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(The glow did not fade and started to puls around all of them. Something was wrong but they did not know what. The persons that were included in the magic and glow were out of it and could not help them.)

(BSC 6 C27) C218 The start of the end.

They were all looking on as the puls became bigger, lesser, and then bigger again. It took forever according to Hermione, while she was biting her nails. It was the magic of seven families, at least seven that were mixing to gather. They all had it and they were all connected in some way after all of this. "I don't know what is happening right now," Hermione told the others as the worry in her voice started to increase.

"They are fighting for dominance. Everyone in the circle is fighting for the top place". As one they turned and saw the old Veela standing there.

"You know about this," Isabella asked her softly.

"It is part of the prophecy, Harry has his seven wives. It never said he had to marry all of them. It will give them all a power boost but only one can rule over them".

"That will be Harry, he is the most powerful so he will have it," Alice said.

The old Veela shook her head slowly. "It is more than the raw power one has. It has to do with who the goddess of Magic thinks can rule the best. It could be Gabrielle, Bella, or even Zanita". All of them were looking on as the glow settled down in one constant glow. Magic started to puss around the circle, pushing one person to the middle. When the glow faded six were sitting on their knees and one was standing in the middle.

As Minerva looked down at the six people surrounding her, she could see that the magic was still circling around them. It pushed back into each person but it gave a little bit more to Gabrielle. She was raised up in the air by the magic and changed into her phoenix form. She changed back and started to change again but this time in her avian form. Her beak was bigger than they had seen on any other Veela before her. Everything on her became bigger and more visible. Just like her claws and black eyes, that were looking like they looked right through you. She opened her beak in the air was mixed with fire as it came blowing out like a ball that came from a dragon.

Appoline and Fleur who had just arrived dropped to their knees. Their heads were bent down and they didn't dare to look up. When Gabrielle changed back she took them both in her arms. "I'm completely changed I'm VEELA, I have, mates" and she turned to Harry. Her eyes went from Harry to Bella, Daphne, and Zanita.

Daphne just stood there looking at the most beautiful girl she had ever seen. Appoline and Fleur were beyond stunning but they could not hold a candle to her. "I need to see my people," Gabrielle said as she started to stroll out of the room swinging her hips.

Daphne was still looking after her with her mouth hanging open. Bella took her in a hug and smiled softly as she whispered in her ear. She is all ours, we are her mates".

"But we have to share".

"And we will love every moment of it," Zanita said as she took the both of them in her arms. "I think the magic has made her into a real woman just like it did me. I can have an heir now".

Bella and Daphne turned to her and smiled. When they turned back to Harry they saw him and Lily still sitting with their eyes closed. When they wanted to say something Hermione held up her hand. "I understand".

"What, you understand, I don't get it," Alice said.

"It is easy" Hermione went on. "The magic was just a little part of it all. It has nothing to do with the magic. It has to do with the number seven. Every seven people can share their magic. It will make them all compatible. This one is special. They not only shared their magic with the number seven. But also their blood. Now and this is the magic we did not realize ourselves. They were with seven people. Seven times the magic. seven times the blood. It is twenty-one. in total. But because they did it with three things. Blood magic and people it is thrice as strong. It changed both Zanita and Gabrielle into what they were supposed to be all the time. This boost of Magic and blood created a new person in Zanita and changed Gabrielle. like we heard her telling us about the one and only true Veela.

Now before we started it was Minerva who was the strongest. Lily is second and Harry last. He was very close to both of them magically but not there yet. He was and is still maturing. Now Bella and Daphne had already received a boost of magic when they shared their blood with Harry. They all got one when they shared their blood with Queen Zanita. Today they got it when they shared it with the one and only Queen Veela. Right after it, they got the final boost and that was the power of seven. Minerva is the strongest, the oldest, and therefore the leader of this pack. Lily will take it over because Harry opened his eyes first" and Hermione pointed at Harry who was looking on as Lily had her eyes closed. "Now this power boost will help us in the fight we have ahead of us". Hermione looked on and could see the question they all had. "Yes, Harry has more raw power than any of them. But that is just it, raw power. His real power is how he handles his magic and Minerva is the best at it at this point".

