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(BSC 6 C17) C208 Three days later part one.

It was three days later that the family and the others were sitting around the big pensive. They all had been out on their own individual tasks and were now here to share their findings. Everyone was ready to see what they could do to make their odds more in their favour. David knew all too well that every time the family gathered around a pensive. The memories were not always the easiest to swallow. He also knew about something the friends had not told the family yet. So he placed a couple of bottles of fire whiskey on the table. Some of the others people just looked at him when he did it. When he looked back at them and counted the number of people, he asked a house elf to place another couple of bottles next to the one he placed himself.

Harry stood and knew it would be a hard day for some of them. He had a whole row of little test tubes with memories placed into them. Even Andromeda had placed one between them as did the Veelas and others. So as he asked for all of them to take a chair and sit around the memory he could start with the first. When he asked the who wanted to be the first, a Veela raised her hand. "It is not really a revelation or something like that. But is to tell you all what we have done and how ready we are" she said.

Harry nodded and was happy that some were willing to show him what they all had done.

Memorie one

So Daphne placed the memories in the pensive and started the first one. As it started they could clearly see the Veela walking from the Veela spa to the places where they were preparing things for the war. Next to her was Poppy, she was getting the tour so to say. As they looked closely they could see it wasn't the memory from the Veela, but the memory from Poppy.

Slowly they walked to the greenhouses. As they walked through them they saw vegetables, herbs plants and flowers. It was all growing beautifully and they could also see that it was from the beginning to the final stages of each plant and herb. The Veela walked on and went into the kitchen where they saw Werewolves and Veelas preparing the food. Vampires were placing it in bottles, cans and all kinds of other things. The next step was a cooling charm and a shrinking charm. When she walked passed a closet they saw little boxes stacked up on each other. "We have about four million packages to pass out," the Veela told them all. Each one of them can feed a family of four for a month.

Slowly the memories went on and the Veela walked from the kitchens into the laboratory. Poppy looked around and saw kettles of potions all around her. As Poppy looked on they could hear her say "Wolfsbane, Scaringcreame, Skele-Gro and so on. There was another closet and it was filled with all kinds of shelves with little bottles. "Enough to last us almost a year of your battles," Poppy said as she looked at the friends with a smile that said it all.

Poppy was still walking next to the Veela as they went to the last place, especially for the friends. As the door was opened Poppy looked into the mess hall. In the corner, there was one spot that was blacked out. Daphne pointed at it but Poppy immediately told her it would be in another memory. So Daphne nodded and looked on. There wasn't much to see until you looked closer. The dream they had at the start was visible from the door. It was on a small scale but it was still there. Veelas were eating next to werewolves. While Veelas were eating a platter of salads. the werewolves were biting into a rear stake. A Vampire was sucking on a muggle medical bag filled with Bood. "Is that" Hermione started?

"Yes, it is," Poppy told her. "It is human blood that was donated to a muggle blood bank. It was frozen and placed with an expiration date. Now the one running the disposal of the blood is a Vampire. She takes it all and brings it to a Vampire food bank. Those are also run by Vampires and they delivered them all over the place so vampires don't have to hunt for themselves. Now the blood they are using is contaminated in one way. Some had a disease or did not have enough blood cells in them. To A vampire it is not a problem to drink it, but for a sick Muggle, it is. The best picture was the table where a Gnome, Goblin, Vampire and a Nympf were playing a card game. It was right after that the memory stopped.

End Memory one.

While Daphne took the memory out of the Pensive, she had a little smile on her face. It was the same thing all the others had on theirs. Madeye had watched from the corner as he too nodded with something that looked like a smile. "You have all done well. You set out to get all of them to work together and here you have seen it. It is something that has not been seen since the time of the founders. It was in their time the first bridges were built. They were brought down by those who came after them. But you have started it all again and you are building even more than they ever could. We have seen the start of it at the parties we had here at Potter castle but now you all see it for real.

David looked over his shoulder at the bottles of fire whiskey he had placed there before it all started. They had just watched the first memory and he didn't need it. Still, he knew it would not take long before they did. As David looked back Daphne placed another memory into the Pensive.

