Dear Hannah Baker,

It's been a year since you died. Everybody listened to the tapes. Well, the people on the list did cause the second set of tapes were never released.

Did you have 13 reasons purposely? Baker's dozen? I know bad joke.

Mr. Porter hasn't been to the school since he received the tapes. I heard he is in a mental facility right now. Our new English teacher, Mr. Burt, is good, much nicer. And we got a real counselor, Ms. Gray. She's really nice.

I got a week's suspension for beating the shit out of Bryce Walker. Yeah. Somehow somebody got Justin's second tape into the school speaker system. Bryce Walker is in jail now. Justin is in there too, but with a shorter sentence. I think the same person got Jenny's tape in speaker system. She is in jail. I swear I didn't report them in. Nobody really knows cause they only found one cassette. So I guess someone made a copy with both stories on it. I don't know if you're happy with this. I hope so. I mean after all, they deserve the consequences of their actions.

Has anything else changed at school? No. Nobody talks about suicide at school, though the pamphlets about recognizing the signs are in abundance. Peer Communications is still around with Ms. Bradley. I think they didn't get rid of it in remembrance of you. For the thirteen of us, some have changed some haven't.

Somebody sits in your seat now. I don't like it. I still miss you. I'm sorry that I wasn't brave enough, that I didn't try hard enough. I'm sorry. I'm sorry that you didn't know how much I cared, how much I wanted you alive, how much I wanted you by my side. I'm sorry that I let you slip through my fingers. I'm sorry that I was too scared to make a move on you. I'm sorry that I was too afraid to try for the most beautiful girl. The girl who is, was, and always will be way prettier than Jessica Davis. The girl whose voice will always remain in my head with the beautiful memory of our kiss, of our time together at the movie theater, of our talk together that night at the party before the snowball began picking up more speed. I will never regret knowing you and our brief time together.

Do you remember Skye Miller? She was in eighth grade with us. The day after I got the tapes, I started talking to her. She had become able to avoid everyone, like you. Maybe it was the fact that she was walking down that same hallway. The one you walked down after you told me, "I'm sorry." The hallway, I watched you walk down for the last time. The last time I got to see you. Over the year of getting to know her, I found out that day she had chosen to die if somebody didn't help her. I was that one. I'm just sorry that I wasn't that one for you.

And Hannah? Nobody takes you for granted any more. Over the thirteen of us, those tapes hang. Your voice. Your reasons. Your death. And we will never escape it. And yes, Hannah, everything affects everything.


Clay Jensen

I do not own 13 Reasons Why. However, Mr. Burt and Ms. Gray are of my own creation.