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(BSC 6 C15) C206 Let's get things straight.

Amelia was walking towards the friends as she looked at how Harry and Bella did another dive. Their cutting curse went in a straight line ahead of them. They were followed by the others. Their cutting curses were not as strong or deep as those from Harry or Bella but they did the trick. Then they did a cross attack and after it a circle.

As Amelia stopped at the side she really saw what they were doing. From the air, it looked like just some drills. Now that she stood on the ground she could clearly see what they were doing. Their cutting curses went at angles into the ground. If people were there then they would be killed. If they used it on giants then they would not be killed. To them, it would look like scratches from a cat.

Harry and Bella were the best in the air so for them to teach them how to do it was a good idea. As she gazed at the other side she saw something they had not seen from the tower. Daphne and Susan were training about twenty of their fighters in fighting Goblin style. When she turned to look at Neville and Hermione she heard a canon blast. They all stopped and rushed back to the castle where they would see the memory of the last fight. She looked at them go and jumped a meter in the air when Harry and Bella dropped next to her on the ground.

"What are you doing". she screamed again as she got her breathing under control.

"We are training the people who are going to fight for us".

"Not that. but showing them and all the others the memory, and what are you going to do with it when you take it back" Amelia said.

"They need to know aunty," Susan said as she hugged her aunt. "When they are done we will go to the Veelas and show it to them".

Amelia stopped and pulled Susan's head in her hands as she pulled it up far enough to look her in the eyes. "What is the end goal of doing this".

"They look, see, learn and listen. When they know what they can do, We will also show them what we will do to protect them. After it they can join us or leave. If they don't then it is bye, bye birdie".

Amelia gave a sigh. "So you are going to ruffle some feathers".

Susan looked up at her aunt. "Ruffle some feathers. That's a good one we have to remember that".

Amelia growled and looked at her niece. "I'm going with you just like Grandmere, and Gabrielle". Amelia looked at her shoulder as she saw the little black beady eye of Gabrielle in her Phoenix form looking at her. "Yes. I know you too wanted to come and so we will be going. There will also be backup not visible but there will be some because I will not let you handle it again without it". "Harry huffed but swallowed when he saw Amelia looking at him with that one piercing look. "So let's go and see who will be with us at the battle and who will be running for the hills". The friends all laughed as they walked after Amelia and in front of her. Amelia had a good look and saw they were holding their own. She could see they were still in pain from the last battle because she knew what to look for. If she didn't know then she would not have seen it. It was one of the things she would have to tell the others about.

In the mess hall on the other side of Hogwarts. Amelia and the friends were looking on while they were standing between the doors. They looked on as everybody was looking at the memory of the fight. It was now that most of them saw the men of Grindelwald for the first time. Others who had been there in the first war looked on and saw the same thing they had seen at that time. When they saw the kid's heads hanging on the bow of the boat. It was not a boat they had seen it on but on the buildings they had fought before or around. Everyone could hear the older people telling them how it had been during that time and that this was just like those horrible times so long ago.

When the fight stopped the memory of Amelia took over. She stood on it to show just how far the kids would go for them. Seeing them fight was one thing. Seeing them being almost defeated told a whole other story. She had learned from Mad-Eye a real lesson. When people see you win, you will have people follow you to the end. When people see you lose. Then the only ones who believe in you, are the ones that will follow you anywhere. She looked on and after her memory, she could see that lesson more clearly than ever.

At first, she wanted to rush up onto the podium where she could scream at them all. but stopped when she saw Mad-Eye doing it for her. His one eye looked at her and the friends while his magical eye went all over the people in the room. He slammed his staff on the floor and let out a scream. "For all of you who want to get out, get out now. If you are only here to be among the winning team then you have it wrong. We will win the war but we will also lose like everyone. You have seen it a moment ago. They are not holding back and neither will we. If you fight with us you might lose. you might die. Hell, you might not even make it to the fight at all. We are under the same conditions. As you can see they took the first fight. They took it and almost lost. They could have been as those two Dark ones end send you before them but they didn't. They took the fight themselves and went ahead of you all. This was to show you they will go all the way. So you are with us and fight, or you get out of here now".