Memory two.

As they all saw it start they could see it was from Nolwenn. She was walking with Narcissa down the path to the compounds on the Pefferell estate. They crossed the greenhouses as they walked on passed the houses. They were heading to the mass hall. "Why are we going to the mass hall," Narcissa asked.

"I'm not sure but Luna told me we had to go there" Nolwenn answered her.

"But I can't go there. Harry told me I had to stay away until he told me it was alright to go back. My son is there".

"I know sweetheart. But Harry had told Luna that she had to look out for him when the time was right and Luna told me the time was right today" Nolwenn told her as she took her arm in her own. "I have talked to Harry and the others about Draco. They told me they were keeping an eye on him. They also told me he was doing better than they thought he would in this short of time".

Narcissa stopped and looked sideways at Nolwenn. She got a little frown on her face as she let the words ring out to her again in her mind. "But what did they want him to do. There is nothing here that will tell him not to be the spoiled brat he was with his father".

Nolwenn shook her head a little. "You are right, there is nothing here to tell him not to be the spoiled brat. But there is also nothing that tells him he could get away with it if he was. Do you think the friends would leave him in a place where his words, WHEN MY FATHER HEARS ABOUT THIS will do him any good"?

Again Narcissa frowned and thought about the words Nolwenn told her. She knew Nolwenn was right. There would be no one who would give him any thought if he went on like he had been doing. "But what is it the friends wanted him to see or learn here?"

"That I do not know and Luna has not told me anything about it. The only thing she had told me was that today was the day and I had to be with you when you went here". There was nothing more that Nolwenn could tell her so she hoped Narcissa would just walk with her and she too could find out what it was they had to find out.

When they rounded the corner they saw Poppy walking in from the other door. It was now that Narcissa saw for the first time the thing the friends wanted to accomplice with the mass hall. Every person they had working here, was sitting together, eating together and drinking together. She even saw four of them playing a game. When she wanted to look closer her look went from that table to the one in the corner. There she saw it, that blond boy who was sitting with his back towards her.

It didn't take Narcissa long to realize that, that young boy was her son Draco. Slowly she started to walk to the table and looked at the way he was sitting next to a girl. He was holding her hand and she was looking at him with some kind of love. When she was close enough Narcissa stopped and called out his name. Draco turned around and immediately held the girl behind his back as he jumped to his feet. The girl wasn't as fearful of her as he might have thought but her look told Narcissa she appreciated it. "MUM" Draco screamed in surprise.

Narcissa wanted to step closer but Nolwenn pulled her back. She stepped closer to Narcissa and whispered into her ear. "She is a werewolf, she has been turned five years ago. She has been taught by her brother, as well as he could. Now she was getting lessons from retired teachers that are working here. Her brother is at Hogwarts to fight for all of us".

Narcissa gave a nod and set down on a chair a table away from her son. "I approve," she told him as she gazed at her son and the girl.

The girl stepped around Draco and walked over to Narcissa. Draco wanted to stop her but she shrugged his arm away as she stepped closer to Narcissa. As she stopped she looked at the chair that was next to the one Narcissa was sitting on. She indicated it with her hand and Narcissa nodded. As she sat down she looked at her closely. "I'm a werewolf do you have a problem with it".

"Why would I," Narcissa said as Draco and the girl looked on in surprise. "Once I did, but like many of us here I have been put straight". She went from looking at the girl to Draco. "You have been straightened out too, or are you still thinking like your father".

Draco turned back and sat back down. "I don't know anymore. I have seen a lot of things here and it is not what I have been taught. I have heard and seen things that were more human than I ever knew". Narcissa nodded and gave a nod to the girl sitting next to her. "Yes, mother, I have learned the other way".

"So Potter taking you here is not as bad as it was for a scarface, was it," Narcissa told him.

The Girl turned to Draco. "What does she mean by Potter and scarface," she demanded.

Narcissa knew instantly that she said something the girl didn't know. She wanted to stop it but Nolwenn prevented her from doing it. Nolwenn came closer and whispered into her ear. "This is a good time to see if he has learned anything from being here".

