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(BSC 6 C20) C211 Three days later part 4

(BSC 6 C19) C210 Three days later part 3

Miss Honeydukes growled and walked behind him towards Greyback. When they got there she growled and hissed at Greyback. Greyback growled back and lifted his claw high up in the air. With his nails extended he sliced down hitting the metal of Harry's sword. "Bad, dog, when was the last time you brushed," Harry said as he looked into the mouth of Greyback.

(BSC 6 C20) C211 Three days later part 4

Another growl that was bigger than the last one and another claw that had been higher in the air came right down at him. Miss Honeydukes wasn't far enough away yet, so Harry had to block the other claw from striking her with his own arm. Five long pointy nails dropped down and left five deep cuts in the upper arm of Harry. Daphne and Hermione pulled miss Honeydukes further away as Harry held Greyback back and away from them all.

When miss Honeydukes was far away Harry pushed his other shoulder under his sword and pushed Greyback off. Greyback dropped down and jumped back up. Both arms went up and nails were pushed out. when they came down Harry turned away from the first and blocked the other. He held it off but not the mouth with the teeth biting into his upper arm and shoulder over and over again.

Some screamed no, as Harry went down. He rolled out of the way and back as Greyback jumped on him. Greyback missed and stood back up like he hadn't fallen at all. Harry was on the ground and he swiped with his legs. He hit the knee and Greyback went down for a second time. harry rolled the other way and stood. When he did, Greyback had already gotten back to his paws and went right at him. He blocked the first claw and was just far enough away to let the other slide passed him.

Daphne wanted to jump in but she could not do it. There was one rule and that one was clear. If one werewolf challenges the leader of the pack. None was allowed to interfere in that fight. It was the fight for the lead and it did not matter if the werewolf fought alone or the fighter of the challenger. But whoever fought had to fight one on one. Still, it was hard to see someone fight dirty and Harry never really did that. It was the one thing he still had to learn. In this fight, he had to because Greyback was the dirties fighter they had. He was literally fighting like a girl. He was scratching, biting and pulling hair. Harry was wondering why he had grown in to this big leader in the last couple of years.

Neville had a hard time keeping Daphne from jumping in. Minerva had the same trouble but it was from keeping herself to rush in. Mad-Eye was not looking at the fight but at all the other werewolves. It was clear they were hoping that Harry was going to win because they definitely needed a new leader of the pack.

Harry was bleeding all over but he was slowly fighting back. Greyback had made an art of biting and Harry was glad about the new potion from Arabella. If it worked he would not have to be afraid to get affected. It might even help the werewolves not to infect the others when they had turned. Harry was clearly missing Bella because he needed her thoughts about ducking and fighting if the other person was literally fighting like a beast. Harry was brought down and landed on his back. He held his sword horizontally and kept the claws from pushing its nails into his chest. He pushed both of his legs against the chest of Greyback and pushed as hard as he could.

Greyback flew backwards and landed a meter away. He hit his head against a rock and had to shake it. Harry got to his feet and let go of a Goblin-like scream.

"Shit he is mad, if he starts to scream like Bogrod," Daphne said while for the first time during the whole fight a smile broke over her face as Harry got back to his feet.

With his sword vertical in the sand, Harry raised up, His eyes went over to Greyback. "Alright, you want to fight dirty, let's fight dirty". Another war scream escaped his throat and Harry charged at Greyback. Right in front of him, he threw his sword at him and his fist went after it.

The claws of Greyback could not hold the sword as it sliced off one of his fingers. Harry just went on as one of his booths found a spot between his legs. His hands grabbed the sides of his claws and slit between its legs as he pulled Greyback down after him. He got up behind him and kicked the same place again. The sword came down and he caught it with his one hand.

Greyback turned to his right and threw out his hand. Harry didn't wait and swung his sword against it. It sliced off its hand and the growl they heard was one of extreme pain. It still didn't stop the wolf as it jumped up and higher than Harry ever could without magic. He could use its wandless magic, but that would not be fair. It was the one thing Werewolves could not do when they had changed. Greyback rushed at him with two arms and only one claw.

That arm tried to hit him but harry was out of its reach. The other one with the claw still on it came down from the other side. It could hit Harry but Harry ducked out of the way. The claw came down and Harry roped his arm around it as he pulled it further down. He turned it to its back and brought Grayback to his knees.