To the shock and horror of the friends, almost a hundred people got to their feet and started to walk out. They were taken by the elves and apparated away. They just stood there as one after the other walked by them looking at the floor. They had done it all for all of them. They had wanted to do right by them all and gave them everything they could. But now they were all walking away from them. Not one had the decency to look them in the eye and say why they did it. It was a real blow and they just didn't know how to deal with it.

"Walk with me now," Mad-Eye told them as he walked by.

With a lot of disbelief at what just happened, the friends just couldn't think, so they just walked after him. They were just following him but hadn't an idea why. Mad-Eye walked down the hallway and into an empty classroom. When they had all walked in he closed the door behind himself and Amelia. The friends stood in a half-circle and were looking down. It had been a huge blow to them to see them all walk away and leave them just standing there.

"Heads up" Mad-Eye screamed. With a snap, they all looked up with a little fear. "So some walked out on you, good thing I say. In every war, you will have some who are not fit to fight. What you just have done is get rid of them in a clean way. I know it is hard. I also know it is a blow to you all. But they would have stopped you or would have been in your way. But without them, you could be better, all of you".

None of the friends could say a thing and just looked at Mad-Eye as he stood before them hanging over his staff. It was clear they just could not see it his way and were taking the loss hard. So Amelia stepped in. "Do you all remember who walked by you as they left" and they all nodded at her slowly? "Were they any good at training". This time they shook their heads. "Would you have placed them in a key role"?

"No, if it was up to us, they would have been left behind and only be used to clean up the mess that would have been left behind. They were all terrible in every way you can think of. They were only with us to feel important" Susan said in a disgusting way. "Always asking about how good they were and how well they did. None of them had been any good to have on our side". Susan stopped and got big eyes as she looked at her Aunty. "We are better off without them" and she started to smile.

"Good lass" Mad-Eye told her. "Let the assholes walk and win the war with winners. There will always be some who can't take it, and some who can. Now you can focus on what needs to be done and have the right people in the right place".

"Good," Amelia said. " Now before we go to the Veela hideout, you will tell us what you were about to do so we can go with you".


Grindelwald was walking through the infirmary at Malfoy manor. He had the ministry in his hands but not Diagon Alley. The men of Voldemort were doing a great job of scaring them away. Still, it was never enough and to tell the truth he was afraid of what would happen. Most of his men were laying in there. To his anger, they were closer to death than to the living. Those brats had done a real job on them. The others of them had arrived this morning and were startled by the state Walter was in. He was their leader and not because he was handed the job. No, he was their leader because he earned it just like Potter had done among his followers.

The look they had when they saw him was enough to go all the way. He walked out of the infirmary after a good look and into a room where he could look out of the window. When the men of Walter had seen him they went right to work. They were training and they were training hard. In all those years they never had lost a battle and Walter had always been the one who had been left standing.

When they saw him after he had been taken down they knew they had a battle at hand. When they heard it had been kids it frightened them. Merlin, it had scared him and he had known those kids for the last five years. He knew they could do magic and he knew they were good. But this good he would have never thought. How they had trained in secret and how they had kept it from him was something he had to salute. When they had told them about the goblin war they had been in. He just didn't believe it. Now however he had to. It was that skill they got from it or they would never have the power to take Walter and his men to the fight they had.

Now they were training the Death Eaters and he was sure they were training at Hogwarts too. He was sure he would have his work cut out for him but the rest would be rubbish he was sure of that.


It was just somewhere next to a forest in Scotland that they found the camp of the Veelas that had joined Grindelwald and Voldemort. Emma parked the Ferarri on the corner as Dan stopped the city bus they had borrowed from the bus company. Well, they borrowed it while they were looking all over for it. With magic, they had expanded it to make room for about another hundred people. It was the way to take the Veelas out of here when they wanted to. If not well Grindelwald could clean up the mess.

