Chapter 4: the Lake of the Moon

And so were Lucy and Laxus on their way to the Lake of the Moon.

At the Lake of the Moon

Lucy's POV
Why do I tell so much about myself? Somehow I feel like I can trust him. When he is here it feels reassured. Like he will protect me, not that I need that. But is still is nice to feel that way. I am not weak anymore. Like they said at the guild, I hope they know what they have done. Lucy focus you have to get your dark powers back. Only that you can defeat him. I hope it's still there. The way to break the other half of the seal.

''Finally we are here''

They lake is still as beautiful as I remembered. It's called the Lake of the Moon, because you see a reflecting of the moon every night. And because the lake form is a circle, in the middle of the forest.

''Now I have to dive to the bottom of the lake and find the moon bracelet. Laxus turn around please.''

Laxus POV
''Finally we are here'' Blondie said. I look at the beautiful lake. I get it why the called the Lake of the Moon.

''Now I have to dive to the bottom of the lake and find the moon bracelet. Laxus turn around please.'' Blondie said.

''Blondie wait why do you have to dive all the way to the bottom?'' I asked.

''Because Laxus, there is where I threw the moon bracelet when I was mad.'' Blondie said.

''What you were mad at you threw the bracelet.'' I said.

''Yeah I was mad, at my father and he gave me the bracelet. And after that the war began. So I hadn't the time to get it back. But can you turn around now?'' Blondie asked.

I turn around, and hear that she take her clothes off. I don't why but I want to turn around. No bad Laxus, she would yell pervert at walk away from you. I don't know why, but I have the feeling I should protect her. Not that she need that. For Mavis sake she is a goddess.


And she is in the lake. I turn to face the lake and sit down to wait for Blondie.

After a while of waiting I see something glowing.
A beautiful black haired lady comes up. She has a beautiful black gown at a golden sword in her hand.

''Blondie is that you?'' I asked.

Yeah it's me. What do you think of my Dark-Form?'' The blacked haired lady asked aka Lucy.

''Wow I am surprised, I thought you were a natural blond.'' I said.

''Oh shut up. For your information I am natural blond in my Light-Form and Human-Form.'' Lucy said.

''So you found the bracelet?'' I asked.

''Yes I have. Look here it's.'' She said.

And she let me see the bracelet, when she was by the shore of the lake. I look at the bracelet, it looks like those Greek jewelry. With a full moon in the middle of it. Very detailed. Looks like its handmade and the maker has incorporated every little detail of the moon in it.

''Wow Blondie that is fine looking bracelet. Why the hell did you threw it away?'' I asked.

''I already told you. I had a fight with my father and threw it away.'' Lucy said.

''Were was the fight about?'' I asked.

''Well I had to marry this god of thunder and lighting. I didn't want that of course, so I ran away to this lake and threw away the bracelet.'' Lucy said.

Lucy's POV

''You, my lovely daughter are to marry the god of thunder and lightning.''' Said my father, the god of the sky.

''No I don't want some stranger. Who I have never met.'' I said.

''Listen to your father, young lady.'' Said my mother, the goddess of the earth.

''No I don't want to marry! I shouted while I ran away out of the great ballroom. I summoned a portal* to Earthland and landed next to lake. I looked at my bracelet at threw it away.

''Stupid parents, are they crazy? Like I would marry a stranger.'' I said to myself.

An hour later when I was calmed down, I decided that I would go back at would change my parents mind. But when I was back at the palace everything burnt. And the battle begins.

''Were is your father now?'' I asked.

''I don't know every god is shattered around the world. That is because I sealed with my spell everyone memories and sealed them powers. Some are transformed into a baby, some aren't. I don't know what happened to them, because I myself was transformed into a baby and raised by Lalya and Jude Heartfilla. Some parts of my memories are also disappeared. I don't everything.'' Lucy explained.

''Oh'' Was all I could bring out.

''But I know that they will all rise soon again. The seal on the others will break in a few weeks or maybe months. Maybe I will get all my memories again. Well let's get to Clover City.'' Lucy said.

She walked away and I followed.

''Oh wait, I have to change in my Human-Form again. People will find it strange if I walk in my Dark-Form.'' Lucy said.

And so she changed in what she was wearing early, when the seal wasn't broken. But the only difference was that her hair was longer and had black tips at the end. I found it beautiful. No, bad Laxus!

On the way to Clover City

Lucy's POV

I missed having my powers. But I still haven't broke all of the seal.

*The Forest of Starlight is like the gateway to the Gods Realm. The Gods have created that forest and made sure that all humans lost their way in it.

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