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(BSC 6 C42) C234 Darling, I'm coming home.

Harry had been sitting with his grandmother for over an hour. Both of them didn't want to let go of each other. Their war with Grindelwald had been won but it had lost them a lot. When they finally let go Harry stumbled back. He almost fell back on his bum, but he was caught by Bella and Daphne. When they had laid him down, Zanita grabbed his shoulder and apparated him away to the Infirmary.

It had been the only room in Hogwarts that had not been touched. Some things had been broken but almost all of it was still intact. Poppy went to work and she gave him a potion to sleep through it all. It was the first time Harry didn't complain or make a joke. As he slept for most of the week. The others were handling the stuff that was left.

The only one who had stayed by his side had been Minerva. Bella and Daphne were almost all of the time with them. But sometimes they went to help the others whit explaining what they wanted.

Zanita was repairing the castle while Hermione and Dan were walking around with Goblins. They were making plans to get Hogwarts up to date. There was no way to get electricity into the castle. But you could do a lot with Runes.

While they were walking through the castle Hermione showed the Goblins what they and the house of Hogwarts had invented. One of them were little stones with special runes. They were a lot like the stones Emma and Dan wore to have that little bit of Magic. But these were a little different. It was attached to a metal wire that was linked to little rocks. All of the little rocks had a glowing rune on them. So when you touched the first roch. You could place some magic into it and the little Glowing rocks would light up. The bigger the rock, the more Magic it could hold. The longer the lights would glow.

It meant a lot less candles that were all over the castle. It was one of the things they had invented to reduce the cost. When they had first made the stones for light. They found that because of the metal wire, they could create Muggles things that ran on them. It would take another year for them to get it right but when they did they could start to work on little appliances. Not the big ones like TVs or a muggle fridge. But that didn't take long for them before they could do that too.

While Hermione had been walking around the castle with the Goblins. Susan and Daphne had been on the grounds. There they saw that Magic had been expanding the grounds of Hogwarts. It was like it felt like what they wanted. So Daphne and Susan told them about the buildings they wanted them to build. One was a kid's school. A master school for the students that wanted to go on.

Neville and Bella had been walking through the other part of the school that had been used for the fighters. There they told the Goblins what they wanted with the rooms. This would be turned into Goblin common rooms and Veela common rooms. For now, they would keep them apart at night. But for the rest of the day, they would be learning and being together.

So The goblins were tasked with the build, while Zanita took a lot of them to a special room. It was there they created the lesson plans for all of the students. Not all of them could be taught everything. But what they could would be taught together, with all the students in the same classroom.

Poppy had been talking to the healers to make a special lesson plan to teach them about each other. For now, those lessons would not be available for everyone. Now at first, it would be for a select group to see what they could teach and what Goblins, Veelas, and Wizards could do with their magic. It was not surprising that the first lessons would be given to the friends and the students who had been the medic team for the war.

It was not only Hogwarts that was getting a makeover. But it was also happening with the ministry and Diagon Alley. But the best part of it all had been ten days after Harry had been found alive. Harry was able to walk a little bit. He was the one who was taken to the great hall where everybody was waiting for him. Everybody who had fought in the war was there just looking on. He knew that all the people who had been killed had been buried on a special piece of land on the other side of the castle. It was turned into a graveyard where every year would be a commemoration walk to remember what was and what had been. One day later there would be a party for what it had become.

This had been the first time for the family to speak through the wireless. Everybody already knew the war was over and that it was won. But the moment Harry and the family told it over the wireless it became real. It also told them that their Hero was still with them and that he had done it again.

In the days that followed everyone was celebrating as they were rebuilding everything and just enjoying their newfound freedom. It took almost a year for the Goblins to build and rebuild the new buildings at the Hogwarts grounds. The castle had been done during the summer holiday and was done before the new year. House Hogwarts had taken their newt before the year started and went straight on to their masters. Now because they only had one or two subjects to focus on. It gave them enough time to think about new things to add to the castle and the schools.

Then it came to the first-year memorial. The night of the battle they had a lot of people staying at the schools. They all were silent as they took the slow walk over the grounds where the battle had started. It took them to Hogwarts and into the great hall. From there they walked on through the part of the castle of the fighters. From there they went outside to the graveyard. When they went around the castle they all sat down on the chairs in front of a podium. It was there People told about the fighting and the people that had died. It took the whole night for everyone to tell their part.

