No I have not forgot this story, I am gonna be totally honest with you to what happened, last time I posted a authors note about me being sick, well not too long after I found out I was pregnant, so that has been what's been keeping me from writing this story. I have found some free time since my daughter being born so I will be honest that I will try to finish this story. During the day is my best bet for writing so look forward to it, but I can't make any promises as parenthood has taken a lot out of me. Also not only am I a mother but I am now a foster mother to 3 young girls, which also takes my time up haha. Anyway just wanted to let yall know not to give up on this cause my plans are still to finish to the end, I am gonna try to upload a new chapter within the next few days so keep an eye out an update if you still want to read. Sorry this was long, see yall real soon!