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(BSC 6 C41) C233 Let's get him back.

As the night went on everybody started to go to bed. It took them only about three hours before they were all back in the Infirmary. None could find the rest their body wanted or needed. In about ten hours they would be back at Hogwarts waiting for the moment the wards reopened. The minutes were hours while the seconds looked like minutes. Isabella had been sitting next to Daphne who was fast asleep. Poppy had put all of the friends down with a sleeping potion. She knew they would be the first to enter and also the first to fight if they had to. To give them the best opportunity they needed to be well rested.

Lily was the last to walk in and looked around herself. "Has any of you seen Zanita anywhere?" she asked. All of the family looked around and started to think about the queen of Hogwarts. They had not seen her from the moment Harry had placed the castle on lockdown and she had tried to get in.

"The last thing I heard was that she was going to see if she could get into the castle by the special tunnels," James told her. The moment he said he knew they had to go look for her.

When he wanted to go with Sirius Lily stopped him. "How many tunnels are there" she asked.

James stopped and thought hard. "Well, you have the one in the sweetshop. You also have the one in the shrieking shack. Then the one in the forbidden forest"

"You can't go in there because it is inside the wards. It is also collapsed just like all the others" Sirius told him.

Lily listened and looked at Alice. Alice nodded and said. "Good. James will go to the town and see if she is there. He will do it with Frank and Lily. I will be going with Sirius and Mad-Eye to the shack. We will call the other if we have her. The others will start looking all over the place. She has to be somewhere" and off they went.


Flashback (BSC 6 C38) C230

Grindelwald was still looking at the rune but he did not get it. The one thing he knew was that he had to end it now or he would not make it out of there. He let go of a cutting curse. The curse did not leave his wand and he did not get it. While he was looking at Harry who was nothing more than a broken-down kid. He got a feeling of respect. This kid has taken the fight to him from the moment he got into the castle. Sure he hated it but he also had to respect it a little. Everyone had been a chess piece he could play with and none had opposed him. This boy and his friends did. He placed another cutting curse but again there was nothing. His breathing became harder and he dropped to one knee. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE" he screamed.

Harry still had a little smirk as his breathing became harder as well. Grindelwald crawled to him and was close enough to strangle him but he could not lift his arms to do it. The eyes of Grindelwald just looked at Harry's and he could see the same thing happening to Harry. His breathing became harder too and Harry was a real mess as he looked at him. He, himself had a couple of cuts but it wasn't too bad. Harry was already knocking at the goddess Door so to say. "What have you done" Grindelwald screamed again only it came out as a whisper that sounded forsed.

Harry started breathing even harder as he started to talk. "I have cut off the magic from Hogwarts. The only magic we have is just like the magic of a squib". He stopped talking because he needed to breathe and to rest a little as this one line took a lot out of him. "The second one is taking all the air out of the land and castle. It closes all the Hogwarts ground and it will kill everything that needs air. It will last five days. If we survive we can fight again".

"No one can survive five days without air," Grindelwald said as he looked at Harry with Horror, not even you".

Harry only smirked as he saw that Grindelwald realized that he would die just like Harry would. "Harry McGonagall will be proud when I see him and my grandparents again". Harry told him seeing that Grindelwald saw, that A McGonagall, had ended him. He did not think about it any longer and started to crawl back to the doors of the great hall. He had to get out of the castle and away from the grounds. That was the only way he could survive this. Harry would not and that was the only good part about it all.

When Grindelwald had turned around Phillipe the head elf of Hogwarts popped up next to Harry. Harry looked at him with pain in his eyes. "I told you to get out of here. I told you all to get to safety".

Phillipe shook his little head making his ears flap from side to side. "Phillipe is here to take Master to the founder's chamber. Master will not die alone, Phillipe and the Founders will be there with him".

Flashback (BSC 6 C38) C230 end.

