Grimm Ch 27: The Cure?

Taking a deep breath, Monroe opens the door. His mother stands in front of him with a wobbly smile.

"Hello, son."

"Mom." He hugs her, glad she gave him a chance. It seems she couldn't convince his father to come.

Released from the embrace, Alice looks around Monroe to find Nick. He looks more nervous to meet his mother than when he goes against Wesen or criminals trying to kill him. "You must be Nick. I'm Alice, Monroe's mother; it's nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you, too."

Alice looks at Monroe, "You've been blessed with a beautiful mate."

Monroe puffs up with pride. "I know."

Nick blushes.

"Oh, adorable!" Alice squeals. "I could just eat him up."

The room goes silent.

The three look between each other awkwardly and then Nick starts laughing. "Please don't." The faux pas breaks the tension and all three start to relax. "Come in. Meet our Guardians. Siri, Fabian, and Cypress."

Alice gasps as they appear out of hiding. "Oh, my." She watches them closely as they circle protectively around Nick. "It really is true."

Nick rubs his huge stomach. "Yeah. Fate can be a bitch." Realizing how that sounds, he hurries to add, "Not that I'm not happy and excited and everything. I love you, Roe and the pups. It's just been a lot."

Monroe hugs him. "No one could have adapted better. I couldn't be more proud."

Not wanting to show how much the words affect him, Nick hides his face in Monroe's strong shoulder. "Yeah, well, I couldn't have done it without you, big guy." Feeling eyes on him, he looks up to find Alice staring at him with googly eyes. I guess I don't have to worry about her liking me. She practically has hearts in her eyes.

"I can't wait for the pups! I'm going to spoil them rotten!"

Nick's worries for the pups not having grandparents start to disappear. Monroe's dad might not come around but Alice's enthusiasm is reassuring. The pups will have the love of their grandmother at least.


Alice steps into the living room to find her mate brooding with a beer in hand. "I'm home." She kisses his scruffy cheek, he hasn't shaved since she left.

Bart grunts.

"You should have come."

"To be manipulated like you."

Alice sighs. "I'm not being manipulated. Nick is pregnant."

"That's a lie! He's manipulating all of you. There are no grandchildren. That Grimm has poisoned Monroe's mind into believing that man is not only his mate but pregnant with his pups! It is beyond devious. He is using our biology against us, can't you see that? Monroe is trapped into protecting the Grimm with his life all for a lie! I refuse to let my son die for a false mate."

"For one second, can you open your stubborn mind and consider what if it isn't a lie or a trick? I have met Nick; he isn't like any other Grimm. That is why he is Monroe's mate, why he's been blessed with pups."

"Can you not see what he's doing? He is sucking you into this delusion. He is destroying our pack from within! That Grimm got Monroe. Our pups. Now you."

"Oh, Bart. You stupid, stubborn man. I love you with all my heart but you don't know how wrong you are."

"I am protecting our family, our pack."

Alice shakes her head. She doesn't know how to get through to her mate. Once he gets an idea in his head, he won't let go. Alice is afraid if Bart doesn't open his heart, it'll cost him more than he's prepared to give. "Life is changing, mate. You have to change with it. Protecting our pack means adapting or you are going to lose us all." With a heavy heart, Alice leaves her mate behind to think. Her pack and family is changing and if her mate cannot overcome his blindspot, she fears he will be left behind.


"Rosalee, have you found out anything?"

Monroe's hope falls at the expression on her face.

"I'm sorry, Nick. Nothing new since we talked last."

Pacing back and forth, Nick presses his hands on his aching back. "The full moon is in ten days. Ten days! We have nothing. We all have been searching through every book, every contact we can find. Even with Sean's secret contacts, we have nothing!"

"Nicky, calm down. Remember what the doctor said. You need to reduce your stress."

Rosalee jumps from behind the counter. "Come rest a bit in the back. I'll get you some tea that should help."

Monroe guides a still grumbling Nick to the cot. Digging his fingers into the sore points in Nick's lower back, he massages the tension out of his tight, tired muscles. He hides a smile when Nick lets out a relieved sigh and gives in to the massage. "We will find something," Monroe says with confidence.

"But what if we don't?"

"If and that's a big if, then we will figure something out. Drew is Cameron and Austin's mate. He is pack."

"He never should have been bitten."

"This is not your fault."

"I should have-"

"No," Monroe denies, alpha bleeding into his voice. "This is not your fault. It's not anyone's fault. Not even the person inside the lycanthrope who attacked him." Before Nick can argue more, he surges on, "You are not responsible for everyone, Nicky. You can't be everywhere. This is real life. You're a Grimm, not some superhero in a movie."