Harry was breathing hard but Greyback would not go down completely. He kicked the back of his leg and Greyback went down but turned while he went. His back legs turned and this time they kicked Harry away from him. The nails on his legs drove deep into the chest of Harry and Harry screamed out in pain. He was kicked off and landed a couple of feet away. When he had brought Greyback down he had hurt him and it was seen by the way Greyback got back to his feet. Harry got back to his and both of them looked at each other. Greyback growled at Harry, while he snarled back at him.

While both of them turned around each other, it was clear they had landed enough blows to make each other bleed. Both were favouring a part of their body as they made themselves ready to charge again.

Daphne dove behind Neville because she could not watch what was about to happen. Minerva had pulled her wand ready to Pull Harry away if he was about to lose. Hermione placed her hands before her eyes while she looked on between the slits of her fingers. Madeye was holding Miss Honeydukes ready to put the end to it.

Greyback charged and Harry stood up. He placed his foot behind him and the other in front. This was it he either took him out or it would end. Greyback rushed on and Harry made himself ready. Greyback jumped and Harry let himself fall back. As Greyback jumped over him he did what he had done with the snake in his second year. He just pushed up his sword with the hope he hit something. His sword was ripped out of his hand as Grayback landed a couple of feet away. Harry had fallen on his back and rolled around. He looked on as Greyback went down to one knee. The sword fell to the ground and the left leg split in half.

Greyback fell and Mad-Eye pushed miss Honeydukes towards them to put an end to it. She was this gentle soul but Greyback had been the one who had turned her. So this time she was not and only wanted revenge for all those lost years of her childhood. She picked up the sword and, without a second thought, drove it through the back of his head straight through it and to the ground. Greyback screamed and dropped dead on the floor.

As all the other werewolves started to crawl to Miss Honeydukes Harry crawled away and to Hermione. Hermione took one look at him and called for Snot. Stot popped in took one look at Harry and Popped out. A moment later he was back With Ginny, Tracy and Poppy. Poppy waved her wand over Harry and smiled a little. She didn't do anything but asked Tracy and Ginny to do what they had to do. She had been training them in first-aid Battle magic, and this was the time to do it for real. So she just looked on as Harry was being helped by Tracy and Ginny.

Minerva slowly walked over to Poppy and looked on. She knew Harry would make it and it wasn't bad or she would have not let the girls do it. As Harry was lying there she looked up at the sky. It was a full moon and none of the Werewolves had attacked them. As she looked back she saw all of them walking into the forest. At the edge, Miss Honeydukes turned back to her and gave her a wolfish grin.

After she disappeared, Minerva turned back to her grandson. He was still bleeding in some places but suddenly she heard Bella in her mind. Her eyes crossed with Daphne and then with her grandson. "Shit, we have to move fast," Harry said.

"Move fast, what are you talking about, you Potter, you stay down" Poppy screamed as Harry got back to his feet.

"Sorry Poppy but Bella has been taken away by Vampires. She and Susan were outside of the wards and were ready to get over here to help in this part of the fight. It was a surprise for them when they came down and grabbed the two of them. Now it is clear that they will be brought to Voldemort and Grindelwald. And we know it will not be tonight but in the morning. So we have to get them back now or we could be in big trouble".

End Memory twelve.

The memory stopped and all looked at the pensive. They had all heard Harry saying that Bella and Susan had been taken by vampires. They knew They was back with them because she and Susan were sitting among all of them. As they looked at the others they were all bandaged up and it was clear they had been in a fight.

David thought that the smiling Harry he had seen would be after greyback, because he would be smiling after he had taken the badest werewolf down as Harry had done. But for them to go after Vampires was something he never thought would happen. It was also clear that it had not been one thing that was planned. So he just walked over to the table and started to pour the glasses. He was thinking of handing some over to the friends but he settled for some butter beers.

Daphne took another memory and threw it in. This had been the part they had not planned, so she also knew it was something that would be hard to watch. As she slowly placed the butterbeer against her lips she started the memory.


Memory thirteen.

Bella was lying in the infirmary on Longbottom manor. Emma and her mum were outside. They had told them they would be going for a walk in the gardens. She was slowly sitting up and looked over at Susan. When Susan saw her looking she did the same thing. "How do you feel" Bella asked.

