"WHERE THE HECK ARE WE!?" shouted Hawkeye angrily.

The Avengers had been battling the Masters of Evil when he, Mockingbird, Black Panther, and Gambit had suddenly been transported to…what looked like a destroyed New York.

"Well…" said Bobbi, looking around, "we could be in an alternate dimension, or a future where some kind of nuke went off."

"Ok…so, now what?"

"I will locate Wakanda," said Panther.

"Assuming there is a Wakanda here," Gambit remarked. "Da rest of us can go to Avengers Mansion. Meetcha there, T'Challa."

The Wakandan nodded and dashed off.

"Soooo how is he getting to Wakanda without a boat or anything?"

"We can ask dumb questions later, Clint," said Mockingbird. "LET'S ROLL!"


When they reached the Mansion, Hawkeye and Mockingbird stayed outside, keeping watch, while Gambit went inside. He searched the building, and he heard some voices coming from the training room.

"You're all-AAAIIAGH!"

"Would you like to rephrase that?" replied a feminine voice.

"Let's just kill him now!"

"Scarlet Witch?" Gambit wondered aloud. "Vision?"

He ran into the room. Scarlet Witch and Vision were indeed in the room, except they looked…different. Scarlet Witch's armor had black spikes coming out of it, and hr eyes were black. Vision's cape and eyes were blood red. The two were standing around a table. Strapped to the table was a man with a blade in place of his left arm.

""Grim Reaper," said Scarlet Witch, glowing red energy shooting from her fingers into the villain's body, "you turned down the chance to join Iron Man's Regime. Now you must pay."

"Just end me now, mutant, and spare me your nonsense."

Gambit pulled a card from his pocket, charged it with energy, and tossed it at Scarlet Witch. It blew up , of course. SW shrieked and fell to the ground.

Vision turned. "So you're a traitor," he said.

"Look pal, I like you, but torturing supervillians is where I draw the line."

The synthezoid fired his laser at Gambit. The latter easily dodged and tossed another card, which blew up in Vision's face. Knowing he couldn't dodge Vision's laser forever, Gambit took advantage of his opponent's distraction and began hitting the machine with his Bo staff. Vision regained his senses, only for Gambit to charge his staff with energy and blow it up, throwing him back and sending Vision flying into Reaper's table.

"Warning," the synthezoid said, "systems have suffered heavy damage. Now going into repair mode…"

His eyes dimmed.

"Well…" Gambit said, "…I still have no idea what's going on here…but that was cool."

Scarlet Witch stood up behind him and blasted him in the back.

"Well, she said, "it looks like you need to be punished as well as Reaper."