Chapter One: A Blutbad Claims His Mate

WARNING: it is possible that this could be viewed as dub con or non con. I don't see it that way because Nick is completely consenting, even if it isn't discussed explicitly. If this is a trigger, carefully consider before reading.

As a new fan of Grimm, I kept getting drawn to Monroe and Nick. I say screw Juliette, she doesn't deserve Nick. This is a bit of Nick/Monroe smut (my first!) that I wrote on the fly (to get my muse back) and posted to tumblr but edited before posting here. I'm new to the fandom and will be taking liberties, so expect AU-ishness.

Ch 1-18 edited June 2016

The moment the stranger tackles him, his wolf rejoices. Monroe doesn't fight despite the violence and anger the stranger is projecting toward him. The man smells delicious, of the woods: cedar and grass. Monroe breathes deep; the man smells like home. That he is a Grimm makes no nevermind to him. His wolf sniffs contently and lets the man drag him down to the police station. Monroe cooperates and does his best to help out his mate, who he discovers is named Nick.

The close quarters makes it easy for him to smell a woman on his Nick. Monroe feels a slight twinge of regret but the overwhelming feeling of joy quickly overrides it. The woman will soon be gone. Taken or single, Grimm or not, Monroe will not allow his mate to remain unclaimed. Nick is his and soon Nick will realize that.

After he is released, Monroe quickly plans. Nick will be claimed. He smiles wickedly, exposing his fangs.

Monroe and his wolf rejoice every time Nick comes to him for help. It takes very little for the Grimm to trust Monroe, even if he doesn't know why. The mate smell never leaves Nick, although surprisingly the woman's smell seems to diminish as they spend more time together. Nick is pulling away from her and Monroe's wolf howls in happiness. The Grimm may not be conscious of why he is doing so but a part of him must recognize that Monroe is his mate, not the woman. Every moment they spend together makes it harder and harder for Monroe to hold back. Both he and his wolf want to claim Nick and now.

Unable to wait any longer, Monroe trots over to Nick's house under the cover of night. His supplies are in the messenger bag across his body. He reaches in the bag and grabs the red sweatshirt. His wolf is frantic to be let free, to chase and claim his mate. A feral grin stretches over his face, it is time.

Monroe makes a rustling noise sure to bring out the paranoid cop and Grimm. Sure enough, Nick comes out with gun in hand. Monroe easily skirts around and grabs him from behind. Startled, Nick tries to get loose. But Monroe is prepared and strips the gun and throws it away. He holds Nick tightly and leans in close. Breathing that heavenly scent in deeply, Monroe murmurs with his lips touching his mate's skin, "It is time, my little mate." Nick easily recognizes Monroe's voice, his body trembles under his touch.

Nick may not have had Monroe's instant recognition but he had known something was different with Monroe. From almost the beginning, he had felt something he didn't understand when near him. He felt safe and loved. Monroe's brief touches had made him shake with want. Nick has never been attracted to a man before but he wants Monroe...and with a desperation he doesn't understand. Since meeting Monroe, Juliette's touch had made him recoil. He tried to fight it but tonight, they'd broken up. He pushed her away and couldn't explain why.

Nick shudders as Monroe laps at his neck, scraping his fangs lightly across his skin. He tilts his head, baring his neck fully to the Monroe without really knowing why.

Monroe smiles at the submissive gesture, "Soon, my mate. Soon, I will claim you. But first..." Monroe pulls off Nick's sweatshirt and replaces it with the red one he brought. "Run, my little mate. Run, so I can claim you properly." When Nick doesn't move, Monroe growls "Run!"

Startled, Nick starts running instinctively toward the woods. His thoughts spin and twirl erratically. *I am Monroe's mate!* He should be terrified but something in him says this is right. Nick runs harder, somehow knowing that he must prove himself worthy of the chase, just as Monroe has to prove himself worthy to catch him.

Monroe growls, proud of his little mate. Nick is leading him on a merry little chase. He trots behind him, letting Nick run wildly. His Grimm will soon run out of stamina and won't be able to run any longer. As Nick starts to slow and stumble, Monroe ends the chase. He tackles Nick to the ground. "Mine!" Monroe growls as he tears off the sweatshirt and yanks down Nick's pants. "Oh, God!" Nick cries. Nick trembles as he supports his weight on his hands and knees, his pants tangled at his ankles. His cock is hard and dripping and he shivers in anticipation. Monroe drapes himself over Nick's back and thrusts against his ass. Nick yells, "Fuck!" Monroe is hard and huge against his ass. But Nick wants him inside of him, so fucking badly. When Monroe thrusts again, Nick whines and pushes back. Monroe grins wickedly; his little mate wants to be claimed.

