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Chapter 2

It was black, he looks down and he is his younger 16 year old self. He suddenly sees a person in the distance. It looks like a female. He walks closer and he sees a head of white hair in a bob-cut. She turns around to face him smiling. He feels ecstatic, and walks towards her with arms wide open. As he got a foot from her, her face turns to one of pain and shock. He in wide eyes watch as she falls down and then disappears, he hears her scream why.

He wakes up in a cold sweat and jerks to a sitting position. He looks around the room he shares with Gray. Gray's bed is made and there is no sign of the stripping man. He sighs, 'another nightmare'. He walks to the bathroom that is in their room and jumps in the shower to wash off the sweat.

He walks into the gym to see Gray and Gajeel shooting hoops.

"Can I join?" He asks but just joins anyway. They play a bit in silence, until Gray makes a final basket.

"So I heard you get to go out for the weekend?" The raven haired shirtless man asked the pinkette.

"Yeah, a grad student named Lucy Heartfillia is going to be watching over me." Natsu answers while making a basket, not looking at Gray.

"You met her yet?" The gruff man known as Gajeel asks.

"Yeah, I met her yesterday in Gramps office."

"Is she hot?" Gajeel asked with a Gihi.

"What's it to you metal head?" Natsu turned to glare at the pierced man.

Gray noticing where this is going decides to butt in (because he wants to know more about Natsu going out of the facility) "When is she taking you out?"

Natsu turns to look at his roommate, then turns again and makes a basket "Today around lunch".

"That's in the next hour. You sure your ready?" They made eye contact. The room was silent. Natsu was about to speak when Erza walked into the gym. "Natsu, Dr. Makarov want to see you before you leave today" Natsu nodded then walked to follow Erza.

"What was that all about?" Gajeel asked trying to look uninterested.

"It's nothing" Gray threw the ball back at Gajeel "Now where were we?"

"Natsu, I just want to go over the rules with you before you leave with Ms. Heartfillia." the latter nodded with a blank face. "Okay, first, you are to be on your best behavior. Act like a gentleman and no started fights. If need rises, use your techniques you have been taught. Second, DO NOT show disrespect to Ms. Heartfillia. She was kind enough to volunteer to help you. Don't make her or me regret letting you out of the facility. Ms. Heartfillia is to monitor your actions and reactions to outside society, this is to help prepare you to enter back into it. You can't be here forever Natsu, the goal is to help you become a functioning member of society." Natsu rolled his eyes, 'yada yada I know'.

"Okay now about your overnight arraignments, You will be staying with Ms. Heartfillia from Friday to Saturday, every week for about a month. Your case is going to help her understand more about her choice of study, which is anger management. You are helping her as much as she is helping you. Be polite and respectful in her house, you will have your own room. Anytime she feels uncomfortable or you start any trouble, we will send Laxus to escort you back to the facility." With the last bit of information his face looked blank but inside he got excited. He gets to live with her for a weekend? He doesn't know why but he must learn more about that girl and they are throwing the opportunity in his face.

"Dr. Ms. Heartfillia is here" said a sickly voice on the intercom in Makarov's office.

"Great, send her in Mira" The old man smiled.

"Remember Natsu, be on your best behavior."

Oh he will, he won't pass up this opportunity.

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