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(BSC 6 C13) C204 let's get ready.

"What in Merlin's name were you all thinking of inviting them here to end the war". Minerva screamed as she listened on while they kept on reading the letter they had sent to the two Death Eaters. "You realize that they will bring their whole army in one go and we have to deal with it all. Do you have any idea what will be standing next to them when they get here".

"Goblins, werewolves, vampires, trolls, death Eaters, giants, beasts and Grindelwald's men from Germany," Bella said is if it was nothing.

"See and you just invited themmm" Minerva stopped mid-sentence and looked at Bella who had just summed them all up. "How the hell do you know all that" she screamed as she turned white. Slowly Minerva turned around and sat down on the chair she had stood up from only a moment ago. It was now that she realized it was not only her they had told it too. It was all of Hogwarts, Potter castle and the Goblin nation. The idea from those kids was just a little bit out there but the smiles on the faces of the Goblins frightened her even more. Those pesky things were looking forward to the fight that would come their way. When she saw the white face of Albus, the real Albus. She knew he knew more than she did and he didn't like it just as she didn't.

Bella walked up to her and took her hand. Slowly she smiled at Minerva as she told her. "Bellatrix has given me the memories of what Voldemort had planned while she was still with them. Voldemort had been bragging about his army. I have told them all on the day I became just the one person again and we have been preparing for it all that time".

Minerva gazed at her and before Bella knew what was happening she was taken into the biggest hug she ever had. In her ear she could hear Minerva whisper that she was afraid of losing them, any of them. "you won't, not us". Bella knew she could not say any because she knew some would die. It was the one thing they all knew but wanted to avoid if they could. Something they could not.

When Minerva let go of Bella Augusta stood and looked at them all. "just like Minerva said, I would also like to know what you all were thinking". All the people were nodding while the Goblins looked angry at her. The last thing they wanted was for Augusta to stop the fight that was yet to come.

It was now that Hermione stood. She had also been the one who had been reading the letter out to all of them. "We meant every word we have said in the letter. If they do not come the war will go on, and it could go on for a very long time. So if they come and surrender we will give them mercy. If they do not we will not give them mercy, we will kill them all".

Some were shocked when they heard the venom in the voice of Hermione. Some knew why but for a lot of them it was almost frightening.

Hermione just went on as if nothing had happened. Like Neville said we will deal with every attack they do. We will deal with them harshly and in another way. If we go into a battle we are more at risk than any of you because we will be in the front. We have seen it at St mungo and in the alley. It was their attack and they had prepared for it. So they had been laying in wait for us to come. Now we had the advantage of them doing all the same things they did in the last war. So we almost knew what they would do. Still, they had the advantage and it cost us three very good and brave people. Those people have died today for our safety and we will never forget that sacrifice".

Hermione stopped and all the friends rushed to her just like the house of Hogwarts did. As one they folded their hands and looked sadly down. In that moment of silence, all the people knew that they were making sure that none would ever forget how far some people would go for their safety.

Amelia hung a little closer to Emma and Dan Granger. "She has been planning this with all of them you know". Both of them just smiled at the way the people had stopped talking.

"Yes, and it is driving the point home how bad it can become," Emma told her in wonder and a lot of fear.

After a minute Hermione looked up and went on where she had left off. "With every attack, they do in between we will do one of our own. We will not stop theirs if it isn't imported enough for us because they will be waiting for us to do it. We will attack one of their own things. If they do not come we will attack the ministry and all that are hiding inside. We have already made plans to attack places and we already have a lot of ideas to protect the castle and all those that are within. On that day the students will not be here, they will be at Potter castle". Hermione looked at them all and knew they almost had them all to agree with it. "Now in our plans, we will be fighting a lot. We will all ask you if you will be there with us. If you are not we will find another place for you to help. We will not use any of you to stand before us because we will be at the front or in the air. The plans will be addressed at a later time. You will all be in the spot you are comfortable with and will help us the best way you can in the battle. You may think about it in the coming days. In five days we will be back here to speak about it again and you can all tell us if you are in or out. We will not think any less of you".

"Are you still letting us fight you tomorrow" one of the men screamed from the middle of the hall?