Harry got off the bus and stepped in front of the gate. As he looked from left to right he saw that they were surrounded by a forest. All of his friends stepped next to him and a couple of Adults stood by the bus. The only ones that were with him were the grandmas. Appoline, Fleur and Gabrielle in her Fenix form. "How long do you think it will take before they realize we are here". Susan asked just before she was pushed to the ground by Hermione as a fireball rushed over her head.

"I think they realized we are here," Hermione told her.

"You don't say," Susan said as she rolled to the left and Hermione to the right to avoid another fireball.

Three avian forms came down on them from out of the air and Harry just stood there with Daphne and Bella at his side. Gabrielle picked his ear and Harry just lifted his hands just like Bella and Daphne did.

A dome appeared and the three avian forms bounced off the dome. When the three of them dropped to the ground the gate opened. Fireballs rained down on them from the other side but just like the Avians, they bounced off the dome. The three scrambled to their feet and just stood there as other Fireballs appeared in their hands. Slowly they started to walk towards the friends as they dropped the dome. The second the dome dropped fireballs flew from their hands and went straight at the target.

Gabrielle spread her wings and opened her mouth. A ball of flames twice as big as their fireballs flew from her mouth and sucked up the balls. It went on and died out just an inch from the Veelas. Other balls were formed but they were kept in the hands. Gabrielle landed on the ground as light surrounded her. It took a minute but it was enough for Appoline to conjure a blanket to wrap around her.

The friends were a little confused at what was happening but when the light disappeared they all saw a black-haired woman standing there radiating some kind of magic from her hair. She turned on the spot making her hair dance all around in the air. When she got to a stop on her second spin she looked at her friends. "And what do you think, do you think I'm 'ot".

"Gabrielle" Hermione stuttered as she looked at the woman standing before her. The time had been right and Gabrielle had gone through her chance. She was still too young for a normal Veela. But with the magic of a Veela and the queen of the Veelas. She had made her transition and had turned back to look at the other Veelas. "I'm here to tell you to step down, or I and we will end you".

"We and I" Hermione mumbled.

Gabrielle gave her a look over her shoulder and just smiled. Two Veelas rushed at her with claws out ready to strike Gabrielle down. When their claws came down they were just stopped by two swords. One big and one short. These Veelas weren't in their avian form and just looked at their claws that were stopped in the air. "Don't think about turning because your heads will be rolling before the first feather appears" Bella snapped. "She is your queen if you like it or not. But hurt her and we will kill you right here where you stand".

With their claws suspended in the air, they looked from Bella and Harry to the others around Gabrielle and saw them all standing ready with weapons in their hands. Their claws retracted and the weapons were put away. One claw reappeared as did the weapons. One of the Veelas shook her head as she pulled the other away slowly. Harry and Bella kept standing there with their weapons drawn and protecting Gabrielle in the best way they could. Hermione stepped around them and asked for the head Veela.

An old Veela, that was only seen by the way she moved stepped in front of them. The closer she got the more her Allure was radiating more and more. The one thing that did surprise her was that none of them started to drool or gape at her as a fish. When she was almost by them she felt another Allure slammed against hers. Slowly she looked up and her Allure dropped. "Shannon," she said in astonishment.

"Mabel, still thinking you are all that," Grandmere said as she stepped from behind Gabrielle and the friends. Slowly she placed her hands on the shoulders of Gabrielle and looked at Mable who had dropped her Allure completely. "As you can see they are not keeping your queen against her will and we haven't yet struck at you. So you listen to these kids or it might not end too well for any of you".

Mabel huffed and looked down her nose at the kids. Before she opened her mouth there was a flame ball hovering in front of her eyes above the hand of Gabrielle. This ball of flames was bigger than any fireball she had ever seen. The heat that came from the ball made her step back. It was right at that moment one of the other Veelas jumped in front of Gabrielle and slammed her claw at her head.

Two seconds of silence took hours in their minds. The claw went down and it shined in the sunlight. Just when it was about to strike the Veela was slammed to the ground by a redhead. After three blows the Veela was out and Ginny looked back at the others. "Just like old times," she said and smiled.