Draco sat down and looked at the girl before he looked at the ground. "It is something I have not told you yet. But my father was and is the right hand of Voldemort". The Girl stood and wanted to walk away but Narcissa grabbed her hand and pulled her back down. She did not say a thing but the Girl knew instantly that Narcissa had a meaning for asking it. Draco had seen nothing of it because he was still looking down as he went on. I never knew any different and everything he taught me was the way a follower of him had to be, or behave. Meaning I always thought I was better because I was a pureblood. It was my right as a pureblood and I was entitled to everything". The Girl growled a little and it made Narcissa look at her with a little smile. Draco looked up and immediately held up his hands in surrender. "I never knew any better until he had come back. The things I had to do were things I always thought, was the way they had to be done. But the more I saw the more I realized it wasn't right. I just didn't know how to stop it. Lord Potter had seen it and he had told me I could get out and he would help me if I asked for it".

It was now that the girl saw Draco had a hard time and she stepped to him and hugged him closely. "So you asked him for his help to get out".

Draco shook his head from left to right. The Girl let go of him and looked oddly at him. She was clearly wondering that if he had not asked for his help then how did he get here? As she stepped back he grabbed her and pulled her into his arms. She did freeze up a little but relaxed almost immediately after it.

"I don't know what happened, I did ask him to get me out but it was just because I was afraid. I didn't think differently about all of it. I still thought I was this pureblood that was entitled to it all. Somehow Lord Potter saw through it or he just knew I did not mean it, but Lord Potter made it so, that he got me out of there. He had my Uncle take me here". Draco gave a deep sigh. When he looked up they could all see the sorrow in his eyes "I was literally dumped into this compound and had to join in or I would not last. At first, I was terrified by all the werewolves around me. and also by all the others people, I was taught to see as lesser beings. It was one of the muggle men that took me along and told me all he himself had seen and learned. It was hard for me to not sneer at him and treat him like dirt as I have been taught by my father. But by just listening to him I realized we weren't so different after all. He showed me those rooms and also the one that would be my own where I could stay if I wanted to be alone. It is what I did for the first week, no food no anything. The muggle at the time. Donald was his name but I learned that later, brought me food at night".

"It was then that I learned that I had to go to the mess hall to get food, and if I wanted to buy things I had to work for money. Now I never had to work before and for me, this was a prison. But it was the only thing that kept me alive".

"How do you mean" The girl just asked as she sat down on his lap.

This time Draco looked up at the girl and at his mother. He saw her sitting with the hand from Nolwenn in hers and for the first time, he gave her a little smile. "Like I said I was raised to be like my father and to follow Voldemort. I was taught everything from the bad things about werewolves and so on. At first, I wanted it, until I killed my first muggle by accident. It was at that point I didn't like what I had become. So I wanted out but if I had said it to my father he would have me killed on the spot. If my father didn't kill me, then Voldemort would have done it. So at that moment, my uncle took me out of there, I knew it had been Potter and his friends who had done it. So I knew I had to work here because they would have expected it of me or I would have been sent back. Like I told you for me it was a prison because I was taught that I would have people who would have worked for me. At least that was how it started. As days went by I learned to look at the people around me and it was then I saw the humans and not the beasts. The friends had been right and Voldemort had been wrong. It is the way you go about it and it has opened my eyes". Draco smiled again and looked right at the girl. "It is also why I learned that you only have a problem for one night a month, nothing else. If my mother is okay with it I want to make you my wife".

The girl got big eyes and looked from Draco to Narcissa. Narcissa just nodded as she watched the girl throw herself at Draco Kissing him deeply. After a moment they stopped and looked at her. "I want to tell you that I'm now in a relationship with this lovely girl next to me. Your father has".

"Stop mom. I know it is one of the things I have learned from the Veelas. They have told us stories about how they were treated by men. I realized that my father had done the same with you. You have been abused so I know men would scare you. I will have to get used to it but if you can respect a werewolf by my side. How can I do any less for you? I'm sorry how I have treated you all that time".

End memory two.