Before Hermione could say a thing Bella jumped in with a smile. "NO, we will not. you will be fighting us we will only stop you. After that, we will fight people we choose to show you why we did not fight you. After you all will know what you have to improve to hit us".

"You are kids, what can you really do" the man screamed again. Bella and the others just smirked as both Amelia and Sirius were laughing so hard.

The guy just looked around and didn't get it. Moody hobbled beside him and spoke loud enough so everyone could hear him clearly. "You have just volunteered to fight Bella first. I do hope you have a will prepared with the Goblins, you will need it" and he started to laugh hard.


Grindelwald had a rough night. It was unexpected when those brats had done the same thing to him that he would do to them. Seeing the eyes of Dolohov looking at him had unnerved him quite a lot. While he had been playing Albus, he had the time of his life. Just letting the Slytherins curse people in the back and getting away with it was all his doing. Playing the teachers against each other had been a joy for him. He always knew he had them in the bag so to say. He played them and they did what he wanted and how he wanted it. Fudge was easy to be manipulated. Umbridge was a bigot and just what he needed at the top of the ministry. They would hate her so she could never be the minister but just under him. She had put them all on edge and he was pulling the strings while none could touch him. All of that had been pushed away by those brats. From the moment Harry Potter walked into Hogwarts, he knew something had been wrong. That Bella girl was the problem. Now that he knew she was Bellatrix all along he knew why Potter had been that problem. He could not manipulate them and it was the one thing he was really good at. Playing the people around him and putting them against each other was his thing while he could play the hero when it all came crashing down.

When the body of Dolohov had rolled out of the boxes he knew they were just as cruel as he was. He could not put fear in them. Worse they had put it in him but he could not show it to the others.

There was a knock on the door and he had said to come in. Lucius walked in and stumbled to his knees. Grindelwald had blasted him with an overpowered tripping jinx that almost broke his legs while he screamed at Lucius to pay the proper respect. "I' sorry my Lord. But Lord Voldemort would like to see you".

Before Lucius could say another thing he was blasted out of the room. Grindelwald got to his feet and knew he had to do this. He could not show any weakness while he was troubled on the inside. As he walked into the room he saw Voldemort sitting on his throne-like chair. He placed himself next to him and waited for the first question.

"Are we going to take the offer of the battle at Hogwarts?" Voldemort asked him.

Grindelwald looked at him and shook his head a little. "I really don't know, I have a little trouble with what they have done. I Do it to bring fear in people. But they just did it because they can".

Grindelwald wasn't sure if what he said was right but he had a little fear because of it. It was the one thing he could not show so he went back to his old tricks. With his grandfatherly image, he showed he was disappointed in the friends. "I know we are not the best wizards that are out there. But they are really going dark. If they can behead and just tear limbs from a person, just like that. It is clear to me they are ready to do anything".

Voldemort frowned if he could and just looked at him. "We are killing them with only one spell, don't you think we are the dark ones".

"No, my boy," Grindelwald said and was happy how they were again listing to him. Slowly he turned around and looked at the others. "They call us dark but we are not. They call themselves light but they are not. They aren't even grey. If you really look at it with a clear mind. Then you will see that they are the dark ones or the wolf in sheep's clothing. We are the real grey ones that are out there". It was clear that many of the death eaters didn't believe him so he was grateful he could explain his reasoning. "You see when they kill someone they do it with a lot of pain. I have seen it myself when they killed that sweet little girl of Parkinson. First, it was just one single knife into her neck. She was still alive but in pain so they all did the same just to hurt her more. When Parkinson wanted to show them the error of their ways. It was a muggle that killed him with one of their primitive weapons. He wasn't dead and they just stood there looking on as he died slowly. To me that is dark. We kill whit one spell. Two words and you are dead it is just to help them die faster. We do this so we do not give them any unnecessary pain but they just don't understand it. They are lesser beings in the way they are thinking and we are just making sure we survive whit the best people we have".

Next to him, he heard Voldemort mumble about a big pile of shit he was shuffling. But the Death Eaters were eating it up and that was all he wanted. If there was any doubt in their minds then they would not stand before them in battle. If there was none they could stand in the back letting them that the first spell while they had cover behind them. While all the Death eaters rushed out of the room after their dismissal he turned to Voldemort who asked for his attention.