Harry was too weak to put up a fight and just looked at Phillipe with sorrow. The last thing he wanted was someone dying for him. When he was popped into the Founders chamber he looked up. He took a breath but the air was thin. It was a little bit better but would go away just like all the air in and around Hogwarts. So even if he had a little more air now he would still die a little later. "Harry my king". Harry looked up and saw the founders and Merlin standing in the painting before him. He had to look up because he was sitting against the wall. His breathing became harder again and he could not say a thing even if he wanted to.

"Harry" Merlin went on. You have done wonderfully. You have done something none would have done but you did. You are the true king and will be remembered forever. Please let us say goodbye and take this potion. It will make you sleep so you will go on softly". Merlin told him as he looked at Harry with a sad look.

Harry wanted to say something but the air was becoming t thin. So he just nodded. He knew what he had done and why he had done it. But he was afraid to die. He had done it before and he knew he would see his grandparents again. But he didn't want to, not yet. He only nodded at Merlin because he was afraid and if he died in his sleep he would not know it. Phillipe handed him the potion and looked on as Harry slowly closed his eyes.

When Harry was out of it, Phillipe turned to Rowena. "Phillipe, you have to place him in the middle of the room and place a Bubblehead charm around his head.

Phillipe did just that and looked over his shoulder as he looked at Helga. "Now you have to put the runes around him we have told you to do," Helga told him.

When he was done, Goderic looked at him as Zalizar stepped next to him. "Go down to the Secret chamber, you have to hurry because we have little time. Go to the ward stone and get one of the little stones that are next to it. When you have done that place it at the head of Harry" Zalizar told him as Phillipe popped away. It took Phillipe only a couple of seconds to find the stone and get back to them. When he placed it above the head of Harry he looked back at the painting.

"Good job. Now you go back to the Ward stone and take a sip of the draft of the Living Dead" Helga told him and looked on as the elf popped away. When Phillipe had left Helga turned to the others. Are we sure this is going to work"? The moment she said it she knew they had no idea at all.

Still, it was Rowena who told her. "We are not sure and if we are honest we do not think it will. In theory, he is dead by the potion. It will mean he will need a lot less air. We know the wards will suck out all the air but with the Bubble Head charm, we might give him that one percent chance he needs. It is the only thing we can think of and he has done the impossible so let's hope he can do it again".

Lily was in front when she walked into Honeyducks. She saw that no one was there because everyone was still waiting at Potter Castle. "I thought this was Hogwarts land. Why isn't it under the wards".

James looked at his wife as he stopped at the spot. He had to think back to his father who had told him all about it. It had been his father who had told him what was his if he became the next King. It was their family right but the magic had to take you. The magic did not take him but it did take his son. It was at the same time his father told him that Hogwarts castle and land were separate to make it more defendable. "They are separate to make it more defendable".

"So that is why the friends wanted them on Hogwarts land and not in the town. It was the only way to lock them in" Lily said as the eyes of James became big. It once more told him why Harry and his friends were so good.

When Lily got to the cellar she could see that the shutter to the tunnel was open. So with her wand in her hand, she went in and down the tunnel. When she got to the ward of Hogwart she saw the jacket Zanita had on her when they had last seen her. But while it was lying on the ground Zanita was nowhere to be seen. Lily walked onto the wards and wondered if she could get through. She could not.

Alice had walked to the shack and saw that the door was open. It told her that someone had gone in, the only thing she did not know was if someone had come out. So she pulled her wand and looked over her shoulder. The others did the same and Mad-Eye wanted to go in front. Before he could she stopped him. "You are the last one in. We do not know if someone is still in there and you would be throwing spells before you know who it is". Mad-Eye crumbled a little but he stepped back as Alice gave him a look.

Alice walked to the door and looked around the corner. When she got there she could see that the door wasn't open. She did not know why but the door had been blasted from the hinges. As she looked for the door she only saw splinters everywhere but no door. "What happened here? she asked.

