesterday". With this, he gave a look to Lucius.

Tomorrow morning everyone will know I'm back by reading the daily prophet. And all thanks to your blunders and incompetents. A whole year we have worked on Harry to get him to get the Prophecy. A whole year Severus held his mind open and reachable for me. Has it all been for nothing? Severus has done everything to torture him, just to make him weak. For what and why I ask you, you, my faithful Death Eaters, you let yourselves be overrun by six children, six measly children". His gaze went past the table and rested on Bellatrix. "Bellatrix" he cried out in a snake-like way.

"Y.. yes, my lord" was her whispered answer.

"Bellatrix, you made a lot of mistakes, and therefore you have a lot to make up for. We will talk about that later and especially what you can do for your Lord" Voldemort hissed a little more sadistic then he had done a moment ago.

Narcissa who was sitting next to her put a hand on the knee of Bellatrix and pressed it hard.

Bellatrix looked at Lord Voldemort and just nodded. She quickly looked back at the table. She would follow her lord, but she did not know why.

There was a voice in her head that kept saying that she needed to do something else. ^Do not listen to him, you're better off without him^. It was always the same voice and it always said the same thing time and time again.

Voldemort looked around and went on. "Lucius, I have one question for you. How could you have dropped the Prophecy?"

Lucius swallowed when his lord said his name. "It was Harry Potter, my lord, it was he who made me drop the Prophecy," Lucius said in a small voice full of fear.

"Lucius, Lucius, Lucius. Do you really think that I believe that my left-hand-man cannot win from a fifteen-year-old boy, a boy, without a real education"? Voldemort looked with a lethal look at Lucius and gave him a small hiss.

"I had would have slain Potter" Draco snarled.

Voldemort looked at him and wondered if Draco had any value for him, or if Draco was of any value at all. "Draco, if that is so, then tell me, how could four kids overpower you and your friends so easily. You had help from that toad Umbridge was it not. She was there and you had their wands".

Draco blushed and looked down in shame. While he whispered that he wanted to curse Potter and his friends.

Voldemort smiled and laid his hand on the shoulder of Draco. "Next year Draco has to perform a task for me. It's not a big task, but it is very important. At the end of that year, he will have to fix something for me and he has to kill Dumbledore. Then, and only then are you worthy enough to be a Death Eater. Maybe you can also save your father's honor". Voldemort gave Lucius another deadly look.

Lucius nodded and looked down.

The door to the kitchen swung open and Severus Snape walked in. "Ah, Severus my faithful servant. What's the latest news you will bring us?" Voldemort said while he was looking at Severus.

Bellatrix looked at Snape venomously. She hated Severus but could not tell why. Severus glanced at her and then looked to Lord Voldemort. In one simple movement, he dropped to his knee and kissed the hand of his lord. "My lord, the arrogance of that Potter boy is insufferable. He gives his story to the Daily Prophet as if he's the hero. Dumbledore even says he had conceived the whole plan to lure you out of your hiding place. Really, my lord, they are saying it as if they are better than you. They think they can outsmart you".

Bellatrix thought to herself that it was not right. She had never heard Harry Potter say something to lure someone from his hiding place. Harry Potter could not even put her under the Cruciatus Curse the way he had to do it. He did not have the heart for it. His hard was full of love and the Cruciatus curse could only work if your heart is filled with hate. Bella knew that she had to hate Harry. But something in her heart told her that she could not do that. His curse was hurting so much more. It was more painful than the one of Lord Voldemort. But it was not filled with hate. She did not know what to think of it. A fear crept over her heart and a shiver ran down her spine. The idea alone that Harry Potter would throw and pronounce that curse with hate, with him that curse would be fatal right away.

Lord Voldemort looked at Bellatrix and ordered her to look at him.

Bellatrix looked at her lord and felt a tingle go through her body. "Lord, let me kill that Potter boy. Let me restore your honor" she exclaimed immediately.

A smile appeared around the mouth of Lord Voldemort as his eyes found the eyes of Bellatrix.

Narcissa looked vaguely at her sister from out the corner of her eye. This was not the sister she had comforted less than an hour ago. This was not the hopeless shell she had seen sitting on that filthy mattress in that corner of that little room.

"Bellatrix, I appreciate that you want to defend the honor of my name. But I have another task for you in mind. A task which I think you are the only one capable of. In addition, I will also need the help from Narcissa". Lord Voldemort said while he looked at the both of them.

"Severus, tell me what is the next step that Dumbledore is going to take".

"My Lord, I have heard that Dumbledore will take that Potter boy under his wing. What he wants to do with Potter, he has not told me yet. But I think he will prepare him for a fight with you. The way as it is now I think he wants to use him as a shield. He wants to sacrifice the boy, and then kill you with his own hands. The boy is just a pawn for him, his life has no value at all". Severus smiled at what he had said.

Voldemort looked at him calmly". Well done, Severus, I appreciate the effort that you have done for Lord Voldemort".

Voldemort again shifted his eyes and was now looking at Peter. "Wormtail get that book of which you and I talked about yesterday. And take it to the sacrificial chamber".

"Yes master, good master". It was a slimy answer that Wormtail gave to his lord while he gave him a dirty look when Voldemort wasn't looking.

Voldemort had shifted his eyes over to Narcissa. "Narcissa take Bellatrix to the sacrificial chamber. I'll be there in an hour to explain to you what it is what I want you to do. Follow the ritual on page nine, and on page seventeen of the book. Wormtail will bring you the book in a moment. Read it and see if you can do it" hissed Voldemort to Narcissa.

Narcissa nodded and took Bellatrix by the arm and led her to the sacrificial chamber. In a room along the corridor, she saw Severus Snape sitting on a chair. Narcissa left Bellatrix behind in the corridor and went into the room to talk with Severus.

Bellatrix did not really know what her sister was doing with Severus Snape. She saw her sister talking to him for about ten minutes. Suddenly she heard Severus create a magical promise. She was a little shocked but nothing more. When Narcissa came out of the room she immediately asked why that was.

"Severus must keep an eye on Draco. He is his godfather, so I made him promise it to me" Narcissa said to Bellatrix. A little smile tugged at the corner of her mouth.

Narcissa took Bellatrix by the arm again. She took her further along the corridor to the sacrificial chamber. There was one other thing that did not sit well with Narcissa. But that would be for later.

In the middle of the sacrificial chamber stood an altar that was made entirely out of stone.

Bellatrix looked at her sister intently. A little too driven Bellatrix asked Narcissa. "What do you think I have to do for my Lord? Do you think I'm his favorite again"?

Narcissa wanted to give her an answer. But it was Wormtail who had just entered the room. Narcissa held her tongue but gave a look at Wormtail. "Wormtail put that book down and get out" Narcissa snapped.

Wormtail put the book down and ran out of the room again, with a smile that was twice as big but went unnoticed by the two sisters.

I loathe that rat, Narcissa thought to herself.

Now there was still that one thing that did not sit well with Narcissa.
Narcissa now looked at her sister and waved her wand over the eyes of Bellatrix. She mumbled a spell and looked deep into her eyes. "If I did not see it, I would not have believed it," she said. "You are under the imperious curse".

Narcissa shook her head and thought hard. Narcissa who was now eyeing the book on page nine and seventeen, the book was filled with rune spells. It was an ancient book and full of dark rituals. And this was a ritual to give someone a fake memory; one they would think was real, it would also make the memory sentient until the task was done. On page seventeen there was also some ancient rune spell to make someone younger. What was it that her Lord Voldemort was planning to do Narcissa thought? What was it that he wanted from her sister? But especially what was it he wanted her to do.

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