"I know I was your first Horcrux in the riddle boy. It was way before you gathered your man, could you tell me something about it so that I know what is coming our way".

"There is not much to tell. I had a friend called Hitler. He had the same way of thinking as we did. He wanted to rule the world just like I did and I would let him for a while. I have been playing with him and he had been one of the people I had sex with. I know those brats asked you if you had sex with Lucy but I know you didn't not with Lucy. I did see it in some of the younger Death Eaters and I approve because you have good taste. I did the same with Fudge and Snape. So I too say it isn't so but you and I know we both like it. Now I have known the Hitler boy and did it with him. He didn't want it so I had to Imperius his mind to make him. That is also where that idea of you came from by using that curse for your dark mark. Now with that curse, I used him to find my man. Those were muggle-borns who had never fitted in. So I promised them to rule with me if they would kill beside me.

Now they were and are the worse kind of people and when we are done we have to kill them all because we can not have them around us after all is done. I know of a way that is painless. I have told it to Hitler, who has used it on thousands of people. But that is beside the point. Now it was in the end that I showed some muggles where to find Hitler and kill him so I could stay low. I was losing the battles and it was all because of Lily Potter and Alice Long bottom. Lilly potter was the worse because she didn't do what Albus told them to do and just killed my men. Just like I was killing them. Alice just followed her just like those brats are doing with Harry Potter. Now my man will fight and kill and it is clear that Potter boy will do the same. Your Death Eaters are good at bringing fear. It has worked for you until now. You have seen it so when my man gets here they will be training your Death Eaters and get us to victory. As for the battle at Hogwarts, I will consider it. But before that, we will look at the proposition they have made us. Let's see if they retaliate in the way they have told us. I know they have found a way to get into this building. It is still saved and I have placed other wards over the existing ones. If they do we will have that battle to end it all. Now they think they may have the advantage of fighting at Hogwarts. But I have more than they think they have. Especially from the dark forest. I have been there a lot of times and know it like the back of my hand. I also knew you were there killing unicorns to keep yourself alive. I have provided you with the heard and ask the Querell fellow to take the post at Hogwarts. I already knew you had placed yourself in his head, even if you didn't know I was me while you still thought I was Albus. I'm sorry my boy but I had to keep my cover".

Voldemort waved him off. He had heard from Bartimius Jr, That Albus did not know he wasn't Mad-Eye. Somehow he doubted it because Albus and Mad-Eye had been friends forever. So he had to know and just let it play out. Now he knew he had been right when he found out that Albus had not been himself for a long time. "So what are we going to do now".

"Now we go plan our attacks to see if they will do what they said they would" and Grindelwald got to his feet to go to the small but very dark Library of the Malfoy manor.


It was early next morning when the friends were sitting on the top of the stands around the quidditch pitch. The elves and Zanita had done wonders in expanding the stadium and placing a duel pitch in the middle of it. There were a lot of other areas that had been asked for by the Adults. It was not only a duelling area but also a show area to see what they could teach them all. Poppy had been one of them and had asked the friends to show them why the unforgivables were about something else if they would only use them in the right way. And it was most about the intent that was behind the use of the spell. Poppy had been right when she told them all to make it a day of learning. To show what they wanted to do in the end and after the war. It was that, that would motivate the people even more for fighting them for it.

While they were sitting there looking on they saw the grandmas walking up to them. As they sat behind them Grandmere spoke up. "Are you willing to let some of your younger students of Hogwarts fight one of our Velas? It will tell them what they could do if they fight one of us because even if Gabrielle is our queen. Some of the colonies have separated from us and will likely be joining the other side".

It was a statement the friends hadn't heard before. From the moment Grandmere and the others had gotten back they didn't have time to speak to them. There had been little talked where they heard flashes of what they could expect but nothing more. This had been a blow and they knew it would be another thing they had to deal with when the war was in full swing.