Sirius stepped next to her and looked up. He knew he had messed up that day but also why the door was all over the place. "Harry has blasted the door away. Astoria and Ginny had been taken by Peter and he went in like a Hippogriff through an Apothecary. It was a bad night and I almost ruined it all. We have to go to the basement to see if Zanita has been here" Sirius told her as he looked up the stairs.

Alice saw him looking and also the pain he had in his eyes. She had heard the story but had never seen it in a pensive. It was the one thing she still wanted to see but also not. The pain in the eyes of Sirius told her she would not like it. He didn't know Peter had the two kids with him or he would never have done the play thing he did. She gave a little sigh and started to go down the hallway towards the seller. On the wall, she could see the marks their old friend Remus had left behind. She missed him and was sad because he didn't see what the friends had done for the Werewolves. It had been the one thing he had dreamed about. Slowly she walked on and went down. A step was cracked and the little tunnel was badly lid. She put up a lumos charm and started to make her way down the tunnel. She had a little way to go before she got to the Hogwarts ward.

Mad-Eye had stepped to the side and stopped before he got to the door. He thought he saw something in the distance and called at Sirius he would be checking it out. Sirius had nodded at him and went on to look at it. As Mad-Eye got there he found a tent in the middle of the road. When he looked around the corner he saw Tracy sitting in it with Luna, Gabrielle, and a Veela Healer. At first, he did not understand it but then he remembered that Luna had been here from the moment the wards had locked the castle.

As Mad-Eye took a seat with Tracy, Alice walked on. When she got closer to the ward she saw someone lying on the floor. When she got even closer she could see that it was Zanita. She didn't look good and was barely breathing. Alice lifted her with a spell and screamed at Sirius to get a Healer. Sirius rushed off while Alice floated Zanita before her straight to the exit.

Sirius rushed outside and looked around. He needed a healer but how he did not know. He was looking for Mad-Eye but he had left. He remembered something of him screaming at him. But he just said yeah but he had not paid any attention to what he had said. The first thing that popped into his mind was what would Harry do. The moment he thought it he almost lost himself. For the first time, he realized what the kids meant to him. He needed them like all of them needed them. When he heard Alice coming he remembered that he could call a house elf. So he did and right after it he told it to get Poppy. When the elf had popped away he remembered he could have popped over to Poppy to get her himself.

Just as Poppy popped up in front of Sirius, Alice walked out of the shack with Zanita floating in front. Poppy didnĀ“t need another word and started to wave her wand all over Zanita. "We have to get her somewhere I can lay her down," Poppy said as she waved her wand over her again, and again.

Sirius looked up at where he was. He knew he had been here with James before. It was the road to the castle and it was also the place they had crawled away from when the wards had been brought up the first time. "We have to go that way. I know Tracy and Luna are there".

Poppy and Alice followed him as he pointed the way. When they got to the tent they saw Mad-Eye standing in front of it looking at the castle in the distance. Poppy and Alice took Zanita inside as Sirius stepped up next to him. "We are not going to get him out of there alive are we" Sirius asked him as he looked over his shoulder looking to the tent.

"I'm afraid not lad," Mad-Eye told him. "None can live without air for five days. Not even Harry and he has done the impossible. I know the kids have been through a lot and they will be the first to go in there and kill the dark one if one of them is still alive. If not they will be the first to find Harry. When they do I'm afraid it might be the one thing that will break them for real".

"They have already been broken," Sirius said as he looked sideways to Mad-Eye.

"No, they have not. They have broken down but they have not been broken. They have been together from the start dealing with it together and talking together. Without Harry, it will be the first time they are not complete. Until now they have been thinking of finding him alive".


"Yes lad, they have said he was dead. But if you have listened between the lines they have been hoping. The same can be said for Minerva. They know he is dead, but they are hoping for one of his miracles".