Monroe eases back and opens his bag, grabbing the lube and slicking up his fingers. Without hesitation, he thrusts a finger into Nick's virgin hole. "AHH!" Nick shouts. It feels foreign to have something inside of him. Monroe carefully stretches Nick, not wanting to hurt his mate unnecessarily. The first touch of his prostate makes Nick scream but they are deep enough into the woods that no one will ever hear Nick's cries, no matter how loud he gets. By the time Monroe has three fingers inside of him, Nick has lost the weird feeling and is desperate for more. He pushes himself into Monroe's fingers, trying to get them deeper. Nick whimpers as Monroe pulls out his fingers, his muscles clenching. He feels empty and needs to be filled. "Please. Fuck, please! Monroe! I need you!" Nick begs.

Monroe shoves down his sweats and slicks up his dick. He slowly eases inside, his thick cock splitting Nick open. Nick whines at the burning stretch, feeling every inch of Monroe sinking inside of him. Monroe stills, allowing his mate to adjust. Nick feels so fucking full. He clenches around the huge cock inside him. Monroe groans as Nick's passage squeezes impossibly tight around him. He wants to simply hold himself within Nick, to fill him so completely that his Grimm will never feel whole without his cock inside of him. He lies across Nick's back, sniffing and licking his neck. Monroe searches for the perfect spot to mark his little mate forever. Finding it, he whispers "Mine," before sinking his fangs into Nick's neck. Nick screams, his body tensing from the unexpected bite even as his dick twitches violently with pleasure. Monroe grumbles pleasantly as he laps up the blood from the bonding bite. "My mate, my beautiful little mate," he croons as he thrusts lazily. Nick is his now and no one can ever refute his claim. His wolf is satisfied and smug at the claim.

The pain of the bite mark is vying with the slow glide of Monroe's cock and Nick is getting frantic for more. The adrenaline from the chase is still thrumming through his body. "Please, Monroe, please. Claim me. Make me yours."

Monroe grins, "You are already mine, my mate, and every Wesen will know it." He lifts off Nick's back. His large hands grip his mate's hips tightly. Monroe pulls almost all the way out before slamming forward. Nick yells, "Oh fuck!" Monroe does it again. Nick whines, he's never felt anything like this; Monroe's thick cock filling his insides, the powerful thrusts making his body sway from the impact. He feels dominated and possessed. Nick hangs his head, his fingers digging into the grass and dirt as his body is rocked forward and back by Monroe's superior strength. Monroe thrusts forward and hits a spot inside Nick that had never before been touched by a cock before. Nick shrieks in surprise and pure pleasure spreads through his body. Monroe grins triumphantly and hits the spot over and over. Nick can only mewl weakly, the fullness of his mate's cock filling him and each thrust stabbing his pleasure spot is completely overwhelming. Monroe encourages Nick to sink to his elbows by pushing down on his back, forcing his back to arch and his ass up. He fucks him harder and deeper, knowing his mate can take it. Nick trembles with fatigue and pleasure. He teeters on the brink, one last deep thrust and Nick pulses without a single touch, his seed covering the ground underneath him. He goes boneless; his upper body lying limply on the ground, only Monroe's strength keeps his ass up.

Monroe spreads Nick's thighs wider, letting him thrust even deeper inside him. He growls as his knot begins to swell. Nick grunts confusedly as he feels something catching on his rim. It gets bigger and bigger as Monroe continues to piston in and out of him. Before he can ask, Monroe pushes deep and his knot locks them together. He rocks carefully inside of Nick until he starts to cum. He howls as load after load fills Nick's insides. "Gonna breed you so good, my mate. Fill you with my pups," Monroe roars. If Nick thought he felt full before, it is nothing like he feels now. Not even realizing that he has hardened to fullness again, Nick whimpers as he cums untouched a second time simply from the hot, wet pulse of Monroe's semen shooting inside him. Nick touches his abdomen; it feels distended from the amount of cum inside him. He keens softly as Monroe pulses one last time.

Monroe carefully eases them both on their sides and wraps his arms around Nick. "Sleep," he orders, "you're going to need it." Exhausted, Nick can't fight the demand and unfazed by the warning, quickly falls asleep. They will have much to talk about when they awake. Monroe grumbles happily. Despite his mate's ignorance to Blutbaden mating habits, Nick had responded beautifully. His Grimm had cum untouched twice; Monroe's wolf couldn't be more pleased that Nick had cum because of his knot. Monroe lays his head down to rest; a few hours of sleep and he'll wake his mate up and claim him all over again. He grins, life is good.