It was right at that point that Hermione turned to all of them. "I know they will not be staying with Grindelwald because those men can't control themselves around them. So as a possibility we attack them first and show them in what kind of fight they will be when they join them? Who knows we might change their mind and send them back to be ruled by Gabrielle".

Grandmere nodded at the thought of it. "It is a possibility but we have to find them first. I know they will be staying in a place that is isolated. It must also be in a place where there is some magic that will repel Muggles".

Bella smirked at Harry as she pointed at Emma. Harry smiled and gave him a little push to do what they both were thinking. "How about we sent Emma with Narcissa to look at all the places. She could take the Ferrari and with the magic of it she could find them in a week".

"Me" Emma said. "How could I find them," she said as she walked up to them with Narcissa and Nolwenn at her side.

"Stop it, mom, we all know you have been dying to get back on the road in that Ferrari. But you still have to wait until after dealing with what we will be doing later" Hermione told her in a fit of fake anger.

Narcissa smiled as she too stepped next to Emma. "It will be nice to stay in a Hotel again just taking all of Lucius's money. I only have to be sure I get a babysitter for Nolwenn. You know with her climbing rooftops and such. She could fall off, especially with all those trashcans around in the Muggle area".

"He, just one trashcan and I can never live it down. Really like I fell from it or something like that" Nolwenn said as she walked passed them throwing her hands in the air in an overdramatically way. Everyone laughed and knew the tension had been taken off the moment they were in.

It was right at that moment that all the members of the castle started to walk into the expanded Quidditch stadium. As some of the family members started to make their way down, people started to walk up to their seats. It was time to show them how to prepare for war or to do something else.

It was thirty minutes later that everyone was seated and Minerva took centre stage. Flitwick was in de duelling ring and was almost bouncing in excitement. The man who had spoken up the first time was asked to come to the middle. The friends would not be fighting any one of them but Bella made an exception.

The man a wizard who had served in the Auror department stood in the middle. He lifted his wand and saw Bella dropping hers. Without a word he just summand it. He held out his hand and was ready to catch it. Only a couple of feet to go as Bella held out her own hand and summand it back again.

As all of the eyes went wide Minerva turned to Isabella. "Did you know they could do wantless now"? Isabella just shook her head as she mumbled about talking way too much.

"What Wittle Auror never learned wandless magic".

"Bella behave" Daphne and Harry screamed from the side as they looked on.

Bella just smirked at them as she again dropped her wand to the ground. This time it was whisked away by Daphne who caught it in her hand and held it up for anyone to see. The Auror took a stand and started to send cutting curse after cutting curse at Bella. Bella just stood there and slowly started to dance from left to right. Her dance was getting more and more of a fast tango, while the Auror was sending more spells than he possibly could in a normal duel.

Mid-turn she looked at Harry and Daphne as she linked their minds. ^Something is wrong he can't do that alone".

While everyone looked at what was happening. Both Daphne and Harry placed their hands on the ground and whispered something.

Gabrielle flamed on the other side of Minerva. She appeared between Minerva and her Grandmere. She was surrounded by the family as she softly spoke up with a little giggle. "This is going to be fun". Both Daphne and Harry were blasted from the ground and landed behind the Auror on either side of the podium. Their wands were raised in the air and were summoned by Susan. As one of the three, they talked in their mind and clapped at the same time. A shockwave was sent from their hands and blasted the Auror away. It was only a second later that four other ex-Aurors fell on the ground. It was right after it that Harry and Daphne placed their hand on the ground again and lifted themselves up in the air as they dropped next to Bella.

Minerva had made her way downstairs. She stepped between the other friends and looked at the three on the stage. "You have been holding out on us. You all will be learning us, whatever you have been teaching yourselves". As Hermione, Neville and Susan swallowed. Still, they kept on looking on just like Minerva was doing between them.

Daphne and Harry landed and slowly stood looking at the five ex-Aurors in front of them. Their minds were linked and they spoke as one. "Naughty Wittle Aurors" Bella said as Harry and Daphne spoke the same thing with her voice. "Thought you could trick us and bring us down. Now did you do it for Wittle Voldy, or are you just so stupid".