When they all got to their feet, they went after Gabrielle who rushed through the Floo. They all went after her and came out into Potter Castle. Gabrielle stopped at the door as Grandmere walked up to her. Her look said it all as she looked at this stunning woman. Grandmere slumped to one knee and hung her head. The Veela Heelas had been walking after her because they were needed at Hogwarts and Grandmere came to get them and saw Gabrielle looking down at Grandmere. They too looked up at her and slumped down next to Grandmere.

Something in the Veela magic called all the other Veelas to her. They all did the same thing and waited. When Gabrielle was about to speak Harry placed a hand on her arm and forced her to look at him. ^ Don't, order them, ask them^.

Gabrielle frowned and looked at him. Her mouth changed into a beak and her mind went on the attack. ^They are my People and I order them by ruling them^ she snapped in her mind.

Harry raised his eyebrow and just looked at her. ^You ask or no kisses from me^. Harry knew Gabrielle might have gotten a boost like the last time. But She was still young and not thinking clearly. She looked at Daphne and Bella who were behind them and also at Queen Zanita who stood between the two girls.

^He is right, you ask or no kisses from me either^ Zanita told her.

Gabrielle changed back and pouted. "You are no fun, none of you".

^Damn, even when she pouts she is adorible^ Daphne thought making Gabrielle look at them all in a smug way.

Gabrielle turned back. "Stand up you all. We have a war to win and you all have people to take care of. When we capture the men you will keep them in the cells under your Alure. You do not hurt them or order them. You all just keep them there by telling them if they do that you will be proud of them.

Harry kissed her cheek. "Good girl". Gabrielle just stuck her tongue out at him as she followed him back to Hogwarts grumbling all the way.

When Zanita walked next to her, she grumbled even more. "He does know I'm the queen right? I'm the boss".

Zanita just laughed and walked on after a minute she said softly. "You do know that we are wife number three and four. Bella is one and Daphne is two".

Gabrielle stopped and looked back at Bella. "Don't listen to her. We are all his wives and no one is number one, two, or whatever. She is just mad because he wants to treat us all equally". Zanita huffed about never having any fun, just like Gabrielle had done a moment ago, making all of the laugh.


Grindelwald and Voldemort left their tents. Grindelwald was angry because he had to spend the night in his tent because those brats didn't allow him to leave and be in his own bed. Still, he placed his wand at his throat and said Sonorus. "Time to get ready The final members have arrived and we will attack in twenty minutes".

Voldemort looked at him because he didn't know of any other people that would be coming to help them. When Grindelwald pointed over his shoulder Voldemort walked that way. There was another clearing and he saw almost a thousand wizards ready for a fight. As he looked on he could see that they were from all over the world. Some were old enough to have been fighting with him in the First and the Second World War. But a lot of them were younger and clearly of the same mind as they were.

Grindelwald joined him a little later and called for the same thing. When they walked back they saw that the man of Walter had the Trolls standing in the front, They would go first because they could be sacrificed first. When Walter saw them coming he started to march them to the Hogwarts grounds. It was time, the evening was falling, and fighting when it was dark was the best way to win. When the spells would light up the sky they would see it all and then they would have the advantage because they had the experience.


While Harry and the others were looking at one more ace so to say. Dan, David, and Sirius were walking along the walls. James, Frank, and Jean were following them. Everything was ready for the attack, or as Sirius liked to call it the trap. They were looking on as James took his broom from the pile. "Are we sure, we are going to let them fly"?

"Yes, James we are," Jean told him. I have been at the second task and they were wonderful. Not only did they save all the people they could, but they flew out two dragons while they were doing it. Worse of it all they were smiling all the way. You might be a better flyer than they are. But none could work better together than they can in situations like that. So you can fly with them during their attacks, but when the Dragons get here you have to leave it at them".

James dropped his old broom and took another one. He flew over the grounds and to the other side of the castle. It was the Hogwarts side of the helpers and when he got there he almost fell off it. He saw about two armies walking to the castle. They were not only holding their wands but also muggle weapons like swords, knives, and even some guns. With his tail between his legs, he flew back right to where he started and screamed that they were already under attack.

The three of them rushed over the castle wall and to the other side. They all looked through the holes in the wall and saw the same men walking towards them. Jean rushed to the spot where the alarm was placed for a surprise attack and he raised his wand to ring it. "EXPLIARMUS".