After the first year, there were even more stories and Nolwenn placed them all down in a book called The Heroes of the Last Battle. In it were the stories of all those who had died and lost. It were some of those stories, that would be read every year, so no one would ever forget them. The next day they would celebrate the freedom that came after it.

In the years after the last battle, some had tried to get back and become the next Dark Lord. Before they could even start building up their army the friends and the Goblins had taken care of them. It took three Waneby Dark Lords before they all knew that if you would do it in England. You would be dead before you could say hello.


It was ten years later when Harry together with Bela and Daphne were woken up by screaming. Harry rushed out of his bed and took his two little girls. Lily and Isabella. they had been born just a day before. When he took them into the kitchen Bella and Daphne had made their bottles. As they were feeding the kids Harry looked out of the kitchen at the grounds of Potter Castle.

He saw Manor Homes standing there with all of his family in them. It was Sunday so everybody would be coming for breakfast. At first, they had done what Bogrod wanted and went to him. But as the Family kept on growing they decided to keep it at the Potter grounds. Because the Goblins of the bank and the Hogwarts Elves together with the Potter Elves had all become a part of their family. In an open spot, there was a tent that had been expanded on the inside for all of them. This time it were David and Isabella Greengrass who had to make breakfast for the family. So he stood at the window and looked on. From behind him, he felt two arms circle around his waist while two others went around his neck. Gabrielle had become his fourth wife. She was special and didn't want another. She would someday have a child with him but for now, it were just some nights of fun with him and the other wives. From his right, he got a kiss from Zanita. She had become a real woman and was carrying his third child while it was her first.

As they looked down they saw Alice and Frank walking to the tent. On their heels, there was a little boy. It had been the brother Neville wanted. He would turn ten this year. They stopped and looked at the Manor next to them. It was the one of the Potters. Harry had wanted them in the castle with them, but James had none of it. He was the Lord so he would be living in it. His parents hadn't aged while they had been dead. So they were still young and he saw two of his sisters a twin walking behind them as his little brother was riding piggyback on his father. Lily and him never got the real Mother and Son bond but it did become very tight. When they all stopped at the next manor they saw Artur stepping out of it with Andromeda. Ginny had been living with them from the moment the Manor was built. Harry had only been her father on paper so he had told her he could go back to her real father. They never broke the adoption and Harry kept everything he had with her like it was. But in her own words, she would become his little spoiled sister.

the next manor had been split into two houses. One was for Emma and Dan Granger. They never thought it could happen but the magic had made it so, that Emma got another child. She was the six-year-old sister of Hermione. As they walked out they were followed by Neville and Hermione. They would wait a couple of more years before they got a child of their own. It did not mean that Neville hadn't become a father, He had. He was the proud father of a baby boy of two. It was the son of him and Susan. Susan had gone to the clinic and asked Neville to help her with her first child. She wanted two boys. One from Neville and one from Harry. The same would happen with Astoria but that would be in the coming years.

Tracy and Luna were walking from the spa to the tent. They had not yet found a boyfriend. They did live together in Hogsmead where Tracy kept an eye on her friend while she was becoming the next healer with Ginny. They had been walking in front and were followed by Jean and Appoline. Both of them were still living in France. Jean was still the minister. When he would step down then he might come to live with the family. It might be what he always said but the family knew he would or Apoline would make him.

Harry smiled at the thought. A thought they all learned to keep to themselves until they wanted the others to know. He looked on and saw Narcissa with on her arm Nolwenn. She loved this woman but still could not understand why this young woman next to her loved her so much. Nolwenn just smiled. She had written the books and was still working on the next. The war had stopped but the friends were still making changes here and there. She also loved that Narcissa loved the Adult channel. Every time she saw something new being done by two women she wanted to try it out at night. She had no shame so she just told it all when they had a family dinner. It was on one night she told the friends she loved how the man would try to not hear her but they kept on listening with one ear, just like the females.

Just before the House elves and Veelas were going to the tent with the Goblins. Tonks and Fleur were walking ahead. They had become two spinsters sharing a little house on the other side on the Peverell grounds. Tonks had said it was to punish Harry for not giving her the left wing. But Harry knew she wanted to be away from her mother because they had different lovers for one or two nights. Tonks was pregnant at the moment because she had forgotten to do the anticonception charm when they had a wild party. it had happened after a muggle Rock concert. At first, she was devastated but Harry had told her they would help her. She could even be his cleaning lady if she needed some money. Before Tonks could tell him off it was Mini who did it for her. "You is not good master, yous is not giving Mini job to pinky there" and poped away right after it.

