The Real Chapter 1:

"This is Hill. I'm in."

"Got it. The lab is the second from the exit on the left side."

Normally, Maria Hill would never side with a criminal. But since Iron Man's Regime rose to power. The laws had changed…and so she had changed.

She was currently breaking into a STARK Industries facility, one that supposedly had a new type of technology that would change the planet forever. Of course, if the Regime had it, it was probably a weapon of some sort.

"It feels like this place would have some better security," Hill whispered.

"Sorry to disappoint you," growled the Batman in her earpiece.

One might wonder why the Dark Knight himself hadn't been the one to infiltrate the compound. Hill had demanded she be the one to do the job, since Batman's last job had resulted in a bad leg injury that would take a while to heal.

"Never thought the day would come that I'd miss Barton," the woman growled. "Or Morse, for that matter."

She knew the Caped Crusader was scowling.

She located the door, and entered the lab.

"Oh my god…" the ex-SHIELD agent murmured.

Before her was a kree nega-bomb.

"Batman, there's an alien bomb being built in here. A kree weapon. Probably built to have a smaller blast radius."

"Wow. Stark's really taking advantage of the recent alliance with Captain Mar-Vel."

Suddenly, a voice called out "MARIA! GOOD TA SEE YA!"

Maria turned to see none other than James "Rhodey" Rhodes. War Machine.

"Rhodes," the woman growled. "Still working under Stark's heel, I see."

"Still under the illusion of Batman's 'heroism', I see."

Meanwhile, at the hideout of Batman and his 'Insurgency', the aforementioned Dark Knight was cursing. War Machine complicated everything.

"Maria, RUN!" he yelled, not knowing what else to say.

The woman complied, taking Rhodes by surprise and pushing past him, running down the hall.


Hill tossed a special device at War Machine that shorted out his armor.

"I've temporarily slowed him down," she told Batman.

"Good! Now-"

"TEMPORARILY. He'll be back in full force soon. We both know I won't make it back to base."

"Maria! You can't-you have to-"

"I placed a device on the bomb to deactivate it. I'm going to destroy it. Then Rhodes is going to destroy me."

"Maria, DON'T-!"

"I think it's time for the last resort."


War Machine rocketed past Hill, and his momentum sent him through the wall.


"No," she replied. "I think I'm going to die."

She grasped the controller to the device. "But I'm going to take your nega-bomb with me."

She activated the device, shorting out the bomb, destroying several important mechanisms inside.

"Sorry, Bruce," she muttered. She removed her earpiece, and accepted her fate bravely.