Sirius nodded and started to walk back to the tent. When he stood at the flap he looked into it. "How is she doing Poppy" he asked.

Poppy looked up at his words. "She is fine, Something is wrong but I do not know what. For the rest, she is just fine like the others". Poppy looked back at Zanita and sat herself down in the chair next to her. "I'm not sure but all of them seemed to be tired at intervals. When Minerva falls asleep the others are awake. The same thing happens when Lilly or Gabrielle fall asleep. Other than that I do not see anything wrong, with any of them". For a second time Poppy looked at Zanita. "It is almost time, how about we get them all here and see what will happen? We will need them so when the wards drop we will see who is awake and who will go in".

Sirius wasn't happy with that plan but he knew he had to do what Poppy said. If he did not she would put him down and he knew it. So with one look at Mad-Eye, he wanted to call out for a house elf. Mad-Eye sent a Patronus to them asking for all of them to come to the tent.

It didn't take them long to get there and to wait like all the others. Just as they popped in. Snot popped next to them with a little barbecue and started to make little Hamburgers, the kind Harry always liked to have. Gabrielle was the first to steal one from the plate and stuck out her tongue at him and smiled. It was just like the last time they did it. When she had done it she remembered Harry and looked at the little elf. He had the same memory and she held her hands out to him for a hug. A hug Snot wanted just like Gabrielle.


When people started to arrive at the tent Luna had looked back. She had seen the first but didn't join them. Her eyes drifted back to the castle as she kept on looking dreamily ahead of her.

"Luna" Lily said as she stepped next to her. "Why don't you join us and give it a rest for a couple of minutes". Luna just shook her head as she accepted the mini hamburger Lily offered her. "It will not change every time you look at the future. If it isn't written yet you just have to wait like all of us".

Luna nodded but kept on looking at the castle. "I want to stop but I can't. The only thing I saw was the blood. It was blood from all of you but not from Harry. The moment Grandma Mini left the side of Harry I could not see him anymore". Luna said as she let go of a sob.

Minerva had stepped up next to her and had heard the last thing she had said. She smiled at the Grandma part but became sad as Luna talked about her cub. "Come sit with me," Minerva said as she took place on the ground next to Luna while looking at the castle herself.

Luna who had no mother had started to become the little girl of the family. Everyone loved her and had adopted her into the family as their own kid, sister any anything she wanted to be. "We need him, Bella and Daphne need him. You need him" Luna said as she started to sob more into the arms of Minerva. In a small voice, she clearly said. "I need him. I need my brother to protect me from myself. I need him when I get locked up in my mind but I can't see him. I still can't see past the blood at Longbottom Manor. I can't see past the blood of the battle. I can't see if any of them have survived and if we need to fight again".

Minerva just held her close as she looked over her shoulder. When she looked back down Luna had fallen asleep in her arms. She didn't say a thing and only looked to her side and at her daughter. "Harry means a lot to all of us. But not just in the way of family. He is someone special who always sees the real person we do not see. Luna was a dreamer but he saw more. He said it and the others went with it. Sometimes I thought he was the one who could see the future and not Luna".

Minerva kept on sitting there with Luna on her lap. She kept on looking and only smiled as one of the family sat down next to her. or was replaced by another one. When the time became closer to the point that the wards would drop Amelia took the seat. "What do you think we have to do when the wards drop" She asked Minerva, as they were joined by Grandmere and GranGran.

Minerva looked ahead as Augusta took hold of the gate. None of them were forced back and the push became softer and softer. It meant that the time the wards would drop became nearer and nearer. "The friends will know when they drop and when that happens they will be ready and they will be going in. The one thing I'm worried about is if will have enough people to fight with us".

"You do not have to worry about that," Grandmere said as they all looked behind them. They saw the tent and behind it, they saw almost all of the people who had fought in the battle and who were able to fight one more time. In front were the Goblins and the centaurs with all the Werewolves. That little army that stood there told them enough. There was no way in hell Grindelwald or Voldermort would survive this battle if they were still alive, that is.


