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This story was inspired by the song Shut Up And Dance - Walking On The Moon. You will see that later in the story.

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Chapter 1: Kicked Out

It was a normal day at the guild. Natsu was screaming for someone to fight him. Gray was stripping, Erza was enjoying a strawberry cake. Lisanna was calming Natsu down. Elfman was screaming how everbody was a man. Mirajane was busy with matchmaking. Cana was drinking. Juvia was stalking Gray'sama'. Gajeel together with PanterLily listing to shrimp aka Levy when she was talking about the book she just read. The Tumder Tribe was in there corner thinking about what there beloved leader was doing now. Happy was giving fish to Carla. And little Wendy was talking to Romeo with a blush on her face. The rest was partying like always. They were still celebrating the return of Lisanna from the 'dead' , this was going on for six months. The only thing that was missing in the guild was a blond female mage. But nobody seemed to notice. They were all too busy with partying. And fighting.

Lucy's home

Lucy's POV
I was sitting in my dark room. I hadn't been out for days. I only came out when rent was due. And when i had to buy food at the market to survive. Damn, why did they have to ignore me for months. Like i wasn't there to begin with. Like i wasn't the reason that they formed the team. I understand that they love her and they would celebrate for the return of what they thought a 'dead' nakama. But they didn't have to ignore another nakama.
Well i should go to the guild. Rent is due next week. Can't wait for tomorrow the seal will be released, so i can go on a difficult mission that brings in more money.

At the guild

Still Lucy's POV
I gently push the doors open of the guild. Seeing that everybody was doing what they were usually doing, i smiled sadly. They would go on with their normal lives even without me. Realizing this makes my heart stab with pain. But i had to get going. I had to pay rent. So i walked over to the request board. Picked one with a reward with enough jewels to pay for my rent and food. Walked over to Mirajane to get approval of the job. When i walked over to the bar, Team Natsu walks over to me. The next thing they say makes my heart break. "Lucy we kicked you off the team because you are too weak. We always have to protect you or you hide behind your spirits." says Natsu. "We are replacing you with Lissanna" says Gray. "You could go solo and become stronger," says Erza.
I was filled with rage. How could they do that to me, after ignoring me for months they had the nerve to throw me away like trash. "Fine" i say. "If this is how you treat nakama i don't even want to be part of your team or this guild". I remove my pink guild mark with my own magic right before the eyes of my now former guild mates. And stormed out of the guild with tears in my eyes.


I ran and ran. Not caring if anybody saw my tears. Into to my apartment.

Meanwhile at the guild

They were shocked. Did a member just leave? They were confused, who just left?

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