Chapter 21: Explaining

No one's POV

Laxus begin on how he met Lucy in the Forest of Starlight. And that how Lucy explained that she left the guild because she couldn't take it anymore. When Laxus explained all this the Fairy Tail mages all looked guilty and had sad eyes. All the Fairy Tail Mages couldn't believe that they hurt Lucy and that she forgives them, just like that.


''What are you doing here Blondie?'' Laxus said. ''Don't call me Blondie, you are blond too you know. And I asked you first.'' Lucy replied. ''Well I am here because I am traveling when I was banned from the guild, and I just one of the many forest I have seen in my travels'' Laxus said. ''Oh I guess I am doing the same. Yesterday I was kicked out of Team Natsu and replaced with Lisanna after they ignored me for six months. So I left the guild. Now I am traveling and waiting until the seal is broken.'' Lucy said.

Laxus POV

I am shocked. Blondie was kicked out of her team and replaced by Lisanna. Wait Lisanna was dead. ''Oh yeah you weren't there when everybody from the guild was transport to a parallel world named Edolas. I will explain. Well Lisanna hadn't dead that day. She was transport to Edolas and lived there with the Edolas Fairy Tail. But when we came there, because we had to save the guild, who were turned into a giant lacrima, of the king of Edolas. But that story is for another time. Well anyway she was also transport back with us to Earthland when we had done or duty there. And that is how Lisanna came back from the 'dead'.'' Lucy explained.

I was stunned, so she was alive all this time. Well I am glad that she is back but why did they kicked Blondie out of the team? ''Blondie why did they kicked you out of the team? And what seal were you talking about? '' I asked.

No one's POV

Then Laxus explained about the seal Lucy had on her and that she was actually a goddess of Darkness and Light. ''Well they said I was weak and I hide behind my spirits. But they don't know the first thing about me. They only my human live, but when the seal is broken I turn back how I really look. And I get all my original powers back. I am really a goddess of Darkness and Light. You will see that in a moment, so please close your eyes for a second.'' Lucy said. Then Laxus goes on about how stunned he was about her Light-Form.

''Wait you have a different Form?'' Gajeel asked. "Yes I have, want to see?'' Lucy answered.

All the Fairies nodded their head. And then had to look away, because of a blinding light. Laxus just smirked and remember the first time he had seen it. And how he was also blinded by the light. And there she was again in the beautiful white-purple gown with the golden staff. All of the Fairies jaws dropped at the sight. They were speechless and the beautiful Lucy just giggled at the sight of there dumb fooled expressions. Laxus just smiled and kissed her on the cheek. While the mages were still speechless.

"Wow..." Was all that Evergreen said. Then she changed back at her Human-Form. Laxus went on with the story. And said how they travelled together to the Lake of the Moon and how Lucy retrieved her bracelet in the Lake. And showed her bracelet to the Mages. It was beautiful and very detailed. Lucy then explained how the bracelet broke a piece of the seal and that she was able to transform in her Dark-Form.

"Can you show us your Dark-Form Lu-chan?'' Levy asked curious. "Sure." Lucy answered and there was another blinding light. When the light died down a beautiful dark haired lady with a golden sword in her hand and a black gown stood there. And again the Mages were speechless. And just stared at her while Laxus just stood there with a teasing smile on his face.

"Turns out she isn't a natural blonde." Laxus teased Lucy. "I thought we already went over this Laxus.'' Lucy said with a pout on her face. Laxus just chuckled at her expression. Lucy changed back and continue the story when the where in Clover City. She left the part out of there date and how the night was fantastic. She was going about the job they did together and that she took out a whole dark guild. They Fairies just looked in disbelief.

"Yes that was very impressed I didn't lift even finger to help. Blondie is very strong and scary if you get her fired up." Laxus said with still a teasing smile on his face. Lucy just pouted and muttered on her breath that she wasn't that scary. Laxus just hugged her and continue on with their story. How they travelled next to the Forest of Roses. And how it was so familiar to both of them. Then Laxus explained the biggest plot twisted in the story, which shocked the Fairies. That Laxus was actually the God of Thunder and Lighting and that he was betrothal to her in the World of Gods. And that they met in the Forest of Roses. Then Lucy explained that she then not had her full memories, still hasn't like Laxus because of the seal. And that there are probably hundreds of Gods in this World, but they just don't know it yet.

Anyway that Laxus explained how they met an old friend of Lucy, Ryu and his partner dragon Kaida. Laxus said this with a dark expression on his face and the Fairies felt the tension in the air and Lucy just looked down to her feet. Then Laxus said with bitter in his voice that Ryu had kidnapped Lucy and that he worked for the bad guy which later turned out to be Lucy Uncle the God of Lies. And that Lucy was cuffed with Aut Vinculis Deus and that those chains made her powerless. "Well obvious I saved her and took of the chains off with a spell." Laxus said still with a dark look on his face. The Fairies that there was more to it, but didn't push. And Laxus just hugged Lucy close to his body and calmed so what down.

"Anyway while she was captured, her Uncle said that he was responsible for the crap in Lucy life on Earthland." Laxus said with bitter and would't let go of Lucy. While Lucy buried her face in Laxus chest, not wanted to remember the kidnapping. Laxus was still angry at himself and the state he found Lucy in. It was a bitter memory for them both. The Fairies just had to take in all this information.

"So what you have to do first is to defeat your Uncle?" Levy asked. Lucy just nodded. "We will help you! Right guys?!" Gray said. "Yes that is the least we could to do, to make it up to you Lucy." Ezra said. "Ofcourse, I am all fired up.'' Natsu said in excitement in his voice. "I will follow Laxus-sama everywhere!" Freed exclaimed. The rest of the Fairies nodded determined. "Minna..." Lucy said with tears in her eyes and a smile on her face. Laxus looked then and also smiled when he saw the smile on Lucy face.

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