"Good but I wish I could be there with Harry. He has the hardest part of all of us. At first, I thought he would be fighting the Goblin but then he told me to do it. I did not understand it at first, but after that I did when I saw it to. I only had to look out for the one Goblin, while you all were looking at the others. He had my back and I knew I could do it because I knew he was there".

Bella nodded slowly. She and Daphne had the same talk not that long ago. They all were better because they all knew he was there to look out for them. Sure they all fought just as hard as he would do, but he had that little something special. Whenever they were in trouble he had that bit of power that could get them all out of there alive. "Yeah, I know. We had been fighting and never paid attention to Walden Macnair. When he struck me, Harry, took him out. So now I'm here and he is there fighting a werewolf.

"What would you say if we go out and get Poppy to go with us to Harry and Minerva?" Susan asked. Bella didn't answer her she just crawled out of the bed and started to get dressed.

end of memory thirteen.

Daphne looked over at her girlfriend and sister. If only they had stayed inside this would not have happened. But she knew she would had done the same because they would do it for her too and Harry would do it for everyone.


Voldemort together with Grindelwald were standing on the balcony at Malfoy manor. Something was wrong but they did not know what. The pureblood Lords were all walking around Malfoy's manor. They all looked like they were searching for something but none knew what they were searching for. "Something is happening but I do not know what. To me it looks like they are searching for something" Voldemort told Grindelwald as he looked down at his men.

Grindelwald was looking at the same thing. He didn't know what Voldemort was talking about but he could see the same thing Voldemort was saying. The Purebloods were literally walking around like chickens. When he looked at his own men he could see them training. Still, they were not training as hard as they would normally do. The ones that came later were, but the ones that had been in a fight with those brats were not. They had taken a lot out of them and he could see it. Still, looking at the purebloods it was clear something was wrong. "Do you know anything about the thing they are searching for"?

"Well they kept on saying they have lost something but they do not know what they have lost or where they should be looking. The only thing they know is that it is something important".

Grindelwald just looked at him and back. "I think those brats have done something and we just don't know it yet". He slowly walked down and started to look at all the purebloods and his own men. He listened to them all, but could not make heads or tails from whatever they were saying.

Voldemort had joined him and was just as lost. "What do you think they have done if it was them".

"Well, they did something who else would do that to us? I don't know anyone who is stupid enough to go against us like they are. So it can only be them but the question is, what have they done? It is not a muggle thing, like the paint thing. So I'm sure they did this too and we have to find out what they have done. The best thing we have now, are the vampires that are going to get Bellatrix back to us. If it goes as we wish they will get her tonight and tomorrow morning we can get her and find out what we want".

Voldemort gave him a smile and knew something his older self didn't know. "One of them told me the redhead and Bella had been brought to Longbottom manor yesterday. They can't go in but, they are sure they will come out because the others aren't there yet. There is also an anti Apparition ward from outside in and inside out. So they have to walk outside of the wards before they can go anywhere else".

Grindelwald stopped walking and looked back at himself. "That is a good thing, So when they have her we will be going to them and find out what is happening here and now". He looked around and saw the Death Eaters walking around without knowing why they did it. "Let's wait a couple of days and then see what it is all about. We have to check on our fighters whom we have all over the place. So if something is missing or if something is not right we will be attacking right after it. I do not care about the date those brats have set. If they have done something We will be attacking them before they can get ready. I know they will not be prepared for an early attack because they are too honest about it. So while they think we will be waiting for that day we will be attacking without them knowing it". Voldemort nodded at the idea because he liked to attack them when they least expected it. "So let us wait until tomorrow and go from there". Before he walked on he turned back. "Where will they take her when they have them".

Voldemort smiled. "When they have her, they will be taking her to Parkinson's manor. Now that he and his daughter are dead. They will think that nobody is there anymore. So it will be the perfect place to keep her until we get there. For now, let's go to bed it will be an early morning.


Daphne took the memory out of the pensive and replaced it with the next. This was the one from Susan and it would show them how they had been taken.

Start Memory fourteen.

Bella and Susan had walked out of Longbottom manor. They had been looking for all of the others but they had not found them inside. So the last place they could find them was outside in the gardens or in the greenhouses that were there. When they got out they did see a table and a couple of chairs but no Emma. No Arabella and no others. Not even Narcissa who had been there from the moment it started. Poppy could have been called by the others or by Hogwarts. So that was the last one they were worrying about. They had walked across the garden and still hadn't seen anybody. It was at that point Bella saw something outside of the wards. "Do you think they are out there?" Bella asked.