Everyone had gotten back and were placed in field beds in the great hall. Poppy was walking around them holding her wand in her hand. They were told to rest, and if they didn't she would show them what would happen to all of them.

Minerva laughed as she was about to walk on. She got two steps away when she felt the wand of Poppy pressing into her back. "You too young lady. You have been a part of that ritual so you too will rest. I also know that you will not stay away because I know you too well. So now you get to a bed or I will dump you into it". The friends laughed but when Poppy looked at them they stopped and pretended to be asleep.

Poppy looked around herself and did the same thing with Gabrielle. when she wanted to do it with Zanita she popped away. She appeared right behind Jean and Shouted. "EXPELIARMUS".


James and Sirius had rushed after Jean and heard the spell. Both of them lifted their wands and shouted Stupefy. They did not know who they would stun, but it could not be a good person if they attacked one of their own. With their eyes, they followed their spells and saw how they were banded halfway to their target. They could not duck out of the way and went down a second later as their own spells rushed back at them.

Amelia looked up when Zanita flowed all three of them into the great hall. " What happened to them and what genius kind of thing were they going to do now?" Amelia said as she looked at her own stupid dog.

Zanita got a thoughtful look and was thinking of a joke. She could not find one so she just said that Jean wanted to ring the Alarm because he thought they were under attack.

"What if they were right" Amelia screamed as she started to rush out of the great hall her wand lifted up ready for anything. When she got to the door they closed before she could get out. When she smacked into it she bounced backward and over the cushioning charm that was placed on the floor the moment she went down. "Why did you stop me" Amelia screamed again as she got to her feet and gave an angry look at Zanita. Her nostrils were vibrating from anger and her eyes were screaming pain as she looked at Zanita. Zanita just looked back and pointed at the door. Amelia opened her eyes and her jaw dropped.

The doors to the great hall were opened and there in the doorway stood the Bulgarian minister with his army. All of his men walked through the door and found a place at the side. There were Goblins walking between them and it was clear they were told what to do.

The next group that walked through the doors was the army of France and it was followed by the army of the Nederlands and the Germans. Right after them were the friends. They had walked into the great hall because of all the commotion. Harry was the last to walk in and stood still between the doors. The Bulgarian minister walked to him and shook his head. "We are here to help. Voldemort has taken people from all our countries to fight this war. So It will not be long before he would attack our countries next if he wins this battle. We do not have faith in the English ministry, But we do have faith in you and your friends. We have seen the memories of how you all have been fighting Walter at the dock and we are impressed".

The moment the Bulgarian minister mentioned the name of Walter the Castle started to shake. All of the men looked around while the friends all rushed to Harry. While they all looked around themselves, Minerva walked over to the ministers of the countries. "What is happening here," The minister asked.

"Did all of you see the memory of the fight with Walter"? Minerva asked and saw all of them nodding with a look of they wished they hadn't. Minerva saw it and looked sadly at her grandson and his friends. "We know how important that memory of Walter was. It was a very bad time for them. Most of the kids that were killed, who had been on board and were hanging on the side. They were the same age they were themselves. It has pushed them more than any one of us ever could. It has been a reality of war and for them, it wasn't a wake-up call, It was the drop that overflowed the bucked. That day we had seen a side of them we hadn't seen before and it scared us. We have always known they could be capable of killing but this time we saw it. Something happened that day. We all think it was seeing the bodies of their peers so to say, that drove them over the edge. We only hope we can get them back after it. Afterward, we had to know something like this could happen. A little time ago they found a junior death Eater who had a little sister. It was there they found out that Death Eaters and some of their adult fighters took those small girls for their pleasure. At that time Harry had also lost it so when something happens to someone young he will go all". it was at that point Minerva stopped and knew why it was. He was protecting everything he could that was younger than him. He just didn't want anything happening to anyone that had happened to him and Bella.

The German minister stepped up and placed his hand on hers. "They will, we have all been in a war and we have all been through it. We have also talked to Mad-eye because we have all been afraid of it. They have done so much that we were all afraid we would lose them all. Bogrod put us on it because he too was afraid of it. With all we have seen, we know they will make it. And they have been through more than any of us but they also have something a lot of us didn't. They have friends who are going through the same thing and so they have people to talk about it and they do. They talk when a lot of us didn't. It was when we started to talk, that we became better at dealing with each other".

