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(BSC 1) C3. One with the same fate as the other. Part 1

Bella was slowly opening her eyes.

"Ah, you're awake," said a voice from her left. "I hope that all is well with you little girl?" asked the friendly looking woman her while she was kneeling beside Bella. "We were quite shocked when you suddenly appeared here lying on the sidewalk in front of our orphanage". The woman looked at Bella while she said that and gave her a sweet smile.

"Where am I," Bella asked in a soft voice.

"You are at our orphanage in Little Whinging. And we found you here on the sidewalk, right in front of our orphanage. We don't know how but you were suddenly there, right there from out of nowhere". The woman helped Bella to her feet and led her inside the orphanage.

Bella looked a bit scared as she was looking around. She did not know what to do. It was all so different and there was so much fussiness in her head. She followed the woman inside and sat down in the chair which the woman had pointed out to her.
"Do you know where your parents are sweetheart?" asked the woman her in a friendly tone. "Where are your mum and dad".

Bella looked a little insecure at the woman. "I have no mum and dad, At least I think I don't," Bella told her. "I know I did have a mum and dad but I cannot remember them," Bella told her still a little confused with her own answer.

The woman raised an eyebrow and looked at her carefully. "You do not have a mum or dad, or do you not know what a mum and dad are," she asked Bella.

"I really don't know madam" Bella answered her with a bit of sadness in her voice as if it was an answer she should be able to answer but just couldn't.

When Bella said this, the woman knew that something was wrong. You could never really know what was going on so she immediately thought the worst of the situation and called a local doctor and the local police department.


Bella was taken to a room where she could play with another girl that looked to be around thirteen.

Just as Bella was entertained by the girl the woman immediately went to investigate the situation on her own. No one in the neighbourhood seemed to be missing a child. That was, after all, what the police had told her when she had called them on the phone. It was in the same phone call that she also found out that there were no children missing in the surrounding city's. At the end of the call, the police had promised her to do a nationwide search. Maybe the girl was missing from somewhere else in the country and she ended up here in one way or another.


Later that afternoon Bella was visited by a doctor. When the doctor had left she found out that there was nothing wrong with her. Her health was good and she had no visible injuries, at least not what they could see at first hand. Okay, she was a bit shy. But then again who would not be, in a strange environment like this, especially, if you were a little girl like her? The only thing that troubled the doctor was her memory. And he said that it could be a mild form of amnesia or something and they had to see if it would get better in a couple of days.

Then there were still a few things that the woman didn't know of her. She did have the things the police had told her and the doctor but now she had to do some digging of her own and took the decision to go and talk with her herself. For starters, she did not know her name or her age and that was a big thing. "Hello sweetheart, may I ask you something" the woman started when she walked into the room.

Bella looked at the woman and nodded slowly.

"I would first like to know your name so I know how to call you when I need you".

Bella had to think hard for a moment, "My name is Bellatrix Smith. But everyone just called me Bella, at least that's what I think they did".

The woman frowned a bit and thought that the doctor could be right about the amnesia but continued. "And Bella, where do you think your mum and dad are now" it was kind of a trick question but she wanted to try it none the less. Maybe Bella had run away and would slip up is she asked it in this way instead.

"I have no mum and dad ma'am. I'm not sure why, but I know that I have no mum and dad. At least I think I don't" Bella said as she placed her little hands at the side of her head.

"I still have one more question for you Bella".

Bella looked at the woman and nodded again.

"Bella how old are you," how could a question be so simple? And still, leave Bella to think so hard the woman wondered.

It was almost after a good ten minutes when Bella looked up "I think I'm seven years old Madame". Bella said with a weak smile.

It was weird when she got the answers from Bella so the woman gave her a critical look. She was friendly and well cared for. And yet she had to think deeply and hard for each question. Maybe she had a concussion or something else, maybe the doctor was right and it was something more serious like amnesia. That was something that would explain her memory loss of her parents. Now because Bella looked to be cared for and that she was polite it told the lady that Bella did have parents or at least someone that took care of her as a parent did. The woman could not think of anything else, at least not as quickly so she left it like that for now and went away.

Bella was again brought back to the room, the room with the other girl. There, she could get some play time or talk if they wanted to.

For Bella, however, it was not nearly as nice as it was before. The girl at first did as she was told but now she had none of it. She wasn't in the mood to babysit a strange girl and started to bully her as she told her the most awful things. At one point, she even started pushing Bella around the room.

What the girl did not know was that Bella was a witch. She had no wand, but she did have the magical power.

The girl pushed Bella again and again. And from out of nowhere the was a bright light and the girl was thrown hard against the wall on the other side of the room.

(This could be called the accidental use of magic. This was something muggles were very afraid of. It was something they could not explain or understand. And for that, it was called freakish behaviour.)

The friendly woman came running in and took one look. her smile disappeared and she started to scowl at Bella. Bella wasn't sure but she could have sworn that the lady had said you are one of them. In the end, the girl Bella had been playing with turned out to be the daughter of the lady.

Bella was told that she would go to a special foster home, one special foster home, which the mother of the woman had used for a boy that was just like her. And that was almost sixty years ago.

She was pushed into an empty room with only a bed and a chair for her. There she had to stay until they had found her parents, or until the foster parents came to pick her up. And perhaps they could find her a better foster family but that was something she thought was highly unlikely. The woman suddenly sounded hateful and even a bit aggressive when she said all of this to Bella.