Time went on as one after the other went to the gate and back. Minutes felt like hours. Suddenly Minerva stood up and looked over her shoulder. Amelia was sitting next to her and was startled when she did. Minerva didn't say a thing as her eyes became bigger. Amelia wanted to say something but was pushed back by her own niece. "Susan" Amelia screamed in surprise.

"Not now Aunty, the wards are about to drop and we will be going in," Susan said keeping the volume of her voice down because she wanted to scream.

When Amelia took a good look she knew why Susan had done what she had done. Susan was dressed in her Goblin armor. She was holding her side a little bit because it still hurt from the injury she had gotten from the last battle. But she was ready to get her brother out of there. For the first time, Amelia thought about the words from Minerva and Augusta. Harry would come and he would be bringing hell with him. She saw hell right in front of her. They were ready to take on the world and nothing would be left if it stood in their way.

Slowly Amelia was pushed further back. Not only the friends were in front of her. But the next line was Tonks, Stacy, Luna, Ginny, and Astoria. Right after they became the rest of the house of Hogwarts. As she looked closer it was not only the members of the house of Hogwarts. No, they were from all of the houses. Then she was pushed back again and felt Zanita walking passed her. The people who had been falling asleep every hour or so were now at the ready. "How" Amelia asked as she looked at Poppy.

Poppy didn't answer her but Alice did. "We do not know but Hermione had a thought about it".

"Hermione," Amelia asked as Alice nodded.

The look Amelia gave her was one of them telling her it would be okay. She shook her head and went on with what she was about to say. "Well, Hermione had a thought about it. She told me to look into it but we did not have the time with everything else we were doing. Her thought was that Harry might have found a way to stay alive

"What HOW" Both Poppy and Amelia asked at the same time.

"Well, it is just a thought so we did not tell it to anyone because we didn't want to get their hopes up. But the only once that were falling asleep were the seven. They were all connected by blood and magic. So Hermione thought that their magic was feeding Harry to keep him alive. It sounded good but was off this morning at seven o'clock. None of them fell asleep anymore. We are now almost seven hours later so even if they did. He could not survive seven hours on his own".

Poppy and Amelia had gotten their hopes up, but that broke the moment Alice finished her idea. Poppy took the hand of Alice "You did well by not telling everybody. Now we just have to find out and it will not hurt as much as when we were thinking he is still alive".

The moment Alice nodded the gate started to glow. Zanita stepped in front of everybody and turned around. "Don't rush in head-on. Take your time and go step by step, hallway by hallway room by room. The dark once might be still alive but so can anybody that was left. So be on your guard and be ready. In a moment all of the wards will drop and in two minutes it will start back up. So be ready and take care".

The wards dropped and Amelia was looking on with her mouth wide open as a shower of arrows sailed over her head. All of them landed in front of the open door impacting the body that was in front. If it wasn't dead before it was now. The body that lay there was a pincushion by the looks of it. Amelia looked on as everyone started to walk onto the grounds. The friends were ahead and were in action mode. They were followed by the Goblins and all of the magical animals that were from the forbidden forest. Centaurs were behind them shooting their arrows ahead and into the castle. It was a clear way to make room for the friends to enter safely.

Bella and Daphne were the first to arrive by the door. Neville was behind them and away from the door with Susan and Hermione behind him. He lifted a hand before his eyes and were followed by the others.

"What are they doing," Alice asked.

"Cover your eyes," Amelia screamed at her.

Bella and Daphne blasted a solar flair into the castle. A couple of Goblins hadn't done it and were now stumbling around. Neville rushed in and took cover behind a pillar that was in the hallway. He looked around it and saw that it was clear. The hallway was a mess but nothing else was to be seen.