Fleur just hadn't found the right guy. and always said she would wait for Neville to get a second wife she she could be it. Hermione told her no and warned Neville to not think about it or he would be sleeping on the couch. Astoria did sleep on the couch because she had said she would have her as a second wife.

That was all of the family and Harry turned around with Zanita and Gabrielle in his arms. In the doorway, there were GranGran and Grandmere. Like every Sunday they would come to get their great-grandchildren. Daphne and Bella handed them to them and took the arms of Zanita and Gabrielle. They all left to go to the tent. Like always as they stepped out Minerva would step in. She took his arm and both of them followed a little behind them. It was the one moment both Grandson and Grandmother would have together every Sunday. As they walked out of the castle they saw Draco with his girlfriend. He would make her his wife later that summer. The moment he saw Bella walk towards them he stopped. It had been a year ago Bella had told him she was Bellatrix and knew everything about him. Even the day she held him in his birthday suit when he was a baby. The fear on his face would be one of the memories they would look at every Christmas.

Minerva and Harry walked on and stopped at the entrance of the tent. Arm in arm they stood there looking in. The family was very dysfunctional as always. But it worked for all of them.

"Are we late" Sirius screamed as he rushed by them like always. When he stepped in he was followed by his two kids because he did have little swimmers left. Amelia stepped next to Harry and took his other arm.

Just like always everyone just looked at him. Snot was sitting at his little table and was the one who always responded. "Yes you are, you made snot wait and snot wants to eat, eat, eat". Like always he was followed by every one of the family as they started to scream "Eat, Eat, Eat".


Two hundred years later.

Gabrielle was walking with Zanita for the last time from the Peverell grounds to the Floo. They would take the last walk over the Hogwarts grounds to join the family and the seven. The friends had done everything they had set out to do. The curse Lily had done on her blood worked a little better than even she would have thought. When the seven had joined in the blood ritual It not only joined their magic but it had kept Harry alive for five days. Now two hundred years later the seven were still alive. Old but alive because their magic kept on healing each other. Minerva was over three hundred and the others around the two-fifty mark.

Gabrielle stayed young because of her heritage and Zanita because of the magic she got from Hogwarts. But tonight would be the night. Like always they had talked about it and were ready to move on. Gabrielle was going to have a burning day for the first and only time in her life. She was going to hold hands and when she did they would all move on.

All of the seven would be at Hogwarts So Zanita and Gabrielle were making their way to them. As they walked out of the Potter castle they looked at the manors standing all over the place. The family had always lived in them just like all of their children after them. There were even more Manors built because the family kept on growing.

But like always while the Family grew it also lost its members. They had lost them all of old age. Augusta had been the first. It was a hard loss but she went peacefully. After Augusta, they would lose everybody when their time had come. Because they all lived so long they even started to lose their children and their children. Again they would lose them at an old age. It was still hard to outlive your own children but they dealt with it because they knew it had been the mercy spell. When they had lost James it was a hard potion to swallow. Just like it had been with Amelia, David, and Isabella. Arabella had been especially hard on Bella.

As the two of them walked on they knew that their great, great, great, great grandchildren would take care of the work they all had done. They got to the spot that once was a little spa. Now it had become a wellness center with centers all over the magical world. The Veelas had gotten it from Harry and they went nuts. Potter industry had been made the founder of it and was still getting a little money. A little money was about a hundred thousand a month. It was peanuts to what the Veelas were making.

The same was true for a lot of other businesses they had helped to start up. They never wanted to get anything for it but everybody just gave them about one percent every month. The Goblins were making the one percent from that and were making millions every month by keeping these kinds of businesses running. When they got to the outside Zanita grabbed the arm of Gabrielle and popped to Hogsmead.

On the edge of Hogsmeade, they looked at the city that once had been a little village. The center was still the same and everywhere were things that reminded everyone of the war two hundred years before. The sweetshop was still there just like all the other shops. They were all run by the generations from the family. None of the children were forced to become what their many times over grandparents had been. No they all could be what they wanted.