Susan looked outside and saw something moving, just like Bella had seen a moment ago. "No, they wouldn't, would they".

"We would if something was wrong," Bella told her as she checked to feel her wand still in her pocket. "Let's step out and have a closer look. But we have to stay at the edge of the ward so we can step back in if something is wrong. Both pulled their wands and gave a sharp nod at each other. Slowly they stepped outside and held their eyes wide open. There was some rattling in the bushes but nothing more. So they took another couple of steps further out and looked a little closer.

The moment they were away from the ward for a couple of steps two black figures came down behind them. They were wrapped in strong arms and apparated away from the spot.

End memory fourteen.

Daphne looked on in shock and didn't know what to do. Narcissa stood up and took the memory as she replaced it with one of her own. As she started Memory Fifteen she pushed Daphne into her seat.

Memory fifteen

Emma and Narcissa had walked to a greenhouse with Arabella. The two girls were lying in the infirmary and had an alarm charm on that was connected to Narcissa. If something would go wrong she would know it a second later. While Arabella was showing them the extra greenhouses they had placed at Longbottom manor when Narcissa grabbed both of their shoulders. "Something is wrong, Bella and Susan have just walked through the wards".

All of them started to run out to the wards with Emma at the front. Amelia had gone back to Potter castle and they knew they needed her now. She wasn't there so Emma had to do what she could. She was closely followed by Narcissa leaving Arabella behind. She was older and not as fast but she still wanted to do what she could. Emma was the first outside and saw two figures coming down. She screamed but knew they would not hear her while she was outside of the wards. When she was almost they saw both of the figures disappear with Bella and Susan in their arms".

Emma rushed on she didn't know what she would do but she would do something. She stepped through the wards and came eye to eye with a dark figure that smiled two fangs at her. A wand slipped into its hand and was slowly pointing it at the head of Emma. Emma didn't stop and just went on. As the figure pointed the wand at her she jumped down with her leg sticking out. The spell that was sent at her sailed over her head but her leg connected with the legs of this figure. A loud crack was followed when the leg of the figure broke and its hood slipped off.

Narcissa who had been behind Emma rushed after her as Emma was getting further ahead. She saw Emma rushing out and right after it, a green spell flew at her. At first, she wanted to scream but then she saw Emma jumping down and colliding with a leg. As Narcissa rushed through the ward she saw the person lying down screaming in pain. Its hood had fallen off so Narcissa just stunned it. "Are you okay?" she asked as she looked at Emma. Emma nodded as Narcissa floated the Vampire through the wards where she bound it and took away all of the Portkeys it had on itself. "What do we do now, we can't warn Harry and the others because we do not know what they are doing now. Knowing them they have more things planned than they told us, so we might interrupt them at the wrong time".

"Did you just think of that now, or because of Bella and Susan?" Emma asked as she smirked at Narcissa.

"I thought about it but pretended they would not do it this time and would do as they told us," Narcissa said with her own smirk. "How did you know to go down when you saw that spell coming".

This time Emma smiled wider. "That one is easy. I learned it from the friends. When you move fast, people intend to curse you in the chest because it is the biggest part to hit. If you see it coming you go down because they never expect it". Narcissa wanted to open her mouth but closed it when she saw Emma smirk again. "Yes, the friends go down with their spells but never at the feet. They have learned the same thing but they go for right in front of the feet. If they are lucky they hit the person. If not they hit the ground but the dirt will fly up hitting the person making that person disorientated for a couple of seconds. That is also something none expect so that is why I jumped a little before I went down".

"You do know they have a bad influence on you. I always thought you were a nice person" Narcissa said as she lifted her nose up into the air with a smile.

Both of them looked at the Vampire that was lying in front of them. "Let's get him to one of the werewolf cells. After it we will see how we will get a message to them".

"You don't have to do that, Emma" Poppy said as she walked through the ward. "They already know and they are on their way to get them. Harry was in the middle of being healed but you know how he is when someone he loves gets hurt".

"How bad was he" Narcissa had to ask knowing she would not like the answer.