They all looked around as Narcissa rushed from friend to friend kissing each of them on the cheeks. By Harry, she stopped and waited for him to hug her. She had her son back and he was in love with a normal girl. He even started to see muggles as normal. He had even told her to tell them he was sorry for what he had done. If he would ever see them he would do it again in person. That was what she told them all.

Again, David looked at the bottles and knew it would not be long before they would all take the first drink. The one thing he knew and the Adults knew that went with one of the friends was that they had planned it all out before they all went. With everything that could happen.

Daphne had placed the second Memory back and took the third memory from the row of memories. She placed it into the pensive and looked at the others. "This one will be the one with Amelia, Serius, James, Lily and Alice.

Memory three.

Amelia had left by Floo to the Leaky Cauldron. The others were going to wait there as she went to the Muggle phone booth to see if it still worked. She wasn't going to use it but she wanted to see if they were using it as a trap. If they did then a lot of muggle-borns might walk or have been walking into a trap if they used it. Sure thing, when she took the horn from the phone she heard the welcoming voice of the ministry talking to her. So it was clear to her that the thing was still being used. After she had placed a notice me not charm on it she went back to the others.

"And what have you found out," Sirius asked.

"Well it is still in use so I think we might find a lot of Muggle-borns in the holding cells. I know we can get the House-elves to get them out but we have to have proof of what is done to them and how they are kept. When the war is over I want all of them to pay for what they have done. So we three will go to the cells and Lily and Alice will go to the Unspeakable offices.

Daphne stopped the memory and started another one. This was still memory three but another part of it. As they all saw Amelia standing by the cells they looked up. "The ministry was deserted. We encountered about five of them but they were just working there and were no fighters. We brought them down and whipped their memory of seeing us. What they saw next were people sitting in the cells looking more, dead, than alive. While Amelia looked at all of them. James and Sirius called House-elves to take them to Hogwarts to be treated. The friends had already seen them so it was no surprise for them.

The Memory went on with the part from Alice and Lily.

For Lily and Alice, it started out fine. The few people they saw were taken out and wiped from their memory as well. It was then they got to the door."Do you think they are changing the locks every hour" Alice asked as she gazed at the door?

"It is something I would do. So we have to look for the key. You know back in the day they always had a tell for what they did so every Unspeakable could get in".

"The key is red and 512" Bella said as she looked at the memory. " Now it is orange and 750".

Lily and Alice looked at her. "How do you know it so fast".

"It is easy. If you look along the doors really fast and in the opposite way, you will see the number and the colour behind it".

Lily and Alice looked at the doors, for another couple of other times and they saw what Bella saw. "Sal Croaker is going to have a fit when he hears how easy it was to break his locks," Alice said as they finally went in. The rooms were destroyed and the deeper they walked the more it looked like a big fight had gone on. In a corner, they saw sal sitting. They rushed to him and were worried he had kicked the bucket so to say. When they got to him he pointed his wand at Lily. Before he knew it Alice had taken it away from him and pointed her own at his head.

Sal Croaker had to blink a few times to see who it was and started to smile. "It is a long time since I have seen a friendly face, hi Alice".

"What happened here," Lily asked as she started to look him over. She could not find any wounds so there hadn't been a fight as far as she could tell.

"Nothing yet, but when the ministry fell we locked ourselves in here and started to get everything out of it. In the meanwhile we made it look like there had been a big fight here. If they saw it they would not look for everything that is left behind".

"Why would you do that," Alice asked as she jumped between his words.

"Well, we knew that at any time they could break in and we saved everything we could. We did most of it and I was working on this room when you broke or got in". He looked closely at Lily. "Why are you here anyway. Don't you need to be with Potter preparing for the war".

Alice smiled, "Well, that is the reason why we are here. We are on a closer look at how the ministry is handled while it is in the hands of the Darkonce. It isn't much and if we could we had to take you all out of here".

"There is nothing you can do to get us out of here without them seeing us," Croaker said. But also frowned when he saw the both of them smile. "What is it you know that I don't?"