Gabrielle walked into the Hogshead and sat down for a drink as Zanita told her about the time Bella had been here with Amelia and her with Tonks. They were given their free drinks from the house by Alice the ninth. Or Alice for everyone. She had been the fourth generation of Gofline. One of the sons of Bogrod had been with the grandson of Neville. And so an inter-magical race had been born. Not long after it, more followed just like Veela and Goblin, Centauwer with a Muggle or Goblin.

They had kept the center like it had always been and people from all over the world would come just to see it and read the book of Nolwenn. Seeing and reading it just made it that more real for all of them.

After their drink, they walked on and passed the shrieking shack. It had been a tourist attraction from that time on. A New road split before the gate of Hogwarts. The way ahead was only for the students. The other way was to the other side of the castle. It was the road Gabrielle and Zanita took. When they got to that gate they not only walked onto the Hogwarts grounds but also next to the cemetery. Today was the day of the memorial. So they went on ahead and placed all the lights before the graves and flowers on all of them. When everyone would walk the walk that night they would all see it.

They stopped at the path where all of the Family was lying. There wasn't a grave for Bogrod or Harriet. Goblins were cremated but they did place their names on the memorial stones. All of the names who had been lost in the war were on them. It started with the first of the family. It had grown into a wall of eighty feet. The friends had made a good point, The war wasn't only the battle at Hogwarts, but also before it and after it.

Zanita took a moment as she stood next to the graves of Hermione and Neville. Those had been hard on her. Just like the loss of Astoria and Ginny. After a minute of silence, they went on. As they stepped onto the grounds of Hogwarts they saw not only the castle. No, there were about twelve more buildings all over the place all looking like miniature castles.

Zanita turned to Gabrielle as she had a sparkle in her eyes. "They always said they would take it all the way. but look at it. It is everything. Masteries, development hospital for the special cases. They cured Laphanphery Draconpox and a bunch more things the wizarding world and the muggle world had been struggling with. I still can't believe they took it into the muggle world without the muggles knowing it.

Hogwarts had grown even more than we all thought it could. The Bones have been running the ministry. There has been a Nott for a year or two as minister of magic. He wanted to turn it back into the dark when the friends had stood and done what they had always done in the Witangemot. It was there they just showed them who was boss in the battle of words" Zanita told her.

Gabrielle remembered it well and it had been one of the best days at the Witangemot. She always liked it when they went all evil on everyone. Not only that they had taught their kids and even placed some kind of Witangemot chamber at Hogwarts for the Hogwarts law. Harry knew that when he would pass over his children or grandchildren would take over. It turned out it would be many generations later that they would take over.

They had taken the fight to them like they had done with the Witangemot. It had been two who could stand against them. If she was right, then they would see them a little later on as the others would go on the memorial walk passed, the grounds of the battle.

Together they walked into Hogwarts and stopped at the doors of the great hall. When they looked in they saw all the students and family sitting eating their early dinner. In about five hours they would be meeting on the grounds with everyone who would come to. At the head table, they saw the two they would be with them for sure.

Gabrielle took a look into the hall and at Zanita, she slowly took her arm and guided her to the infirmary. When they got there they went to the room next to it. Five beds were standing there and Alice Poppy Longbottom was taking care of them. Poppy Pomphry was standing in her painting looking on.

"It is almost time," Harry said as he looked at Bella and Daphne. Slowly his eyes drifted over to the other side where he saw his grandmother smiling at him. He got to the side of his bed and stood on his old legs. Susan, Bella, Daphne, and the others followed him as they all went over to the bed of Minerva. There they gathered into a big hug with all of them and Gabrielle together with Minerva in the middle.


All of them stopped and looked at the doors. Bella and Daphne the great, great, great, great granddaughters were standing there. They were identical to Bella and Daphne and lovers. They were family but somehow Bella and Daphne always ended up together. Something about blood and magic.

"Are you going to do it tonight of all nights?" Bella said as she looked at the group on the bed of Minerva.

"Sorry," Harry said as he looked at his granddaughter. "We are old and we have done it all. You two are the next generation. It is time for us to meet our love once in the afterlife. It is also time for Grandpa Harry to reunite with Grandma Mini" Before Harry was done speaking his granddaughters had slammed into the group hug.

"We are going to miss you all," both of them said at the same time.

They all hugged them for a moment, and after that, they all turned to Harry like they always did. "We will leave it all in your hands. You have done the Mercy spell".