For the next couple of hours, Bella was sitting alone in that room. She had to stay there and just wait for the foster family to come and pick her up. There was nothing for her to do so suddenly every thought she had went through her mind. She did know of two girls but could not remember their names. She did know that the oldest of the two girls looked just like her or how she looked like her. Then there were memories of a boy that was older than her self. His name was Sirius but that was all she could remember. He was however with another boy with unruly hair and classes that was just as old as him.

The first so friendly woman turned out nothing more than a spiteful woman. She had brought her to this room and left her there. One time she had come and look at her. Then she had told Bella that they would be eating in about half an hour. But she also told Bella that Bella could not be joining them. After all, she did not live in the orphanage and, therefore, she had no right to eat with them.

The only other thing was the woman's daughter. Now and then she came to the door and called her bad names, names that would hurt her to the core.

At eight o'clock in the evening, a man and a woman walked into her room. they were old like a grandfather or grandmother. "These are your foster parents for as long as they are needed. They know exactly what to do with little girls like you. If we find your parents, we will let you know" The woman that started out to be so friendly told her, but she now told it to her with hatred in her voice and a look of loathing in her eyes like Bella was the most awful of thing she had ever seen.

That evening Bella lay on a single bed in a strange house. A Lot had happened today, but she did not understand it at all. Why could she not remember who her mum and dad were? Why could she not remember the names of the two girls? Also, why could she not remember more about the young boy named Sirius?

It was all so very strange and confusing to her. They were all happy memories of the girls and the boy, and not one of them was bad. No matter how hard she tried, that was all she could remember.

Well, she could also remember a lot of Latin phrases. But what those sentences meant, she did not know. Extremely tired of thinking so hard she fell into a deep sleep.

It was six o'clock in the morning when Bella was roughly awakened. Her thoughts went to the previous day. The Older man and Woman that had picked her up had been so friendly when they were there to get her. And now they were so mean, what happened she thought with fear in her eyes as the Woman was hanging over her.

The eyes of the older woman were inches away from her face as she started to speak. "So from now on, you are going to learn to cook, wash and clean up. You are going to learn everything a good housewife should do, otherwise". Smack.

Bella got a slap right in her face across her left cheek. The pain from the slap brought tears into her small eyes as she felt it burn.

"This is a warning for you. You're going to listen to us or you'll get more of these blows." Smack, smack, smack.

As the woman left she turned around at the door. "Be down at seven, or else" had been what the woman had told her. Bella sat on her bed and cried softly. While her hands were folded in her lap.

Five minutes after seven Bella was down. Before she knew it, she was grabbed by her collar and was hit two times, straight in her face.

Smack, smack.

The woman told her that if she did not pay attention. She would be hit every day. Just as long as it took to learn every lesson they gave her. And also that she was hit because she was five minutes late.

Bella wiped her tears away and listened to what she had to do. Within a short time, and many bruises later Bella had learned a lot. She could now cook and wash. She could do almost everything a housewife could do. It was in this house she became the house-elf of the family even though she did not know what a house elf was. It was something that she had heard somewhere and knew that it was something she should know. Just like all the other things she suddenly remembered and still could not remember from where.

From early in the morning until late in the evening. Bella was working every day and she did everything she was told. She even had to do the garden. The life that Bella now had was certainly no picnic. It would be a terrible life for her and she knew it. It was a daily misery that she had to endure. Every day she had a new bruise from one of the lessons she didn't do right. Almost every night she lay crying on her bed. During the day they would not see her tears, but at night she would give them free rein to run wild.

Both her foster mother and foster father were beating her on a daily basis. It was gradually getting too much for her. At night she lay awake with the idea to run away. If she did everything according to the rules she had little or no beatings. But that was very rare and almost never, until that one particular evening.

Her foster mother had gone out for the night and she was alone with her foster father. He asks her to come to him, So Bella stepped into the doorway of the room and looked at him, he was lying on the bed and patted the mattress beside him. She was now eight years old and smart enough to know what he wanted. She saw how he was only wearing a pair of boxer shorts. As she shook her head violently from left to right she ran for the door. She would do everything and anything, but not this. She did not want to do this.

So she ran as fast as she could, away from this horrible house, away from those horrible people. Not once had she looked back. Not once did she looked over her shoulder. She did nothing but run, just running away from that place, running into the deep dark night, far away from that house and hoping to run to a much better place.


Early in the morning, she woke up under a slide. Still a little dazed she looked around her self and knew she was in some kind of playground. She did not know where she was or how she got there. The only thing that she knew was that she never wanted to go back to those people.

In the distance, she saw a large building which she recognized immediately. It was the orphanage where she had been before. That was a place where she would not go. Not now or ever again. Slowly she looked around. As she looked around she made the decision to do some walking throughout the neighbourhood. It was not so much her care where she went as long as it was not near that orphanage.

In another playground, she saw a group of boys. These boys were beating on a little boy with messy black hair and glasses. Preferably she would walk up to them to help the little boy, but she did not want the attention on her. She watched and saw the little boy escape. Although you would not say it if you saw him but that little boy was very quick for his size. She followed him with her eyes and saw how he hid behind a wall. With his small body, she thought he could not be much older than six years old.

Suddenly he looked straight at her. There she looked straight into the two most beautiful green eyes she had ever seen. For a moment she was warm and fuzzy inside. She shook with her head and he was gone.

Later that night she sat under a railway crossing in a small tunnel. Here she was able to sit out of the cold wind that blew around that evening. With the thought of two green eyes, she slowly fell asleep.

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