Before Croaker knew it he was looking at the ceiling of Hogwarts. As he looked around himself he was in a dungeon somewhere in a part he didn't know. As he looked in front of him he saw Amelia standing there with the other Unspeakebles. "As you can see the friends have found out we do not ward against House-elves. So they can pop in and out everywhere. And we have been too stupid to realize it for this long". Croaker shook his head from left to right as he looked at all the boxes the house elves brought in. It was everything, they themselves had placed in a special room, to take away when they could.

"Have you all arranged this, so we can work on it from here?" Croaker asked as he saw the others being popped in and starting to arrange everything to go on.

"No," Alice told him. "This has all been done by the friends. They even have a muggle plan to get everyone out of the ministry without spilling a drop of blood".

"How are they going to do that, we can't even do it".

This time Lily and Alice laughed and the only thing they said was you'll see, you'll see.

End of memory three.

As Daphne removed the memory they were all looking at the friends. The one thing they wanted to know more than anything was, what they could do to take care of the ministry. The friends just smiled as Daphne held out another memory. "We have already done it and we have placed the whole ministry under a Fidelius".

As Daphne dropped the memory into the pensive she just smiled as Neville stood. "When you see this memory think about the smell of rotten eggs".

Memory four.

It was the beginning of the evening of the third day. In a couple of hours, they would be looking at the memories of the family. Like always they had told them the biggest part, but not the whole story. Later tonight they would have the whole family looking at them and some would be really mad at them. It was the one thing they could count on. Like always they had talked to the one that had been there before and in this case, it was Amelia. "Amelia, What can we expect when we apparate into the Atrium".

Amelia looked and told him it could only be done by one and he could not be seen. So like always it was Harry who went first. He placed a gas mask on his face and covered himself with the Invisibility cloak. The moment he got into the Atrium he dropped a little muggle stinkbomb. He then gave his house elf the all clear and everybody dropped next to him. Harry laughed behind his mask and saw the others wearing the same. When he twirled his finger everybody went all over the place dropping little bombs everywhere.

As the Memory went on they could see all the friends sitting down against the wall and just looking to the side where the entrance of the ministry was located. It only took five minutes for the first employee to rush down the stairs with a bubblehead charm over his head. Some were only holding their hands over their nose looking greener than a Troll. None of them looked their way as they all rushed to the exit. After another twenty minutes, they did the revelation charm and saw that they were the only ones left, and it was done. The ministry was clear and it was all taken back in less than an hour. The only thing that was left to do was to hide it from everyone, until the end of the war.

End of memory four.

Croaker who had come with them just looked at it all with an open mouth. This had been kids and they not only cracked his colour and number code in a couple of seconds. But they had taken back the ministry without spilling a drop of blood. "Why didn't we ever think about any of this".

"You are a pureblood and Muggles are beneath you," Susan said.

"SUSAN AMELIA BONES" Amelia screamed.

"What, I said it before they are rubbing off on me, they are a bad influence" and Susan pointed her finger to her other friends.

"See Harry" Neville started. "I knew we were doing something right, If we could only rub off on the adults they would be better than us by now".

"I had the same dream Neville but I think it will turn into a nightmare if they would do our jobs. They don't talk like we do".

"The next thing everybody heard was a three-way AAUUWW as Neville, Harry and Susan rubbed their backsides. "One of these days I will show you all. When I'm the new minister I will put up a law that prevents brats like you to take the Pixy out of me" Amelia said. Sirius rubbed her back in a smoothing gesture but Amelia shrugged her hand away. "Don't you get in on this? You should have protected me from them but no, the big bad Grim is afraid of little kids" she told Sirius. Sirius opened his mouth but as he saw the same kid's smile he just closed it and took his loss. "DAMN, there goes another Gallion", while Susan held out her hand to her aunty. As she looked at Sirius she just shook her head. "I still have to work on you, you know. You have to fear me more than them. But one of these days I will do it" making Serius gulp. The moment Amelia said the words all the women looked over at their husbands telling them the same thing without any words.