"He has been worse, but he was really banged up. I will not tell you what he did because we will see it when the time is there. But he went away while he still needed thirty minutes of treatment by Tracy and Ginny". Both Emma and Narcissa knew they were her two best students, and for them to still need thirty minutes was meaning he was at three-quarters of his strength right now.

"Well," Narcissa told them. "I will hear it all tonight when Nolwenn comes back and tells me all about it. She is with them under the invisibility cloak from Harry. She had one job, look at it all and write it down after and during the watching of the memories". Narcissa looked at Emma. "You do know I hate it when she is with them. They will protect her but it is better when she is back with me. I only wish I knew what they are going to do now to get my sister and my lover back to me".

Emma took her in a hug. "Whatever they are doing now is getting them back. Knowing the friends they will get them back or they won't. Don't get me wrong, I know they will come back because they always do. It is their way and everything that is bad looking from this point. Is also the best thing they have. They do their best whenever things aren't planned, they get mad and they just do what they do best. Meaning they get it all done.

End of memory fifteen.

Daphne looked on and just didn't know what to say. This had been new to them also. They knew Bella and Susan had been taken away. They also knew by whom but not how. But this time they had seen it and they had seen it twice. Slowly she got up and looked at the pensive. She turned to Narcissa and whispered softly. "I don't have a memory of the last fight".

Narcissa smiled at her. "I know but Nolwenn has, and she has been with you for every fight. So we will be using her memory".

Nolwenn stood and placed her memory into the pensive. For a moment she thought about telling them something, but as she thought about it it was better for them to see it.

Everyone just looked at Nolwenn as she smirked at Harry who returned the smirk and winced in pain.


Memory sixteen.

Let's go back a little.

After she disappeared, Minerva turned back to her grandson. He was still bleeding in some places but suddenly she heard Bella in her mind.

"Harry we were on our way to see if you needed us but when we stepped out of the wards we got taken by bad bloodsuckers".

Her eyes crossed with Daphne and then with her grandson. "Shit, we have to move fast," Harry said.

Harry got to his feet and was pulling his Goblin armour back on and over his shoulder, losing some blood out of the still-open wound he had on it. Tracy and Ginny were protesting but the biggest was Poppy.

"Move fast, what are you talking about, you Potter, you stay down" Poppy screamed as Harry got back to his feet.

The moment Poppy said it she knew he would not listen. He got that one look in his eye and she knew someone was in trouble.

"Sorry Poppy but Bella has been taken away by Vampires. She and Susan were outside of the wards and were ready to get here to help. It was a surprise for them when they came down on top of them and grabbed the two of them. Now it is clear that they will be brought to Voldemort and Grindelwald. And we know it will not be tonight but in the morning. So we have to get them back now or we could be in big trouble".

Poppy crossed her eyes with the eyes of Minerva and saw her nod. It was that little nod that told her that she was told exactly what had happened. "Go get them. When you have them you will all come back here" She turned to Tracy and Ginny. "Alright you two, go with them. When they are done you will heal them as best as you can. After it, you will pop them here and back to me.

Nolwenn who was still under the invisibility cloak of Harry stepped up to Minerva. Minerva knew she was there so she wasn't startled when Nolwenn spoke to her. "I can't hear him so help me to see it all".

Minerva just nodded and told her what she was hearing while Nolwenn followed her closely. Before they went Minerva pulled her wand and produced a couple of Patronesses.

"What did you do," Nolwenn asked.

"We do not know what we will find, or what will happen. So I have placed the emergency fraise to Amelia and the grandmas. Augusta and Grandmere are on their way here. Amelia is bringing everybody together and is preparing all of them for a big battle". Minerva stopped and grabbed her arm. She looked at Nolwenn and started to smile. "Bella just told us she and Susan were dragged out of a house with a very big boulder lying in the living room. They were now outside and her eyes were covered with a cloth. She knows she is being dragged over the yard and down a couple of steppes. Now she is in a big room with a lot of little chambers. She can hear it by the eccos that are surrounding her.".

"What does it all mean".

"It means, you stay here and I go right where Harry is going. When the Battleaxe and Birdmom are here tell them Parkinson and go with them.

Nolwenn stepped to the pensive and stopped the Memory she didn't say anything and just poured the next one she got from Minerva into it and started it right away.