Slowly he made his way through the hallway to the great doors of the great hall. One was open and the other was closed. This was where the last battle was held and also the place they would find Harry. With a solar flair of his own, he threw one into the great hall making the way open for Daphne and Bella.

Amelia was following with Alice and Poppy next to her. Her task was simple. When they found Harry Poppy needed to be the first there. When they found an enemy, Poppy needed to be protected at all costs. When they got to the body lying in front of the castle, they saw it was Grindelwald. Amelia stopped and smiled.

"What are you smiling at" Alice said as she looked at her friend thinking she had lost it.

"He did it. He really did it. Grindelwald is dead and that means Voldemort is dead too. Voldemort was his last Horcrux so when Voldemort died, there was nothing to keep him alive. It also means that there was nothing left to keep Voldemort alive so he did it. He gave his life to kill them and he has done it". There was nothing more to be said and Amelia looked up at Poppy and Alice. Both of them were looking down at Grindelwald who was already starting to decompose.

Poppy waved her wand and spelled him into a glass box. She wanted to make sure the friends could have a good look. They might not like it but it will tell them Harry has done it when they find his body. Slowly she started to make her way in and looked at the devastation that was done to the hallway. There were no bodies but everything else was broken and lying on the floor. Most of the paintings were still, lying on the floor, all of them frozen in place.

"Come look at this" Amelia said from the doorway making Alice and Poppy walk back to her. When they looked outside. They saw the grass starting to turn back to green. Death Trees started to become brown again as leaves grew in seconds making it full of life. Flowers popped up all over the ground making the field in front of the castle to become a sea of color.

As they looked on they could see a line on the ground slowly making its way over the ground and trees. It went from the wards to the castle. everything it touched started to get back to life. Amelia looked at a couple of spiders that were lying on the ground in front of them. Slowly she pulled her wand as she looked at the line coming near the spiders. "Get ready to send a Patronus," Amelia said over her shoulder. "If those spiders come back alive so will the Dark Lords. If they do we can only hope they aren't healed, or we will have a fight on our hands".

Poppy didn't wait and sent her Patronus ahead to get a lot of people at the bodies of Grindelwald and Voldemort. She already wanted to be there for nothing then to be there too late. Poppy looked on as Amelia had a curse on her lips. The line came closer and the grass turned green. There it was the line hit the spider. The wand of Amelia glowed and it turned green at the tip. The line went further to the center of the castle but the spider didn't come to life. It was dead and to be sure Amelia blasted it away. The other spiders had the same result. They were dead and would not come back to life. When the line went closer to the castle Amelia rushed to the body of Grindelwald. The spiders might have been dead before Harry activated the wards. So it wasn't said that Grindelwald would not come back. When she got there she stepped between two Goblins. Both of them had their axes above their heads. They were ready to strike as Amellia pointed her wand again.

They all looked at the line getting closer to the castle. When it hit Grindelwald, there was no reaction. As they waited for another couple of seconds Amelia lowered her wand. The Goblins lowered their axes but not in the normal way. They slammed it into the body of Grindelwald and through the glass box Poppy had placed it in. "We better be sure," one of them said as he looked at Amelia.

Amelia could only nod as she walked back into the castle. Slowly she followed the line of magic. When she had first looked at it she didn't understand any of it. Now she did and knew that Magic was flowing back into the grounds and castle. During the one history lesson they had with Merlin, they learned that magic had formed the grounds. It did not restore the castle but it did bring the paintings back to life. She saw them rushing after the line into the castle as it went from frame to frame.

Amelia followed it into the great hall and looked at the big painting behind the head table. It was empty while the paintings around the great hall started to fill themself with people. Amelia even saw some of the Bones ancestors and knew that every painting in the land felt magic from the castle. She did see a couple of Goblins doing the same with the body of Voldemort as they had done with Grindelwald. He was chopped up into a couple of pieces. But wherever she looked she could not find Harry anywhere.