"It wasn't everyone. It was Wu." Nick struggles to his feet with Monroe's help, which is deliberately ignored by everyone in the room.

Monroe watches his mate's slow but frustrated waddling-er pacing with calm patience. Nicky would kill me if he knew I even thought the word waddle in connection with him. "Who was in the wrong place at the wrong time." A thought strikes him. "Or perhaps, the right place at the right time."

"What the hell are you talking about? Wu would rather die than turn into a mindless lycanthrope and you think it's fate!"

"It brought it back to Cameron and Austin just in time to save their lives."

"And now Wu's life is at risk."

Standing, Monroe envelopes Nick in his arms from behind. "Have faith. Fate saved Cameron and Austin. Fate will give us a way to save Drew." Despite his positive words, Monroe is as worried as Nick. Worse still, he hates the helpless feeling of being unable to help his mate. All he can do is continue to search and hold fast to hope.


Rosalee comes back with a fresh cup of homemade tea in her hands. "Here, drink this."

Nick takes the offered cup and takes a sip under Rosalee's expectant gaze. The hot liquid seems to soothe his hot temper. He sits back down on the cot and drinks the entire cup without protest. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Rosalee answers kindly.

A weight lifts off his shoulders at how much better Nick looks after drinking the tea. Monroe meets Rosalee's eyes for a silent thank you.

"I'll keep looking. I gave Sean a few more books to look through. That reminds me," Rosalee leaves the room and comes back with three heavy tomes in hand. "These are in German. Your German is much better than Sean's. If anything sounds even remotely relevant, let me know."

Monroe takes the books. "I will."



Monroe sends Rosalee an apologetic look. "Sorry! I'll replace those." He throws the door shut and his shoes crunch through the broken glass of the vials that fell. "I think I've found something!"

The annoyed expression flits to hopeful relief then goes serious and determined. "Show me."

He slaps the heavy tome on the counter and opens it to the page he placed a marker in.

With paper and pen ready, Rosalee orders, "Translate it for me."

Monroe carefully translates until she has every word down in English.

Rosalee is silent as she reads it over. Slowly, she raises her eyes to meet his. "This might be our chance."

Monroe's limbs feel like they are made of jelly and he holds onto the counter to keep upright. "Thank the gods!" The full moon is in two days, they don't have much time.

"I will get started on gathering the ingredients but-" Rosalee trails off. "There's no indication this potion has been successfully brewed."

"If anyone has a chance, it's us. I have to believe we will succeed for Drew's sake as well as Cameron and Austin's. And the pups. Drew might not know how to be a dad yet but the pups already love him. Losing him isn't an option."

"What about her?"

Nervous but hopeful, Monroe says, "Fate seems to be on our side in this. She keeps showing up when we need her most; we need her now."

"I hope you are right."

I can tell Nick now. Maybe his stress level will go down. "You concentrate on what you need to gather. I'll let everyone know." He leaves the Rosalee to her work.

In his car, he texts Zuri to ask where Nick is. Luck is with him, Nick and Hank just finished with a case and are headed back to the station. He texts her back, asking about Drew, who'd insisted on going back to work until the full moon. Monroe is fairly certain Drew needed the distraction of the job to keep him sane.


The day of the full moon:

Vivian takes a deep breath and settles her mind into her daily meditations. A hum goes through her body.

The time has come. You are needed. Go to the Grimm.

Vivian stands with fluid grace. When the voices speak to her, she listens. Grabbing her emergency bag, she is out of the house and in her car in minutes. It's finally time to act.


After rounds of hugs between parents and pups, Austin says, "Be good for your aunt and uncle."

"We will!" they chime obediently. Fiona and Aaron run into the house to play with their cousins. Delilah lingers behind with a worried expression marring her young face.

Drew squats down to smooth the lines on her face. "I'll be back in the morning to pick you up."


Tucking her hair behind her ears, he looks deep into her eyes and promises serious and sure, "Nothing in this world could stop me, even if I have to have Papa carry me."

"Good." She hugs him tight, then runs off into the house without another word.

"You've caught onto the parenting business awfully fast," Cameron teases.

Drew grumbles, "If you hadn't birthed such lovable pups, maybe it wouldn't have been so easy." He hasn't been a parent long but the pups have burrowed themselves deep into his heart. His life got weird fast but he adapted. He'd had to, considering his very real fear of turning into a monster. Drew has hope now. "Tonight has to work." He isn't ready to lose the family and happiness he's found. As weird as his life is, Drew has never felt more complete and loved.

"It will."


Nick paces back and forth, one hand on the small of his back. "How does Renard not know how to contact his own aunt? What are we supposed to do? Wait for another Hexenbiest Seer to fall into our laps?"