Harry erected a shield and all the Veelas who had tried to attack Ginny slammed against it. "Now listen up. I have here a couple of memories and a Pensive here for you to use. Now I will not be joining you and neither will the others. Grandmere and Apolline will. I expect them to return with the memories in full health. If one hair on their heads is out of place if one word of them is bad. I will not hold back and all of you will be put down". It was right after it he let go of a cutting curse that split a tree in half. It took an amount of power and the Veelas immediately knew he was not to be messed with. Right after it he dropped to the ground and sat down.

Everyone that was with them did the same but Minerva conjured a couple of chairs for her and Augusta.


One of the junior Death Eaters was walking into Hogsmead. He was there to see how the place was protected. He could not see any and knew it would be a good thing for him to tell his master. Still, he had just arrived and could do nothing. It might still be a trap so he had to find out more. He Appeared back to Malfoy manner and told what he had found out so far to Lucius.

Lucius got a twinkle in his eye and knew he had to do the next thing by himself. His Lord hated him because Narcissa had left them and she had the inside of Potter none ever had. He knew where she was and he could not get to her now. He also knew his Lord knew where she was. But the problem was how to get her back to their side. He was sure Harry had brainwashed her in some way. But now he had the chance to get back onto the good side of his masters. He would go to Hogsmead and see for himself if everything was okay for an Attack.

So after a minute, he walked into the town of Hogsmead. The first thing he passed was the Hogshead. He thought back at all the good times he had in that bar. So just for old-time sake he walked into that bar and got a drink just like old times. He just walked in like he owned the place and ordered himself a fire whiskey. He sat down and looked at how Abaforth filled up his glass and levitated it to him. He laughed on the inside as he had a daydream of how Abeforet would be killed by him when they would attack this place. The one thing he didn't see was the muggle button Abeforth pushed behind his bar.

After thirty minutes and seven fire whiskeys later. Lucius left the bar, well he tried. He stepped out and stumbled back a little. He stepped out again and stumbled back against the doorpost. Then he did it and walked out of the bar. He fumbled with his wand and lifted his coat where the wand was in his pocket. Plop the wand was loose and he pointed it to himself. This Sobering charm wasn't foolproof but it did the trick, for now.

Still stumbling but a little clearer he walked on looking around. There were no guards, no one walking around looking for people like him. He didn't even see any of them peeping around the curtains. These People were ready for the picking. At Honeydukes he stumbled in. He was hungry and thought about his boy. Is little Draco who was probably dead, killed by that Potter boy. "I WILL KILL YOU POTTER" he screamed. When he did it he looked around and giggled like a little girl. No one had seen him and he walked on.

He walked around madam Puddifoots and stumbled on. He got to the three broomsticks and thought it was time for another drink. So he went in and had another seven of them. When he grabbed his cane he missed and kept on grabbing. He stumbled from his chair.

Rosemerta looked over the bar and smiled when she saw him snoring while le lay on the floor. It was now her turn to push the muggle button under her bar. Ten minutes later it was Narcissa that walked into the bar with Lily, Isabella and Alice next to her. James and Sirius had gone along with Amelia and Nolwenn to the Veelas so it was just her and these women.

As they all looked at Lucius who was softly snoring away, Lily started to smile. They were not allowed to hurt him or do something that was seen as an attack on him. This was because the friends had said they would only react when they did an attack. They did not say they couldn't have any fun. Slowly she took out a note she got from the friends and placed it on the bar. After it, she took out her wand and cut away the left side of his hair making him bold on one side.

"Narcissa smiled and spelt his hands in a way that his fingers would be sticking together making him unable to hold on to anything. Even his wand.

It was now Isabella who stepped forward and placed a big pacifier into his mouth.

Alice smiled as she cut away his clothes and replace them with a diaper. So it was time for Narcissa to do the next bit. She conjured a bib with the words Had a drink at Rosy.

Rosmerta had looked on and took the noteƧ that Lily had placed on the bar. She almost laughed out loud. "have any of you read this little letter". the four women shook their heads as Rosmerta laughed a little louder. "Well listen to this".