The German minister stopped and looked over at Jean who had stepped next to them. He didn't need to say sorry because a lot of people would have reacted in the same way if they didn't know an Armey was coming to help them. Jean turned to Minerva and looked from her to the friends and back. "I and the Bulgarian minister have been talking about it on the ICW. We all knew about the things that happened during the second world war and the wizarding war. Grindelwald and Voldemort had a lot of similarities and now we know why. A lot of our talks were about helping them during the war but also after it. It was clear that Harry and Bella would be going all in. There would be no way we could stop them so we just have to work on dealing with it after it. The only thing we don't know is what they want to do after it all is done".

"That is easy, we will create a world where we will all be respected. Maybe not liked but at least respected. We will make a school where we will not only learn magic the wizarding way but also the Goblin way, Veela way, Elf way any way what so ever" Hermione said as she stepped between them. But enough of that. Harry and Bella are on their way to the tower because The bad ones are coming. So you all lay down and be ready to step in when we need you". Jean saluted but turned away when Hermione looked at him. When he did he looked into green eyes and the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. His Apolline was just pretty compared to this one. "Hi, Daddy". Jean's mouth fell open as he looked at this woman. It took a little while before her words registered and his mouth just dropped further down.

When the Bulgarian minister stepped next to him with his wife the mouth dropped even further than it possibly could. The wife of the Bulgarian minister dropped to her knees and bent down all the way as she placed her hands above her head and worshiped Gabrielle. "My Queen".

"Gabrielle stop it. You are a queen, not a god" Zanita screamed but had a hard time keeping her laughter away.

"You are not letting me have any fun" Gabrielle screamed back as he pouted again.

"Are we the only adults in the relationship?" Daphne asked as she looked at Tonks because Bella had already left.

"Speak for yourself, I'm with Gabrielle, Zanita is not letting us have any fun".

"Amen Sister" Gabrielle screamed as she made her way to the door to go up to the tower to look down at Harry. "You all have to hurry Harry is almost at the top". They all heard the words and rushed up the stairs to the highest tower. At the door, Bella whistled and screamed for the Air Brigade to get ready.

None knew what was happening but as Harry went up the tower he sounded the Alarm. This was it, this was the battle and it was almost beginning. When the family got to the top they saw Harry standing on the wall with binoculars in his hand. He was looking to the edge of the forest with Snot and Phillipe the head elf of Hogwarts standing next to him. When they got to the top of the tower they could hear him saying the last orders to the house elves. "Alright, we know you all cant fight the wizards. But we really need you to be, and sorry for saying this. But we need you to be the pigeons. There have to be four house elves with the groups to repeat everything we want to the place we want it. We also need a lot of you to replace you the moment one is sent away" You are all, okay with that".

Both Snot and Phillipe nodded as they listened to the first order. "Alright We will have four of you here and I will need one who is looking at what we are doing".

"That will be me," Emma said. "Dan has told me everything and I will be damned if I'm not a part of this".

Harry looked over his shoulder and opened his mouth. Emma had none of it and looked him dead in the eye. "Don't you tell me to get out of here? I'm in this fight and I will do my best to help in any way. I have Winky and she will be with me every step of the way. She has the order to look after me and if something happens she has to take me to either, the great hall or activate the Portkey to Potter castle".

Harry nodded and looked back to the edge of the forest. "Alright, they are here. I can see the Trolls walking ahead. So they will be sacrificed. We have to stop them before they get to the first line of wards. Snot Tell Dan to get ready, Phillipe you do it with Firenze. Get twenty Elves here and let them do what Emma tells them. Get another fifty elves ready to pop into the battlefield and pop out with the wounded. In the dungeons, we have another infirmary. We have old Aurors to help them and Veelas to keep them quiet. If we can save a lot of them we will. A lot of them will not have the mark so if we can we will keep them alive and deal with them in the Witangemot or in the ICW. Emma, you know what to do, so you do it. Bella lets go".