Phillipe was lying against the Wardstone of Hogwarts. He had taken a bit of the draft of the Living Dead. He had taken it on the order of the founders. It was to stop his body in the hope the magic of Hogwarts would bring him back. Like any potion, it would wear off. By him taking a little bit it would wear off the moment magic flowed back into his little body. If Poppy used it she would use more or add more if it was needed. After that, she would use an antidote to wake them up.

When the wards were starting to get back up, so did Phillipe. The little elf opened his eyes slowly. He did not know where he was at first but slowly it came back to him. The founders had asked him to do this for the king. They did not know if it would work but if Harry would do what he was about to do, they needed him to help the king if their thoughts were right. When Phillipe was back to normal he Popped to the side of Harry. He was in the founder's chamber and looked at the painting.

The painting was still still. Phillipe looked on as the line of magic started to come into the room. He followed it with his tennis ball eyes as the magic started to fill him back up. When the line hit the corner of the painting he could see it coming back to life. The first founder was Helga. Her eyes became big as she saw Phillip standing there. Slowly the line went on and it stopped at the spot where Harry lay on the floor.

Harry didn't move and he didn't come back to life. Phillipe stood next to his king and shook his shoulder. There was no movement at all and Harry just lay there. The eyes of Phillipe filled themselves as his King lay dead before him on the floor. He was wounded but there was no blood flowing so his little heart knew Harry was gone.

"Phillipe, go get Poppy here, and only Poppy" Rowena said as all of them looked at the still body of Harry.

Poppy stood in the middle of the great hall and looked around at the devastation. She heard a pop and when she looked down she saw a different floor. "Where am I" she screamed before she saw the body of Harry. There was no movement and Poppy dropped down to her knees. Just like the eyes of Phillipe hers were starting to fill themselves with tears as well. Poppy looked on and didn't know what to do. She was here looking at the dead body of Harry knowing she was the one to tell the others. After a moment she felt Phillipe pulling on her sleeve. When she looked at the little elf she could see him standing there with a potion phile in his little hands. She took it and gave it a good look.

"Is this the draft of the living dead" Poppy asked as Phillipe nodded. "Did he take it before he died or after it". As Phillipe told her before she took another look at Harry. He still had the Bubblehead charm on his face but he was not breathing. Her mind worked over time as she thought about it all. Suddenly it all clicked. Her wand started to become a blur as Poppy conjured an operating table and she placed him upon it. She did not remove the Bubblehead charm as she started to close up all of his wounds.

"Poppy did he make it" Zalazar asked her.

Poppy didn't look up as she went on. "I do not know. The Draft of the Living Dead kills the body but it also keeps it alive. To do it you need air". The moment she said it all of the founders looked down. They had the same thought but Poppy did not see the looks they had. "Now normally the air comes from the air around the body". The moment Poppy went on they all looked up in wonder. "Now the Bubblehead charm gives that little bit of air. The other problem Harry had was that the magic around him and the castle was almost zero. So he could not use it to get the air".

"So Harry is dead," Groderic asked her.

"I'm not sure. I need to heal these wounds before I remove the Bubblehead charm and wake him up. At least when I try to wake him up. Hermione came to me with Alice. The other six of the seven became" and Poppy waited as she thought about how she wanted to say it. "The six fell asleep and she thought that at those moments Harry was using their magic to give himself the air he needed. It is only a thought but it could be right. Now if he did it was only to keep his body alive. I have to heal him the best I can or he will die the moment he wakes up". The one problem Poppy had was still the magic Harry needed to get the magic from the others. There was no way he had enough to work for five days. It was then she saw the runes and the piece of ward stone at the head of it. It was the place Harry had been before she had placed him on the table. That magic was the magic that gave Harry the magic to get the magic he needed.

Poppy kept on working on Harry, while the founders looked on from their painting. She worked for hours as the others were searching the castle to find Harry. The thought of telling the others she had found him didn't come to her. She also didn't want to tell them to then punch their hopes back down. When she was done she waved her wand over the Bubblehead charm and after it over his body. When she sat down she could only wait.