To Mr Old guy and Snake face.

Now we do know that this was not an attack.
You just send someone to check.
If we were all here.
Or if we were not.

To see if you could pay a visit.
And we are sorry we just missed it.
We were not here to read you.
But we will be here when you do.

So don't go far and take this present.
We have just wrapped it up and sent it.
We are watching you.
around every corner and in every way.

If you do attack we will be waiting
and kill you and spell your bodies away.

Your nightmare.

PS: the next time this will be seen as an attack.

All of them laughed as Alice pulled out the Portkey Narcissa had made. She knew where the throne of Voldemort stood and also the one of Grindelwald. So she made sure Lucius would drop right in front of them. With a sticking charm, they placed the note on his forehead and were about to throw the Portkey on him.

"Stop," Rosemerta said as she rushed around the bar. With her wand on his lower half, she placed a bowel movement spell on him and he would lose it all when he got back home. "Now do it".

"Snot," Lily asked and the little house elf appeared next to her. "Can you go with him and give us the Memory when they see him". Snot nodded with a sickening smile on his little face. Narcissa threw the Portkey on him and Lucius disappeared from the spot he was lying.


It had taken an hour for the Veelas to look at the memories Harry had given them. When they walked out again. Apolline and Grandmere were walking in front. Harry stepped up to them and looked over their shoulders as Grandmere whispered in his ear. She just moved her lips without any sound but the fear the Veelas got when his wand slipped into his hand told them enough.

Apolline and Grandmere stepped behind them as Gabrielle stepped between Daphne and Bella. Harry was still in front but that was only because he was the fastest with a shield charm if he had to. As all of the Veelas dropped to a knee, Harry stepped back. Gabrielle stepped to the front and gazed down at the one who had attacked them first.

"We are sorry my queen. We have seen the memories and we have learned our lessons. We have talked to your grandmother and mother. We have been blind to see there were good men left. We were blind to see that some could be good and could behave when they were under our spell. Your family has shown us the other way. We really thought he was corrupting you and just didn't know it could be the other way. Now we have seen it and also what he has done for all of us. If you will have us we want to return and stand at your side".

Gabrielle stepped forwards and pulled the head of the Veela in a hug. None of them had any hatred for the Veela because they all knew they had been brainwashed by some of them. As Gabrielle pushed her at arm's length, she had to ask. "Why, who, and where are the ones that told you Harry was keeping me, prisoner?".

The Veela looked down. "They have dropped us here and told us they would come back when the war or Battle started. That was six weeks ago".

"So they dropped you here and when you succeed or if you were killed they would come back," Gabrielle asked in a knowing way.

"That is the sound of it, yes" the Veela mumbled. The next thing she did was to get closer to Gabrielle as she hid from the magic that was washing over her. This magic was angry and it frightened her.

"Stop it, Harry," Gabrielle said over her shoulder.

"I'm doing nothing".

"Then you stop it, Bella," Gabrielle told over her shoulder. "You are scaring the Veelas, but they are not the ones you are mad about".

"Sorry," Bella mumbled.

"No, you are not," Gabrielle told her with a laugh. She pushed the Veela back again and looked over her shoulder to the others. "You can all come with me to Potter castle. There we will see what you all want to do. You can join us and help in the war with the others. You can also go back to the colony and tell the others they didn't need you. If they order you back you send for me" Gabrielle told her.

"Why don't you flash there right now? With my magic, you can take them and I promise you they will be cowering at your feet when you show up" Harry told Gabrielle. "If you do, then don't take the old Veela back with you. I want her to be safe at Potter castle. I don't trust the others to do something to her when you leave" Harry said as he looked at the others.

"Can I come?" Bella said before anyone else could say it.

Gabrielle nodded and changed back into her Fenix form as she flashed away after she took hold of the shoulder from Bella.

"I can't believe she had a burning day and all thanks to your magic," The Veela said as she saw Gabrielle flash away. Harry and the others just smiled, while Astoria was moping a little.

