My second story hopefully it looks better now

It was a dark night as a hobbit Bilbo Baggins riding a pony was travelling down a path towards Rivendell, riding through the streets, the pony stops as the hobbit climbs down

"Welcome and good evening to you friend. Please, come closer. There. Welcome to Imladris. City of mystery, love, enchantment, and the finest merchandise this side of planet, on sale today, come on down!"

With the pull of a string a stall appears around him

"Heh, heh. Look at this! Yes! Combination spoon and tea maker-also makes fries. Will not break," He taps it on the table. "Will not…" it falls apart "it broke. Ooohhh! Look at this!" Pulls out Tupperware "I have never seen one of these intact before. This is the famous Mordor Tupperware. Listen." opens it, makes raspberry sound. "Ah, still good."

Camera begins to pan to right. He hurries to catch it. "Wait, don't go!" Stop camera. "I can see that you're only interested in the exceptionally rare. I think then, you would be most rewarded to consider...this."

He pulls out a magic Ring from his sleeve. It is dusty. "Do not be fooled by its commonplace appearance. Like so many things, it is not what is outside, but what is inside that counts. This is no ordinary Ring! It once changed the course of a young man's life. A young man who likes this Ring was more than what he seemed, a diamond in the rough. Perhaps you would like to hear the tale?"

He rubs the ring between his fingers before putting it on and disappears. "It begins on a dark night."

The dark sky become a starry landscape "Where a dark man waits, with a dark purpose."

Saruman sat on his horse on top of a hill waiting someone, his servant Grima Wormtongue at his side, than an Uruk-hai runs towards them

"You...are late." Saruman sneered

"A thousand apologies, O patient one." Uglúk said bowing.

"You have it, then?" Saruman asked in a deadly tone.

"I had to kill a few mortals to get it. But here it is the other half of the Medallion Mordor." Saruman tried to ripe the medallion from the Uruk-hai hands. "Ah, ah, ahhh! The treasure!" he exclaims. Grima hiss jumping down slipping up next to him and grabs the medallion. Walking back he knees and holds out the Medallion with the man takes looking up

"Trust me, Uglúk. You'll get what's coming to you." He chuckled darkly.

"What's coming to you!" Grima repeats. Saruman pulls out the second half of the medallion from his robes. He connects them, and the insect medallion begins to glow. Finally, it flies out of Saruman hand, and is off towards the mountains.

"Quickly, follow the trail!" Saruman commands following the glowing speck of light, until it reaches a large stone wall. It separates into two and the halves plunge into the wall. All that remains are two glowing points of light on the wall. The wall begins to rise up, transforming into a giant Dwarf head, with the glowing points serving as the eyes.

"At last, after all my years of searching, the Mines of Moria!" Saruman yells. His face showed a smug smirk.

"Wow! The Mines of Moria" Grima yells.

"O… My… gosh!" Uglúk stared flabbergasted at the Dwarf made of stone.

"Now, remember! Bring me the Ring. The rest of the treasure is yours, but the Ring is mine!"

Uglúk starts to approach the Dwarf doors, which forms the entrance to the cave. He chuckles as he goes closer.

"The Ring the masters Ring!" Grima repeats. The man leans closer to Saruman ear "Jeez, where'd ya dig this Orc up?" Saruman puts his finger to his lips and shushes Grima. Uglúk reaches the cave, but is blown away by the roar of the cave's speaking.

"Who disturbs my slumber?" The cave roared

"It is I Uglúk a Uruk-hai." The Orc yelled.

"Know this. Only one may enter here, one whose worth lies far within, a diamond in the rough." Uglúk turns to Saruman with a questioning look.

"What are you waiting for? Go on!" Saruman orders him.

Moving one foot inside the cave. With great apprehension, he plants his foot down. Nothing happens. Relieved, he begins his trek again. Then another roar comes. He turns back, but the Dwarf's door slams shut and the wall collapses back to normal.

"AHHHHHH!" Uglúk yelled. All that is left are Saruman, Grima, and the two separated halves of the medallion.

"Seek thee out, the diamond in the rough." The cave echoes.

Grima brushes rocks off of himself, standing up and walking to retrieve the Medallion pieces

"I can't believe it. I just don't believe it. We're never going to get a hold of that stupid Ring!" he shouts walking back to his master

"Patience, Grima. Patience that Uruk-hai was obviously less than worthy." He sneered

"What are we going do? We got a big problem here, a big prob" Saruman gales at him which silences the man

"Yes, we do. Only one may enter. I must find this one, this...diamond in the rough." Saruman griped the medallion tightly in his fist