They all looked on as Bella and Harry jumped on the brooms. It was time. The air brigade grabbed their brooms and stood ready to follow them They knew what to do and they knew how to do it. Just before they took off Emma screamed at them. Harry turned and when he heard her saying Dan had the time for the circle he just had to smile.

As he made himself ready to push off Minerva called to him. "What are you going to do young man". Harry gave her a lopsided smile that was mirrored by Bella. Minerva gave a deep sigh but Harry said nothing. When she looked over to the other friends she could see the same smile. She threw up her hands and walked out. She knew she had to get ready for the fight too and just shook her head.

"What is it," Isabella said as the others just looked at her.

Just when Minerva was about to walk down the stairs of the tower she called over her shoulder. "They are going to pick a fight". Everyone turned around to the friends but Harry and Bella had already jumped from the tower.


Grindelwald was walking together with Voldemort at his side. He knew enough about the new wards that he knew he could not get out. But he also knew he could make a Portkey to another spot inside the wards. So to be sure he made two of the back to the campsite if it all goes wrong. Now they were surrounded by his men and the Death Eaters. If there was an attack they would get the spell fire first and they could get away. As he looked ahead he saw that the Trolls were wobbling along just having fun. They thought by getting the pest away they would get a lot more booze. In truth it was simple. The Trolls would go on and kill the pest. If they rush back at them they would kill them themselves.

He was not sure what he could do with the sphinxes but they were killers if you did not answer them right. He did wonder why they were so smart because, for beasts that were mostly speaking in riddles, they were very up-to-date. Sometimes he wondered if they knew more than him. But that was something that could not be. No one knew what he knew. On his way back he thought back at the time he was with Albus. He also thought back at the fight they had. He told Albus he had killed his own sister but he knew he had been the one who threw the spell that killed her. Still, the way those brats were doing it was the way Albus always wanted to do it. He hated it because he always wanted to do it with brute force. He wanted to be the leader of the world who would rule it with an iron fist. It had all gone downhill when Harry got back to Hogwarts. He had hoped that the soul fragment of Voldemort had taken him over but it had not. When he tried pushing it it got even worse because somehow he got a hold of his grandmother.

As Grindelwald looked to his left, he saw Walter walking ahead of him. Walter was the son he always wanted. He was ruthless, sadistic, and a cold-blooded killer. Voldemort had turned out the same way when he placed his little Soul piece into that shy boy. Tom Marvellow Riddle was powerful. but that was all he was. So he was the right candidate for his soul piece. He had done the same thing with Vernon and Petunia Dursley.

Petunia, he had changed when she was eight years old. She had been a bitch then so she was right for his soul piece. He had kept an eye on her from the day he placed Lily with them. The Evens family had been his friends. They had been squibs and they hated everyone that was magic. He had found that out when he went with Albus to look at Tom. He kept in contact with them and placed Lily with them after he had taken her from Minerva and placed another piece of his soul in her. The one thing he did not know was that this Evens boy did not think as his parents did. He loved Lily and Petunia for their magic Vernon was the last he changed. He did it on the day he went to get Petunia to another magical school. It was on that day he met him and Vernon was just like his Walter. It was still a wonder he hadn't been able to kill the boy before he came to Hogwarts.

Now they were walking ahead to the edge of the forest. They were almost there and then it would all start. He waved his wand around and placed a timer in the air. It was almost ten o clock. This was the first battle and according to him, it might take two little battles more. At first, Grindelwald wanted to attack the outside of the castle first. If they did it right they might get them all to hide inside and after it, they could wait it out for them to run out of food and everything. So if they got in fast and hard it would be easy going for the rest of the time. As he looked at Walter again he really knew they had it in the bag. The only troubling thing was the paint colors they had on them. They all stood out like a sore thumb. So it was the reason why they would attack later in the night. The sun was down and the visibility was less.

Voldemort was walking next to him looking at his older self. Grindelwald was smiling as he looked at his Death Eaters and Walter. He did not know why he was smiling but he was. He knew that the men of Walter were better at war than his Death Eaters. They had been betting on fear, and it had worked until now. The man of Walter had really put fear in their enemy. Even more, than he had done with his Death Eaters. He knew that they were going for the surprise attack, but something inside of him told him they had been overlooking something.