"Love, please, you need to calm down."

Nick glares at Monroe. "If you tell me to calm down one more fucking time, I am going to shoot you."

Monroe grabs him, drawing a relieved groan when his strong fingers find the perfect pressure points to relieve the tension in Nick's back.

"Don't expect me to thank you. This is your fault."

"Are the pups restless again?"

"When are they not restless, lately," Nick grumbles.

His poor mate is uncomfortably large and the pups seem determined to abuse him. A knock at the door halts Monroe's reply.

"That better be Rosalee, maybe she is keeping a Hexenbiest Seer in her pocket."

Nick's temper has gotten shorter, the closer he's gotten to his due date because of becoming increasingly uncomfortable. Having surpassed the point where he had to have Trubel follow him on the job to help Hank with the physical aspects of the job, along with Zuri from the shadows, hasn't helped his annoyance level either. Being on desk duty has only made it worse.

Monroe opens the door. "Come on in."

Rosalee and Trubel enter, carrying supplies.


"Yeah, I have it all ready for the ritual."

Nick waddles in with an annoyed frown on his face. "Didn't happen to kidnap a Hexenbiest Seer on the way over?"

"Everything will work out."

Worry bleeds through his annoyance. "I hope so, for Wu."


The air is heavy with anxiety and anticipation as Drew and his mates descend the basement stairs. The ritual is his chance to live. To love his mates and his family without fear of turning into an indiscriminate monster. They have no backup plan.

Cameron is the first to break the silence. "What do we do? Until…"

Rosalee takes a deep breath. "While we wait for the seer, Drew needs to be purified. To do so, he will need to bathe in a special bath. While the book did not specify the mate or in Drew's case, mates, should be involved, I believe having Austin and Cameron involved in the purification will strengthen the process. It would be an opportune time to obtain a-er-sample from the three of you for the potion." She presses three vials into Austin's outstretched hand. Then she gathers what they'd need for the bath. "Please, follow me."

Rosalee sets everything up in the bathroom. "Austin and Cameron, this is the bath bag the herbs need to go into." She holds up each herb. "Dried rosemary for strength of will, dried sage for wisdom, and chamomile flowers for tranquility and purification."

Cameron laces his fingers with Drew's.

"The water should be hot, as hot as you can stand. Put the bag in the water to infuse it with the herbs. I recommend staying in for 30 minutes if you can. Don't forget the semen samples. It doesn't matter if they are-er-mixed as long as each of you provides some. The importance is each of you being represented in the bond."

"We understand," Austin says. Not the most romantic of atmospheres but the three of them can make it work.

"Any questions before I go?" Rosalee looks at each of the three men. "Okay, I'll leave you three alone."

Downstairs, she finds Sean and Hank have arrived.

"Look, Nick, I know how important this is but the number my mother gave me has yet to be answered. I don't have another number for her."

"Try your mom again. She has to have something else."

"Nicky, you have to calm down. I'm worried about you and the pups. With how far along you are, the stress can't be good."



Monroe's soft tone stops his protests. "Yeah, okay. I'm," Nick sighs wearily, "going to lay down."

"I'll come with you."

"No. Stay. Help Rosalee if she needs it. I won't be long."

Monroe watches him go with a worried expression.

Rosalee lay a hand on his arm. "He'll be fine."

"I know. He's strong but the pups could come any time now. The stress of all this is weighing on him, on all of us but with him being pregnant, it's hard not to worry."

"It's natural to worry over one's mate when they are pregnant."

The entire room turns to look at an elegant woman holding a bag being escorted by the Guardians.

"Aunt Vivian?"

"Hello, Sean. It's good to see you mated and happy."

"How did you know to come here?" Hank asks skeptically.

"I was told I was needed and I obeyed."

Rosalee steps up. "I have the potion for you to look over, if you would? We could prepare the ingredients we have and ensure we have the process down before everyone comes back."



An hour later, everyone reassembled in the basement. Vivian stands in front of a large cauldron with a variety of ingredients on the table to her left and the potion book on her right. She over the cauldron at Drew with his mates on either side. "Ready?"

Drew squeezes his mates' hands. "Yes."


Nick anxiously hovers to the left of Vivian with Monroe beside. He twitches at the question.

"If you are unsure, we must stop."

"No, it's not that. I am willing, just as is required."

"When I indicate, come forward and with your permission, I will cut your hand with the sacred blade. Squeeze your hand over the cauldron allowing the blood to drip into the potion. Freely given, only freely given, the blood of a Grimm will give great power to the potion. Being pregnant will increase the power of your sacrifice. Any doubt and you will null the power, do you understand?"

Nick glances over at Drew and nods surely. "I understand."