Everyone was still looking all over the castle. They found bodies that were forgotten during the battle. Death Eaters who had been left because the fighting went on. After five hours and looking through every room of the castle they all took a breather on the grounds. House elves had placed tables to feed them all. Everyone took food and found themselves a place to sit down on the grounds. The friends didn't and were just sitting there crying. They could not find their one friend and they did not know what to do about it.

When the front doors of the castle opened on their own they all looked on. Zanita stood as Luna got the biggest smile on her face. Poppy came walking out but she was clearly holding on to something. Everyone looked on as the Family was wondering what she had. The friends had already started to run as they saw something only they would know. A metal point was put down on the ground and used as a crutch. Bella and Daphne were the first to reach Poppy just as the person stepped out next to her. Harry was in a bad way but Poppy had to bring him out. The moment he was out Bella and Daphne hugged him softly. She took him in their arms and supported him as the others rushed to him to say hello.

The last ones to join him were Lilly, Minerva, and Isabella. Harry had never looked this bad and good at the same time. Isabella and Lily were next to hug him and hold him close as they cried. They held him softly.

When they let him go there was only one person he needed to see him alive. She had been waiting at the side because she could not believe it. She did not dare to walk to him because she was afraid to see him lying on the floor.


The last thing Harry remembered from the others had been sending his grandmother away. So when he took his first breath in five days. Something that was a minute ago for him was to scream for his grandmother. Poppy had placed her hands on top of his chest to keep him down. "Take it easy Harry," she told him with tears in her eyes.

Harry looked up at her, "Did we do it, did I kill them?"

Poppy smiled down at him, Yes Harry you killed them. Now let down for another twenty minutes and then I will take you outside. We have been waiting for five days to find you. We have also been looking for you for the last five hours. They do not know that I found you alive. I could not tell them because I was not sure you were alive or if I could get you back. That only happened in the last ten minutes. So as you rest a little I will get myself together and we will be going out to see them before I will tie you back down on your own bed".

Harry tried to laugh but everything was hurting when he did. When it was time Poppy asked Phillipe to tell them where they were and to bring them into the hallway. She knew everyone was outside so Harry only needed a couple of steps to take to get outside. The last thing she wanted to do was hurt him more but she could not keep him from seeing his wives. As he held on to her arm he used his sword as a crutch.

It didn't take him long before Bella and Daphne had seen him. He was just past the door when they took him in their arms. They instantly knew he was hurting but they needed to feel him. He held on to them because they kept him standing. After them were Gabrielle and Zanita. A lot went passed him but some he remembered like Bogrod and Sirius. But also his father and all of his family. He only missed one more person. When he had held his mum and mom, he started to look for the last woman in his life. He saw her sitting on the side and asked his mums to help him to her.

When he stood before her she kept on looking to the ground. She didn't say a word as tears were rolling down her cheeks.

Harry started to sing, placing his hands on her shoulder as his mums helped him to his knees.

"Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling".

Without a word, Minerva grabbed him and hugged him close as she sang the next line.

"From glen to glen, and down the mountain side".

Both of them could not go on as they held each other for dear life. The rest just kept on singing while they were looking at Grandson and Grandmother crying in happiness.

"The summer's gone, and all the roses falling,
It's you, it's you must go and I must bide.

But come ye back when summer's in the meadow,
Or when the valley's hushed and white with snow,
It's I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow,
Oh, Danny boy, oh Danny boy, I love you so!

But when ye come, and all the flowers are dying,
If I am dead, as dead I well may be,
You'll come and find the place where I am lying,
And kneel and say an Ave there for me.
And I shall hear, though soft you tread above me,
And all my grave will warmer, sweeter be,
For you will bend and tell me that you love me,

And I shall sleep in peace until you come to me!".


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