"How did you know," they said shocked. As one they all, pointed their pointing finger at their heads. "We are not yet controlling our thoughts to be heard only by us," Both of them said as everyone smiled at them.

"Knowing you both, you will be joined by others in the spell. It will mean you will all live as long as we have. You must keep it at seven. We know because you are of our blood. We also knew that Daphne had done it when Bella had that Quidditch accident. Somewhere after it, you did it with her like Bella and Daphne had done it with me. When we told the story we always hoped that one of our grandchildren would do the same. You two have been the first" They all looked at the two children standing next to them all.

"But we are too young, we aren't ready yet," Daphne said.

Harry smiled at his great, many times granddaughter as he looked over at his own Daphne. "We have been waiting for this and you two have been ready from the moment you came into Hogwarts. We always looked at the fight we had and you had it too. So when We go you will take over". With his left hand, he took her cheek into it and smiled at her. With his other hand, he took the cheek from Bellatrix his granddaughter. His eyes went back to Daphne and smiled at the girl. "When I go on, you will become the queen. Bellatrix will become your queen. Because My queen of Hogwarts will be coming with us. The magic of Hogwarts will be running through you and it will tell you all the secrets you will need to know. I have taught you two well, and you can do it. No go down and live a long life. We will be waiting for you when your time has come, but that will be a long, long way away".

All of them looked at how the two girls walked to the door. They didn't walk on and the friends and others knew they would stay as long as it would take. Harry pulled them all close with Lily and Minerva in the middle. He kissed them all en Gabriell burst into the biggest flame they ever saw. The girls wanted to rush back in but were stopped by Alice Poppy Longbottom. "It is passion fire and it is painless for all of them. They are moving on and you will have to tell it all to the others tonight at the memorial gathering in the great hall".

Both girls waited but didn't walk away. As the flames died down there was nothing left, but the bed was fine. Daphne walked up to the ashes and waved her wand. When all the ashes were placed into an urn a little black phoenix was sitting on the bed. Bella scooped it up and looked at Daphne. "Is this Gabrielle".

Alice Poppy Longbottom Waved her wand to the little phoenix and shook her head with a smile. "No this is not Gabrielle, but it is her phoenix form".As they looked at the little bird they heard it in their mind. Fawkes has gone on to the other side just like the others. I will be taking over as the phoenix of Hogwarts. I will help you and be with you for as long as Hogwarts needs me or another Phoenix is ready to take my place.


Later that night Bella and Daphne walked onto the stage. Everyone was sitting down and the family was around them on the stage. They had all been looking strangely at the new sitting around the table. When Bella and Daphne took the seat of Queen and Queen they all knew what it meant. As Daphne stepped to the edge of the stage they all heard a rumble behind them. The biggest painting ever appeared by magic on the back wall behind the stage. On it was Hogwarts castle and a lot of people were walking from the door to the edge of the frame. In front were Harry, Bella, Daphne Zanita Gabrielle, Susan, Astoria, Hermione Neville, and all the others they had lost.

Daphne rushed to the edge and looked at her Great many times great Grandparents and family. A light engulfed her and Bella when she was standing next to her. It was then she knew it. The moment Gabrielle had called on her fire they all went on. Their Magic rushed from their bodies and into the castle and grounds. It created this enormous painting. On the other side of the castle of the painting was the next adventure. In front was this place. From this day forward everyone could always talk with the ones they lost. Harry turned in the painting and looked at his grandmother with Harry McGonagall in her arms. Everyone was back together and even Remus Lupin was among his two lost friends, Sirius and James.

Bella and Daphne said goodbye and turned away from the painting. When they got to the edge of the stage they did what they always did at the end of the Memorial night.


"Oh, Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling".
"From glen to glen, and down the mountain side".
"The summer's gone, and all the roses falling,
It's you, it's you must go and I must bide.

But come ye back when summer's in the meadow,
Or when the valley's hushed and white with snow,
It's I'll be here in sunshine or in shadow,
Oh, Danny boy, oh Danny boy, I love you so!

But when ye come, and all the flowers are dying,
If I am dead, as dead I well may be,
You'll come and find the place where I am lying,
And kneel and say an Ave there for me.
And I shall hear, though soft you tread above me,
And all my grave will warmer, sweeter be,
For you will bend and tell me that you love me,

And I shall sleep in peace until you come to me!".


This is the end.

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