Daphne stood for the next memory as David looked at the table with the bottles. It was again that some looked at him as if he was an Alcoholic. Some of them didn't know what would happen next. David didn't either but he knew the friends, plus he had seen a bloody Harry walking to Poppy with a big smile on his face. The Bloody part was something they were all getting used to, somehow, but seeing him with a smile was unnerving even for David.

Daphne dropped the next memory into the pensive and gazed around. "First of all, we the friends have been talking". Daphne saw the looks of the family and gave a small smile at all of them when she went on. "With the grandmas". This time she smiled even wider. "Now every one of us got missions for ourselves. But because we already knew what we would be doing we took some other tasks with us. Tasks we did not tell the others about".

As Daphne said the last words, David got to his feet and walked over to the table. He looked around himself and counted the number of Adults that were there. When he was done he lined up the glasses and filled every one of them. As he went to place the Bottle down he heard Minerva telling him to make it a Dubble for everyone. David shook his head and immediately asked for more bottles. They still had all the friends to go so this would be rough from now on.

Normally Susan would make a remark about them drinking all the time. But this time they did not because they all knew a lot would be happening from now on. Daphne had seen her father fill up the glasses and she went on. "Now we all did our part but we did it within a certain time. In those times we were ready to help others when they needed us. We all came to the spot where we were supposed to be at midnight. From there you will see the memories joining each other at certain times".

Daphne dropped Memory five and started it.

During the trips of Emma and Narcissa. They had found not only the Veelas but also the others. So when they had told all about them to the friends, all the friends made their separate plans and went with them. At Midnight they were all in place. Binoculars from dan in their hands. Everyone was sleeping and they were just looking on. Susan was sitting next to Bogrod with the Goblin warriors behind them.

As they looked on they did see that there had been a lot of Goblins sitting around a campfire. It was nothing like other Goblins. Normally they would be ruled and working in an organised fashion. "Bogrod, What do you think we can do to turn them around?".

"The Goblin way is to show them who is boss and who is the better Goblin. We fight and. You either get killed. Kill them yourself, or surrender".

Susan looked thoughtfully at Bogrod. "So if we show them a stronger opponent, they might surrender before they fight any of us".

This time it was Bogrod who looked thoughtfully at Susan. He knew he had to give her an answer but he wasn't sure if he should. He had seen that looked before and it told him he wasn't going to like the outcome. "If you show them from the start you were better, it might". When Susan sends off her own Patronus, Bogrod knew he gave her the wrong answer.

Nothing happened at first. A moment later there was another Patronus that only told them one thing Susan eight in the morning. It was followed by one that said ten by Daphne and so on. Bogrod did not understand what eight in the morning meant but at five to eight the others appeared before them by House elf apparition. All of the friends stood before him and took out a bottomless bag. As Bogrod looked on he could see them all starting to get dressed into the Goblin armour. "What in Goblin's name do you all think you are doing" he screamed at them.

"It is easy Bogrod" Susan started. "You told me and I told them. That if we fight they might surrender. They might give up or they might kill us". Bogrod shook his head and just looked at them walking away from him and right to the Goblin camp. He wanted to scream more things to them but he knew they would not listen to him, whatever he would scream. The sun was starting to glance above the tree line shining its light over the camp. At the side they held and Susan turned to Harry. "Well, what are you going to do".

"Me, No, this is your party. We are on later in the day. Now, it's your party and we are here to stand by you and kill some Goblins if we have to".

"And here I thought you didn't care," Susan told him.

Bogrod was walking behind them and just shook his head saying Minerva was going to kill him when they got back. As his warrior guards were walking behind him they were only looking on. The one thing they had learned from the friends was they went ahead and beyond. Some of them still didn't know why they were there and had a hard time fighting the Goblins they saw ahead of them. That was if they had to because the friends mostly went at it on their own. One of them grabbed their axe and was about to rush onto the battlefield when he saw Susan walking to the biggest one that was there, but before he got there he was stopped by Bogrod himself. "Let them go. we are only here to help if they need it". The only thing Bogrod heard was that they would never have any fun.

Susan walked ahead and stopped by the biggest Goblin that lay snoring on the ground. Slowly she banded down to one knee and held her metal ring against his throat. When he woke up she told him in a clear voice. "How about this? You think for a moment and stop being a part of the two losers. If you do you can stay out of the war. Or you can come with us, fight with us and get back the honour you lost".