Memory sixteen paused, and Memory seventeen started.

Minerva walked next to her grandson and grabbed his hand as Snot popped next to them and popped them away. They were back on the mountain where Frank was still waiting. When she landed she saw that Bird Mom and Battleaxe were already there. "Frank had called us when those two were here for the other houses," Augusta told her as she stepped next to them. "When you said Parkinson we knew you would come here". Minerva nodded and told Snot to get Nolwenn. He popped away and Mini and Maxi popped the others next to them.

Harry was already by the telescope and looking through it. When Minerva turned to him Harry pointed at a spot as Neville nodded. Slowly she walked to them and pushed her grandson aside. She had a look for herself and pointed back to the others. Both Harry and Neville knew they had to talk first before they could go. So they stepped between them and gave a deep sigh hoping this would not take to long.

"Alright what are you going to do," Augusta asked.

"We go in and kill every last Bloodsucker that is in there" Daphne snarled. Harry and Neville just laughed as they pulled out their weapons.

"Not so fast you two," Augusta started. "That is not the answer I want to hear. I know you will do it and I know why but just that is not enough. I want to know the plan or the steps you are going to take.

They all sat down and looked at the three grandmas in front of them while Frank looked confused. "So" Daphne started "Well, we know that we will be dealing with vampires. They are fast, so we have to do the same. They are bad and we know they will not join us. We had a little talk with the vampires at our side and they told us they wanted blood farms for all of them".

"I'm going to regret this, I know, but what are blood farms," Nolwenn asked as she popped in.

Hermione looked disgusted as she looked at Nolwenn. "For them, it is like milking a cow. They hang up Muggles on their ankles. Feed them water and food while they hang them on hooks. After it, they stuff a needle and a tube in them with force. While they hang there they suck out the blood, pint after pint".

Nolwenn was about to lose her lunch as she thought about it. Most of them had the same reaction but Daphne went on. "They had the taste for human blood and it consumed them. Now human blood is like drugs to them and once they are hooked they want more and more. They need it but some want it the old fashion way. Sucking it right out of the body. Now the vampires we have drink human blood we get for them through a blood bank. It is good and the vampires among us know it is the right way to live in harmony with all of us. But the ones here are the dark ones among them and they will kill for blood like the Death Eaters will kill for keeping the blood pure".

"So we have to kill these and hope the others are okay with it all," Nolwenn asked a little hesitant, knowing the other vampires might not agree with killing some of their own.

"No, they are okay with it," Harry told her. "Like every human and every animal, there are ones that have turned bad. these are like Death Eaters. they had done wrong and they did have a second chance. Now, as far as we know only one took it and it was Bella. The others went right back to where they had left off so they are not redeemable, just like these vampires are not. The others knew it and they asked us to save them or kill them. We tried just like they did. We asked them, told them and pleaded with them to turn to us. They would not have to help us or anything. But we would help them, they refused us and they refused the other vampires. It was after they had refused them, we knew we had to kill them when they stepped in our way. Today they did it, if they had not, we would have done nothing, now we have and we will".

It was right at that point that Zanita popped up next to them with the leader of the vampire coven that lived in England. "I had to bring her" and Zanitta pointed to the one next to her. "Because I knew she had to be here".

Nolwenn looked at the woman that was next to Zanita. When she smiled she could see two long fangs sticking out in the corners of her mouth. The vampire looked to the side and saw Daphne standing there with Hermione at her side. They were the once she needed for now. She never really dealt with Harry but almost always with the girls. Slowly she almost glided to their sides and looked through the telescope. "Are they in there?" she asked. Both Daphne and Hermione nodded. "You have to move fast. No, talking, immediately aim to kill, attack to kill. They will not be holding back and they will kill you for your blood. So you kill them first before they kill you. I have been in contact with other leaders from other countries across Europe. They all say the same thing. They are not from England but from Germany. This has been one of the covens that have been fighting with Grindelwald from the first time he started with his war. They are also the same ones that stood by Voldemort when he took over. Now they will be with them again and they will fight for their blood. So take them out fast".

Nolwenn nodded from the side and knew that they didn't have to be afraid for the rest of the vampires. She did wonder why they weren't going it right now. "What are you waiting for".

"Fleur" they all called out at the same time. Nolwenn frowned at them and then jumped when she heard the voice of Fleur behind her.

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