When they got to the edge of the forest they placed a notice me not charm on themselves. They would not be seen so Voldemort and Grindelwald stepped to the edge to look up at the Castle. When they looked up they saw two little spots speeding to them. They could not see what it was because they were moving so fast. They came from the highest tower and came to them at an angle. When they saw it were two brooms they pointed their wands at them. Suddenly the brooms shot up straight into the air and they lowered their wands. It was something they should not have done because while they were looking at the left side. Another two brooms came from the right side. When they turned back they were blasted by two things hitting them.

Voldemort and Grindelwald stumbled back a little and looked down at what had hit them. They could not be seen that was something they had made sure of. When they looked at the ground they saw two cotton-like balls lying in front of them. Each had a note attached to it and they picked it up. Voldemort opened the first note and looked at it.




Voldemort let go of a scream and blasted a bombard at the highest tower. Just as it was about to hit, A shield appeared in front of it and took the blast full on.

Grindelwald shook his head as he knew the anger from Voldemort could be his downfall if he would give in to it every time like he was doing now. "Stop it you fool, or they will have you exactly where they want you". So Grindelwald bent down and took the note from his Cotton ball. He opened it up and read it slowly.





The scream Grindelwald let go after the note said it all. It wasn't the Trolls that were sent out first. No, he screamed for the Dragons. His order was simple they just had to blast their fireballs at the towers of the castle.


Bella was back circling around the highest tower with Harry circling the same tower the other way around. When they heard a growl they just smiled. Daphne was on the balcony looking down at the two. The moment they smiled at each other Daphne shook her head. "Sure bring out the dragons and they will go crazy with joy".

Emma just laughed as she sent an elf to every part of the castle to prepare everything for the attack of the Dragons. The moment they all knew the dragons would be the first part of the attack, they knew what to do. People who weren't joining in the fight were walking all over Hogwarts with their wants at the ready. They were at places for any fireball that would come into the windows. They were staying there to put the fire out as fast as they could.

There were three dragons coming from the other side of the forest. Harry and Bella met them halfway and started to antagonize them with spells. The others from the air brigade were looking on. None of them were thinking about joining them in the fight with the dragons. It was the one thing none of them blamed them for. James and Lily had been looking on from the ground. They had seen the dragons coming, and as Harry and Bella went towards them they just didn't know what to say.

"Well, are you still planning on joining them," Jean asked as he looked on with a smile. James looked up and it took four minutes of looking at how Bella, and Harry, as they zig-zagged between the dragons to shake his head. "You know the worst part of it all". This time they shook their heads faster but still couldn't keep their eyes from Bella, and Harry. "I can bet you they are smiling while they are doing it".

Bella and Harry were having the time of their lives. Harry could hear the dragons hissing that they could not get a hold of them. While he heard it he repeated it in his mind to Bella. The moment they linked their minds Bella could hear them too. ^I will try and get Daphne into the link, can you hold them off for a moment^ Bella thought. Harry didn't need any other thoughts, to know what he needed to do. It was one of the side plans he had with Bella and Daphne aside. He dropped low on his broom and blasted between the two dragons as he blasted them both with a bombard. It did not face them but it did get their attention away from Bella.

When they went after them one of the fireballs hit his back when it went by and passed through a side window. Harry flew off and turned back as he saw water coming out of the window. He knew the people to save the castle were in place. When he did he heard Daphne in his mind. ^I'm not sure if I like this. Not only do I hear you two laughing, but I can also see through your eyes. I hate you both for this and stop Laughing^. Both Bella and Harry could hear the frustration in her thoughts. ^All right I have eyes on the two and they are looking from the edge of the forest^.

As Bella and Harry looked through her eyes, They saw kind of a filter showing what every one of them saw at the same time. Harry got the attention of one of the dragons and flew right. Bella did it by the other dragon and flew left. Both of them circled around the castle avoiding the fireballs. When they got back they came from above down to the point where the bad ones were standing. When they got to the ground they went straight at each other. Just a couple of meters apart from each other they pulled up right in front of the face of Voldemort and Grindelwald. Together they circled around each other up into the air.

Two Fireballs went straight at them and when they went up. The balls went right at the two. Both of them had to duck out of the way. When they got up they found another note at their feet.



"LET THE VEELAS OUT" Grindelwald screamed.

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