The ex-Auror in the middle lifted his hand in surrender with his wand a little higher. "I swear on my magic we do not work for He Who Must Not Be Named". After it, he let go of a flash of light and smirked at the three of them. "We did this to show you all we can do your job better".

"You Stupid Wittle boys" the three of them screamed as they placed their hands on the ground. Five curses came their way and they blasted up from the ground. In the air, they turned on their spot and held out their hands for their wands. Susan threw them up and they sailed into their hands.

The spells from the Aurors went alongside and the next went up towards the three of them. A shield was formed and the blasting hexes were cast off. The three of them landed and holstered their wands. With speeds, the Aurors did not know what happened the three of them surrounded the Aurors. Tripping jinxes were sent at the feet and the Aurors jumped up. The moment they went down they slipped and fell.

Bella threw a blasting spell and blasted them to the other side of the platform against the magical wall. It was there there was no ice so they stood. Before they stood they again were blasted against the wall by Daphne.

One of them dropped to the ground and there were four left. None of the four looked at the one that had fallen and were again focused on the three kids. They had yet to land a spell but they were giving it them all. Blasting hexes and cutting curses were thrown at the three of them.

In their minds, the three of them looked at one another as they told them what they would do. Bella and Daphne grabbed the two on the outside with Magic. Harry grabbed the two in the middle. They were still on the other side of the platform but the trick with Magic had been something they had studied a lot. Zanita had done it with Lucius and now they were doing it with them. Harry lifted them from the ground as Bella and Daphne slammed the others against the two of Harry. All of them dropped to the floor as the one who started to move again. Slowly he got to his feet and the three of them surrounded him. With a Senorus Bella asked him in a clear voice. "Why did you attack me in this way when I just wanted a clean match".

Before he could say a thing Harry placed a Senorus on him. "We just think you are leading us to the grave and we just wanted to show everyone how stupid you are. It was clear to us that you are nothing so you could do nothing to us".

Daphne looked around and especially at the four that were lying on the ground. "Yes, you really showed us," she said as she pointed at the four that were down. "Still whatever gave you the idea we were not honest whit you all".

"You are playing with our lives" he screamed.

"Really" Bella screamed back. "Why the hell do you think that". Before he could say anything back Bella went on. "You were free to come here. You are free to leave. It is clear that you do not want to follow us and you don't have to. I would say go back and see if Voldemort still wants you".

In a second the look of anger on the face of the Ex Auror changed into fear. "I don't mean it like that" he screamed at Harry who was now standing in the middle. "We just didn't believe kids could lead us".

With a wave of his hand, Harry woke up the others and in one voice he told them what their leader had said. It was again in a second they all turned on the one Auror and told them that he had told them they were just using them. It was Daphne who told them to step aside and that they were not done with them yet. So what was left was just the one Auror. He looked on as Harry and Daphne kissed Bella and walked off. Bella smiled and in her own voice, she said. "We are not going to send you away just yet. But we will punish you. Still, the punishment depends on how good you do against me" and Bella lifted her wand.

As everybody looked on they just were astonished at the way the Ex Auror was throwing his spells at an astonishing speed. What even more surprised them was the way Bella was still to throw a spell while she was dancing around all the spells he threw. After five minutes The ex Auror stopped and placed his hands on his knees. He was out of breath and Bella raised her wand. "Wingardium Leviosa" Bella said.

As the Auror raised from the platform Minerva and Zanita doubled over from laughing. "She is going to beat him with the first-year spell. That is just humiliating". Minerva whispered as the family hung their heads.

Bella had raised him up until he was at about ten feet and just dropped him. She dropped him in a way he could not land on his feet. He didn't land on his head either. There was a crack and all knew he had broken something. He screamed out in pain but nothing more.

Poppy rushed to him and smiled widely as she dropped to her knees next to him. There was a senorus spell on the platform so everyone could hear Poppy. "Happy now, you stupid man". The ex-Auror screamed that it hurt terribly. "Of course it hurts, you were dropped from about ten feet. Be glad she didn't drop you on your head. Not that there is much in there, to begin with. Be glad she only used a first years spell. Really A simple Leviosa and the big bad Auror went down. What would you have done if she had used a tickling spell?" Poppy did not give him time to answer as she went on. "No wonder Voldemort had it easy to take it all over when you were the one to protect us. This is what we to protect us and it only took a Leviosa to drop him".