The unique relationships between them is the key to making the potion a viable option.

Rosalee offers, "If you need me, just ask, Vivian."

"If you could help Nick with his cut after his part is done, I would appreciate it."

"Of course."

Hank and Sean remain silent in the corner of the room, trying to stay out of the way.

"Let us begin."

With arms high, Vivian chants,

Sonne, bewahre den Mond.

Chrysanthemum petals drop into the cauldron along with rowan berries.

Licht, mäßige die Dunkelheit.

A firefly squid glows as the magically sealed jar opens and it slides out.

Ahnen, verankert sicher.

Guava, tawa tawa, and makahiaya leaves wrapped tightly around a stingray tail drop into the potion with luscious pieces of mango and delicate rambutan.

Heile den Verfall.

In goes dandelion roots, chrysanthemum petals, sage, and fairy's wand.

Wandle die Gestalt, doch nicht den Geist.

Enchanter's nightshade is added first and stirred in before lavender, white willow bark, and valerian.

Liebe, überwinde das Chaos.

The vials of semen from the three mates are emptied.

Bereitwilliges Opfer des Feindes,

Nick approaches at Vivian's motion. After a deep breath, he holds out his hand. The gleaming blade slides over his palm and blood oozes out from the cut. He squeezes out blood into the potion until Vivian indicates. Rosalee immediately starts treating his cut.

Schütze vor dem Verderben.

Lastly, chamomile flowers, devil's shoestring, and Saint John's wort are added.

The silence is deafening as Vivian stirs the potion to incorporate the last ingredient. The potion starts to smoke, turning black as night. Like the full moon shining in the darkness, a light glows within the potion. The glow spreads the faster Vivian stirs until the black liquid is a glowing white with swirls of black, red, silver, and gold.

With goblet in hand, Vivian fills it with the potion. "Come forward."

Drew stumbles forward, eyes glued to the potion-filled goblet. His fingers tremble as he takes the goblet. He gets lost in staring at the liquid; it looks alive with power, light, and movement.


Looking into the liquid, disbelief on his face, Drew shakes his head and says, "Here goes nothing." It tingles on the way down and like a switch flipping, he feels it shoot through the rest of his body. Drew cries out and spreads his limbs out like a starfish as the power burns through his body. An inhuman growl sounds from deep in his chest; he hunches over in pain as the beast fights against the potion.

Austin surges forward. "No!" Vivian cries. "Don't touch him. The potion must do its work without interference."

Unaware of anything but the battle within his mind and body, Drew clings to the strength of the potion he can feel in his veins. The monster, he can think of no other word for the dark, evil creature within him trying to gain control of his mind, is strong and wild. Drew hears Vivian's chant echoing in his mind, blasting at the monster's strength. Sonne, bewahre den Mond. It hits like a bullet. Licht, mäßige die Dunkelheit. Another hit. Ahnen, verankert sicher. Again. Heile den Verfall. Again. Wandle die Gestalt, doch nicht den Geist. The monster cries out in pain. Liebe, überwinde das Chaos. It ceases attacking. Bereitwilliges Opfer des Feindes. It retreats. Schütze vor dem Verderben. The monster surrenders and Drew knows his mind is his own, he is in control. He opens his eyes, looking around the room. "It worked. I felt it surrender to the potion's control, to my control."

"We'll know soon enough. The moon will be out soon. Trubel and Cypress, follow Drew and his mates outside. Confirm it," Nick says.

Drew isn't offended, Nick didn't feel what he did. He doesn't know what he does. Drew has hope and a future. His mind is his own. With his hands clasped in his mates', he goes outside to meet his future.

"Are you scared?" Austin asks.

With a cocky smirk, Drew says, "I'm ready to let out my inner animal."

Cameron laughs and kisses his cheek.

The moon shines and Drew feels an odd sensation inside of his belly.

"Give in, baby. Follow your instincts," Austin says.

Not sure what that means, he closes his eyes and breathes slowly. Drew concentrates on the feeling. The smells around him are overwhelming. His mates. The dangerous smell of Trubel. Cypress. Grass. Trees. Food from inside. Rabbits. Birds. Then the sounds. Drew opens his eyes and everything is sharper than he's ever seen before. He watches Cameron woge before his eyes, then Austin, and then smiles. They have woged and are together under the moonlight. Free and sane. It's what he prayed for.

Drew starts to run with his mates beside him, joy bubbling in his chest. Life is good.

Thank you to Nimue North for translating the chant for me, I appreciate it! Here's the translation:

Sun shelter the moon/

Light temper the darkness/

ancestors anchor securely/

heal the decay/

transform in body but not in mind/

love conquer chaos/

enemy's sacrifice freely given/

protect against corruption