"What is wrong with you," Daphne said as she punched the shoulder of her sister a little. "Didn't get to fight anyone". Astoria just nodded her head.


Grindelwald was sitting next to Voldemort. He knew some of his Death Eaters were going all over England to see how those brats were protecting the places. He had not seen any of them yet but he was expecting some of them any moment. This had been his idea and he was hoping he could make a surprise attack so he could see if the training had worked.

Any moment now and he would know where he could attack and see what his men were really made of. POP. Lucius appeared right in front of him. Walter who had just walked in saw Lucius lying there and doubled over from laughing. "Is this your best man?" He asked Voldemort.

Grindelwald reach down and took the note from the belly of Lucius. The moment he did the spell from Rosemerta released and the chamber was filled with a smell that went with it. Snot popped away a minute later or he would be as sick as all the others were. It would be the best memory for their next Christmas.

when he popped back he gave Lily the memory and popped away again. Lily took it and turned to the window. Harry and the others had just come back and were already at it. They had told them about Lucius. They had a laugh but the friends didn't, they went right outside and started to train again. As her mother walked into the room she just had to ask. "Why do they do that".

Minerva stepped next to her and looked out the same window. "They are leading this war and everything Grindelwald and Voldemort do is an attack on them. They are planning to make it a short one that is why they asked for a battle at Hogwarts".

"They do know the castle and grounds better than anyone" Lily laughed but there was no real humour in it. "Mum, why do they have to do it why can't we".

"Lily dear. We have messed up big time. Before the last war, during the last war and after it. We all knew Grindelwald had brought a lot of people new ideas. It created a lot of dark wizards. At that time the witches were still kept behind. Now we did take care of a lot of them but we also closed our eyes to many. It was how Riddle took on a new name. When he came back we had the signs and we could all see them so clearly. Albus was with us but he was changing. It is clear Grindelwald was working with him and we just didn't see it. Or we chose not to see it".

Lily looked at her and wanted to say something, but Minerva stopped her. "NO, you were not to blame. You were still in school when it started. What I'm talking about was way before it. This Riddle boy started to gather his followers when he was in school and after it. He started after the second war and stayed quiet for a couple of years. I met Harry Maconagall when he started again. When I lost him I lost you a couple of weeks later. After it, I started to work at Hogwarts. He came around one time for a job but Albus didn't give it to him. I think now that Grindelwald had already taken his place by then. It was when you were at Hogwarts the war started. You came by the Order and you had the right instinct. You and Alice took it for what it was and wanted to fight fire with fire. We didn't and that cost us in the end. We lost you and James. We lost Alice and Frank for fourteen long years. We lost so many people by not fighting fire with fire".

She took Lily in a one-arm hug and pointed out the window. "They have learned it all and started to fight fire with fire from the moment they left the Hogwarts express. Even when they started we were sceptic and wanted to stay on the outside like when had done all those years. They didn't and went in head first. From that first time they all said they were going to win it, whatever it takes. Lucius just gave them another reminder that it is a war that can start at any moment. So they have sworn to be prepared and the last fight had been hard on them. They were close to losing it and it lighted a fire we haven't even seen. Those heads on the bow of that boat was the drop to push them over. They are mad and that big guy is the one they want to take down. We all have our numbers. I have dips in Grindelwald, Narcissa on Lucius and so on. But that one man was their leader and if he goes they all go".

"Shouldn't we be training with them"?

"Not now Lily. They are doing this to get their anger out of their system. The last fight is still hard on them and they will not stop until they are ready. If we step in we will have a fight we can't win".

"But they have been at it for the last nine hours. We have to stop them or they will overdo it. Can't you stop them".

"NO, not even I can do that. There is only one who can do it and she is walking towards them right now" Minerva said with a smile as Lily hung closer to the window.

Poppy was rushing to the group of friends and placed two fingers between her lips. She let go of a piercing whistle. The training stopped and they all turned to Poppy. "You get into bed right now. Or I swear on Merlin that I will stuff you all so full with the draft of the living dead that you all will be out for the rest of the war".

"But Poppy".

"GET, NOW," she screamed.

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