All the Adults were hanging their heads while all the students were laughing. Tonks was already making Popcorn for everybody and stopped when she saw a House elf with a Popcorncart standing at the side. They were all clear on one thing. This was going to be a hell of a day.

The friends had rushed onto the stage as Poppy took care of the Ex-Auror. When she was done Bella stood next to them. "Well do you still want to take your chance with old Voldy and Grindelwald"? The Auror shook his head rapidly. "Then it is clear what you have to do. Starting tomorrow you will be joining the first years and you will be sitting at the front. If you do well you might join the second year if not you will stay in first year until you can".

As one they all turned to the other four. "You all still have to prove yourselves. So you will be fighting four Forth year students. We do not expect you to win, Merlin we think you can't. But this is to show you what we can do and what we can teach you. Let's see if your Auror training and hold up against our war training".

As the friends sat down between the family they all looked at the fight that was now seen on the floor. The Aurors had lost spectacularly. And so did about thirty others. When the friends stepped back on the platform everyone held their breath. Not only the friends stepped onto the platform but also ten war Goblins. It was after it that another five students stepped next to the friends. Ginny, Astoria, Luna Tracy and Hanna Abbot were all dressed in Goblin fighting style. And it was on. Everyone in the stadium saw a war Battle with wandless spells flying everywhere. It was clear they were only stunners but there were all thrown with precision. Blows were exchanged and none were holding back. Tracy was the first to be stunned and summoned by Poppy. The next was Hanna and she joined Tracy through the summering spell from Amelia. The third was Astoria and she was pulled to the side by Isabella and looked over by Poppy and a Goblin healer.

The battle went on and Ginny was next. right after her was Luna. They had landed a lot of blows and had been fighting hard. Still, the battle went on and it were now the friends against the Goblins. As if there had been a switch flipped between the rest of the battle and they all stepped up. All of the public had heard about the Goblin war but this was the first time they did something that was almost as brutal.

It was after another thirty minutes that the first Goblin was summoned to the side. The Family and everyone else that was sitting in the stadium saw something they had never seen before. Kids were fighting war Goblins and a second one went to the side. The fight went on and the friends just were holding their own.

When the clock sounded an hour a canon blast sounded from the wand on Amelia. Everyone stopped and slumped down to the ground. Poppy, Healers, Goblin Healers and Veela healers rushed onto the platform. Blood was lying everywhere and spells started to fly around. Before Everyone was healed the Ex-Auror was brought onto the platform to look at them all. It was clear they hadn't held back and he had never been in this kind of fight. To him and everyone else, it was clear the friends and Goblins went further than everyone would go. This was real and they were ready for it.

When they were all bandaged up the friends stood in the middle of the platform. With the Senorus still in place, Neville spoke up. As you can see we were really fighting and we were all holding back. In our Goblin war, we fought to kill. When the war comes it will get bloody and as you can see we are all in. During the coming months, we want to train you all. We want to get you as close to this as we can. During this, we will make our battle plan for the fight here at Hogwarts. Beyond that, we will be going over what needs to be done. during those little battles, we will take who want to join us and who is able to join us".

"But first we eat and after it, we will show you more," Hermione said as she grabbed a sandwich from a plate the house elves were passing along for everyone.

As the family sat down together they all looked at the fighting show that was put up in front of them all. Emma showed how she could protect herself from guys that were twice as wide and tall as herself. Veelas showed their firefighting skills and Goblins were throwing Axes in precision. They were followed by Sentouers who shot their arrows from meters away. It was a hit by the muggles and even whit Dan who then showed them a crossbow. It could hit tarkets twice as far and with even more precision than their arrows could.

What the family didn't know was that the kids were already placing everyone in positions they were the best. From the towers, there would be a fire unit. This would be handled by Dan and some other Muggels who had been in the army.

Goblins would be the fighting force that would go hand on hand combat. They were not the first but would be when trolls and Giants would be walking into the battlefield. The friends would be all over the place and would be fighting in every battle.

This was it again for this week. See you all in two weeks.

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