It was hard for them to see if the Goblin showed fear. He put out his hand and took a sword. Susan stepped back and took a stand. "Now we will not fight like you all have been doing. This was an honest proposal so take it or we will fight. Now if you want to fight it will be one on one. After I kill you the others will get the same choice so what will it be".

While Susan was talking to the one Goblin. the others had woken up and were looking at what was happening. They had seen these humans and also the weapons they were holding. It wasn't hard to realize that this had been the group that had fought in the Goblin war. While the others looked at Bogrod to see it was really him. The one who looked at Susan didn't. He jumped up and swung his sword at Susan.

Susan went to one knee and blocked it with one of her rings. She swept her leg around in a circle. The Goblin jumped over it and came down at her. She blocked the sword again and threw out her other leg. This time it connected and the Goblin went down. Susan threw her ring at his head but it missed. The friends didn't know if it was on purpose but it could have been. They werned here to kill everyone who went against them. Sometimes they had to, bud they hoped it would be later on.

"I don't take orders from kids" the Goblin screamed and went for her head again.

Susan was being driven back and was only defending herself. She did strike but never for a real blow. Hermione wanted to jump in to help her but Bella grabbed her arm and pulled her back. "Don't. she has to do it and we only jump in when the final blow is heading her way. Until that time she had to do it herself".

What followed was a scream of pain when Susan went down. The goblin jumped up and brought the tip of his sword down. Susan swatted it away with her metal ring and rolled to the side. The sword drove into the ground and Susan rolled back and kicked him in the head. The Goblin rolled over but came back up with a fist. Susan was hit by his nails and got five scratches across her face. Blood was dripping into her eyes and her vision became blurry. The only thing she saw was a metal thing coming at her from left or right. She felt a cut on her arm, and leg. Then something stabbed her in the side. She turned from the pain and swung her ring around. She hit something because she felt it cut through it. She stumbled and fell down on her back.

When she saw something shiny coming right at her she swung but her ring was slammed down and a foot was pressed on her arm holding it to the ground. She slammed with her other arm but it was grabbed. She wanted to scream but then heard the words. "Susan it's over he is dead". She stopped and breathed hard. She had to blink but as she realized what Harry had said she knew he and Bella would be the only ones that were fast enough to stop her from hitting them.

Hermione was cleaning her eyes as Daphne sealed the cuts on her head. She blinked and looked up. The Goblin she had been fighting was sitting on his knees before her. Well not all of him just his body. His head was lying a couple of feet away from her. As she looked to the side she saw Bogrod and Harry standing with the Goblins.

Harry got back and looked at Bella. "Hermione is going to take her to Longbottom estate. Poppy is there and will take care of her. She is hurt badly but she will make it. Let's hope Hermione did a good job so Poppy doesn't have to repair more" AUW".

"Stop talking about medical skills. Susan will live". " I hope".

"HEEE. I still have to go to Poppy, so stop saying that" Susan said from her side. They all turned to Harry after it. Hermione just smiled and patted her hand. They all knew she would be fine and this was just a joke to lighten the mood. "What did they say? Are they in on the idea just like the Veelas are?"

"Yes, they said they would. Now they will not do it for us but they will do it to get back with the Goblins. That is something they all wanted for a long time. Some of them were thrown out by something their clan member did not themself. So it is one thing Bogrod has to change. In our world, we can throw the member out of the family. Goblins can't do that within the clans. So if one misbehaves the whole clan has to suffer. That has and will be changed or I will tell Harriet" Harry said.

"You know I can keep my word. You don't have to bring in my wife whit everything I do" Bogrod screamed from the side.

The friends all laughed as Hermione told Daphne she would see her in a couple of minutes at the spot they had been an hour or so ago.

End Memory five

Daphne took the memory from the pensive as David handed out the first couple of glasses to the Adults who had just seen the almost death of one of the friends. AGAIN.

This was it for this week. See you all in the next chapter.

Gr Winmau.